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  1. suji

    I've grown up with jesus stuff all my life, with basically 99.9% of my family being religious. We went to church sometimes when I was a kid, but it wasn't like our lives revolved around God 24/7, so that's basically how I grew out of it, plus other shit in my life happened which changed my perspective of the world entirely, and kinda lean towards Satanism (although I only idolized it, never really studied upon it). I've been atheist ever since, as I don't believe in a higher being taking charge of my life. As of recently, I've been thinking about coverting to Buddhism and becoming more spiritual to combat my demons, but since I never had any real interest in religion other than LeVayan Satanism (lol), I don't even know where to begin.
  2. 仮病 (kebyo) new single, "眠。" will be released on 7/24 for 1000 yen. [tracklist] 1.眠。 2.本能
  3. Protip: Art takes time. Postpone your work for as much time as possible, your fans will understand the amount of effort you're actually putting into it! ;33333333333333333333
  4. "鳳凰" MV SPOT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zx8IxCT7VLg
  5. suji

  6. suji

    Gt.fuga has also joined the band
  7. suji

    GODDAMN LIBERALS AT IT AGA--*squints eyes* ohhhhh...
  8. goddamn japs at it again, smh
  9. yoshiki doing just about anything (besides releasing that album) to stay relevant in these trying times
  10. suji

    I think I can see the change now, he looks gross
  11. suji

    I'm pretty confident Trump will win again. He's one of the most polarizing presidents we've ever had, and our current society, not just the political climate, is the most heated it's ever been. With the media becoming completely biased to libbies and becoming more concerned about every scandal the Trump administration lands itself in rather than report on real news, it's no surprise that more and more people are frustrated and skeptical about the Democratic party's double standards, etc, and would rather lean on the odd man out, which is Trump.
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