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  1. I literally went to two Targets this morning to buy BTS' new album and like... neither of them even stocked it. It wasn't sold out they just didn't have it??? I'm low key mad??? But I got copies of Her that i didn't have and Tear is on apple music BUT STILL. 

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    2. colorfuljinsei


      Nice, I got R since I got the L version for 'Her' (looks neater on the shelf.)

      I've only seriously listened to kpop for 2~3 years, but it's a great time to start listening. I get more excited over kpop concepts than vk ones nowadays. Today's producers are killing it (figuratively).

    3. togz


      Yeah I used to be like... 'MAN I'LL NEVER LISTEN TO KPOP' but honestly... the music has gotten pretty relevant. Like i can see how they have branched so much out of Korea. Plus, I feel guilty. like I didn't realize how much work these people put in to making this their life. Extensive training for years before even getting the chance to get a contract and even then it could be more years before you actually debut. And then even when you do it's just a bigger competition hahahahahahahaha. 

    4. ndareba


      NOT TO BARGE IN BUT.... Yea like 8 years ago I thought Kpop was dumb and worthless and all that, but there are some really genuinely talented groups out there. And more and more members are getting in on the writing and creative process of their releases. It's not just generic factory pop. 

  2. togz

    I've got two. one is for photography and the other is personal. Which ever you follow... I will follow you back! https://www.instagram.com/staegermeister/ https://www.instagram.com/mevrsavlt/
  3. inb4, I wonder what tentens next band is gonna be.
  4. togz

    I was able to do event photography for Sakura Con and here are some of the shots I got of Okamoto’s!!! @Itodid I do a good?
  5. Ryuuta has been admitted to the hospital due to extreme/severe abdominal pain. Last update was via the website and twitter about 19 hours ago. They have yet to cancel lives from my understanding, and have not announced what the cause or treatments are. The site mentions discussion amongst the staff and members as to what their move will be but they are not making any announcements until they hear from the hospital. Wishing that angel a quick recovery. OHP
  6. I just now discovered sokoninaru and I'm mad I didn't find them sooner.

  7. togz

    Yessssssss! I wonder if they’ll cover dip.
  8. togz

    No.666 tho. amirite?
  9. togz

  10. I do believe it was Dir en grey > the GazettE > MUCC at one point. Sales wise... I mean what to they include just music? Lives? I mean... Now I really do feel that it is the GazettE > Dir en grey > MUCC There were more people at that GazettE show in LA than I remember for Dir en grey at the same venue during their peak. Maybe they still dominate in japan but overseas... the GazettE is def #1
  11. First of all, Thank you for the extension. My partner was @indigo and they chose to go with an anime that already exists, but add a twist to it with their OST. They chose to go with Durarara, which is an anime I have seen but there are parts I can't quite remember. Synopsis: The narrative follows multiple characters, showing how their lives intersect and create a greater plot line. The story is centered around Celty Sturluson, an Irish dullahan (headless rider in celtic mythology) who is in Ikebukuro looking for her stolen head while working as an underworld courier. Other characters include Mikado Ryūgamine, a young boy who longs for the exciting life of the big city, his childhood friend Masaomi Kida, violent and superhumanly strong Shizuo Heiwajima, the information broker Izaya Orihara, the mysterious gang "The Dollars" and many others. Set in Ikebukuro. Genre: Action, Suspense Intent of mixtape: Since there are so many colorful characters and they're one of the best parts about the anime, many of the songs are themes for different characters. I tried to use songs that represent the personalities of each character. They also serve as background soundtrack for scenes. Some of the songs that are intended to be background music for different sequences, such as action and so on. I also tried to capture the feeling of a big, busy city at night-time. All this in as cohesive mixtape as possible. Thank you for the mix! I think all the music you chose go really well together. However, I really do wish i had a little more information as to why you picked these songs and how you personally felt they connected with the characters, groups, or scenes you were putting on the table. Thankfully it was from an anime I have seen so I knew a little bit, but there were times where I found it difficult to really dig up to say way i felt the song fit other than the fact that the vibe and feel was so similar to the original music. I did enjoy it however! Thank you for waiting and sorry this was so late.
  12. Hearing people I met in real life outside of MH talking about MH is so weird to me. 

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    2. togz


      Well I didn't send them there. In fact I didn't even know some of them knew about MH except one friend which is fine. But they weren't exactly saying good things so i'm just like >____>

    3. togz


      I mean my friend was fine... but other people I'm like haha MH is it's own unique place. 

    4. xriko


      my post was a joke, refer to Fight Club movie.

      do whatever you want, talk of MH to which you want lol

  13. togz

    I've gone through different phases of musical interests. Before I discovered Visual Kei, I really listened to whatever I thought sounded good, but outside of 80's classic rock and pop I didn't really care for artist names and checking out full albums. However, Once I discovered visual kei it was a whole new realm and I spent nearly 5-6 years listening solely to that alone. I wouldn't even give anything outside of the subculture a second thought. Looking back now, I felt it was very immature and restricted on my part. As I got older I started to listen to other types of Japanese music and strayed away from visual kei. I still listened to bands here and there but I really feel that was the peak of my musical diverse interest. At that point I would give things a good listen through, even to the point of trying a few different albums by an artist to be sure I wasn't missing out on something great. Then I went through the metal/alternative phase where I listened exclusively to that both Japanese and English bands. All of that leading to now.... I have a lot of responsibilities and other things I'm going after in life so it's hard to really sit down and listen actively to new things everyday. I really have to be in the right mood and I'm more picky now because of my time restrictions. If I am in the mood to really find something new, I'll even skim through albums and if i don't like the general idea of the first 3 ish songs I'll move to the next artist. That doesn't mean I won't revisit. This is the most common thing for my musical discoveries. I'll listen to something briefly, decide I'm not digging it, forget about it and come across it again later with a different mindset. I don't believe that any music is bad, that's why even the smallest groups have a little following. I think it's all about timing and your mindset when listening to something new. Had I not discovered Visual Kei, I may not even be in to Japanese music for all I know and I may have a different process completely when discovering new artists. Sometimes I search for things and sometimes i hear things by chance of being in the right place at the right time and it so happens to catch my interest.
  14. Just an update as I know I'm a little behind with getting my review up. I will have my review posted for @indigo's mix before the weekend. :]