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  1. I've listened to plenty of this guy's covers, they're fucking epic *__* please check out his channel!!
  2. wing works

    Pretty sure they were on break since Lolita23q got back together, and I'm also sure that band was kinda big back then...
  3. #ResurrectKpop
  4. holiday osaka

    what the shit
  5. ex-drummer 昇真 (shouma) has joined rock band, Reptile, on 5/22
  6. Crim has locked his Twitter account and will delete it soon... He might be forming his new band 👀👀👀
  7. I'm genuinely excited for this ♥♥♥ I love the name!!
  8. tfw u try to look for more 16 bit music, but u end up back in 2007 instead
  9. Purchase privileges for "穴二つ" (Ana Futatsu) have been updated: *Note that these will be available with preorder only. Jishuban Club: 【type A】・・・LIVE DVD【灰と罰】 (Hai to Batsu) 【type B】・・・LIVE DVD【社会・窓】 (Shakai Mado ~No communication~) CrossCat: ■type A・・・artist comment DVD ■type B・・・LIVE photoset Like an Edison: ■type A・・・LIVE DVD【鳴くよ鶯、マンホール】 (naku yo uguisu, manhōru) ■type B・・・LIVE DVD【変人奇行】 (henjin kikou) little HEARTS: ■type A・・・LIVE DVD【麒麟】 (kirin) ■type B・・・LIVE DVD【MMNS】
  10. Footage from Crim's session performance @ 5/11:
  11. Rehearsal vid (they performed original songs) : This lineup also performed on 5/22 at Ikebukuro EDGE~
  12. ソロソロ眠ルコロ…zzZ (Sorosoronerukoro...zzZ) have opened their official website:
  13. Too bad they only did it to please India, aka their new business partners, and yet they still booked him as "the evil foreigner". Also Vince likes jacked guys, so that's why he ok'd Jinder's big push since his return.
  14. I don't know if I got this correct, but apparently Gt.夢 (Yume) has been hospitalized and will temporarily pause activities??? Please feel free to translate this and correct me.
  15. After two years of activity, RiGerU has disbanded on May 1 due to the departure of their guitarist, JUN, who left due to family circumstances.