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  1. There's a few that I missed out on seeing. The biggest one being Jrock Revolution. I was still in my teens then so my parents were pretty strict about letting me go places. The other is Girugamesh when they came to Sakura-con. I was actually working at the Hot Topic they did their meet and greet at but my last day was a week or so before they came to town and I had moved back to California.
  2. Despite the show being really good, it did feel very short. Shorter than the last time they were here even. Also my personal opinion is that it's worth it to do VIP once but $200 for a quick handshake is a bit much. I mean I paid for it mainly to be upfront with my friends but considering how short the set was as well. It was a good show but I'll probably hang in the back the next time. (If I go)

  4. togz

    Photography is still going for me, but recently I took up water coloring.... by recently I mean yesterday. This was meant to be Taehyung from BTS, some kind friends said they knew right away it was him... but to me he turned out looking like a blue haired sad guy.
  5. I miss GALEYD. ;___;

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    2. togz


      @monkeybanana4 @Wakarimashita The saddest part is aside from Nikky and Mekus Kamijo endevors, Toki has been in some sessions bands? Idk about recently but he seems to have fallen off Twitter. And Garo probably retired and I’m sad he was one of the best vocalists I have ever heard. Oof big sad mood guys

    3. monkeybanana4


      @togz Oh, no! If that's true (Garo retiring), I'm also really sad ;w; He was such a unique, amazing vocalist and I was quite looking forward to hearing him come back! His talent will truly be missed T_T So unfortunate to hear about Toki as well 😕 At the very least, I hope he's doing well in whatever endeavors he's involved in.

    4. Wakarimashita


      Garo joined that weird ramen band, singed there for a while and then left to oblivion... No news about Toki.

      I am still mad at Meku for being Kamijo's slave.


      Sad. Very, very sad ://

  6. I'm really diggin this too, but that cover art....
  7. Trying to keep back in to the know of VK. Band recommendations?

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    2. 123Sandman321


      I heard somewhere that DIR EN GREY might be the shit.

    3. Gesu


      DIAURA are slaying it

    4. Doesn'tEvenGoHere


      Mathilda are great. I recommend them for sure. Not their latest single though since people seem divided on it. 

  8. OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!! THAT SONG WAS SO okay. I don't know if it's because I'm still DIV biased or what. But it's really just okay.
  9. togz

    OH THEY CUTE CUTE THO 2 CAT 5 ME okay but hi hello A++++
  10. You know... I think heidi has been under-rated for a long time. Also a twoman with Xaa xaa sounds A-MAZING. I wish i could be there for that. Thanks for the update!
  11. My partner was @ghost and I chose his Pure mix which was one of three whole mixes he sent me to choose from. I was originally going to post a review about a different one but I had much more to say about this mix as I felt like my personal taste was met more. Unfortunately the way the songs were tagged and the way they pulled up in my media player... I don't know the artists 100% So I'll just post the track names. With these in mind, let's get to the review! I absolutely fell in love with this mix and I wish I could have posted about it sooner. This mix not only took me on a journey of nostalgia, but it also brought me through a wave of emotions. I feel that the tracks in this mix match the photo perfectly. Even though a lot of the tracks are a bit upbeat, they're light and easy listening. Others have more classical vibes or jazz vibes and some have a variation of all these things. The photo has the statue of Mary surrounded in more of a nature setting. Nature always makes me think of clean and pure and innocence when it hasn't been tampered with. So I think the idea of the Statue of Mary in such a surrounding was a perfect image to help portray and set an expectation on what to be heard on this mix. @ghost really did an amazing job and this mix has actually inspired me to go music hunting again. Thank you so much to @CAT5 for hosting this trade-off this time around and my partner for making such an amazing mix.
  12. I will have mine in tomorrow night for @ghost i ended up picking up a shift Saturday but I’m off early Sunday to really sit down and write. EDIT: I WILL POST TOMORROW I lost power in my complex
  13. The Novembers are really trying new things with this album. I mean I knew with the recent singles released but... I need a moment to digest this just give me a moment.

    1. Ada Suilen

      Ada Suilen

      I love the unexpected so I am more excited to listen to it!

  14. Hey, I'm glad that even though you didn't particularly like all the songs that you understood the flow I was going for. I was really excited to read your thoughts and FANTASTIC DRUGSTORE IS COOL AM I RIGHT? I discovered them on accident some time ago when I first started listening to Kpop. It was kind of interesting to find it in the mix of idol groups. Thanks so much for your review. I will have yours posted on Saturday since I have the WHOLE DAY OFF THAT DAY AYYYYYYYE! Also I'm glad you noticed G Dragons song. I mean I figured you'd know what they were all saying, so I took a risk... but I actually looked up the lyrics AFTER I made the mix and was surprised to find the idea of the songs lyrics also went with what I was going for. I guess my only question for you is, the photo. I know it's simplistic, but what did you think about the flow and concept of the songs matching with such a simple photo. You're also a photographer and while I didn't take this particular image I'm curious to hear what your analysis is on it.
  15. oops forgot to check in i sent mine a few days ago
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