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  1. bitch is almost 40 yrs old
  2. from @kareta-uta♥
  3. i want my faves to go into my vagina
  4. Welcome to the forum, Annie May Minphaちゃん!!
  5. Got my Megaromania flyer very quickly! Opening the package was confusing at first since I was concerned about accidentally ripping the flyer, but thankfully it was enclosed in a thin folder the flyer looks completely brand new and I love it ✨ danke!! I recommend this seller 👌
  6. every time you like one of my ancient posts I am forced to confront my past and it is giving me a several psychoses 

  7. ^ my EXACT thoughts on this beautiful song 💕
  8. "Kisaki is in a bad mental state, he doesn't deserve this hatred against him."
  9. What I tried to bring into attention was not his abs, but the tragic shading....
  10. #triggered
  11. aww shit...Venus Doom was my first HIM album ;w; I actually own a copy. I remember seeing the Kiss of Dawn MV many years ago on tv back when rock music was hot, and that's what made me fall in love with the band. Since then, I've also taken the time to listen to their early albums, especially Razorblade Romance, nonstop ;w; Pretty shocked that this is actually happening, but they have been quiet, and 26 years is a very long time.
  12. serving twink bear realness
  13. guys, he does crabwalk on stage............................
  14. That is such an ugly title, but I'm interested in what their announcement is...
  15. well shit - midi:nette - also, @hitsuji-hime💩💩💩 - and dyxanadu ebmort