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  1. Roub Gt.玲王那 (Reona) will pause live performances due to being diagnosed with Keratoconjunctivitis (inflammation of the cornea (in the eye) - don't Google it). The band will continue activities during his recovery, and he will resume activities on September 27. *Corrections/translations are welcome.
  2. suji

    I'm a scannerholic! I scan just about everything from pics to magazines. I highly recommend the Epson Perfection V33; it costs about $70 on Amazon, comes with additional software like the Scan & Stitch (which I don't really use but whatevs), and has the ability to scan to email or PDF also. Also, when you open it, the door can lay flat so that you can scan book pages without having to flop the book around to get the whole display scanned (definitely perfect for panoramic scans!) I've had this baby for about 2 years or so, haven't had much trouble with it except when Windows updates and it doesn't wanna come on at first (but I've learned how to manage that).
  3. Guys, again, stay on topic. The samples are finally out x
  4. suji

    please stop posting random magazine interviews in news threads god Fucking DAMMIT
  5. suji

    That's pretty scary...hope all goes well.
  6. suji

    well, I do listen to Plastic Tree whenever I'm studying/chilling
  7. Yeah, he's following his new account ^^ thanks for the tip!
  8. thank u gawd mh is back, i was fixing to go thru a withdrawal 💔 

  9. Jin-Machine new mini-album, "Re≒BorN" will be released on October 28 in 2 types (Type A (CD & DVD); Type B (CD), 6 songs in both editions)
  10. suji

    David support members on 10/26: Gt.erina (ex-Dio, Triggah, etc.) Gt.Misery (ex-Megaromania~Lin) ♥ Ba.Toshi (ex-Femme Fatale) Dr.Sho (Wing Works)
  11. [lineup] Vo.? Gt.依癒 (iyu) Gt.天 (ten) Ba.ルゼ (ruze) Dr.煌騎 (koki) (ex-暁月 (Kyogetsu))