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  1. i just wanna tell yall how much i fucking love you because yall are so tolerant (most of the time anyway) of me no matter how shitty my opinions are and are willing to have a civil discussion instead of just pushing me away


    meanwhile anime fandoms are shit and so is cancel culture, literally fuck cancel culture in the ass btw

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    2. ahnchc


      We don't 'tolerate' you!

      We genuinely like having you here! ☆

    3. CAT5


      WE LOVE YOU, SUJI!!!!! :D:D:D


      I can rant on this for days, but anyone who wants to cut you off or cancel you for having a different opinion/perspective is pretty much showing you that they have no love in them, or they're just insanely immature. They're actually doing you a favor by pushing you away from their bullshit.

    4. platy


      4 big celebrities have already been cancelled this week for literally no reason lol it doesn't mean shit in the real world. Fuck them! 

  2. suji

    me in quarantine
  3. a tribute to Jeffree Star's Cremated palette?? already????
  4. suji

    night time, right after i get off work and I'll be fresh in the morning~
  5. suji

    Hizaki has opened his webshop overseas, hopefully we can download the songs now xD
  6. suji

    Hizaki 2 new songs "Rosary Sonata" and "All for Love" are available for purchase at his webshop (400 yen each, download only)
  7. music in 2020 has peaked, time to pack up



    1. suji


      track 2 is literally megaromania tbh :kyo:

  8. thoughts & prayers to his tattoo artist
  9. suji

  10. suji

    ex-THE EGOIST bassist Shou has welcomed his son to the world on 5/8! Congrats!! ♥ Bonus: wedding photo & baby announcement ♥
  11. suji

    the current state of vk, yes
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