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  1. emmny

    legends only!!!
  2. in a sea of horse shit, a zan rip off is better than most
  3. emmny

    what a fucking dododododododominor collection of bands--it'll be like 100 people for gosan and 20 for all the other bands combined LOOOLLLLL
  4. emmny

    i will say that yukino's basslines for studs was the best basswork the nagoya/related scene will ever have like yeah kazu slays for kagerou/tgads/gibkiy, kazuya for deadman, hisaki for cocklobin, shuu for keel and hati for 9gbo but NO ONE can come for yukino
  5. im sorry but this is the best diaura have sounded since 2007
  6. keel stop making me cry challenge
  7. darker than their usual style, love it.
  8. emmny

    drama at the seniors home...
  9. emmny

  10. wonder what envys setlist was!
  11. eternal mood thanks for the live reports rev ur the best!
  12. emmny

    heres to hoping nothing else on the album sounds like this don't think they'll go soft with the album though, tomodachi gokko and realist were pretty fucking heavy. TBH i like damy most when they mix their heaviness with pop because they have a really good ear for that and its also when they're most original, so hopefully more stuff like kyougenheki, amaoto, asagao, shuushihu etc. Wouldn't mind more obutsu, bokusatsu samantha or kubitsuri shoujo type bangers tho LOL
  13. this sounds like it was recorded in a refrigerator...awesome