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  1. That DB-inspired cover art...100/10
  2. suji

    MERALOA new look has been published! They will hold their oneman live at Kokura FUSE on April 27...more details to follow soon. Member pics:
  3. suji

  4. Omnibus CDs have been slashed down to $5 each
  5. suji

    Some minor guys I'm familiar with because they're either covered on this forum or they still have stuff from their previous band on their social media (ex. they don't straight up start anew every time they form a new band, etc.) Other than that, I hate it when I have to dig thru the Twitter rabbit hole of mutual followers just to find what other bands this person may have been in, it's very time consuming and especially stressful when people point out I'm wrong cuz I'm not familiar with this particular person...
  6. suji

    I'm so tired of doing this "who's who" bullshit when I write news about new bands involving veteran bandmen, it's my least favorite part and it makes me wanna quit posting entirely.
  7. suji

    Funny thing is, the reasoning behind it is because he thinks he's "not qualified to stand on stage with the rest of the members" if the automated translation is correct. I think they're doing some lives here and there. Appears more that Yukiya is juggling between them and his solo "career". That is, if he doesn't have any more concerts with MASK.
  8. suji

    Yep, it's him ^^
  9. suji

    I'm attracted to any vocalist that's a skinty twink dad like Gara, which is why I also have the hawts for Rei (マルコ) and aie. ;w;
  10. suji

    After 9 years with Kαin, Gt.SANA will depart after the band's 2-day oneman live on May 2-3. https://tmfr.net/info20190317/
  11. suji

    This young man needs to take that pacifier out immediately
  12. suji

    Merry - Violet Harenchi pv dvd
  13. Ken Morioka last memorial event will be held at Shinjuku Reny on June 1. A CD featuring an unpublished song from his solo project KEN.MORIOKA, plus a memorial prism, will be distributed to attendees.
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