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  1. Apparently I'm the only person supporting GOSPOD (fka VLADYKA) via bandcamp (they also have a vkontakte page at least), and they're pretty fucking good for being a Batushka band (lol). The only complaint I have however is that their songs are too short and are a bit repetitive, but I love it nonetheless. https://gospod.bandcamp.com/album/deceased
  2. suji

    CRISIS will disband after their oneman live in October due to the coronavirus. Member comments: https://crisis69aria9.wixsite.com/site/大切なお知らせ I find this strange because, in this very announcement, the members say they will still be involved in music, even though it's hard to do lives at this time...
  3. This is amazing, so well done!!! ♥ Best vk I've heard all year!
  4. Vo.Lucy (ex-Lucy monostone'S (as Kaiser)) solo project, "Lucy herlock" has formed on 7/25. He will hold his first live on 9/29 at Urawa Narciss. Twitter Instagram OHP
  5. One year later, and the B-side track, "Ningen March" is released to the public somewhat. With all this bullshit lately, Marco hasn't been doing much lately, but they have been doing some "self image movies" which is cute.
  6. suji

    ~*~*~New Visual~*~*~
  7. suji

    It would mean so much more if I owned my own copies tbh but I appreciate this too, thank you ♥
  8. suji

    too bad I can't fucking get any of his shit right now.................
  9. his name is actually Yui; he also had a previous band called "LOKI"...so I guess this is him bringing it back! the state of vk tho
  10. Jun (Golden Bomber) has revealed that he has been diagnosed with coronavirus as of 8/6.
  11. suji

    some full lengths
  12. suji

    They will also release their limited single, "サプライズ" (SURPRISE) on August 18 at their oneman streaming live at Shibuya On Air East! The type-A ticket (5000 yen) will guarantee you access to the stream, plus the single will be mailed to you! The type-B ticket will only let you watch the stream.
  13. I'm honestly real shook, they were literally not even at their halfway point just 5 days ago. Must've had some ~help~ at the last minute if you know what i mean....
  14. how dare yall sleep on Vulgaruine Red, he's literally the next maria cross 👑



    1. nekkichi


      i need to hook her up with xxemiryxx based off this sample - 


      talenTs should support talenTs :miss-bone-33:


  15. The legend is back 👑 samples meanwhile the Vulgaruine Red twitter got yeeted off the internet for the 100th time so i guess Rougi's tweeting from his main?? ok then
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