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  1. suji

    how is this fake? I've linked the actual posts from closet child if you would like to actually read it.
  2. suji

    we need a black metal vk band
  3. suji

    closet child Ikebukuro will close on May 31, same day as Yokohama... https://www.closet-child.com/event/横浜cd店買取受付中止のお知らせ-2/
  4. new unit "The Reveude" has formed on May 1 and they have held their first live on May 5 at Urawa Narciss. [lineup] Vo.I (capital i) Gt.遥 (haruka) OHP Twitter Instagram
  5. suji

    Tsuzuku's voice is just like nails on a chalkboard and screams like Donald Duck, there I said it........plus their fandom is basically filled with 14 yr old transtrender kpop stans
  6. Megaromania, Celia'xeno, Malice Mizer, Da'vid/shito:aL, or Klein Kaiser...xD And Sear/Lene because they went to shit once they went to Starwave...
  7. suji

    basic microphone meme template; make of it what u will
  8. suji

    why is this giving me qeddeshit flashbacks anyway, song started off good, but then the singing started and it was nasily and bad and I don't remember the rest of the song :))) other than that, this whole spoopy suicidal schoolgirl nonsense really needs to stop, it's like everyone is doing it now the artwork is fucking amazing tho holy shit *_*
  9. AKi (シド (SID)) new single, "Monolith" will be sold during his live tour starting on July 2 for 2300 yen. AKi TOUR 2019 「Monolith」 schedule:
  10. suji

    -Marco's live-limited singles released after their best albums -Jisedai Excite's first single Sentimental Logic -Jackal's demo tape PS -Klein Kaiser's last single Jorou -MANDRAGORA's discography -Levena's mini-album CALLING, which sounded pretty good judging from previews -Metis Gretel's first single, Metamorphose -Lafflesia's single(s) -Rasen (female fronted band) discography - best fucking female vocal ever jfioajfoisjfo -MerCurius discography, plus from Junna's ex-bands as well -Ghost+phobia (Sui's first band) discography -Celia'xeno discography
  11. suji

    Ainne Feria has uploaded a new music video~
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