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  1. emmny

    HYPE HYPE This is gonna be one textured mf
  2. emmny

    Sounds poppier than usual hehe but still hype! the dueling, overlapping vocal tracks are so sick, Sho's whistle shriek track bleeds into his lower vocal track until they rise and drown out the other vox giving us DRAMMAAAAAA
  3. These wedding announcements are weird/unnecessary lol imo we want bisexual vampires not real people...leave visual if u wanna announce all that...or at least be famous enough to do so.
  4. emmny

    i'm excited for the new PV track (maybe cuz it sounds like aharewata...shhhhh). I feel like the whole issei vs retsu drama is good news for br00tal kei fans because their respective bands seem to be getting better as they continue to 'compete' for abare kei supremacy lolol. The gya need a new band to follow after nokubura imploded so...good timing.
  5. best era for despa looks tbh...excellent choice of pic...tempted to change my mako for an old despa look now too tbh

    1. saishuu


      you don't ever disappoint me tbh you should use an old zero pic in his thot period!!

  6. Seems they basically played all their songs...AND THATS HOW U DO A LAST LIVE!
  7. emmny

    The more i listen to the song the more i like it..its so fucking weird but they really do sound like they're having fun
  8. emmny

    Interesting move, lol
  9. emmny

    I came here just to gag at her baiting in all the yuri girls and then trolling them. THIS IS WORSE THAN TAKEMASA LOL
  10. emmny

    Visual is dying BPR are going to hell everything is closing and ONLY KIZU WILL SURVIVE THE VISUPOCALYPSEEEEE
  11. Surprised BPR left the comments on...they love the drama (gets them views...not sure if anyone else noticed BPR's views slowly sliding off in the past little while could use a boost from some tanooks).
  12. emmny

    tada mada is gorgeous omfg
  13. That setlist is miserably but toronto ticks are on discount rn (lolol) so I might just go for shits Here's to hoping they play utsusemi and uragiru bero, happy they played two of a kind and unfinished though. The rest is zzzz or stuff they played on the dogma leg
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