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  1. Tsubasa's also in MICRO HEAD 4N's too
  2. Seeing their comments about how he was such a sweet and caring friend just made this even more depressing....💔
  3. woah....
  4. A more legible description of Merry Badend's releases: New single, もう無理。(momuri.) release (2 types) - November 15, 2017. [A TYPE](CD+DVD) (2000 yen) [CD tracklist] 1.もう無理。 (momuri) 2.誓約 (seiyaku) [DVD] 「もう無理。」(momuri) (MUSIC CLIP) ※Bonus: 1 trading card (A1 size) (out of 5 total, chosen at random) ------------------------------ [B TYPE] (1500 yen) [CD tracklist] 1.もう無理。 (momuri) 2.誓約 (seiyaku) 3.Eraser ※Bonus: 1 trading card (B1 size) (out of 5 total, chosen at random) ----------------------------------- New single, もう無理。(momuri.) release (-ロキムエディション- (Rokim Edition)) - TBA [T TYPE] (1000 yen) ※live-limited edition CD 1.もう無理。(momuri) 2.デスロキム (desurokim) ※Bonus: 1 trading card (T1 size) (out of 4, chosen at random) ----------------------------------- Live DVD "メリーバッドエンドCD発売記念ツアーファイナル単独公演「君が世は」/「kiss me, girl, and your old one」" (MERRY BADEND CD release commemoration tour final concert performance "Kimi ga yo Wa/kiss me, girl, and your old one") - October 11, 2017 (4800 yen) [DVD tracklist] [Disc 1: 「君が世は」at 2017.6.24(SAT)恵比寿club aim] 1.君が世は 2.神ツ実 3.サクラメント 4.Mの憂鬱 5.般若心経理解度Lv1 6.鬼サンコチラ手ノ鳴ル方へ 7.蠱毒 8.遺書 9.scarification 10.花添え唄 [Disc 2: 「kiss me, girl, and your old one」at 2017.6.24(SAT)恵比寿club aim] 1.kiss me girl and your old one 2.デウス=エクス=マキナ 3.シンデレラ 4.Absolute 5.羊 6.Caucasus 7.Why? 8.失敗作は夢を見る 9.狂化-EX- 10.G.D.F 11.どうして? En.V.T.W
  5. Holy shit, that's horrible and very unexpected. Rest in peace.
  6. Well this is her project after all - as the op states, Emiru & Mayu are just guest musicians (although the title is a little misleading)
  7. Vo. is wasted in this style [2] love his voice, not a fan of the production or the generic screamo-kei mess.
  8. It's ok, just slightly off-key. But ok.
  9. They will also distribute a live-limited single during their tour~
  10. 有村 竜太朗 (Arimura Ryutarou) (Plastic Tree) new solo tour, "デも/demo -beyond that point-" will begin next year from January 7-16. A new single will also be sold during the tour; details tba. Tour schedule: 2018/01/07 @ Ebisu LIQUIDROOM (Tokyo) 2018/01/08 @ HEAVEN'S ROCK Saitama (Saitama) 2018/01/13 @ Nara NEVER LAND (Nara) 2018/01/14 @ Banana Hall (Osaka Prefecture) 2018/01/16 @ Nagoya Bottom Line (Aichi)
  11. Happy birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day! ♥

    1. efuru


      Thank you so much!

  12. Kikyo's song is really nice; it's the only single I like. The others sounded a little off...
  13. 魅裟 (missa) (solo project of 魔琴 (makoto) (Insanity Injection)) 3 digital collab singles *In these releases, he will be collaborating with 3 vocalists for each single. 1st single - "哀絶綺譚" (Aizetsu kitan) feat. 祈狂 (kikyo) (La'veil Mizeria) 2nd single - "お遊女帖" (o yūjo jō) feat. 浩太 (kouta) (ex-JokArt au Legal) 3rd single - "東京NEO BUSHIISM" (tokyo NEO BUSHIISM) feat. MI (ZRAYD).