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  1. BabyKingdom new single, "首領!BURACO" (Don! BURACO) will be released on April 17 in 4 types. [CD tracklist] 1.首領!BURACO 2.SAIL [regular edition type C (1500 yen) tracklist] 1.首領!BURACO 2.SAIL 3.泥酔曜日~DAY SWIM DAY~ 4.首領!BURACO(inst) 5.SAIL(inst) 6.泥酔曜日~DAY SWIM DAY~(inst) [regular edition type D (1500 yen) tracklist] ^ 3.deep blue 6.deep blue (inst) DVD [limited edition types A & B]: [limited edition type A (1800 yen)] 首領!BURACO (PV making) [limited edition type B (1800 yen)] 首領!BURACO (multiangle PV) those who purchase all types will receive a trading card (out of 8 total) and an application ticket those who purchase type A will also receive a postcard
  2. suji

    thanks, I'll take both!
  3. suji

    DIAURA FIRST ASIAN TOUR [one performance in commie China] I'm sure more dates will be added later...
  4. suji

    ^ their first single has been finalized as "ILLUMINATE" they will also release a live-limited single "Sky high" at their live on March 14 [tracklist] 1.Sky high 2.CALLING DVD: 1.Believer (PV) (isn't this the same tracklist as CALLING? weird) the PV for "CALLING" has also been available since November 1 for 500 yen, and also includes a QR code for viewing "BELIEVER" PV
  5. new VA album, "DEEP MORE DEEP #6" (2808 yen) will be released on March 27 and it will include 6 tracks (1 from each band) [featured bands] Sioux LAY ABOUT WORLD raith. Sliver Bullet zicross Veinrot
  6. suji

    thank gawd, Alvin and the Chipmunks need to stay in their lane x
  7. suji

    (this reminds me of Amaji so much)
  8. suji

    the man SPEAKS!!! and he's in a relationship [allegedly]!!!! it's almost as if he's an actual human being...remarkable
  9. These guys have a new look every single week, I swear...
  10. when the music is so bad that even the PV itself is shitty...fantastic i mean, what was up with that camerawork? it was fast in some parts, & in others, they were moving in slow motion, particularly the drummer. probably the worst one in a PV I've ever seen
  11. Thank you! I don't usually see announcements where a support member "joins" a band unless it's to be an official member
  12. There is in fact a similar thread:
  13. suji

    What amateur was in the recording studio for this garbage? It's like they recorded this live and then put some synths over it to make it sound like it had actual production. It's really bad when the synths sound better than the band, and Danger Gang has been active for 15 years. This is sad.
  14. @Befafes moved your topic to the Rarezhut megathread ^^
  15. Sachiko is ex-Sunawachi Saga