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    ^ MAD LIP have released their first single, "メンヘラに告ぐ精神論" on May 20, and it's limited to lives and indie shops (Like an Edison, Zeal Link, and little HEARTS) for 1000 yen. [tracklist] 01. I REP 02. オーダーメイド 03. クラッシュメモリ
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    Three Days Grace ex-band~
  3. new band, "Marvelous Cruelty" has formed sometime in March 2018, and they have held their first live on May 14, where their first 2 demo CDs were sold (now sold out). On October 20, they will also be one of the opening acts for MIRAGE's next live in Osaka (along with Crucifixion & La'veil Mizeria)! [lineup] Vo.魁那 (kaina) Gt.綴犂 (tsuzuri) Gt.紅瑠 (kurenai) Ba.紫菟 (murasaki)
  4. Their second demo, "幾何学模様ノ歪人形" (5 songs, 2500 yen) will be sold at their live at OSAKA MUSE on June 15.
  5. suji

    MERRY has unveiled their new look and have updated their live schedule: 7/6 ガラ (Gara) Birthday Live 第三回自作自演「39グッドバイ」@ 渋谷duo MUSIC EXCHANGE 9/23 システム エムオロギーExtra~テツ (Tetsu) revenge~ @ 盛岡CLUB CHANGE WAVE 9/24 システム エムオロギーExtra~テツ (Tetsu) revenge~ @ 秋田CLUB SWINDLE MERRY Autumn Tour 2018 10/12 名古屋E.L.L. 10/13 クリエイティブセンター大阪 11/7 恵比寿LIQUIDROOM 10/30~31 Merry Halloween Party ~Trick or MERRY~ @ HOLIDAY SHINJUKU
  6. ex-游彩 (Yusai) members new limited-period session band, "おろよしセッション" (OroYoshi session) has formed and they will hold their first live on June 16 in Osaka. [lineup] Gt.慶 (Yoshi) (ex-游彩 (Yusai)) Ba.大蛇 (Orochi) (ex-游彩 (Yusai)) Twitter
  7. レイヴ (Rave) will depart from PS Company on March 31 as their contract with the label will be terminated. Furthermore, they'll also be signed to another label, 24 RECORDS, starting in April. In other news, the band will release their new mini-album, "メンブレさん通ります。" (Menbure-san tōrimasu.) on May 30 in 2 types. They will also hold their oneman tour throughout June. [CD tracklist] 1.「転んだ。」(koronda) 2. Mr.ROTTEN 3. リセット (reset) 4. 君がアバズレ (kimi ga abazure) 5. サイコキラー (psycho killer) 6. 償い (tsugunai) Limited edition (3000 yen) will contain an "M∞CARD" which contains the MV for "転んだ。" (koronda) plus the making-of. Regular edition is 2700 yen.
  8. L.A bash all the emotions 1st single, "Get fxxk Hxx" (1000 yen) will be released on May 31. [tracklist] 1.Get fxxk Hxx 2.Fxxkin face
  9. Dr. 碧 (Ao) is support drummer ゆう (Yu) who has performed with various other bands such as えんそく (ensoku), 君は鋭く。 (kimi ha surodoku), Daisy×Daisy, VAMPIRE ROSE, ∞INFi2TY, 黒百合と影 (kuroyuri to kage), ラヴェーゼ (labaiser), VAN9ISH, L.O.V.E, 椎名ぴかりん、ヴァージュ (virge), etc… https://twitter.com/purupuru9205
  10. They're pretty good so far, looking forward to it! This also sounds pretty good ^^
  11. suji

    [tracklist] 01. 99.999 02. Falling -NINTH MIX- 03. NINTH ODD SMELL 04. GUSH 05. THE MORTAL 06. 虚蜩 07. その声は脆く 08. BABYLON`S TABOO 09. 裏切る舌 10. TWO OF A KIND 11. ABHOR GOD 12. UNFINISHED The album will be released on June 13 and a special site for it has been made (it takes forever to load btw)
  12. suji

    FIXER live DVD "2017.12.04 Shibuya REX dual emotions ARBITER" (4320 yen, 1000 copies) [tracklist] 孤慟 -into the vortex- F.P.D sublime dystopia Drop アスタリスク 空蝉 灯火 リナリア MaercS 感情の果て、悲哀の双生 THE END 深淵 believe envy kitty dance TEMPtation ARBITER shadow Libido Invade
  13. Just bought Mazeran's single "Kisei" from Majigei and it came pretty fast (as we both live in the US) and is in great condition! They even provided me with a rip, which was pretty cool! I highly recommend this seller, as their prices are reasonable and shipping is cheap and includes tracking! Also +50 pts for honesty since I initially overpayed for my order by accident and I got refunded right away xD
  14. ヴィジュアルラボ (visual laboratory) Ba.アダー (Ada) has left the band on April 29. The remaining members will continue activities. Ada's message:
  15. POIDOL's first oneman has officially sold out; their second oneman (1st anniversary & Vo.絢瀬ナナ (Ayase Nana)'s birthday live) will be held at TSUTAYA O-WEST on October 21.
  16. please vote up David's new pic - also an excuse to post the unicode spelling for scrobblers https://www.last.fm/music/David/+images/2d0fb0b1109fc0f9f682509358c38114
  17. ex-カメレオ (Kameleo) & ギルド (Guild) members new unit, "WKWK PROJECT" has formed and they will broadcast their first live on LINE on July 7! Lineup: Ba.Kouichi (ex-カメレオ (Kameleo)) Dr.宏一 (Koichi) (ギルド (Guild)) Twitter LINE broadcast channel
  18. suji

    This is The Shit© right here I also love black metal in dungeon synth, it's my favorite part actually.
  19. suji

    Tatsurou looks like he just woke up from a deep sleep (but for real)
  20. @LGOS. Dr.淕 ‏(riku) will depart due to personal reasons; the band will continue activities as 2 members. If I'm reading this correctly, the date has not been determined, as the band will perform with 3 members at their next live on May 20, but their schedule throughout July remains unclear (except a live in August where the remaining 2 members will appear).
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    See, that was quick! So quick that no one noticed :V
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    REIGN will release their 2 new singles, "至極" (shigoku) and "白蛇" (hakuda) simultaneously on June 20. They will also hold their 5th anniversary tour from October to January 2019, and will hold their tour final in February.
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    Thread of the Year 🤗👏🙌