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  1. more info: Bibi/Tsubasa wants to start off anew, meaning he's gonna take this band semi-seriously now (he still considers the band a hobby). Here's the recruitment ad for archiving purposes: https://oursounds.net/バンドメンバー募集/detail/319170 inb4 he's open to recruiting female members but "I really think about the balance between men and women...lol" 🤢🤢🤢 As of November 2019, he has also started a NEW PICO-PICO PROJECT, the absolute madman! It's called "▲深層うぇぶ" (Shinsou Web) and as you can tell by the name, the concept revolves around the dark web ~ooh spoopy~. He held his first live at Osaka Chika-Ikkai on 12/29 (with Gt.棗 (natsume) as support, he also performed w/ Sunawachi Saga), and later 1/11 & 1/18 (with Gt.SAM (Sunawachi Saga as a guest), and even performed at Big Twin Diner Shovel on 1/13 at an Archemi sponsored live! Unsurprisingly, he hasn't done any more lives due to the pandemic, yikes. Twitter A sample of this amazing masterpiece:
  2. suji

    stan danger gang
  3. new band "glass D'Aria" has formed on 5/31 and they will hold their first live on 6/21 at Panhead Groove. [lineup] Vo.類歌 (ruika) (ex-ナルコレプシィ (Narcolepsy) (on Gt.) --> ナルコレプシィ (Narcolepsy) (on Vo.) --> らせん (Rasen) (Gt.) --> 血糊と包帯 (Chinori to Houtai) (sp. Gt) --> RKB ~Ban Session~) Gt.瞑 (mei) (ex-Berunadotte → てけてけ―――。 (TEKETEKE―――。) --> Lilly Blackberry) Dr.けふ (kefu) (fka 此日) support Gt.YOSI (ex-ナルコレプシィ (Narcolepsy) --> 血糊と包帯 (Chinori to Houtai) (sp. Gt))
  4. suji

  5. suji

    Good luck in your future endeavors. This place won't be the same without you. 💔
  6. Good luck in your future endeavors. ❤️ Really gonna miss seeing you around.
  7. fuck this shit!
  8. i just wanna tell yall how much i fucking love you because yall are so tolerant (most of the time anyway) of me no matter how shitty my opinions are and are willing to have a civil discussion instead of just pushing me away


    meanwhile anime fandoms are shit and so is cancel culture, literally fuck cancel culture in the ass btw

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    2. ahnchc


      We don't 'tolerate' you!

      We genuinely like having you here! ☆

    3. CAT5


      WE LOVE YOU, SUJI!!!!! :D:D:D


      I can rant on this for days, but anyone who wants to cut you off or cancel you for having a different opinion/perspective is pretty much showing you that they have no love in them, or they're just insanely immature. They're actually doing you a favor by pushing you away from their bullshit.

    4. platy


      4 big celebrities have already been cancelled this week for literally no reason lol it doesn't mean shit in the real world. Fuck them! 

  9. suji

    me in quarantine
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