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  1. i literally thought the same, i was so confused for a sec
  2. suji


    So Asagi wrote a very long blog entry on D's future, as they'll be celebrating their 17th anniversary soon. He reveals that their latest single Uncrowned King was released at the last minute through God Child Records, because they missed the deadline (???) to release it through Avex, their current label, who had to approve it first. He addresses the changing industry, how streaming has broken the barrier between indies and major acts, and reflects on his health issues during D's activities. Most importantly, he wants to celebrate D's 20th anniversary in three and a half years - after which, they may disband. https://ameblo.jp/official-d/entry-12537799730.html
  3. new Buck-Tick tribute album, "PARADE III ~RESPECTIVE TRACKS OF BUCK-TICK~" will be released on 2020/01/29 for 3000 yen! Featured artists: Der Zibet Dir en grey SID BRAHMEN Shiina Ringo 八十八ヶ所巡礼 (88 kasyo) GARI minus(-) featuring 藤川千愛 (Chiai Fujikawa) Cube Juice 黒色すみれ (Kokusyoku Sumire) GRANRODEO 藤巻亮太 (Ryota Fujimaki) 坂本美雨 (Miu Sakamoto)
  4. In tr00 hippity-hop fashion, Crim is now a Soundcloud rapper.
  5. at least they look like they have some budget
  6. suji

    motherfucking SONG OF THE YEAR
  7. suji

    MARIA'N†ROSA 1st album『mariage』will be released on 11/30 for 3000 yen!! [tracklist] ⅰ. Prayer for the Future ⅱ. Resurrection ⅲ. Dogmatic Rebellion ⅳ. Chronus ⅴ. Testament to _ ⅵ. abyss... ⅶ. Hematophagia ⅷ. Werewolf ⅸ. Sacrifice ⅹ. Katharsis ⅺ. Symphonia of the Genesis ⅻ. Holy Bouquet Suddenly, I really miss Yuuri because holy shit...
  8. The announcement wasn't specific, he just couldn't appear due to personal reasons and found it impossible to continue onward.
  9. suji

    After effect - リチウム/DOWN Bloom 06 - Crash Test 01 non-music related: Lupin the Third: Goemon's Blood Spray
  10. After failing to appear at 君は鋭く。(kimi wa surudoku)'s live today due to personal reasons, Vo.霞月 (karuna) has departed on 10/18 as he is unable to continue band activities.
  11. suji

    Cid Pain have ended demo activities on 7/26.
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