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  1. I'm glad to hear that Xaax is doing better. I was supposed to see them while I was in Japan but i think they were unable to make the show because of a car accident or something so my friend and I just didn't go. I really like DIMLIM, while the vocalist and some guitar work resemble Dir en grey vibes... they still have their own thing going on for the most part.
  2. huh That's interesting to hear about the male fans because Chemical Pictures and My Bacteria Heat IsLand also had a decent male following. It's gotta be a tenten thing. I'm not surprised... all the members are from that 2003/2004 hype wave of bands except for drummer boy. I think even if they disband Tenten will ALWAYS resurface.
  3. is it me or is this featuring Igaguri Chiba lol 


    1. madygrain


      it is...

    2. togz


      @madygrain Makes sense. Yomi isn't doing much of anything and him and ten are friends. I just think it sounds weird.

  4. I feel like Mamireta will be short lived as well. One hit underwear sniffing, tabemasu-ing, break-dancing wonder. In before LACK-CO disbands. I also feel like XaaXaa will disband or take an indefinite hiatus soon. I hear they haven't been the greatest since their previous drummer left and the new one is always messing up songs. Surprised Kiryu is still going. DIMLIM Probably, though I wish and hope they don't because I like them. I don't think LM.C would exactly disband, maybe take an actually break and return.
  5. Bummer. They were the only VK band i took the time to see while i visited Japan and they were a lot of fun. Was looking forward to seeing them again my next visit. Sad day for my small handful of friends. :<
  6. anyone else ever go from really social to really solitary?

    1. tetsu_sama69


      More than you know

    2. colorfuljinsei


      Can adapt to social gatherings pretty well, initiate conv., etc, but I get "people fatigue" really easily and rather be alone. Abandoned Malls > Clubs


      feels bad man

    3. riyusama


      I think that's normal dude. Are you an introvert? Or maybe an Ambivert? For introverts, you can become really social given you have a close friend with you at the social gathering. It's happened with me once or twice I think lol Ambiverts since they're in the middle spectrum and are pretty balanced, it's normal for just about anyone that after socializing so much you need some quality time for yourself to recharge. Don't worry dude, that happens to everyone~ ouo

  7. Happy b-day Togz! ❤️

    1. togz


      Thank you so much!

  8. Question. An 18 year old goes skinny dipping with a 14 year old in the family pool in the backyard. Parent wakes up and tells them to get out. 18 year old is heard telling the 14 year old "If you say anything, I will beat your @$$" Parent gets suspicious and checks the security footage of the backyard to find out they were skinny dipping. Should this be acceptable or not considering the 18 year old is legally an adult and the 14 year old is not. Even though nothing was visible on camera that they had done anything... would this cause worry or concern?

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    2. saishuu


      Doesn't even matter if it's a boy or a girl. The older one should be told that doing things like this, and even going as far as threatening the other person, is not okay and could put him in trouble. Consent should be taught no matter what.

    3. platy


      Very suspicious. Doing it very late, threatening the boy and you as well. I think mainly you should show the 14 year old that he can come to you at any point if he feels threatened or has something to say. Easier said than done, but at least he will know he has someone to support him. Try to explain to the older guy what kind of problems he could get into and what kind of damage he could cause by making a move or whatever on someone so young. 

    4. BrenGun


      keep an eye on It.


      I mean, if you doing sports you also can shower together with older guys. So yeah.. just being naked whatever. But if there is any sexual meaning behind it, it's not good.


      But still if you are 14/15 you can have a crush easy on an older person. And yes on that age some people know what sex is, and many also want have sex on that age, or already have done it....  (When we get older we often forget the age of our first wish to have sex)

      3~4 Years age gab isn't that big. 

      Also when I was that age, I loved also a guy of 18years old. (relationship did not happen, yet... I would have been mentally ready for xxx on that age ← and that differs from person to person)



      Just be sure that the 14/15y person doesn't do anything against his own will. 

      and if sexual things happen out of free will, be sure to give them condoms ( ̄▽ ̄;)


      Juat keep an eye. Don't worry too much, but just talk calm with them about it. 

      love is love, age gab or not.


      What the law says isn't true for everyone.  Also max 5 year age gab, is alright in my eyes.


      But still people need to know the law rules. 


      good luck.


  9. togz

    I'm 5000000% here for this
  10.  here for that new DIMLIM

  11. I literally went to two Targets this morning to buy BTS' new album and like... neither of them even stocked it. It wasn't sold out they just didn't have it??? I'm low key mad??? But I got copies of Her that i didn't have and Tear is on apple music BUT STILL. 

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    2. colorfuljinsei


      Nice, I got R since I got the L version for 'Her' (looks neater on the shelf.)

      I've only seriously listened to kpop for 2~3 years, but it's a great time to start listening. I get more excited over kpop concepts than vk ones nowadays. Today's producers are killing it (figuratively).

    3. togz


      Yeah I used to be like... 'MAN I'LL NEVER LISTEN TO KPOP' but honestly... the music has gotten pretty relevant. Like i can see how they have branched so much out of Korea. Plus, I feel guilty. like I didn't realize how much work these people put in to making this their life. Extensive training for years before even getting the chance to get a contract and even then it could be more years before you actually debut. And then even when you do it's just a bigger competition hahahahahahahaha. 

    4. ndareba


      NOT TO BARGE IN BUT.... Yea like 8 years ago I thought Kpop was dumb and worthless and all that, but there are some really genuinely talented groups out there. And more and more members are getting in on the writing and creative process of their releases. It's not just generic factory pop. 

  12. togz

    I've got two. one is for photography and the other is personal. Which ever you follow... I will follow you back! https://www.instagram.com/staegermeister/ https://www.instagram.com/mevrsavlt/
  13. inb4, I wonder what tentens next band is gonna be.
  14. togz

    I was able to do event photography for Sakura Con and here are some of the shots I got of Okamoto’s!!! @Itodid I do a good?