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  1. Well their communication strategy is pretty... original to say the least
  2. Pretty good song! They'll probably be the first GOEMON band I like haha
  3. Kiryu999

    I don't like the vocalist, too bad cause the instrumentals are pretty good
  4. CDJapan is just the worst now, bought some stuff 10 DAYS ago and the order is not even processed yet...

    Well cancelling and not ordering anything again from them until they fix their shits

    1. suji


      I think it's because they're moving warehouses or smth, but I thought they'd be finished by now

    2. secret_no_03


      Yeah that's what they told me. It's been over a month since I ordered CDs through their proxy and they haven't shipped yet.

    3. chipathy


      They were moving warehouses but with that being said the shipped my order about 2-3 days ago 

  5. Pretty disgusting behavior from the band members and staff. I was never a fan of them and I certainly will not be after seeing this drama
  6. Glad they found new members !
  7. Kiryu999

    Idk it's not very clear 🤔 but right now only that one song can be bought on iTunes jp
  8. Kiryu999

    Only the song A才教育 is available on iTunes jp, the rest will be available on the actual release I believe. The previews are pretty cool !
  9. Kiryu999

    YOSHIKI will have an important announcement on 02/08 at 9pm (Japan time) on his niconico channel
  10. Kiryu999

    ex-Fixer guys and Sui that's an unexpected combo lol curious to hear how it's gonna sound tho !
  11. Kiryu999

    His covers are very good !
  12. the Raid. will release their new single "殺したくなるほど誰かを愛した事はありますか?" (Koroshitaku Naru Hodo Dareka o Aishita Koto wa Arimasuka?) at 2019/11/12. Further details announced later. Short MV spot:
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