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  1. No offense bro but it does take time to actually join a band, and that is ultimately up to the band themselves. This last guest performance deal isn't some sort of competition on who gets to replace Kaz lol
  2. Hiromi Tsuru, the voice of Bulma from the Dragon Ball series has died. I'm devastated....

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    2. AimiGen7


      Oh my. I'm sorry that happened.

    3. rekzer



      so sad :(

    4. nekkichi


      RIP :(

  3. The single will be sold in advance at their oneman live on December 9.
  4. hooooly balls, Mana as a surprise guest, me likey!! This song also sounds beautiful~
  5. ラヴェーゼ (labaiser) new single is expected for release in 2018. Details tba. Their release event, "混血ノ情景" will take place at Ikebukuro Blackhole on February 28 - as it falls on a Wednesday, I expect the single to be sold there in advance. https://lineblog.me/labaiser/archives/748062.html
  6. SLIVER has announced that Dr.燎 (ryo) will be a support member, starting from their live on November 26. He will announce his schedule soon.
  7. your child can now sleep comfortably while mario jacks off from the bedroom window
  8. The description of Kaya on his page from the con's website: http://rupaulsdragcon.com/exhibitors/kaya/
  9. Lol, at least he's saving up for the album but still, live b-sides = eww
  10. Your #kayaforseason10 movement has paid off... Kaya will appear at RuPaul's Drag Con in Los Angeles, California in 2018. http://kaya-rose.com/information/detail.php?id=220 (( THIS IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING GUYS HOLY SHIT))
  11. do groups like la'veil mizeria and crucifixion count?
  12. this will forever be my favorite cr1tikal video like, ever
  13. It was posted on tanuki, that speaks for itself.