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  1. suji

    We're sorry to see you go! Best luck to you in your future endeavors.
  2. suji


    Welcome to Monochrome Heaven! it's nice to have a veteran fan around! I hope you enjoy it here! if you have any questions/suggestions, please message me or any other staff with a red/blue/green name~
  3. suji

    yes these all come out the same day you're gonna get a lot of d
  4. suji

    Misaruka WDP (World Domination Project), the side project of ex-Misaruka members Rui (now in Mikansei Alice) and Rin (now in Scarlet Valse) is teasing a possible revival/performance soon in Japan...
  5. HYDE new album, "ANTI" (3000 yen) will be released on June 19, and it will also be released digitally on May 3! He will also tour the United States from May 5-26. [CD tracklist] 01. WHO’S GONNA SAVE US 02. MAD QUALIA (Japanese Version) 03. SICK (feat. Matt of From Ashes to New) 04. ANOTHER MOMENT 05. FAKE DIVINE 06. AFTER LIGHT 07. OUT 08. ZIPANG (feat. YOSHIKI)(Japanese Version) 09. SET IN STONE 10. LION 11. TWO FACE 12. MIDNIGHT CELEBRATION II anti mix 13. ORDINARY WORLD [Blu-ray] (limited edition type A only; 5800 yen) HYDE LIVE filmed on ・2018/9/8 <BEAUTY AND THE BEAST> live in Zepp Tokyo ・2019/3/24 <Zepp Tokyo 20th Anniversary HYDE LIVE 2019> [2 DVDs] (limited edition type B only; 5500 yen) [Disc 1: Music Video] WHO’S GONNA SAVE US MV AFTER LIGHT MV FAKE DIVINE MV(Halloween Version) ZIPANG MV(English Version) MAD QUALIA MV(English Version) [Disc 2: Lyric Video] WHO’S GONNA SAVE US AFTER LIGHT FAKE DIVINE ZIPANG MAD QUALIA ANOTHER MOMENT TWO FACE OUT LION SET IN STONE ORDINARY WORLD MIDNIGHT CELEBRATION II [Concept Book] (limited edition type C only; 4200 yen) 24 pages [Fully limited edition BOX (CD + Blu-ray + 2 DVD + concept book + goods)] (13000 yen) (Details tba) [US Tour schedule]
  6. suji

    ^ it would be nice if you added more to your post :v D has announced 5 new concept collection album releases based on the band's characters from their VAMPIRE STORY series, featuring old songs. Each of the five albums features a different band member posing as a corresponding story character. Four of the five albums also feature an old song with alternate vocals performed by that character/band member. (thanks vkgy!) Dahlie (ASAGI) tracklist (1500 yen) : 1. 開眼 (未発表曲) 2. 隷獣~開闢の炎~ 3. My unborn baby 4. 赤き羊による晩餐会 5. 開眼 (Instrumental) (new song) Kircheis (RUIZA) tracklist (2500 yen) : 1. Misty (Instrumental)(new song) 2. コールドスリープ 3. Glacial melt 4. Kの氷奏曲 5. 月と海の誓約 6. 氷の墓標 7. Gemini ~片羽の報復~ 8. 氷獄の魔獣 9. Crystal Crown 10. 血に濡れた一角 11. SECRET HANGAR 12. STAR SAPPHIRE Bonus track 13. コールドスリープ(Kircheis(Ruiza) Vocal ver.) Rafaga (HIDE-ZOU) (2100 yen) 1. Determination~風の決意~ (Instrumental)(new song) 2. 翠緑の翼 3. Memento~風のレイピア~ 4. 風に嫁いだバイラオーラ 5. Solitude~最後の手紙~ 6. Little Adventurers 7. Ghost in the mirror Bonus track 8. 翠緑の翼 (Rafaga(HIDE-ZOU)Vocal ver.) Carbuncle (Tsunehito) (2300 yen) 1. 凄艶 (Instrumental)(new song) 2. クヴァンデルの肖像 3. ひび割れた柘榴石 4. Luminous flame 5. 愛は棺の中に 6. 紅の蝋涙 7. Dragon Princess 8. 微熱~雨の幻想曲(ファンタジア)~ 9. The Secret Rose Garden Bonus track 10. クヴァンデルの肖像 (Carbuncle(Tsunehito) Vocal ver.) Wilderness (HIROKI) (2100 yen) 1. Vorreiter (Instrumental)(new song) 2. Desert Warrior 3. 太古の牙 (Instrumental) 4. 砂上のバラドゥン 5. アネクメネ (Instrumental) 6. 猿王の腰掛け 7. ザハブを継ぐ者 (Instrumental) 8. 千夜一夜のダラブッカ Bonus track 9. Desert Warrior(Wilderness(HIROKI) Vocal ver.) Well this is different 😮
  7. suji

    ゲルニカ (guernica) 1st digital single "Blast" has been made available since 4/17 https://linkco.re/bNfchd73 btw Ba.LEO is ex-lll-Ligro- (as a roadie), Dr.Kiro is ex-ナルコレプシィ (Narcolepsy) and has also supported bands like Re:lia and ballad. 2 announcements with English subs (!!!) They will be putting up new songs on their Youtube channel.
  8. Lin was also the guitarist for abstracts before they paused activities this month
  9. suji

    anyone recorded Merry's interview on nico yet? if not, i'd give it a shot this weekend before it expires, but last time I recorded a nico broadcast, the audio/video sync lagged halfway thru (17 min of footage btw) and that really pissed me off :))))
  10. the limited edition doesn't even have a cover jfc hOW LAZY am i the only one who can't get into this song
  11. suji

    I understand, that's why we're here to help ^^ Don't consider it an attack when others put up where you left off; like I always say, newsposting is a team effort.
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