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  1. Happy birthday bro! Hope you have a wonderful day!! ♥

  2. oh NOW someone corrects me. and JUST like that i'm not doing news posts anymore :))) thank goodness i was wrong tho, this band deserves all the best~
  3. Gara wrote about it on his blog. According to their schedule, the first part of the concert will run from 17:30; from my understanding, it's gonna be like a funeral but for Gara's life, so attendees will be wearing bright colors. I think it'll be an acoustic live since Yuu's there too. The second part, which features HELLNEARS runs at 20:30.
  4. VΩID will disband after their live on July 24 as vocalist アレン (aren) will depart from the band. Their August live schedule and their mini album, "VΩID #2", have both been cancelled.
  5. HELLNEARS rehearsal - "Chiyudasen Democracy" cover
  6. It has been determined that 乙女国家 (Otomekokka) will be NOT terminated from Terakoya as their oneman attendance was 296 people.
  7. Slight correction here: they'll be doing death metal covers of MERRY songs.................👀👀👀
  8. ゴア (Gore) Gt.Taiji will depart after their live at OSAKA MUSE on June 30 as he has been suffering from hearing loss. Gt.祈 (Inori) will return at Gore's live at HOLIDAY NEXT NAGOYA on July 5.
  9. The fucking blue dude, holy shit.....................
  10. Their concept album has been finalized as "PARADOX" (2800 yen, 2 types, 10 songs) and they will hold their two-part oneman performance on August 26 at Takadanobaba Club Phase, where the album will be sold in advance. Ba.katsuhisa has also departed from the band as of June 26. Their next announcement will come on July 26, so stay tuned... 👀
  11. Happy birthday, king of jrock oldies! 🤴 Hope you have a wonderful day! ♥

    1. robkun


      Thank ya very much! ^___^

  12. I understand, that is a big bundle xo I find it pretty stupid however that they decided to do a CD and a DVD recording of the Tokyo Spring live, and with almost the exact same wtf were they thinking???? Even more reason to believe that this would be a waste to buy. The only reason I'd like to see the devour 2 commentary is just to see the members talking with each other, which is always fun; I didn't get to see it on nico, so I'm kinda glad they made it available for DVD.
  13. Lol that's interesting...I've never even heard of this place, and I've just learned it's 3 hrs away from me...:o