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  1. suji

    deadman new Instagram has opened~
  2. suji

    Onan Spelmermaid is a drag queen
  3. suji

    The Global webshop has finally updated to include the recent mini album and the live dvd!!! https://wizardglobal.stores.jp/
  4. suji

    pretty sure he's supposedly married and drinks with underage girls. don't slander Onan like this
  5. suji

    i have no friends
  6. suji

    top batsu threads that didn't age well
  7. That's awful. All my condolences to his family and friends. May he rest in peace. ♥
  8. suji

    I miss Gara and Tatsurou fagging it up on Fool's Mate ; w ; ♥♥♥
  9. suji

    I could sign up for premium (again) but my computer doesn't like me recording shit anymore...pwetty pwease somebody????
  10. suji

    in other news, Yoshiki got blasted for having dinner with Jackie Chan... Although it may look like a photo of two icons (hurr durr), it's got poor timing written all over it...apparently Jackie supports the Communist party of China (which is a sentence I was not expecting to read today), and with the protests going on in Hong Kong, it's not surprising that X stans cancelled Jackie and shamed Yoshiki, and were then quick to forgive him when he apologized, cuz of course they do. I'm surprised the tweet is still up.
  11. suji

    VALDER has disbanded as of June 16. For a quick recap, vocalist Syu departed back in December; guess they failed to find a replacement.
  12. suji

    favorite thing about this band tbh
  13. new band "Denial of Living" has formed in March 2018 and they will hold their first live on June 22 at Urawa Narciss. [lineup] Vo.尊-mikoto- Gt.いさお (isao) Gt.たか (taka) Ba.久遠 (kuon) (『raison d'etre【K】』, 朱里天加那志 (support)) OHP
  14. new band "どく" (doku) has formed in May 2019 and they will begin activities at their first live on July 24. Details tba... Their concept seems to revolve around the dark web... http://visualive.com/2019/06/16/doku/ Twitter their first single, "クイ" (kui) will be released... my favorite mysterious band photo:
  15. Added a rare CD from 2nd period Lin, Megaromania cover singles, + Megaromania bootlegs
  16. (I posted about this incident in the MERRY thread, but nobody cares about them so I've decided to give it its own thread instead.) So the other day, Nero (MERRY drummer) posted a video of himself being harassed by police as he was on his way to work, specifically a band meeting with the label president. He says he experiences this very often, only because he has tattoos. Eventually when he made it to the meeting (late), nobody believed him when he told them of the incident, so he took this video as proof he wasn't lying. Since then, there have been many people - who call themselves fans btw - calling for the video's deletion because it makes the band "look bad" and that's just the way it has to be... Fortunately, many fans, plus outsiders who aren't familiar with the band, have also told stories of their encounters with police, whether it be foreign folk or anyone else that appears to be ~suspicious~. As many of you have travelled to Japan, what were your experiences like? Have you ever been harassed by some asshole cop just because of your skin color, the way you dress, etc. while minding your own business? Any advice to those who may be cautious about this, etc? Do you agree with how they do their duties? How have they affected your experiences in Japan, while either touring, living, studying, or working there? Dish out your thoughts below! *Please note that this is only about police in Japan, not anywhere else.
  17. suji

    mildly interested in dragon ball z kakarot, but at the same time i hate rpgs and i never finish any game i play
  18. I'm getting mixed messages here...🤔🤔🤔
  19. suji

    Lebens Ende will revive for one day at their twoman live versus ゼツ (Zetu) at Holiday Next Nagoya on September 6!
  20. suji

    So Nero tweeted out a video of him being checked by cops for literally no reason, which is what he says he experiences often (I presume it's because of his tattoos? still fucked up tho). He says there was a band meeting with their label president and he was late because of this, but they didn't believe him. Also, some so-called fans are wanting him to take down the video because that's just how things are - they can go fuck themselves.
  21. suji

    Flyers list updated! (Bolded ones are new!) Moran Scarlet Valse INCREAL Sirokuro (Vercia vo.Ivara ex-band) MERRY (3 flyers) Shellmy Vivarush Jigsaw (ex-Dispina) ChainxmaiL (ex-Stigma) Jirudore Alphalia
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