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  1. When people call visual kei "Japanese nu metal" I feel my eyes roll a little further back in to my face.

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    2. Carmelzors


      Based on what was exposed to them out of VK catalogue, their comments are not that far off from the actual picture per se (nu metal being one of the most dominating genres in VK)

    3. togz


      No. Visual Kei is a cluster fuck of different genres with a theme slapped over it. Not to be a genre nazi but I get annoyed when someone only listens to visual kei bands, claim it's the only good music in the world, and prance around like they're the gods of genres. Not saying all are like that... in fact very few but it still annoys me. Tbh I'll say hey idk what this band even is but they're tight before I call the whole scene Japanese nu metal 

    4. AimiGen7


      Plus if anything, Metalcore is dominating the Vkei scene today as Nu Metal is slowly falling into obscurity. Of course, to call Vkei "Japanese Core" would also be an overgeneralisation, especially with the thousands of meanings "core" can take on (i.e Hardcore Punk, Punk, Metalcore, Metal in general, Hardcore EDM, etc.)