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  1. when i saw them in NA, they were tight as hell, not a single note was out of place. Its actually surreal how close to the record they are, special shoutouts to uruha solos that was the BESSSSt live.
  2. Time management is your friend, the better you can arrange your time to approach your work in a way that works for you, the less stress you'll deal with when deadlines come I do this by starting on work several weeks before its due, and working in bits and pieces until the week its due, then i spend more time. Personally, i prefer to do things one by one, so this sometimes this approach gets annoying, but when i leave enough time its all okay. Basically work to figure out an approach that works for you, but the main key is leaving a loooooot of time.
  3. happy birthday to the OG. ur a tough ass dude, i respect u more than the police. love u

    1. CAT5


      Thank you so much, emmny! <3 

  4. this is hilarious lmfao randomly dropping your band without telling the label head
  5. that was unusually good...hmmm
  6. this is a gag...dispina died so they could....change labels? tea
  7. im just happy he has the show as diva/dj/drag queens/gogo boys cuz WHO needs a guitarist/bassist/drummer when you have the power of The Gays
  8. so much puuuurrrty kanji sounds amazing too, love the nagoya/old mucc vibes they give
  9. the opening chord progression of chizuru makes my vagina tingle everytime i hear it @ my technical music friends, what is it that makes it sound like ~that~. I know the shape of the chord but i have no clue how that interval sounds so damn nice in drop B
  10. arlequin snappedt
  11. 10 dollars to the mods to delete that libelous slander
  12. dont revive this 11yo thread bc i might cry thinking about the studs okay dont do EEEEEETTTT
  13. SAMIDARE RE-REC!!!!!! aaaaaaHHHH