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  1. suji

    and the cycle begins yet again
  2. KAMIJO new single, "SYMBOL OF THE DRAGON" will be released on 2/26 in two types (limited ed (3500 yen), regular ed (1500 yen)). The limited edition will come with a book and a mini-poster, along with a hardcover book type jacket. [CD tracklist] 1.Symbol of The Dragon 2.CRIMSON FAMILY 3.闇夜のライオン (Yamiyo no Lion) 4.Symbol of The Dragon [Instrumental] (limited edition only) 5.CRIMSON FAMILY [Instrumental] (limited edition only) 6.闇夜のライオン (Yamiyo no Lion) [Instrumental] (limited edition only) He also has a special page dedicated to his 25th anniversary special project "PERSONA" (which is what these two recent singles are part of) and his upcoming tour schedules in 2020.
  3. bumping this ;o (Items list may need to be updated)
  4. suji

    they might as well have been on break all this time cuz they haven't done shit
  5. 天聞 (Amonn) (ex-MELLO) will hold his last lives on 12/24 and 1/10 (effectively retiring from music???) due to the worsening condition of his voice. Amonn says he's been trying to improve his voice for well over ten years, and has already had surgery about 4 times.
  6. Lil Bub has passed away ;_; 💔



    1. Bunny


      I know 😭 ... she can finally see her friend GrumpyCat ❤️

  7. fucking fake asses 🤣🤣🤣 cool look i guess
  8. He had one already, earlier this morning (my timezone anyway), lasted an hour and a half.
  9. their new single, "孤独、二人、それから。" will be released at their live on 1/31 for 2000 yen and will feature 2 songs Literally got this info from their website
  10. suji

    this fucking pv just SCREAMS cheapkei
  11. L'Arc~en~Ciel have teased an important announcement which will be released on December 3 on the Fuji TV network. What do you think it'll be? 🤔 https://www.larc-en-ciel.com/news/detail.php?id=2331
  12. CULA live limited cd,"絶痕 (Zetsu) -Pride of the clan-" will be released at their one-man live on 12/17 for 2500 yen [tracklist] 1.Intro 2.Knight Pride 3.Demonest Lip 4.Dracula
  13. suji

    talk about bad timing, jfc. I'm so sorry dude. I'll have the Spook Jack - personified pain cd
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