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  1. Jeez, I had no idea that tanuki and the idea of gossiping about fuccboi bandmen in general ran this deep and went this far back *_* It's also nice to know other forums/boards that existed long before tanuki that also served the same purpose. This is just all so fascinating and I thank you for preserving all this. Bangya/fan culture is not something that some of us think about every day, although it plays a very important part in vk history.
  2. Full session setlists (it basically was the Night of 1000 Kagerous) :
  3. their 5th full album "5次元よりの使者(F盤)" (5-jigen yori no shisha (F-ban)) (10 songs, 3300 yen) AND their 5th mini-album "5次元よりの使者(M盤)" (5-jigen yori no shisha (M-ban)) (5 songs, 2200 yen) will be released on May 9. Both releases will also be sold in advance at their live at Nakano ZERO Great Hall on May 5. Their live DVD, "狂い咲きハルマゲドンin赤坂BLITZ" (kuruizaki harumagedon in Akasaka BLITZ) (5500 yen) will be released on November 26.
  4. [tracklist] 1. 夢のまた夢 2. Succubus 3. そのときまでさよなら 4. voices 5. Incubus
  5. My music library is also a mess, but when I do find the motivation to organize everything, I just sort my music by making a folder for each artist, and put their music there. I also sort out the songs in any release I get them from to prevent further cluttering of the artist's folder, especially if they have a big discography.
  6. setlist on 11/17: 1.Precious Rain 2. カラス~悲しい瞳の中で~ 3.Rushed Blue 4.「悪戯」 5.グラナディラの花言葉 6.Flowers Shina with Kyouka & Ray (ex-Aliene Ma'riage) and TOMO & KOJI (ex-Deflina Ma'riage)(?)
  7. their demo CD, "LA VIE EN ROSE" was distributed at their lives from October 27, 2016 to January 31, 2017, limited to only 100 copies their first single, "INNATE ROSE/LA VIE EN ROSE" (1000 yen) was released on June 21
  8. hirofumi王子 (hirofumi ouji) solo project "薔薇の宮殿" (bara no kyouden) (aka Rose Palace) will commence activities as an official band and they will hold their first live on November 28. [lineup] Vo.ロザ様 (Roza-sama) (hirofumi王子 (hirofumi ouji)) Gt.大伴涙 (otomo rui) (ねこみみ (nekomimi)) Ba.ギュスターヴ唯我 (Gustav Yuiga) Dr.西園寺亮 (Saionji Ryō) OHP
  9. glamscure new single, "Succubus≒incubuS" (1800 yen) will be released on February 7.
  10. No offense bro but it does take time to actually join a band, and that is ultimately up to the band themselves. This last guest performance deal isn't some sort of competition on who gets to replace Kaz lol
  11. Hiromi Tsuru, the voice of Bulma from the Dragon Ball series has died. I'm devastated....

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      Oh my. I'm sorry that happened.

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      so sad :(

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  12. The single will be sold in advance at their oneman live on December 9.
  13. hooooly balls, Mana as a surprise guest, me likey!! This song also sounds beautiful~