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  1. suji

    Astaroth's single has been delayed due to production issues.
  2. suji

    I think he was only a roadie for Megaro on their one day revival (or maybe I'm thinking of Bidoh (ex-Elysion)), but other than that I don't think so. He's been a David roadie since the very beginning.
  3. is that fucking smash playing in the background jskfjksdlfj;lskdf
  4. The full list of bands appearing throughout the 4-day event has been posted on the event's new Twitter account! A website is also said to be under development. (I'll post the latest additions in text form later...)
  5. DIV members formed Acme and they've been touring the US last I heard! Nocturnal Bloodlust on the other hand are dealing with a lot of shit right now as they lost 2 guitarists, and the new one they recruited (who's only been there for 5 minutes) got arrested for weed and kicked out of the band xD Anyway, welcome to MH and welcome back to visual kei! Hope you find some more bands that you'll enjoy! ♥ Feel free to contact me or any other staff with blue/red/green names if you have any problems or suggestions!
  6. Can't find the artist thread...? Damn I saw this too, what the fuck happened??? I have so many questions!! edit: he updated his twitter so he's ok?????
  7. suji

    Of course you would know this because you supposedly worked with them. Nobody would have guessed who they were just from one letter, I assure you.
  8. suji

    oh Misaki made his own David/Megaro copy band (Star of David cloaks and all!)! Doesn't sound too bad, although the heifer is trying to channel his inner Sui and fails to do so 😂😂😂 best of luck to them nonetheless of course nobody knew this "one time session" was gonna be a full fledged band. The dude has a history of barely doing anything, his last band was a trainwreck, and his visu-idol mess project probably released a single or two at his live events that we don't even know about. Hopefully this band can amount to more than those others did.
  9. suji

    Moved to the Lyrics Request forum. Please post your threads here in the future.
  10. their live-limited mini-album, "みつどもえ" will be released at their live on 1/19 for 2500 yen [tracklist] 1.the salt on a slugs (SE) 2.蟒蛇-uwabami- 3.カエルの唄 4.縁切 5.ゴミクズ 6.首輪
  11. suji

    Ba.Aoi is ex-アズルマ (Azurma) (on guitar)
  12. Takuto is ex-XEPPET --> LIM will add to this if I find out any more...
  13. MH Twitter is back! Follow us to get news updates on your favorite bands, plus exclusive reviews of releases, the hottest topics, and more!



    1. IGM_Oficial
    2. monkeybanana4


      Excited to see it back!

  14. suji

    MST's statement:
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