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  1. I'll still enjoy Borknagar no matter what, but I still miss Vintersorg a lot...the fact that he won't be part of this really breaks my heart. 💔 at least he's also cooking up something new.
  2. suji

    Currently obsessed with this atm~ I can't fucking wait for their new album omggg~~~ Gurl omg!!! The nostalgia *______________*
  3. Borknagar new album, "True North" will be released on September 27!!
  4. Ah, it's a remake of his April Fools first single before this whole 12-month campaign! That's nice-- oh honey................
  5. tfw you want merch from a band you love so dearly, yet you can't get anyone to get anything for you because they just don't care 😕

  6. suji

    I think this is Zen from Avelcain
  7. suji

    @Fyrnia4Maya please post any further questions about NAZARE in this thread in the future ^^
  8. suji

    basically when i listen to jrock around my family; either that or my mom sings in her own ~pseudo-japanese~ also my sister and her friends thought i listened to K-pop because of the MERRY posters in my room..........................................:))))
  9. suji

    basically me stanning merry and marco, cuz i'm the only one LOL
  10. Please take non-English discussion to the International Lounge here. Por favor, lleve la discusión que no está en inglés al International Lounge aquí .
  11. their distributed DVD will be renewed on June 21 and contains performances from their live on May 31 at 名古屋ell.SIZE.
  12. ^ Their single, "残像" has been released on April 13 for 2500 yen (are you fucking kidding me) [tracklist] CD: 残像 DVD 残像 (PV) [support members] Gt.YuTo (Cadenza) Key.RyO (Cadenza) Devilbarat's & Cadenza:
  13. suji

    I am in LOVE with these samples!! I really hope they release an album, or at least a mini-album with these songs!! inanaki sounds like garbage tho ngl
  14. What a fucking waste of talent.
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