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  1. suji

    there's a lot going on in this cover art
  2. suji

    this is my shocked face
  3. suji

    the singer putting his hands on his hips like my grandma x i stan
  4. suji

    I'M SCREAMING IT'S LIKE THEIR LINEUP CHANGES EVERY TWO WEEKS it's serial number all over again holy shit
  5. quick reminder for those posting news, here are the rules! if you have any questions, please reply here or message me!



  6. The problem is is that these interviews are catered to an overseas audience, and because of that I don't understand how we're expected to care about a band that no one except the interviewee has heard of and it just looks so biased. I expected more variety out of this but I'm no longer looking forward to these interviews if they're only catering to an audience of one.
  7. so these interviews are just gonna be of your favorite bands and nobody else? Gotcha.
  8. suji

    since nobody cares to translate Dr.Naoki will depart on February 29 due to differences in direction. Dexcore will continue activities.
  9. suji

    crucifixion -part 2-
  10. suji

    music is good but they look like shit 😭
  11. suji

    Exist Trace, Danger Gang, Magistina Saga, Unlucky Morpheus, Ambrosia -Neo Gothic Opera-, The Ghost Inside of Me, Aldious, @LGOS, Shoujo S, ...I could go on.
  12. suji

    can't believe i forgot this one but bands disbanding and then reforming to a "totally different band" a month later with the exact same members (or minus one, but still) like literally no other country other than japan does this and it's dumb as hell
  13. suji

    Locking this for now cuz yall can't behave x
  14. suji

    this is a doujin project
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