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  1. nice pic *harharhar* enjoy your time here~!
  2. yea mama their second single "morphe" (not to be confused with the shit makeup brand) got it
  3. now THATS embarassing, ladies n gentlemen!
  4. INTP (+too much empathy for the damn type) personality inventories are stupid but this one stroked my ego enough that im happy with the outcome ^>^ edit: okay im reading onward and this is scary accurate bYE edit edit: okay its not without its flaws but this is interesting

    1. Jigsaw9


      u mean '00s indie-vk --> GUCHAGUCHA, '10s indie-vk --> CHUGGACHUGGA

    2. tetsu_sama69
  6. inb4 jouren exposes band for forcing them each to buy 20 tickets each just so they could have a change of selling out area meanwhile only 5 rows actually show up
  7. coincidence??? think not...plagarism is a CRIME.
  8. dalle eat your heart OUT
  9. what is your new years prediction for 2017, O' Visual oracle...please

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    2. Takadanobabaalien


      Endigo and his mates crowdfunds "#ressurectvk" event that is held throughout 10 livehouses in Tokyo were only bataar and disreign gigs. 

    3. Komorebi


      LOL sorry haters, but ABC ain't disbanding any time soon.

    4. midi:nette


      #resERECT my erection for vk

  10. WIG
  12. bumping my own thread just bc this is too amazing avelcain - zange... (final live) avelcain had activities in tokyo for most of the latter part of their career (or at least thats where their major onemans were held) and i totally forgot they were based in nagoya to begin with. 4/5 days or so (from what i remember) is when they announced that they sold out the live, which was a huge thing for a band of avelcain's size to sell out such a historic and iconic venue. they were inspired a lot by the old school, and even hina tweeted saying how much avelcain had resembled a matina band (which was as big of a compliment as they deserve). zange is a sad song, and avelcain play it at neck breaking tempos compared to its original. the band can barely keep up most of the time, even the drummer is prone to flubbing but it makes for a manic live song; as seen here. the band's fake despair is pushed to the max as karma literally gets up there to the tune of the whole floor headbanging furiously, mostly unable to sing judging how hoarse his voice sounds and proceeds to cut his hair while mouthing some particularly scary lyrics. the camera then pans to him tossing his hair into the audience...i swear im not a fanboy but that was fucking sick