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  1. okay 5400 yen revival qweens! get that pay cheque!
  2. finally we get vengeance for outo no susume's cancellation LOL 1 hour in and this is fucking insanity omfg i almost passed out when chiaki poured the whole bottle of water over saz's bass im pretty sure the roadie who immediately gave him the towel felt the same way was he the same roadie that almost stage dived? what the fuck is GOING ON oyasumi is so pretty >.< SETSUDAAANNNNNNNN
  3. what eve meant to say: sis i wrote this but im used to ghost writing so i'll fade into the back </3
  4. First brand new and now karma? the music gods are too kind...two legends joining forces.

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    2. doombox


      I checked out that Brand New album because everyone's been losing their minds over it, but I only liked about 3 songs. *shrug* 

    3. emmny


      @Tokageif it means anything, it reminds me a lot of moon and antarctica-era modest mouse. It's really mellow compared to daisy pretty far from their emo roots but i like the spacier sound. the compositions were really sharp and i was literally expecting trash because of the past released tracks but they had nothing to do with the album

    4. Tokage


      n i c e, i'm gonna give that shit a spin

  5. @emmny found dead after hunger strike in kabukicho, starved but beautiful
  6. update: she's back..thank god i know she read this and decided to return
  7. *patiently waits for russian chicks to upload the niconico DEZERT live to vk*

  8. its only a 3 date tour, and its all smaller live houses so it's done on purpose (probably)
  9. visuals SNATCHED
  10. okay but like what crowd was this? they've toured with bands in their early days who were really far off from their image at the time and what they eventually became so its not a surprise they've played taibans with hostile fans lol (isn't that the case with most taibans?) their earlier songs aren't that different from what was out at the time, and thats probably why they managed to play with gullet, gazette, and the like; but correct me with what the actual fan opinion was because im totally curious!!
  11. *takes guitar notes on all the live footage you post for my covers* excellent
  12. russian chicks are losing their SHIT as we speak! hail the kremlin
  13. FUCCCKKKK BREAKDOWN THO ps they changed the track listing, the single title stayed the same
  14. kizu are FUCKING shook
  15. but the deadman/kein session was pretty predictable given yukino and stuff, so i'm wondering why he'd sing his own songs with an electronic duo backing him considering its a one man maybe he'll bring a surprise backing band with him? or maybe we'll get lunch box (1995 eurosynth remix)