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  1. suji

    Jesse has apologized and he has yet to discuss the future of his bands RIZE and THE BONERZ with the rest of the members. ZAX (THE BONEZ) has also lost trust in him, but he will talk to him.
  2. suji

    hi im the head dyke in charge x
  3. suji

    i'm looking for Marco - 不夜縄, since I don't see it anywhere!!! ;;
  4. suji

    Let's see where this goes...
  5. suji

    literally same there was a rumor going around that my classmate and my english teacher were together when my classmate was still in high school, but it all started from a play they were both in supposedly, and now that he's in college & they're married, that just about confirms it for me :))))
  6. suji

    my guess with the color coding and all is that it's acoustic and hard versions??? but that's only my opinion
  7. suji

    they also released a live limited cd, "喜怒哀楽" for 5000 yen at Ryuya and Taishi's last live today tracklist: [disc 1] 1.喜 2.怒 3.哀 4.楽 [disc 2] 1.vanitas -white- 2. 愛憎につき... -black- (snatched from Yahoo auction page) :
  8. suji

    Their best song yet! And I thought they sounded boring before!
  9. suji

    welcome to vk fandom
  10. suji

    well that was fast
  11. suji

    he's Ba. actually x)
  12. Added Gab vol.97, Takadanobaba Area magazine, and Dark Insanity cds.
  13. Tozie (ex-Ryuketsu Blizzard --> SEX VIRGIN KILLER, etc.; now in ASK69 (浅草会) , Soshikibouryokudan Youchien (組織暴力幼稚園)) has become a father to a baby girl this morning on August 15.
  14. Piko, the singer known for his dual voice range and performing covers on Nico Nico Douga and various anime OSTs, has announced a hiatus as he will focus on treatment for his kidney disease (end stage renal disease). Piko began having problems since late March, and has experienced fatigue since May. As his condition deteriorated, he has been hospitalized since June. It is believed that another medical issue from ten years ago led to the current diagnosis, but went unnoticed. He has been going through dialysis three times a week and takes medication. He also had to undergo surgery to implant a shunt due to the repeated dialysis. His parents are also willing to be kidney donors if a transplant is needed. As a result, his upcoming lives have been cancelled, including a guest appearance at Gero Live 2019 ~Reiwa Rampage Tour~ in October and a twoman with Pokota in November. Translation/quick summary: Anime News Network
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