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  1. Kiryu999

    So good ! The guitars sounds delicious ❤️
  2. Kiryu999

    While they certainly have very good songs, Dir en grey are highly overrated. Also very unpopular I guess MEJIBRAY's cover of cage is as good as the original
  3. Kiryu999

    This sounds pretty good, might grab a copy
  4. He's always been my favorite member of An Cafe, will follow his project with great enthusiasm !
  5. Not loving the name, that little snippet sounds okay. Curious to hear more
  6. Kiryu999

    Best setlist so far to me ! I hope we'll get this one for the Paris show
  7. Kiryu999

    Hate the synth be the rest of the song is good !
  8. I voted for 196番地の女 !
  9. Kiryu999

    Watching a performance from someone who recorded it with a phone and actually being there and living the show is very different, also it was just the beginning. Sometimes it takes some time for the band and the audience to warm up, I've seen them live and it was one of my favorite concert ever, although I found the members not very close to the audience compared to their shows in Japan, they just do their thing and leave. It'll be worth going if you really like the band and their music or if you like to headbang and jump around a lot cause they play their more heavy stuff during the world tour. That was my two cents, hope it helps !
  10. Kiryu999

    Very nice song !
  11. Kiryu999

    Ugh those harsh vocals.. very irritating, the clean aren't much better tho, I'll pass on this one
  12. Kiryu999

    Band name sucks, the song is cute but it feels like it's missing something. Should have been a little bit longer
  13. Kiryu999

    The setlist is pretty basic but I wasn't expecting anything crazy and unexpected from them. They'll probably change a few songs between the gigs, I hope they add Uragiru Bero, Cockroach or THE SUICIDE CIRCUS
  14. Kiryu999

    Only two new songs, I was hoping for at least three tracks but better than nothing I guess
  15. Kiryu999

    One minute before the end of the Heisei era, that's a nice timing !
  16. Just snatched 荊海 BEYOND from yahoo auctions. For the price I payed this better be good !

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    2. yomii


      how come cds by a band with one hated drummer and a bunch of nonames are sold at ridiculously high prices i wonder

    3. Kiryu999


      @VkBrutaliaN that's a pretty good price too! 


      @yomii idk if the Japanese people hate Issei that much tho, I think it's because it's live limited to this one particular live and it was sold out. It becames automatically "rare" and can be sold for insane prices 

    4. monkeybanana4


      It is like a super rare item, lol. But congrats to winning the auctions :)

  17. Kiryu999

    Looking forward to hear the whole thing !
  18. Kiryu999

    Sounds very cool ! I'm glad that it's different from KTK, I loved this band but hearing Mei in a different genre is nice.
  19. Kiryu999

    It's not bad, I hope they upload the spot to youtube too cause twitter always butcher the quality
  20. Kiryu999

    I kinda like their looks but the naked in the forest photoshoot was cooler lol curious to hear how they'll sound now
  21. Kiryu999

    I was scared at first I thought they were gonna stop the physical press of the magazine, putting their old issues digitally is a nice idea !
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