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    welcome to vk fandom
  2. suji

    well that was fast
  3. Added Gab vol.97, Takadanobaba Area magazine, and Dark Insanity cds.
  4. Tozie (ex-Ryuketsu Blizzard --> SEX VIRGIN KILLER, etc.; now in ASK69 (浅草会) , Soshikibouryokudan Youchien (組織暴力幼稚園)) has become a father to a baby girl this morning on August 15.
  5. Piko, the singer known for his dual voice range and performing covers on Nico Nico Douga and various anime OSTs, has announced a hiatus as he will focus on treatment for his kidney disease (end stage renal disease). Piko began having problems since late March, and has experienced fatigue since May. As his condition deteriorated, he has been hospitalized since June. It is believed that another medical issue from ten years ago led to the current diagnosis, but went unnoticed. He has been going through dialysis three times a week and takes medication. He also had to undergo surgery to implant a shunt due to the repeated dialysis. His parents are also willing to be kidney donors if a transplant is needed. As a result, his upcoming lives have been cancelled, including a guest appearance at Gero Live 2019 ~Reiwa Rampage Tour~ in October and a twoman with Pokota in November. Translation/quick summary: Anime News Network
  6. suji

    Polaroids of band guys that are usually sold at their concerts as souvenirs
  7. suji

    Was this supposed to include a picture?
  8. Yumeleep's official statement on Urara's dismissal/withdrawal/firing/whatever ☕☕☕ Key points include: - Urara had wanted to leave the band for a while (which can be found on his own statement as well); he repeated this many times to members - He had also wanted to quit visual kei as well ("I'm not in a band to take cheki"; "I want to quit makeup"; "it's troublesome putting on this horn") - The drums from the live-limited single they released recently were done by machine due to budget issues with mixing, so Urara never participated/was not included in the recording - Members have pointed out (in member comments below) that Urara is a different person onstage and offstage. They have been dissatisfied with his poor conduct in band activities, such as reoccurring incidents where he may disclose band info to other people, so the band held a staff meeting to deescalate the situation. However, during the meeting when Urara was confronted with these accusations, he appeared to have no desire to change his behavior so the meeting ended abruptly. -Second page - members attempted to correct Urara's behavior to no avail; it's also interesting how it was pointed out that long gone members of the band were quoted as saying they couldn't stay because of Urara. - This part is a little sketchy to me, so help would be appreciated - the band had initially announced that Urara withdrew, so that if it were revealed first thing that he was actually fired, he wouldn't be able to perform anymore and retire. They also acknowledge his statement on being bullied and harassed, but I can't quite decipher the whole thing. I am not a translator whatsoever, so please don't quote me on this. Also corrections are welcome. Member comments:
  9. suji

    Gt.Hibari is ex-INFELIX --> Ad (as 雲雀 (Hivali)) (this may be updated)
  10. suji

    just name ur band "break it" or "bray kid", what is with these weird ass puns
  11. suji

    is that a torrent site? my internet provider doesn't let me use those, but I need to learn how to use a proxy or vpn or smth
  12. suji

    finally, a band name that sounds semi interesting
  13. suji

    I would really love to know where to watch Lupin the Third movies, especially the newer TV specials (Goodbye Partner, Fujiko Mine's Lie, etc...) because I can't trust anime sites these days and gogoanime doesn't load for me...
  14. Ayame is ex-Nollcrea --> 繋がRe:ゼロ(Tsunaga Re:Zero) --> アンリミテッド (Unlimited) (as 梗娜(Kyona))
  15. suji

    LMAO guess they failed to find a vocalist then
  16. ジプシー (gypsy) will do another one-day revival live for their 20th anniversary at Niigata Showcase on 11/4. Lineup is still the same as the first revival live.
  17. suji

    D+ (not to be confused with the currently active D), a minor band that was active in the early 2000s in Niigata, will revive for one day on 11/4 at Niigata Showcase. Although performing under that name, the band will be performing other songs. [lineup] Vo.ルミナ (rumina) (ex-D+ --> プル。(pul.) --> 龍頭 (Dragonhead) --> ガガガガ (gagagaga)) Gt.9432 (ex-D+ --> 9999DEVELOPER --> イビルキック (evil kick)) Gt.亮 (ryou) (ex-ティラ (tira) --> since1889 --> √eight) Ba.武史 (takeshi) (ex-D+ --> 9999DEVELOPER) Dr.akino (ex-絵m夢 --> Laypua --> 絵m夢 --> シロップ (syrup) --> 龍頭 (Dragonhead))
  18. suji

  19. it's nice to see older bands like Merry and Alice Nine revert back to their old names, albeit in different circumstances.
  20. suji

    that sucks
  21. suji

    i think superhero stuff is lame x
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