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  1. suji

    They've started uploading their old music on their YouTube channel ✨
  2. suji

    Unfinish is finished*
  3. suji

    it's April 2 in Japan and it's Yuu's birthday!
  4. suji

    And with Tsunehito too!
  5. suji

    SCISSOR will hold their special event, "REMEMBER CUT" on the following dates: 8/15 Type-N @ Nagoya ELL FITS ALL 8/16 Mouse Cut (talk event) @ Nagoya Five Stars 8/22 Type-O @ Osaka Muse 8/23 Mouse Cut Type-O (talk event) @ Osaka Little Hearts 9/27 Remember Horror Cut @ Tsutaya O-West
  6. April Fools visual with the new members the day before: [lineup] Vo.罪 Gt.狂 Gt.死期 spBa.卍羅鬼卍 spDr.🔰
  7. are they ever gonna release anything
  8. that male/female duet!! *chef kiss* i think i'm gonna like this one but we'll wait & see never fucking mind, i can't access their spotify
  9. yes they're the same dude @colorful人生
  10. this doesn't even sound like he has a backing band, especially the fucking drums i don't know about this one
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