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  1. What song is it. It depends on the type of song vs my equipment. I may be limited.
  2. When people call visual kei "Japanese nu metal" I feel my eyes roll a little further back in to my face.

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    2. Carmelzors


      Based on what was exposed to them out of VK catalogue, their comments are not that far off from the actual picture per se (nu metal being one of the most dominating genres in VK)

    3. togz


      No. Visual Kei is a cluster fuck of different genres with a theme slapped over it. Not to be a genre nazi but I get annoyed when someone only listens to visual kei bands, claim it's the only good music in the world, and prance around like they're the gods of genres. Not saying all are like that... in fact very few but it still annoys me. Tbh I'll say hey idk what this band even is but they're tight before I call the whole scene Japanese nu metal 

    4. AimiGen7


      Plus if anything, Metalcore is dominating the Vkei scene today as Nu Metal is slowly falling into obscurity. Of course, to call Vkei "Japanese Core" would also be an overgeneralisation, especially with the thousands of meanings "core" can take on (i.e Hardcore Punk, Punk, Metalcore, Metal in general, Hardcore EDM, etc.)

  3. My partner was @Platy and I am so sorry this is so delayed. I have been so swamped at work. BUT IT'S FINALLY HERE AND THANK YOU FOR THE CONTINUED PATIENCE. @Platy's mix was based on the fact that there's loss and struggle with such tragedy but wanted to transition to a point in the end where we could feel more curious and adventurous of this post apocalyptic world while living simpler and freer lives. I definitely got that vibe a lot in this mix and probably added on much more in my mind for a story line than was intended but hey that's the fun in it all. I do feel as though there were a few to many tracks that were a little too similar but I know making that transition in to something more uplifting can be tricky with out make it look dark and light so suddenly. But i respect the effort and time you put in to this mix and I really did enjoy it. There's a few songs that I probably won't remember too much... but I definitely picked up some favorites. OVERALL SCORE 4.5/5 ;]
  4. I've been tryin real hard but I finally got a day off today
  5. Aw they're all out of order but I'm glad you were able to catch a story from them as a whole group. Opening track was definitely supposed to be a different one but hey thanks for the awesome review I'll have yours up tonight! @CAT5ya damn troll
  6. Same for me I've been unavailable to sit down and really focus the past few days
  7. Okay but see you when you come to Seattle tho???
  8. Huge sale post coming up soon

  9. Slooooe dooooown!!!
  10. @Platyand I have exchanged mixes, but I sent mine to them a bit late, so if they're a little late with their review, it's my fault. Dx But I'll be listening and posting my review of theirs hopefully after work tomorrow/today. :]
  11. I CRYIN 


  12. The weather went out.

  13. Welcome back HNIB 😭

  14. On their social media accounts it was announced that there will be a resurrection tour with dates starting in May and since members have become active on their social media accounts. No word on new drummer or not.
  15. Shot in the dark on this one... but anyone wanna save for a trip to Japan this October? I'm thinking the 24th to the 3rd of November.

    1. orange~


      well... I'm most likely gonna be travelling to Japan later this year, but still unsure when. It might be during those months or in the fall in general... depends how fast I can get money for the trip :P

    2. togz


      well let me know around what time you're thinking... I'm pretty flexible as long as it's after september but before mid november. Only reason is I work at a tourist attraction so during holiday season they need me. But it'd be a lot cheaper if two of us went because if we use airbnb we can basically rent an apartment plus it'd be nice to make new friends and have someone to explore with. I'm kinda awful at finding the courage to do things on my own.

    3. orange~


      Yea! I'm thinking about those months too. I want to be there before november for sure. That's a good idea with airbnb, that would save great deal of money and I'm always glad to make new friends too ^^


      I was thinking about mainly staying in Tokyo, you?


      haha, I was already thinking that my plan for the trip would be "dead end tokyo", meaning I'd go to pretty much all the weirdest and most interesting places I can find.. : P But I can go to the most seedy places on my own.


      But ya, I don't want to promise too much yet, because my money situation is big question mark at the moment, but I'll keep you updated!