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  1. emmny

    pretty great track
  2. emmny

    sounds like a return to their early 2000s sound, HYPE AF
  3. emmny

    Sounds awesome, scapegoat always have original sounding tracks
  4. emmny

    Rands is the best visual kei band of all time
  5. emmny

    that daisuke worship is pretty cool to hear in 2019
  6. emmny

    if you think indies bandmen have the money to sue each other over live performances then LOOOLLL
  7. emmny

    Whoa...big hit for razor's music unless they find a better drummer (hard, tetsuya was pretty great)
  8. emmny

    they all look like airo gjjdjdkj
  9. emmny

    I'm laughing harder than I should be
  10. emmny

    not sure if anyone posted, but amazing cut from their first mini now has an MV birthday of the mom in the vid coincides with the vid date drop, I have a hard time believing that karma would put up his baby videos but this is interesting. Also can't believe they're so unpopular in that live clip LOOLLL
  11. emmny

    Don't take a moody 24 year old too seriously😛 Here's to them recording an absolutely smashing album, I'm hopeful!
  12. emmny

    Late but their live footage is interesting, an is a great drummer (his new pattern on that ZAAAA song is super cool). While the drums are great the mix is too heavy on the drums (that said, his blastbeats in kamisori sound great compared to the flat studio version). I wish kazuki would sing more instead of trying to amp up the audience/eigyo.
  13. Can't find a single song i like out of those lol
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