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  1. ラヴェーゼ (Labaiser) new live-limited single, "Unrelieved" will be released at their live on June 6. Melody is good, but the production sounds shitty and butchered on YouTube. Hopefully it sounds better when it actually comes out.
  2. suji

    独≠Re≠言 (hitoregoto) will perform for one last time at their live on April 23 at Shinsaibashi SOMA. support members: Gt.希 (Nozomi) (Villers la Ville) Ba.流 (Ryu) (ex-REVINE, now in モア (MORE)) Dr.潤 (jun) (ex-REVINE, Chiina Meyulu (support), etc.) btw Dr.feelgood is the best vk band name this year
  3. suji

    Yukiya (Kain, D=SIRE, JILLS, etc.) https://www.instagram.com/tokyo_monochrome/
  4. レッスン プロ = lesson pro(?)
  5. anybody that's going to that nazare/dexcore/marco/etc brutalkei live today should really get some marco goods for me plz thank u ❤️ also why is marco in this what is going on

  6. Kirby the Dead (sweet name btw) is Gt.am (ex-Unibirth) @Alkaloid
  7. エキゾチックショートヘアー (exotic short hair) (old name of 乙女国家 (otomekokka)) will perform at ミスター (mister) session live, "高田馬場OMOIDE IN MY HEAD状態" at Takadanobaba Club Phase on June 25. Also performing are members from Giza, THE BLACK SWAN, ARTiCLEAR, HERO, ELM, and Smileberry.
  8. suji

    doesn't work with timeshifted broadcasts unfortunately. thanks anyhow
  9. suji

    LEZARD have announced at their oneman tour final that their new single will be released on July 23! They will also hold another oneman tour for that single's release starting on July 20! LEZARD ONEMAN TOUR『れんぞくパンチ』 7/20(土) 心斎橋FANJ 7/21(日) 心斎橋FANJ 7/27(土) 仙台spaceZero 7/28(日) 仙台spaceZero 7/30(火) 名古屋HeartLand 7/31(水) 名古屋HeartLand 8/3(土) 福岡graf 8/4(日) 福岡graf 8/18(日) 神田明神ホール (tour final)
  10. suji

    not to necropost here but it's really stupid to have to be a programming expert just to download a video ; w ; I've looked at this site and I still don't know what the fuck to do. I give up on recording Nico videos...
  11. I knew the new guy would join sooner or later...and nobody believed me!
  12. suji

    waiting in anticipation for that GCMZ × GzNDLH twoman tour 🙏
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