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  1. this is arlequins best song to date...omfg. the structure...the melodies...the instrumentation...SO GOOD
  2. emmny

    sigh :( the last album was pretty awful tho, they ran out of ideas. That said...early DAMY will be remembered for their LEGENDARY BOPS.
  3. emmny

    karma christ is delivering us from the sins of post-2017 vk
  4. prediction: DEZERT finally complete the transition and become Idols
  5. emmny

    The mini is absolutely amazing, best kuroyume/lamiel/rouage worship I've heard in a while. Mother is my fav, dat slow burn....
  6. that super falsetto zomfg stan legends. not as hard as their old stuff but i still luv
  7. emmny

    NOOOO im gonna miss savage so much
  8. emmny

    you and I are the only people with ears on this thread .
  9. emmny

    If you dislike RANDS you probably like THE RAID
  10. emmny

    anything kisaki sucks sorry i dont like that symphonic power metal gig oh and im including x in this too i cant stand them
  11. emmny