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  1. Oooh, me likey 👌
  2. APOTHEOSIS is available for preorder at CDJapan~
  3. HIZAKI will release his new live DVD, "Crimson Rose -JAPAN-" on May 3; it details his solo live that took place at Mt.RAINER HALL SHIBUYA PLEASURE PLEASURE on September 11, 2016. The DVD will also be made available at the webshop at his fanclub, "Grace", on March 31.
  4. visual-kei

    Hitomi will hold his birthday live on March 30 at Takadanobaba AREA. Guest musicians: aie (the god and death stars, KEEL, gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy) Ivy (ラッコ (Lack-co), ex-Moran) Aki (Lc5) おおくぼけい (アーバンギャルド (Avantgarde)) しゅうた (Shuuta) (ex-Glam Gramm@r) Nao (Alice Nine) 高麗 匠 (Takamori Kaori) 源 依織 優一 (Yuichi) Lay ...and more... http://ameblo.jp/moran-hitomi/entry-12248271454.html
  5. Oh damn, are you serious, that was Gazette?!?!? Yeah I only listened to them only once before this, and DOGMA became one of my favorites on this list!! I never really got drawn into them, but after this, I guess I have to xD thank you very much!! Again, not knowing big artists like these show that I gotta improve my music library, lol~ You really did a great job with your playlist overall, the ethnic themes made it really interesting and it's the kind of shit I really need to get into *_*
  6. Out of all the people that I could partner up with in my first tradeoff, I got paired up with @Zeus✨ Unfortunately, I gave him a playlist that was brought up from the female product bag in the girls' public restroom. Thankfully, his was much superior, and very interesting. However, I also suck at reviewing music, so please bare with me. orz Overall, this traditionally-themed playlist was pretty cool and it was just what I needed~ Seeing that I don't even know most songs by artists that I should be familiar with just goes to show that I really need to get more engaged to other jrock bands, especially metal bands cuz I really like metal ;w; I really liked most of the songs here and it was really fun! I'm glad to have shared this experience with you, Zeus, and I hope I get to join up on the next tradeoff! ✨
  7. After today, I can now say that guys who leave their bands because of their girlfriends is really weird. x)
  8. More dates have been added to their South American tour!
  9. So the guitarist is taking a break/depart (???), and the band will still continue? Thanks for the correction, I looked at their note too quickly~
  10. ゴア (Gore) Gt.祈 (Inori) will pause activities after the band's live at OSAKA MUSE on February 22.
  11. I do get what they're trying to do tho - their name and the album name are inspired by Greek words, so I'm assuming they're going for a ~Greek vibe~ with this look, but I don't like it ;w; they should've been naked, like the Greek statues
  12. :(((
  13. WHAT THE FUCK i don't like this look, but I'm glad they've got two new guys~ hopefully this doesn't indicate that they'll change their sound...
  14. KAVKA Vo.弐流 (Nil) has departed due to his baby daddy duties as of February 18, and the band will disband. Nil has decided to marry a woman that he now has a child with, and he doesn't want any more contact with the band. KAVKA has since announced that they will disband after their last live on July 7.