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  1. Z (Moi dix Mois, Art Cube) will debut as enka singer 美良 政次 (Miyoshi Seiji) in June. His first single, 未練橋 (Mirenbashi) (1204 yen) will be released the same month. [tracklist] 01.未練橋 (mirenbashi) 02.愛したけどサヨナラ (Ai shitakedo sayonara) 03.未練橋 (mirenbashi) (karaoke) 04.愛したけどサヨナラ (Ai shitakedo sayonara) (karaoke) 05.情熱の華 (jonetsu no hana) (bonus track) He has also linked a crowdfunding campaign (???) in order to start activity; he will need 88 donations, and according to the page, the campaign is already halfway funded~ The rewards for spending up to 500,000 yen are ridiculous (check out the page for more info). He will also hold his first live in Tokyo on July 28; this is only limited to attendees who donated at least 5000 yen to his campaign. Participants who donate 20,000 yen however, will also have access to a meetup event with Seiji.
  2. floptacular Surprised that Misaki didn't stay lmao
  3. 紅ノ桜 (beni no sakura) will perform at ハルカ (halka) (emmurée) birthday live, "ハルカマニア2018" (HALKAMANIA 2018) (brilliant name btw) on May 16 at Ikebukuro CHOP. [lineup] Vo. JACK (SPOOK JACK, ex-The Candy Spooky Theater, 紅ノ桜 (beni no sakura)) Gt.ハルカ(halka) (emmurée, 紅ノ桜 (beni no sakura)) Ba.しゃあみん (sharmin) (ASYLUM) Dr. ツトム (tsutomu) (bastard) Twitter
  4. ................................
  5. actual talent 🙌 bless
  6. Mamireta will hold their twoman tour, "性壁探し乱行の宴" from June 20 to August 2. Complete list of bands is displayed here. Also, I wanted an excuse to post this; here's what his breakdancing looks like:
  7. Yes, but the green circle will show up on your profile. Actually, what i meant was that some of us have colored names here: my name is in blue, which means I'm a staff member. People with red names such as @CAT5 are administrators and are the big boss of this site. Lastly, people with green names like @Zeus are sypsos, but are still important staff members. Please feel free to drop any of us a message if you have problems here. *Anyone with pink or gold names however are regular members.
  8. Welcome, there's plenty of people here who like all of these bands! You'll definitely be able to make lots of new friends here! ♥ If you need any help, just message anyone with a red/blue/green name~