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  1. how have i slept on asagi-era syndrome this long???

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. saishuu


       i stan



    3. nekkichi


      I'm mildly jealous you're just discovering them, it's p much like getting a single extra serving of indie D stuff minus a lot of filler and I had them on repeat for so long omg


      their knock-off due le quartz era was legit track tho nnnnnn

    4. suji


      I've known about them for a while, but it was more like "I've already heard Tatsuya, I don't really care for Asagi atm because I hate change"


      choices were made...........

  2. Labaiser will also distribute a CD, "深淵音源集Vol.1" (Shinen Ongenshuu Vol.1) along with a premium ticket (3500 yen) to their live on July 16, which features a demo song, "キング牛丼" (King Gyuudon) by vocalist Saya.
  3. Glad they changed their name, it would've been confusing to have two bands named Warumono and Uramono.
  4. suji

    BlacK TeaR have released their 3rd single, "緋" (hi) (1200 yen) at their live at FANJ twice on 4/10
  5. suji

    Apparently this was also a tribute event to soloist 春雪 -sakura- (pictured in first pic of tweet below), who passed away last December. "Did your voice reach him?"
  6. the best thing about this look personally
  7. ラヴェーゼ (Labaiser) new live-limited single, "Unrelieved" will be released at their live on June 6. Melody is good, but the production sounds shitty and butchered on YouTube. Hopefully it sounds better when it actually comes out.
  8. suji

    独≠Re≠言 (hitoregoto) will perform for one last time at their live on April 23 at Shinsaibashi SOMA. support members: Gt.希 (Nozomi) (Villers la Ville) Ba.流 (Ryu) (ex-REVINE, now in モア (MORE)) Dr.潤 (jun) (ex-REVINE, Chiina Meyulu (support), etc.) btw Dr.feelgood is the best vk band name this year
  9. suji

    Yukiya (Kain, D=SIRE, JILLS, etc.) https://www.instagram.com/tokyo_monochrome/
  10. レッスン プロ = lesson pro(?)
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