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  1. ジルドレ (jirudore) first single will be released on August 5!
  2. suji

    Ariabl'eyeS - 響奏輪廻ローゼンレネット 八方不美人 - 愛なんてジャンク!
  3. suji

    nobody: me, deciding to make more memes:
  4. suji

    4th single, "murder disease", will be released on May 31"th"
  5. btw love how this headline implies that the girl got her p!$$y p*pped and pooped out a baby all while still in her wedding dress 👌
  6. suji

    from your past interactions with some people, I can tell you're deeply immersed in your books, yet you're desperate for more human interaction to the point where you clog up the profile of someone you clearly like or get worked up from waiting for a reply for more than 5 minutes. i can relate to this in some way but the way you're going on about this all over the forum is not necessary and will only add to your downfall.
  7. suji

    well my dear old chapperoni, there are also girls who are bad at interacting with others in a cohesive manner....kinda like yourself (& obvs you're a dude)
  8. suji

    she's living with another girl oop
  9. suji

    hello i'm crushing on my sister's friend cuz she looks just like my type and i've barely spoken to her hELP
  10. suji

    Gt.統獅郎(Toshiro) is ex-すい☆パラ (Sweet☆PARADISE) → ORGE (as Shirochan (しろちゃん)) → ∞INFi2TY (support) → ∞INFi2TY → SERIAL⇔NUMBER (guest)
  11. suji

    that's basically it plus he keeps putting off the new x japan album with dumb shit that has nothing to do with his music
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