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  1. *listens to baboo once* oh, what a cute band!! *sees diapers*
  2. their music is precious but......i'm scarred from looking at that picture.
  3. 9/10 werrrrrqqq
  4. Happy birthday, bro! Have a wonderful day ♥

    1. Takadanobabaalien


      Thank you 💃👏

  5. ELYSION and Durandal members will collaborate for a session event at their twoman live, "DAWN FOR THE AWAKENING 2017 ~ Vol.2 ~" on March 13 at Ikebukuro RUIDO K3. 【ELYNDAL-エリンダル】 lineup: Vo.美堂 (Bidoh) (ELYSION) Gu.MAY(Durandal) Ba.禊 (Misogi) (ELYSION) Dr.YUYA(Durandal) =planned setlist:= 1. 凛 (LIN)/凛 the end of corruption world 2. ...サンガコロンダ!! (Sangakoronda!!)/ヴィドール (Vidoll) 3. Ascendead Master/Versailles //missed opportunity to call the band "ELINDAL" btw 【DURASION-デュラシオン】 lineup: Vo.SHION(Durandal) Gu.莉蘭 (Lira) (ELYSION) Gu. SAKAE(Durandal) Ba. MAMI(Durandal) Dr. kiss(ELYSION support) =planned setlist:= 1. Ice Romancer/Sadie 2. MASTER/DIAURA 3. EVOKE/lynch.
  6. 10/10 cum thru with dat l'oreal~
  7. Limited edition cover Regular edition cover
  8. gET OUT
  9. well the vocalist says they have:
  10. or maybe their producers force them to be like some jpop idol girl group so they can molest them, cuz it's obvious that they have the hots for Miko ☕☕☕
  11. TESTAMENT〜I'm not DIVA〜 is now available for digital purchase via iTunes (native & overseas stores) ✨ Song titles have also been changed on the overseas release, because apparently we're allergic to kanji. Fascination ~死の誘惑~ > Fascination 人魚姫⇨The Little Mermaid 盲目ロマンス⇨LOVE IS BLIND 君の横に咲く花⇨A flower blooming beside you