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  1. what a muricabooo
  2. oh cool imma try to go to this!
  3. find us on Facebook, twitter and instagram as well! We have some interviews coming up next months so stay tuned!

  4. all you tenten fanboys and girls... i have some old KuRt photosets I'll be putting up on my sales post. Also I have some MBHI cheki etc I'll be putting up as well :>

  5. PLEASE DM ME TO INQUIRE. I GET E-MAIL NOTIFICATIONS SO I'LL MORE THAN LIKELY GET BACK TO YOU A LOT SOONER! Reason for selling: These are all items I am willing to let go of. Plus I am simply trying to make room for new collections while saving money for my trip to Japan in October! Payment: All prices negotiated are in USD. I will accept PayPal (USA + INTERNATIONAL) and Square Cash (USA ONLY) Shipping: I will try to accommodate shipping to anywhere in the world. Shipping is on a case to case basis and will be calculated with your inquiry. I work late in the day so I am able to ship items out any day except Sunday. Please note that I can not ship your item until the funds have transferred from PayPal or Square Cash to my bank account. I can not hold items past three days. Items are first come first serve basis. Once a person has confirmed their purchase, I will not accept higher offers.. that's just not fair. If you do not purchase shipping with tracking, I am not responsible for lost or damaged packaging. I have no prices up yet, so please feel free to message me with an offer or we can discus a price until I can get them posted. Feel free to haggle within reason. Only serious inquiries please. I will be continuously updating this post with items trough out the next few weeks. CDs DVDs PHOTOSETS / CHEKI MAGAZINES / BOOKS OTHER MORE COMING....

  7. Yeah! I'll DM you tomorrow *^* bout to sleep

  9. Hmm this is interesting and I never thought to look at the big picture like that. I definitely stream a lot more now but I still buy things I really want to have a physical copy to. But I can see how you loose a sense of the artistic aspect too so it "looses its value" but there are even some bands that only release digital copies of stuff idk man this is tricky.
  10. p sure imma try to go to Crossfaith's anniversary tour tho. 

  11. Woah i forgot I helped with this before I left. Even though I did Tenten.. I'm going to say Ryo from baroque and kannivalism is the most surprising... Tenten changes so much it's lost it's wow factor. But with Ryo, I mean he's basically been in two generations of VK... Not to mention he was somewhat of a trend setter in his early days. I'm not sure what his popularity is now or how his struggles have effected it... but I know he went through some hardcore depression (I have like 3 copies of that book so I have two for sale? LOL anyway) I'm not sure how he feels currently or if he's still struggling and I'm unsure how that plays a role in his style and musical expression... But I feel like he's really had a special journey... so yeah that guy is something else.
  12. Looks like Paledusk is going through another member change. Katchang announced he will be withdrawing from the band after their live on August 19th. The band seems to be handling it well as they already have a game plan and candidates for replacement that will be announced at a later time. After 8/19 they just plan on support guitarists until further notice. Katchang is leaving for personal reasons and they apologize for the sudden announcement. If I'm not mistake he did say he wanted to continue music... but from what I gathered is he has other stuff to tend to. Best of luck to the band and Katchang. :< source