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  1. quick reminder for those posting news, here are the rules! if you have any questions, please reply here or message me!



  2. The problem is is that these interviews are catered to an overseas audience, and because of that I don't understand how we're expected to care about a band that no one except the interviewee has heard of and it just looks so biased. I expected more variety out of this but I'm no longer looking forward to these interviews if they're only catering to an audience of one.
  3. so these interviews are just gonna be of your favorite bands and nobody else? Gotcha.
  4. suji

    since nobody cares to translate Dr.Naoki will depart on February 29 due to differences in direction. Dexcore will continue activities.
  5. suji

    crucifixion -part 2-
  6. suji

    music is good but they look like shit 😭
  7. suji

    Exist Trace, Danger Gang, Magistina Saga, Unlucky Morpheus, Ambrosia -Neo Gothic Opera-, The Ghost Inside of Me, Aldious, @LGOS, Shoujo S, ...I could go on.
  8. suji

    can't believe i forgot this one but bands disbanding and then reforming to a "totally different band" a month later with the exact same members (or minus one, but still) like literally no other country other than japan does this and it's dumb as hell
  9. suji

    Locking this for now cuz yall can't behave x
  10. suji

    this is a doujin project
  11. stan magistina saga



  12. suji

    why do we still have typos in an age where there is google? boggles my mind.
  13. suji

    um where 🔎
  14. suji

    mystery bands are still a thing in 2020, what else is new
  15. キズ (Kizu) new single, "地獄" (jigoku) will be released on 4/28 They will also hold their oneman live, "糸" on 4/18 at 下北沢GARDEN, and will also hold a separate oneman tour "地獄巡り", beginning in May!
  16. Pretty sure this is a deleted video since the band is no longer together (which probably means their youtube got purged as well)
  17. suji

    "5 Sheep Last Tour", the last tour of Merry as a fiveman band, will commence in late March. Ticket sales start on 3/15. [schedule] 3/21(土)赤羽ReNY alpha 3/22(日)仙台CLUB JUNK BOX 3/28(土)愛媛松山WStudioRED 3/29(日)福岡BEAT STATION 4/5(日)熊谷HEAVEN'S ROCK 4/10(金)大阪 味園ユニバース 4/11(土)京都 磔磔 4/17(金)札幌 cube garden 4/18(土)旭川 CASINO DRIVE 4/24(金)名古屋BOTTOM LINE 4/25(土)岡山CRAZYMAMA KINGDOM 5/2(土)千葉LOOK 5/4(月祝)vanvan V4 @ 200 5/6(水振)高崎clubFLEEZ 5/10(日)新横浜NEW SIDE BEACH!! (CORE limited) 【FINAL】 "そして、遠い夢のまた夢" 5/16(土)なかのZEROホール ^ Guess this is the finalized date of Kenichi's last performance.
  18. Thank you very much, sir! It's nice to see you pop up here! xD
  19. kiwamu really need to get off his fat fucking ass & release labaiser's mini on spotify already, wtf is taking so looooong

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    2. BrenGun


      He is doing that because he want you to buy the actually CD. 

    3. Ada Suilen

      Ada Suilen

      I am waiting for the latest by The Sound Bee HD... *fingers crossed*

    4. suji


      I'm not paying for shitty production, thx x

  20. suji

    I don't blame Ken for being wore out from band life, it's been almost 20 years now that he's been a part of Merry. I know I wasn't around during their heyday, but all my years I've stanned this band, I've noticed how quiet Kenichi is, especially now that the members all have social media (even Gara!) and Tetsu sometimes posts on the band account about deadman stuff, and Ken is just...there. I hate to see him go, but he deserves to live his best life, whether moving onto something different, or taking a break from music altogether.
  21. This is the full version though. Merged both threads. Strange that they released this well over a year later...
  22. suji

    Message from Kenichi:
  23. mid:night will disband after their last live on 3/13 at Urawa Narciss.
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