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  1. I went to some college for general education for like... a semester. I had never really decided on a major. I dropped out anyway. So I started going to cosmetology school, dropped out of that too. I've just been working since and building my way up the managerial ladder. But I have always had a longing to go to school again. But I don't think I will because of the cost vs pay back. I just really like learning new things. So I'm majoring in : adulting Currently working on my Masters.
  2. I think this really depends on the family and upbringings though. No one family is the same. For me... absolutely blood is thicker. I think it's more common for 'friends' to make broken promises and come and go as they please. My family and i may have had some hard times, but I love them and I would do anything for them and vice versa. That's the thing for me... My family are also my friends. Community and togetherness is important for me, and I have yet to find the same support or community outside of my family. On the other hand, I know plenty of people who are not as fortunate to have such a tight knit family or a family that believes in strong support morals. So it's really subjective.
  3. togz

    Boy, why. 🍵🤔
  4. CAT5

    LOL aye why it take you like 10 years to follow me tho 


    1. togz


      Because it takes me ten years to like... function on MH. Lol

  5. togz

    These are vastly different results than what i would have scored even a year ago...
  6. I will be tackling the Japanese study group club again. Please stay tuned. Taking volunteers to help with weekly to bi-weekly vocabulary material etc

  7. togz

    Since I have been away a lot of people have joined this club. I apologize for having left it inactive. I'm going to be picking up studying again soon and will most likely beginning updating to help everyone get involved again. Before I do so... is there any volunteers to help with content etc. I am only one person and I am not exactly fluent, but I would like to help everyone as much as possible.
  8. togz

    Actually this is a really accurate way to explain them.
  9. togz

    Growing my hair out or something
  10. togz

    Yeah i don't do much listening to them anymore, but they do put on a good performance. But i'm glad they're releasing an album before the tour this year because I wasn't really wanting to see ambitions tour 500
  11. I'm glad to hear that Xaax is doing better. I was supposed to see them while I was in Japan but i think they were unable to make the show because of a car accident or something so my friend and I just didn't go. I really like DIMLIM, while the vocalist and some guitar work resemble Dir en grey vibes... they still have their own thing going on for the most part.
  12. huh That's interesting to hear about the male fans because Chemical Pictures and My Bacteria Heat IsLand also had a decent male following. It's gotta be a tenten thing. I'm not surprised... all the members are from that 2003/2004 hype wave of bands except for drummer boy. I think even if they disband Tenten will ALWAYS resurface.
  13. is it me or is this featuring Igaguri Chiba lol 


    1. madygrain


      it is...

    2. togz


      @madygrain Makes sense. Yomi isn't doing much of anything and him and ten are friends. I just think it sounds weird.

  14. I feel like Mamireta will be short lived as well. One hit underwear sniffing, tabemasu-ing, break-dancing wonder. In before LACK-CO disbands. I also feel like XaaXaa will disband or take an indefinite hiatus soon. I hear they haven't been the greatest since their previous drummer left and the new one is always messing up songs. Surprised Kiryu is still going. DIMLIM Probably, though I wish and hope they don't because I like them. I don't think LM.C would exactly disband, maybe take an actually break and return.