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  1. "enough" mei: 2k rts or no video
  2. what in the scapegoat is going on ghost writing on fleek tho [2]
  3. love that they wont give up on o-west <3 we need an audience photo before we roast
  4. mizaly looks really different in the second pic :$ i wonder if there was from megaromania or lin...or maybe their old band? what do you think about plastic surgery? maybe that is why he has aged so good since starting visual kei....at least that is what my insider japanese friends tell me (NOT tanuki).
  5. the jpg is titled mushigoe, and the second kanji is the old writing of "koe" so for that to be the final reading makes sense! come on word play queen!
  6. get y'alls eyes checked this looks like a vistlip/rshitei look with a bit more goth slut vibes coming from uruHOE and the vocalist of nocturnal bloodlust...oh wait...nvm thats ruki NEXT!!!
  7. hmmmm...quite interesting
  8. you'd piss ur pants laughing at the mejiSLAY foreigners be careful what u wish for actually just become a fake bangya for the #experience
  9. aryu from morrigan is literally dreadful he hasn't been mentioned enough here
  10. no wonder i was seeing rami in all the instore pics LOL i thought i was tripping
  11. i watched reunion and im GAGGEEEDDDD
  12. thank u for all of these spoilers because im preparing to be GAGGEDT for next week like omfg i hope y'alls hype is actually legit