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  1. @nekkichisay something nice
  2. DIV AND Lycaon died so Initial'L could live for this release also im loving this concept of lycaon being jailed for their trash music
  3. as predicted the 2 extra strings are mostly useless (they played in drop b to begin with so if that wasnt hurdur heavy enough god knows) love the song though, the look is an amazing bootleg of arche budokan deg but ITS A SECRET SHHHHH
  4. kyo-lite is doing pretty well eh
  5. LMFAO so thats what the host of himitsu no kurowozetto was up to back in the day, LOL
  6. they've literally been slaying from the first single, these guys are tooooo fucking good when did they sign onto timely also wtf timely the real iconic label they got dadaroma xaa xaa razor and now grimoire...IT'S LIT
  7. sounds great what the fuck! yes
  8. oooooohhh
  9. no1 gets how much i love tomo like its so embarassing I HAVE A BOYFRIEND BUT TOMO IS MY BOYFRIEND
  10. daisuke DIDN'T die on the cross for kazu to be featured in this abortion of a band...let alone in edm kei clothes...
  11. this song is so awful but so awesome
  12. this isn't karma, not his style i know my husband this isnt' him no avelcain promos were this obvious besides, i'm pretty sure he's way bored of pandering toward emo chicks' despair at this point then again thats how he made his $$$ so maybe
  13. visual-kei

    velo, iori, aie, lay, ivy, GONNA B AWESOME (as usual, all hitomi sessions are awesome)