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  1. emmny

    fuck itoshisa is gonna sound so good !!!!
  2. emmny

    thats hyuga (ex-Avanchick)
  3. emmny

    tbh Satoshi would actually SLAP in dimlim FUCCCKK man, he literally birthed retsu he needs to do ITTTT also tsubasa > taishi, his basslines were pretty by-the-book....thank u NEXT
  4. emmny

  5. emmny

    rip yakuza queen
  6. emmny

    Close this thread
  7. emmny

    It sounds so much like ryu, his voice is so unique. Instrumentals are a nightmare though, lol.
  8. reading old lycaon news threads and cackling

    1. Senedjem


      2011 me couldnt be tamed

  9. emmny

    whore lycaon takes the cake
  10. emmny

    LMAO released one year later...nice
  11. emmny

    Karma is the only person left in vk with taste...once he releases a clothing line ruki will be ROBBED and BANKRUPT.
  12. shellmy outsold but hikari sounds sexy
  13. Vocal mix is pretty weird, off-tune overlapping vocal tracks aren't flattering lol. Melodies sound good though, reminds me a lot of when fixer were actually good.
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