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  1. sounds good!
  2. i checked because of this and.....im in love i'm blaming this deadpan mix for the low energy vibe cuz i feel it too, but this is a really pretty song. if this fell in the hands of DOF/yuya they'd slay it, but lackco is kinda missing the balls to pull off the mathy/prog vibe they've been pushing (and have done well in the past)
  3. bloom saved up for all of 2017 and...this is the most expensive dominor look of the year LOL
  4. i really REALLY fucking wonder what jin would sound like if he got vocal lessons...he'd probably sound like someone with fans (lol)
  5. okay they slayed that look tho...
  6. absolutely screaming this is AMAZING
  7. they've been stagnating in popularity for a while, i dont think they were able to gain new fans recently tbh they've probably already spent too much on promotions/recording/stuff that it wouldn't make sense to continue--that 8 string cross over prolly wasn't cheap and i doubt it paid off the way they wanted it to hence im not surprised, i was expecting it ;______;
  8. ibitsu is straight up stacked rubbish...im LIVING
  9. ohp server is on wix give up guys this is gonna flop
  10. DECAYS announced a series of lives for december, and they've brought a new look and lineup for the three shows! lineup: Vocal & Guitar Die (DIR EN GREY) Drums 樫山 圭 (MOON CHILD) Vocal & Guitar aie (the god and death stars) Bass 拓磨 (ex.Sel’m) lives 2017.12.16(土) 大阪・OSAKA BRONZE 2017.12.17(日) 愛知・名古屋HeartLand 2017.12.20(水) 東京・渋谷duo MUSIC EXCHANGE edit: they will also distribute a live-limited single during their tour thought i recognized takuma, lol good for him for this! die has good taste, even if his compositions are highkey subpar. fanclub presale info @ decays.jp
  11. wow it skips over the suicide lovers re-rec -.-