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  1. rem † non † rem's next performance will be on March 10, 2018.
  2. i am grateful that this exists i love winter ❄
  3. Already? Good for them~ Also moved this to Events; could you also not make your text so big? It's kind of distracting.
  4. Gt.SHiO is ex-LOVE LOCK, Ba.MST is ex-The DC Also the 5th guy is a support drummer but they never say who :/
  5. Similar to what Ains has done with their bands (sort-of), B.P.RECORDS bands (Royz, コドモドラゴン (Codomo Dragon), 己龍 (Kiryu)) have collaborated to form 3 different "if-bands", and all 3 of their songs (1 for each band) has been available for download on the label's smartphone site, *accessible by fanclub members only... "デンジャラスゾーン" (DANGEROUS ZONE) lineup: Vo.黒崎眞弥 (kurosaki mahiro) (Kiryu) Gt.酒井参輝 (sakai mitsuki) (Kiryu) Gt.華那 (kana) (Codomo Dragon) Ba.meN-meN (Codomo Dragon) Dr.智也 (tomoya) (Royz) "KOTOSHI MO OWARI" lineup: Vo.昴‏ (subaru) (Royz) Gt.九条武政 (kujo takemasa) (Kiryu) Gt.ゆめ (yume) (Codomo Dragon) Ba.公大 (koudai) (Royz) Dr.遠海准司 (tokai junji) (Kiryu) "ガニメデ" (Ganimede) lineup: Vo.ハヤト (hayato) (Codomo Dragon) Gt.杙凪 (kuina) (Royz) Ba.一色日和 (hiyori isshiki) (Kiryu) Dr.チャム (chamu) (Codomo Dragon)
  6. I looked this band up just the other day and thought this would happen soon...
  7. jpoopasia is such a fucking farce, just as bad as shattered tranquility and all these other overseas "news sites"
  8. interesting~ does this band even have a band pic?
  9. bullshit like this makes me wanna drop out of college, like...seriously 😐🔫 update: things got settled. i'm glad luck is usually on my side. i need some alcohol.
  10. WHAAA literally had NO idea this guy was married :OOO adds a lot of layers in this already fucked-up story
  11. BRATBAX have posted their new look below; furthermore, shinpei (ex-SuG) will perform as a support member starting in January. They will also hold their second anniversary event, "BRAT's FES" for 5 consecutive months starting on January 23. Schedule is under the spoiler.