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  1. entirely legal, do it henny...don't involve me though he lives three hours away and is 1 car ride away from ISIS-ing my ass. also this isn't a relationship...its a crossdressing closet sharing arrangement loli fantasy
  2. congrats MH im a newfag compared to you old trolls but i love this place and i've witnessed enough mess in the 2 years i've been here, so the mess this site has seen in the past 10 would probably turn my frontal cortex into mush soundtracked by an cafe xx luv yal
  3. isaac brock from modest mouse has the most lovable lisp of all time
  4. i hope hazuki got angry/upset/sad enough from last year's drama to actually write some interesting, fresh music. not that i'll complain considering it'll be more of the same but still....i have hope
  6. my wig has flown to north dakota
  7. hell yeah im in this bitch
  8. Yohio, it's time to delete your MH account.
  9. protips: be patient and always think the best of your partner until you have ~actual~ reason to assume otherwise (ldr brotip unless yr bf is an adorable hermit like mine) the couple that watches spooky videos together STAYS together when u show him ur vk and he doesnt run in the other direction he's a keeper make sure you know your boundaries and your self-esteem so you never end up dependent on another person...no one can fulfill you like you fulfill you don't be in a relationship for the sake of being in a relationship, be with someone who teaches you stuff about the world and about yourself that you wouldn't be able to learn otherwise, being single is vastly underrated
  10. queen of visuals kyo is shook aya sato is shook idk how that thief ruki gets credit for his style when shuji is the most well dressed man/being in visual kei...bitch
  11. im liking this...i havent been a gossip stan but this sounds so nicely ratchet
  12. ciela, weirdly enough in a comment video he was speaking english....masked gaijin? WILD what a beautiful band tho....these looks
  13. they look beautiful and i loved yoru no curtain! they haven't lost it after signing to danger crue hehe