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    Update: now the whole tour has been postponed, although the May 16 date at Nakano Zero Hall still stands - however, this will only be the new kickoff date of the tour, and of course Kenichi will stay along for the ride. The rest of the schedule is as follows: May 16 Nakano ZERO Hall May 24 Sendai CLUB JUNK BOX May 31 Nagoya BOTTOM LINE  June 5 Asahikawa CASINO DRIVE June 6 Sapporo cube garden June 19 HEAVEN’S ROCK Kumagaya VJ-1 July 12 Akabane ReNY alpha http://merryweb.jp/news/6115/ https://twitter.com/merry_en_ST/status/1248238411766321152
  2. suji

    I grow to hate this country more and more every single day.
  3. what the fuck even is this day

  4. suji

    what the fuck (can y'all put that in a spoiler pls)
  5. suji

    Well that's some fucking bullshit 😕
  6. can we please keep the discussion about the single please? i'm already tired of people bitching about some stupid fucking hat, yall know damn well vk is full of edgelords who idolize suicide and murder to get free pussy so I don't see how this is any different.
  7. Yui (GOEMON RECORDS president, ex-Cindykate) has been diagnosed with coronavirus. He says the other affiliated bands (Arlequin, Mother) have not been infected and the office will now operate via phone. My condolences go out to him. I hope he beats this thing.
  8. Furthermore, their April tour has been postponed indefinitely. The single will still be released.
  9. suji

    They've started uploading their old music on their YouTube channel ✨
  10. The single has been postponed to April 15.
  11. suji

    Unfinish is finished*
  12. suji

    it's April 2 in Japan and it's Yuu's birthday!
  13. suji

    And with Tsunehito too!
  14. suji

    SCISSOR will hold their special event, "REMEMBER CUT" on the following dates: 8/15 Type-N @ Nagoya ELL FITS ALL 8/16 Mouse Cut (talk event) @ Nagoya Five Stars 8/22 Type-O @ Osaka Muse 8/23 Mouse Cut Type-O (talk event) @ Osaka Little Hearts 9/27 Remember Horror Cut @ Tsutaya O-West
  15. April Fools visual with the new members the day before: [lineup] Vo.罪 Gt.狂 Gt.死期 spBa.卍羅鬼卍 spDr.🔰
  16. are they ever gonna release anything
  17. that male/female duet!! *chef kiss* i think i'm gonna like this one but we'll wait & see never fucking mind, i can't access their spotify
  18. yes they're the same dude @colorful人生
  19. this doesn't even sound like he has a backing band, especially the fucking drums i don't know about this one
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