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  1. Long-lasting thrash metal band Gargoyle has announced that Gt.KENTARO, Ba.TOSHI, and Dr.KATSUJI will depart after their live on September 6. Vo.KIBA will be the only member remaining. http://firstcell.net/gargoyle/news/detail.php?no=1531753178
  2. suji

    Didn't really see a lot of fanfare about them. That sucks.
  3. suji

    2018.07.14(土) Cox Business Center Tokyo in Tulsa 2018 [setlist] 00 SE 01 禁断の果実 02 MASK 03 月夜と黒猫 04 最愛 05 imitation 06 アラクネの女王 encore 07 Burnet 08 Civet 09 依存性サディスティック 10 Liar
  4. This sounds so good ;w;
  5. Go ahead & post it in the news section ^^ I'll go ahead and pin it for you.
  6. suji

    this LINEUP tho bitch i am SHOOKETH
  7. Added some magazines to the main sales list (click on "Mags" tab at the bottom) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1uJggfUdkqCI_IP65iGTCNAaw8RKYeCx32bh2-EEtcmg/edit?usp=sharing
  8. suji

    "Monday Monday" will also be released in advance at Kaya's live on July 16 for 3000 yen; benefits include a 32-page A4-size brochure and the PV offshot.
  9. Heya! (owo)/ So after a couple of years of shilling out money for this scene, I've decided to part ways with some of my collection. Some of these items are stuff that I have no use for anymore, or were acquired as extras when I was getting other bonuses for my collection. Right now this list only includes CDs and DVDs, some magazines, and free bonus items; please know that this list is under construction, which means more items will be added later, such as magazines and flyers. As this is my first time selling things online, please know that it may take a bit for me to learn what shipping rates are for your country and having your items shipped accordingly. I ship from the USA! Please message me if you are interested in any of the items below OR if you want to make a reservation or two! I only accept payments via Paypal. Also feel free to request pics for certain items if necessary - I will be uploading pics to the docs file soon! I'm also open to *reasonable* offers for certain items. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to message me or reply here! ^^ https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1uJggfUdkqCI_IP65iGTCNAaw8RKYeCx32bh2-EEtcmg/edit?usp=sharing *Items that are in red are reserved. Sold-out items will be removed from the list. I also have a lot of Lin (2nd period with Sui) bootleg DVDs. Also included are details (tracklist, cover art) from vk.gy if needed! I will also add 1 free flyer/magazine for each purchase. You can also request/reserve one if you like. [*list is also under construction] https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1GEAUN_YXpMx1gDq4ffiCn4E3efYePT4GP5lAfT0lV_I/edit#gid=0
  10. suji

    their name is technically KHRYST+
  11. having a beer & listening to black metal \m/

  12. suji

    btw they announced another mini-album for release around the same date back in February...I wonder if that got cancelled and it got changed to a single instead....
  13. suji

    btw track 2 "come closer" is described as Kaya's first chill-out song...