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  1. just another day at Shimizuya Records
  2. rip obaachan hizaki, until we meet again...🥀
  3. According to the news rules which I actually made myself: You can read the full documentation below and message me if you have any questions or suggestions.
  4. feisty aren't we? 😘 I'm just going by what the band calls it.
  5. Updated OP with rewards list~ i'm STILL screaming over those two last reward tiers, wtf are you even doing Sui
  6. Schwarz Stein will perform in Chile in November. Details to be announced...
  7. it's Kuroi Ame. please don't translate the titles to English unless they have stated it officially
  8. suji

    Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus
  9. gurl what the actual Fuck is this yass i can finally make sui sing about cocks and stuff
  10. Today, Sui has announced that David will open their crowdfunding campaign on Muevo (a la Kaya and Seth) on August 27 to celebrate their upcoming 3rd anniversary - in France! ✡Campaign link✡ As some of you may know, David held their first secret live appearing alongside Versailles at their live at Paris on February 2017; this was back when David was signed with Chateau Agency for a short period. Sui described it being "an unforgettable live", and he wants to relive it again as David has paused activities. However, as he's now on his own, it'll take a lot of money to go back with his own support members and staff. The money raised from this campaign will cover the costs of: Joint Artist and staff costs Travel expenses for the entire team including SUI Stay for the entire team including SUI Team instrument transportation costs Local acoustic costs Visa acquisition costs Obviously, these costs should also cover a performance in France. However, if more money is raised, it's possible that David may be able to perform in other European countries...?!?!? Rewards list Key: (+) - new reward for new tier
  11. Are these the same group of guys who left Sick? it seems like they all like leaving their band in droves.
  12. at least Starwave can now afford stock footage for their pvs, congrats they actually look and sound great! I'm actually looking forward to this!
  13. suji

    Megaromania 2.0!!!! If only they could get rid of that fucking synth, that'd be great
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