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  1. robkun

    Ohh crap, I totally never knew this existed till now. Ah well, here’s my PSN. Just lemme know who you are on the forum through a message on PSN! My username is vulgarMacabre. Hope to see ya guys on!
  2. And yeah Ruri, loooots of love for those bands! Lol
  3. Like add the dates on each artist update in the description? If that’s what you mean, then yeah, I could do that from now on. And thanks!
  4. robkun

  5. robkun

    Okay, here we go. This is gonna be loooong lol. Western bands/artists: - Prince (my idol <3) - Mr. Bungle - The Birthday Massacre - Jack Off Jill - The Cure - Twiztid - Death - Bjork - Bis - Souls - Switchblade Symphony - Marilyn Manson (pre-2004) Visual kei: - CHILD - Cali Gari - Sophia - L’arc-en-Ciel - Glay - Malice Mizer - Dir en Grey - Luna Sea - Sharan Q - Synthetic Mushrooms - E-QAL - Rebirth - Missalina Rei - Metronome - Dog in the PWO - Eins:Vier - Rouage - Strawberry Fields - Dispina - Inugami Circus-Dan - Rediean;Mode - Plastic Tree - The Space Cowboys - Acid Color - Cry<<MU>> - BLue-B - Elekki Bran - Superbrunch - Ize - Video Rodeo - See Zar Japanese non-visual bands: - Spitz - Mr.Children - Barbee Boys - Boowy - Boredoms - Melt-Banana - YMO - Mimori Yusa - Katze - Abnormals - M-Age - Feel So Bad - Judy and Mary - LU-NA - Pink - Unicorn - Zelda (before their reggae era... ughhh) - Switch - The Zip Guns - Zeppet Store - Syrup16g ....Yup, that took a bit longer than I thought it would lol.
  6. Added two more! Interesting story about Sammy. My translator was acting absolutely idiotic that day I reached out to him, and he actually went out of his way to communicate with me through the shitty translations I was sending. A totally cool guy. Thankfully, when I got to reach out to Yosuke, my translator was back to normal lol.
  7. robkun

    Team Macabre, all day!
  8. robkun

    I met royalty!!
  9. Hyde is fuckin INCREDIBLE live! I actually got really lucky, met him and got my photo with him on my way out of the bathroom! And I went with one of my boys who I haven’t seen in 5 years! A super duper outstanding night!

  10. It’s always great to see my dad’s reaction to Cali Gari. Seriously the only band I play that seriously, deeply disturbs him lolol.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. robkun


      Yeah, I was on a Cali Gari PV marathon, and my dad happened to be in when “Toilet de Go!” was on. It was... amazing loll

    3. Tokage


      ok yeah THAT one might be kinda out there... 

    4. Ruri


      parents have some kind of psychic ability that enables them to only walk past when you're watching or listening to something thats impossible to explain

  11. robkun

    Not Japanese, but I always thought Screaming Trees was a fantastic name. I don’t really like their music though lol.
  12. robkun

    Never really liked Matina all that much, to be honest, although I used to enjoy Mist of Rouge and Lavender a good bit. Das:Vasser can be cool too.
  13. Bold opinion: ZELDA (pre-1991) is the greatest all-female band ever. Fuckin adore them... well, up to their reggae era lol.



    1. Himeaimichu


      I'm listening to these girls' first album, and I already love it.

    2. secret_no_03


      Oh man, don't let old Shonen Knife fans hear you say that. 

  14. robkun

    I remember hearing a rumor a while back that Dynamite Tommy was a close bedfellow to some yakuza branch.
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