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  1. i cant believe aryu invented bangs
  2. not feeling anything of this, but its good news to have him back and i have hope he wont flop, lol
  3. whoa thats pretty shocking
  4. amrita is a depression BOP thank u sioux

  5. welcome! mana, asagi, and kyo are all shaking--looking forward to the next track!
  6. oh do you know darkwater? I miss her...i hope she comes back soon. i think she liked the vocalist too, from what i remember. lowkey i liked devize's vocalist but the rest of the band was literally awful
  7. oh my god im SO sorry for darkwater she doesnt deserve this
  8. im not gonna say it but im gonna say it...a return to form.....unsraw is back yall
  9. this is one LONG wtf and its awesome
  10. no, anima is their dvd comp
  11. this is literally the end of shimizuya lol no one is left on the label...all u lycaon fans boycotting shimizuya got ur wish after all LOLOLOLOL
  12. okay now tensai just set the bar for PR mess gosan and rave are officially deceased, cancelled, forgotten im cackling because cult is literally the loonie of the band he will do anything for publicity gjksdsk if only google would show me how long this would take by the bike option, but if anyone doesnt know, its a ~6 hour drive, LMFAO