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  1. according to my itunes: 1. Plastic Tree - 時間坂 2. Labaiser - 緋濁の丘 3. Arlequin - 白死蝶 4. Labaiser - 剥がれた空、鬼の胎動。 5. Crucifixion - Nostalgia 6. Sear/Lene - MONSTER 7. Marco - 鳴くよ鶯マンホール 8. L'Dear - 貴方にまた会う日まで 9. Yumeleep - まいごえんえん 10. MERRY - 歌声喫茶『モダン』
  2. downy Gt.青木 裕 (Aoki Yutaka) has been diagnosed with Myeloid Sarcoma (a leukemic tumor) and he will be forced to limit his band activities to focus on his recovery. The band will continue activities during his absence. http://www.downy-web.com/news/news20180118.html
  3. new band "爆烈ストーム‼" (Bakuretsu STORM!!) has formed and they will release their first MV, "Merry Ghost Land" on January 11. [lineup] Vo.渚 (nagisa) Gt.Reni. Ba.Nia Dr.ヒコ (hico) (ex-NORANECO) OHP Twitter
  4. glamscure new single, "Succubus≒incubuS" (1800 yen) will be released on February 7.
  5. chariots will disband after their last live on April 22. From what I can understand, they've been looking for a new permanent member and have not been able to find one, even after repeated meetings with various guitarists. :/
  6. chariots/37564 -minagoro- remaining live schedule + support members:
  7. ラヴェーゼ (labaiser) new single is expected for release in 2018. Details tba. Their release event, "混血ノ情景" will take place at Ikebukuro Blackhole on February 28 - as it falls on a Wednesday, I expect the single to be sold there in advance. https://lineblog.me/labaiser/archives/748062.html
  8. "ex-Grieva" that is so surreal to read
  9. LUCHe. (as a session band) will perform at アセファル (acephale) presents event, "LAST INNOCENT" at Shinsaibashi FANJ on March 31. [lineup] Vo.Motoki (ex-LUCHe. -> Smileberry) Gt.ヒカル (hikaru) (ex-LUCHe., アセファル (acephale)) Gt.ゆたか (yutaka) (ex-LUCHe., Smileberry) Dr.チャーリー (charlie) (ex-LUCHe., Smileberry)
  10. La'veil Mizeria new single, 薄紅ノ葬 (Usubeni no Sou)
  11. fuck going to work in the fucking cold TwT
  12. the girl from atmos*note too
  13. happy 🤔 birthday 🤔 bro 🤔 hope 🤔 you 🤔have 🤔 a 🤔 wonderful 🤔 day 🤔



  14. Carpe diem will disband after their last live on February 27.
  15. That breaks my heart 💔
  16. Your #kayaforseason10 movement has paid off... Kaya will appear at RuPaul's Drag Con in Los Angeles, California in 2018. http://kaya-rose.com/information/detail.php?id=220 (( THIS IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING GUYS HOLY SHIT))
  17. Kaya will perform at GAMeBoi Night - Jpop Night at West Hollywood, CA on February 2!
  18. Dolores O'Riordan, singer of Irish band The Cranberries has passed away in London on January 15 at the age of 46. According to her publicist, she was there for a short recording session. Details tba. The Cranberries are well-known for their hit songs, "Zombie" and "Linger" back in the 90s. http://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-42696376
  19. so SO happy Marco got to (partially) snatch a crown!!! 💕
  20. Dawn of the 「C」 will end activities (ie, disband) after their live on February 9 as Vo.hiro wishes to depart from the band.
  21. LMAO they came back last June with a new drummer & released a new mini-album in September...sad that their comeback was short-lived...;w;
  22. Female band MARY RUE (fka MARY☆RUE (1994-1997/1999?)) will restart activities at their live on October 8. [lineup] Vo.AKO Ba.YOU (now in THE SOUND BEE HD) Support Gt.RENA Support Dr.静流 (shizuru) (御剣-Mitsurugi-) Twitter Facebook