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  1. Limited edition: Regular edition: Poster:
  2. guaranteed it's a bad rip 👀
  3. I'd definitely keep stanning American emo bands, probably escalate onto screamo, and also stan American/European metal. In other words, I have no life.
  4. ラヴェーゼ (Labaiser) - Imperial Propaganda

    ラヴェーゼ (Labaiser) 2nd maxi-single "Imperial Propaganda" 1620 yen, 666 copies
  5. ラヴェーゼ (labaiser) new single, "Imperial Propaganda" (limited to 666 copies, 1620 yen) will be released on October 4. [tracklist] 01. Imperial Propaganda 02. 贖罪とレムレス (shokuzai to remuresu) 03. Avalon -- support Dr.ゆう (yu) will continue performing with the band at their lives on 8/20 & 8/29; Dr.雄大 (takehiro) (ex-THE EGOIST) will also perform for the rest of the dates listed below:
  6. Support guitarist 渚月 (nazuki) (SIRENE support, VAMPIRE ROSE support (as VAMPIRE LUVIO), ex-La'veil Mizeria) was hospitalized on August 16 as he had been experiencing painful headaches since the beginning of August. After getting an MRI scan, he was diagnosed with vertebral artery dissection (a tear of the inner lining of the vertebral artery, which is located in the neck and supplies blood to the brain), which could lead to a possible stroke if the blood flow is stopped altogether. The artery can be treated, but there is a possibility that another blood vessel in the artery could get clogged. As a result, doctors have advised Nazuki not to perform due to loud volumes and concern for his blood pressure; because of this, he will not be able to appear with SIRENE at their live on August 21. His next MRI scan is August 24.
  7. DANGER☆GANG have unveiled their new look on August 17. *The official band photo has yet to be released.
  8. fyi, Vo.サトキ (Satoki) & Gu.鷹-TAKA- are ex-狐神-kogami- (aka フォックスゴッド (fox god))
  9. Royz - Anthem

    Royz 14th maxi-single "Anthem" 4 types [tracklist tba]
  10. HELProject - GIRLS IN THE DARK

    HELProject 1st digital single "GIRLS IN THE DARK" iTunes limited [tracklist] 1. GIRLS IN THE DARK
  11. CielGrave live-limited single "排他的集団行動、某集落の例" (Haita teki shûdan kôdô, bô shûraku no rei) 1620 yen [tracklist] CD : 01.排他的集団行動、某集落の例(Haita teki shûdan kôdô, bô shûraku no rei) DVD : 01.排他的集団行動、某集落の例(Haita teki shûdan kôdô, bô shûraku no rei)
  12. Scarlet Valse - Reincarnation

    Scarlet Valse mini-album "Reincarnation" 2700 yen, limited to 500 copies [tracklist] 1. Transmigration 2. Reincarnation 3. Schwert~Subliminal pain~ 4. Neo Sanctuary 5. Virginal Blood 6. Phoenix 7. Everlasting Life
  13. イガリマ (IGARIMA) has disbanded as of August 17 as their vocalist 龍峙(ryuuji) has departed from the band.