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    LAGNA, who disbanded back in February 2016, will hold a one-day revival live at Higashi Koenji 20000V on July 21.
  2. suji

    Support members will be Ba.Tetsu (MERRY) and Dr.Asanao (lynch.) i LOVE THIS ♥♥♥ edit: hate to be That Bitch but it looks to only be a one-day revival...
  3. suji

    made a slight correction, sorry
  4. Pretty sure it's just "rabbit" especially with the rabbit look going on (plus it's almost Easter! an easter-inspired release, that's a first!)
  5. To celebrate their 30th anniversary, LUNA SEA's new double A-side single will be released on May 29 in three types with different jacket designs for 1389 yen each. This comes after vocalist Ryuichi was treated for lung cancer a couple of months back and is currently making his recovery. Both songs will be the opening and ending themes respectively for the anime, "Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN", which will premiere on April 29. [tracklist] 1.宇宙の詩 (Uchu no Uta) ~Higher and Higher~ 2.(to be announced) Limited edition type A jacket will feature Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN design Limited edition type B jacket will feature LUNA SEA design
  6. "for Japanese sheeple" tracklist 01. Toxicosis Island 02. 匿名希望 (Tokumei Kibou) 03. Kamome Kamome 04. 【人間曲芸坐】【Ningen Kyoukugei Suwa】 05. sheeple 06. 最後の晩餐 (Saigo no Bansan) 07. sheeple Living Dead Remix by Miya (MUCC) [CORE & Limited Edition only] CORE edition Limited edition Regular edition
  7. suji

    -LostFairy- & Ariabl'eyeS - Nocturne https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_76mr7M1d1A
  8. suji

    heidi. has revealed a new look; the costumes were provided by h.NAOTO. The band has also kickstarted their twoman tour, "heidi. presents short circuit 桜乱" on 3/20 with a oneman live at Nagoya ell.FITS ALL. [schedule] 3/20 Nagoya ell.FITS ALL (oneman) 3/21 Shinsaibashi VARON (w/ ザアザア (Xaa-Xaa)) 3/31 Koriyama #9 (w/ Develop One's Faculties) 4/6 HEAVEN’S ROCK Utsunomiya VJ-2 (w/ Develop One's Faculties) 4/13 Hatsudai DOORS (w/ ザアザア (Xaa-Xaa), Bräymen)
  9. oh wow how did I forget Saica (ex-the:O, Ridiot, etc.) who was in Blood Stain Child for a good 5 minutes???
  10. suji

    the guy on the left is Kisaki, the guy in the middle is the singer from Marvelous Cruelty at least Setsuna's time in the Egoist wasn't acknowledged as he told police he was a part-timer, someone else just found out it was him from his gf's posts
  11. I edited my first post with Junna's new project, but yeah he's in a doujin project called Ariabl'eyeS with two female vocalists. Strangely he still has the vk look going, so that's good to see~
  12. Not famous examples, but here's some from the top of my head: Vo.Rei (ex-JIVE, マルコ (Marco)) is in a non-visual session band called 名無シノ演者/No Name Actors. Along with him are Gou (ex-JIVE, GE+IM support), Sera (ex-Cindykate, GAMEOVER, etc.), and Jun (ex-Jisedai Excite) Dr.Shouma (ex-MARIA'N † ROSA) is now in Reptile Vo.Satoru (ex-ZεR'0-ゼロ) is now in BLIND GRAPH Ba.Junna (ex-Mercurius, Envy Project) is now in a doujin project called Ariabl'eyeS
  13. suji

    kicking more's corpse when they're already down smh 😥
  14. or maybe Velvet Eden's 捨て猫 (Sute Neko)??? #sorrynotsorry this look is atrocious btw i also need time to check out the sample
  15. News forum rules updated: don't start off a thread with a copypaste of the original Japanese text of the topic you're covering. It looks out of place and therefore looks very low effort/lazy, because of the extra work other users have to do to translate and correct the post.


    Again, the news forum is a cooperative effort, so if you need any help with certain topics, we're here to help! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to shoot me a message!

    1. yomii


      like, if i'm going to post some information from a twitter for example, i don't have to post both the original tweet and translation of it, but just the translation?

    2. suji


      I don't mind the twitter embeds with the translation (it does not have to be accurate, just a general summary), it's a legit source and it's basically where the breaking news comes from. As for a shitload of tweets/videos/other embeds that take up a lot of space, I recommend putting that in a spoiler as it takes longer to load.

  16. 'Ho boy. continuous cover-session band, "麺はコシが命" (Menwa Koshi ga Inochi) (formed in 2018) has formed into new limited-time/demo band called "モア" (MORE) (not to be confused with the superior More which is sadly going on hiatus this year...) on January 19. They will hold their first live on April 28 at Archemi's sponsored event at Live House RUMIO. Hopefully they change their name when their demo period ends... [lineup] Vo.ハヤト (hayato) (ex-MEL (on Gt.) -->テマネキ (Temaneki) --> 麺はコシが命 (Menwa Koshi ga Inochi)) Gt.ミナギ (minagi) (ex-ジェミニア (Jeminia) --> 麺はコシが命 (Menwa Koshi ga Inochi)) Gt.XeXe (麺はコシが命 (Menwa Koshi ga Inochi/ as 壇)) Ba.流 (ryu) (ex-Revine --> 麺はコシが命 (Menwa Koshi ga Inochi)) Dr.詩乃 (sino) (麺はコシが命 (Menwa Koshi ga Inochi)) Twitter
  17. suji

    Happy birthday to the best admin of MH & my brother-from-another-mother, @CAT5



    1. CAT5


      You are too kind, sis. Thank you~ :)

  18. suji

    MERALOA new look has been published! They will hold their oneman live at Kokura FUSE on April 27...more details to follow soon. Member pics:
  19. suji

  20. Omnibus CDs have been slashed down to $5 each
  21. suji

    Some minor guys I'm familiar with because they're either covered on this forum or they still have stuff from their previous band on their social media (ex. they don't straight up start anew every time they form a new band, etc.) Other than that, I hate it when I have to dig thru the Twitter rabbit hole of mutual followers just to find what other bands this person may have been in, it's very time consuming and especially stressful when people point out I'm wrong cuz I'm not familiar with this particular person...
  22. suji

    I'm so tired of doing this "who's who" bullshit when I write news about new bands involving veteran bandmen, it's my least favorite part and it makes me wanna quit posting entirely.
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