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  1. can't tell much from the production but this is a great lineup and I'm hype
  2. emmny

    initial'L are the worst band ever in all of vkei
  3. emmny

  4. emmny

  5. emmny

    misc is out on spotify!
  6. CAT5

    DIMLIM for NMFT!!!! :P



    bahaha, miss you fam! Hope all is well~

  7. emmny

    This is actually a fantastic j-indie song LOL, lamenting the loss of the BROOTALITY but this is a really well written song and DIMLIM still shit on everyone's head PERIODT!!!!!
  8. emmny

    LOOLLL this sucks im scared
  9. emmny

    This has classic AINS all over it and i'm so fucking hype
  10. Definitely with you in that its probably a leftover DAMY track, but its definitely been reworked to be more melodic and dynamic. Fantastic track.
  11. Fuck they look amazing, so hype (eventho XII was hot garbage [2])
  12. by the scope of the events so far (special concerts in japan), I wouldn't be so hopeful
  13. emmny

    holy fuck, the merry go round worship of track 4? AMAZING Rands is probably the only newcomer band I'm excited for now
  14. emmny

    I don't think japanese fans are too precise when it comes to describing music so I'd pass judgment on the one ok rock comparison for now 😛 that said the dezert thing...👀
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