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  1. around 2004 with Madara as well. Thanks MySpace music pages! It took me down a road of VK up until a few years ago when I started to transition in to listening to a wider variety of music and now I hardly know anything about VK haha. BUT AYYYY I still listen to them every so often. Ruki is still my fav diva.
  2. You are just my friend. We had been talking for a while, but when I met you things changed. I'd feel like something were wrong if you didn't tell me good morning in the middle of the night but you haven't failed yet. The signs are all there but I don't trust them. If it were anyone else other than me, my instincts would tell me your feelings were flourishing. But because it's me... You must be being nice. I hate having feelings for anyone because in the end it just makes me hate myself. I will convince myself I'm not right for you before there is a chance for anything. Even if it goes against my own desires.
  3. I wanted to write a live report of THE NOVEMBERS live I went to. But I'm not even going to lie when i said I sobbed through half of it in the back bro. Locals were probably like... are you ok tho?

    1. togz


      They played Sky Crawlers and I'm so content.

    2. togz


      Also FABLED NUMBER had to have been the most hyped show I saw the whole time I was there... after Fear and Loathing. I had to watch that shizz from outside it was so packed. Azami was really great, PRAISE was funny (or their costumes for halloween were) and Her name in blood was just as dope as I remember but part of me think their fan base is dropping????? I missed some stuff due to weather and timing (other shows i mean) and the two shows I had booked to do photos for fell through. But I made A LOT of friends... and improved my Japanese A LOT. 

  4. Sounds like some recycled riff usage there. But they have my attention.
  5. I literally left my heart in Tokyo. Send help.

  6. I was in Japan recently... and despite taking my camera with me.... I didn't really take many photos as a lot of things did not go according to plan. But I did a shoot with one of my friends. We were walking around Shibuya and came across this tunnel which we soon realized was from Survive Said the Prophet's Tierra MV, we took photos in other locations too. but
  7. You know when I heard DIMLIM I was like yo... this is my jam. I think the whole instagram thing was blown waaaaaaaay out of the water and like.... yeah he was an asshole but like... idk it was just dumb. The whole situation. both parties were over sensitive. But I was supposed to see them while in Japan and i didn't. Guess it's good I didn't get attached haha
  8. I'm back in the USA and I feel really sad. Like... I was really stoked going to Japan to see all these bands and buy music and just sight see... but i got comfortable in the three weeks I was there and actually made some really close friends. I'm okay if I never go to China again though. The air hurts my lungs waaaaay too much. 

  9. Still no great internet service so I haven't been able to upload photos, but so far I've seen Azami, PRAISE, HNIB, Gossip, THE NOVEMBERS, Fabled Number, and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. I like Osaka better than Tokyo, and maybe I'm moving here next year ! 

    1. yakihiko


      Nice, sounds great to check Kobayashi voice live. Do you find it different from the studio versions?

      Try to see RAZOR or LACK-CO live or instores, mostly to see Tetsuya and Tenten :D

      Also, grab if possible all those LACK-CO unshared songs and their upcoming full album o/

  10. Noooooooooooo
  11. Her name in blood remembered me and I might die ;___; Daiki gave me their set list...

    1. Tatsusalt


      That is amazing :tw_heart::3 

    2. togz


      He was like "OH! SUGOI!!!" Clapped his hands with the sudden realization who I was and proceeded to high five me and then he gave me the setlist with out me even asking cuz I came out all this way lol 

  12. with itunes for me it's a little tricky as I'd need to like.... buy a japanese gift card and i usually have to buy a card that has more than the item I want on it. however, I have a few friend in Japan so I can see if they have access to use a credit card directly. it's 750yen
  13. Only grave town is on US iTunes
  14. Three nights in the wonderbox is on Japanese iTunes but not the other release you mentioned