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  1. suji

    kurt cobain didn't die for this
  2. suji

    this as hell but I still drink wine coolers and vodka every now and then (I'm not a heavy drinker, I can only drink two glasses & then my head starts hurting lol)
  3. suji

    the new lineup will hold their first live on September 14 at Kashiwa ThumbUp.
  4. I'm really sorry but I'm dropping off this trade-off.
  5. suji

    Gt.Takuya has been injured in a traffic accident, but he will still perform with the band at their next upcoming live. The band also points out that their performance may be different because of this, and tickets will not be refunded (lol)
  6. Very interesting 😮 I remember reading about this band on their vk.gy page, and they had quite the history together. Not surprised that the singer is by himself now. The songs compiled here are from their major era under EMI records, and this revival is basically to celebrate the band's 20th anniversary of going major. Good for them~ btw YAFUMI 単独反抗 is not the actual new name, it's just pointing out that it's his solo project
  7. suji

    I'm just gonna spam here...
  8. suji

    Outrageous....I watched my brother's copy and I believe he got it from a store in the mall in the next town over. They have many Ghibli movies there; I saw Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle many years ago, and now I need to see Kiki's Delivery Service. Very ♥ I've never seen anything so pure and I had lots of feels ;w;
  9. suji

    I watched My Neighbor Totoro for the first time today ♥
  10. I think he's hiding something more, like dms to girls or something.........surprised that there's no tanuki talk here like in *cough*other*cough*threads*cough*
  11. but the bassist and drummer are gone, they started out as a 5 member band
  12. they changed their name and lost two members... that name is awful
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