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  1. Happy birthday, king of jrock oldies! 🤴 Hope you have a wonderful day! ♥

    1. robkun


      Thank ya very much! ^___^

  2. Question: is there a time in history that Kisaki lost his mind, or has he always been a special kinda guy??

    1. AimiGen7


      I'd say it's when he started Undercode and began hanging with people MUCH younger than him xD. 

      Either that, or maybe the rumours he was on meth were true...

  3. I hear ya Ikki. I was actually surprised how little X were in the lists. Like, I would've thought they'd be in, like, every list except two or so XD. Yeah, I was very fascinated by the lists I got.
  4. Apparently so. At the very least, a pre-visual band that were massively influential to the movement. So I guess that counts lol.
  5. Heya everybody! So a week or so ago, I promised I was in the works of something special for the site, and here it is! Okay, so I associate with a good amount of guys who were active in the visual kei scene. Most of them retired, some of them are still active. So, I decided to reach out to figure out what their top 5 visual kei bands were! I've gotten seven responses, so I thought I'd share them with you all, since maybe some of you would be interested, especially those who are super hardcore into old school kei like I am. Enjoy! Mar (also known as Michael) ::(PROFILE):: ~CHILD HOOD'S END/CHILD (1996~2003)~ ~Indigo7 (2003~2005)~ ~NICK (2006~2007)~ ~High Speed Boyz (2008~2010)~ ~FREEDOM BEATS ORCHESTRA (fbo) (2011~Present)~ Mar's/Michael's top 5 1. X JAPAN 2. AION 3. LADIES ROOM 4. hide with Spread Beaver 5. BUCK-TICK ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yohey ::(PROFILE):: ~E-QAL/Hyuge (1995~2001)~ ~RED JAPES (2002~2004)~ ~BananaBazooka (2008)~ ~Burnny Crisis (2008~2009)~ ~arms never rust (2011~2012)~ ~noodloop (2013~Present)~ Yohey's top 5: 1. LUNA SEA 2. X JAPAN 3. MIYAVI 4. Plastic Tree 5. SEX MACHINEGUNS ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kazz ::(PROFILE):: ~STRAIGHT (1999~2002)~ ~ROXXANE (2008~Present)~ Kazz's top 5: 1. Sid (シド) 2. MIYAVI 3. Gackt 4. L'arc-en-Ciel 5. Janne Da Arc ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Toshiya ::(PROFILE):: ~Sleep My Dear (1991~1992)~ ~L'amour Fou (1993~1999)~ ~The Raindrops (2003~2006)~ ~Kyo-zon (共存) (2006~Present)~ Toshiya's top 5: 1. BUCK-TICK 2. Up-Beat 3. KATZE 4. LUNA SEA 5. L'arc-en-Ciel ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tamaki (環) ::(PROFILE):: ~Six O'clock (1989~1996)~ ~ORANGE JAM (1998~2000)~ ~Jack Dinosaur (ジャックダイナソー) (2001~2004)~ ~Liberty (2005~2009)~ Tamaki's top 5: 1. DEAD END 2. Oblivion Dust 3. Valentine D.C. 4. LADIES ROOM 5. THREE EYES JACK ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Atsushi ::(PROFILE):: ~ZELIACORT (1995~1996)~ ~CLeiR (1996~1998)~ ~THE CLOCK WORK ORANGE (1999~2010)~ Atsushi's top 5: 1. DEAD END 2. Gargoyle 3. 44MAGNUM 4. KATZE 5. JOLLY PICKLES (ジョリーピックルス) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. Wowwwww I totally forgot about these guys. I used to LOOOOOOOOVE Saba <3.

  7. I've got a really cool project for MH in the works. Coming soon!! ^___^

  8. Be careful what you imagine...
  9. Wooooot! All of my flyers are here! Expect "Flyers Part III" in a few hours!! ^___^


    My eyes... feel... soooo damn heavy all of a sudden. Love these blonde/multicolored haired dudes <3.

  11. Classic J-indie, anybody?
  12. Soooo since I'm bored, anyone wanna have a plug session? ...Anybody?


    1. yurameki24




    Out of the tons and tons of underground Japanese groups I've heard that went nowhere, this is probably the most heartbreaking. Seriously.... I barely have my face on right now with how hard it rocked me.

    1. CoolKill3rX
    2. robkun


      Go listen to Totto, fruitcake.

  14. Another awesome experience! Totally recommended!!
  15. Inugami Circus-dan