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  1. with itunes for me it's a little tricky as I'd need to like.... buy a japanese gift card and i usually have to buy a card that has more than the item I want on it. however, I have a few friend in Japan so I can see if they have access to use a credit card directly. it's 750yen
  2. Only grave town is on US iTunes
  3. Three nights in the wonderbox is on Japanese iTunes but not the other release you mentioned
  4. which release is it?
  5. If it was on itunes i could do it.... but I don't know a think about amazon jp :[ sorry friend.
  6. Hey guys I haven't forgot about this club. I've just been slammed with work and taking as much over time as I can before my trip. I'll have a lot of time on the plane to set stuff up as I will have internet. Please bare with me here *___* Thank you for your understanding. In the meantime... if anyone would like to share resources they have found here so i can add it to our resources page. :} I'll try to get Katakana and Hiragana up soon for the beginners and some vocabulary etc.
  7. QUICK: What are some serious questions you'd ask VAMPS if you could?

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    2. saishuu




      I don't have anything constructive to say, sorry, please disregard my comment

    3. YuyoDrift


      I would ask if they honestly feel that their current music direction is the best option for the band right now.

    4. togz


      Not stuff I'd ask in an interview hmmm. bummer.

  8. んー そうですね。 でも。。。大阪でTHE NOVEMBERSとFABLED NUMBERのライブに行きます。 26日、タトゥーを取得します。 ビジュアル系をしばしば聞きません。 メタルバンドがすきですよー HNIBが一番好きです。でもライブに行きません。悲しいです。。。 タミーナです! 元気ですか?w いつはアメリカに行きますか?
  9. Thank you everyone who has participated so far even in the introductions alone. I myself am somewhat of a beginner to moderate level. More on the beginner side. But I did notice some advanced peeps joined the club which I'm very happy for. Don't get me wrong I don't want to just take take take. I hope to be up to that level to contribute to conversational stuff and just keeping things fresh. We do have a few people in here just starting out, so I will be making a beginners post soon.... However, I am taking volunteers to help me set up more advanced stuff. I won't expect you to do much other than correct me if I'm incorrect. I'm teaching myself currently... and would accept any help but I don't want to be too greedy with running the club and also asking everyone for help haha. I AM SUPER AMAZED HOW WELL THIS IS TURNING OUT JUST IN A DAYS TIME.
  10. Okay. I need help understanding when to use 行き vs に来ている I've been told in the event of a concert that Iki is not the correct verb to use. It's not wrong but it's odd. Often times my friend from japan will use nikiteiru.... but maybe the context is different. Help?
  11. ああ! 分かりました。 ありがとうございました。 THE NOVEMBERSはお気に入りのバンド。 東京と名古屋と大阪に行きます。 plasticさんは日本に行きましたか? いつ行きましたか? はいー ビジュアル系バンドのライブに行くつもりです。ハロウィーンイベントです。MORRIGANとVexentとシェルミィは実行する。 でも。。。DIMLIMのライブに行きたい。 日本で、どのバンドのライブに行きましたか? はい。10月25日ー10月29日、大阪に行きます。 kannivalismの怜さんのファンですか? 多分を知っている! アメリカが恋しいですか? 本当に。。?! 頑張ってください!!!
  12. はじめまして 😊 タミーナです 10月20日、日本に行きます! 日本のメタルとINDIEバンドが好きですよー THE NOVEMBERSとCROSSFAITHのライブに来てる 楽しみです 🤗 よろしくお願いします
  13. To anyone joining the Japanese Study Group Club... I am still working on getting it organized, but please feel free to join and introduce yourselves. I hope to have everything fully functional by monday :)