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  1. Finally! I was getting tired of them releasing only singles. Hope it's only new material
  2. Nothing overwhelming this time, track 3 is my favorite from the previews. The covers are very pretty too
  3. Fuck this
  4. Eh, their first single was pretty nice. I wanted to hear a little bit more from them, won't happen I guess.
  5. Deaths in vk are always so sudden... rest in peace Fumiya.
  6. That's the kind of oldschool vk sound that I like, looking forward to hear the full thing
  7. Yas Karma with a new band! Just not loving the name but still looking forward to it
  8. I watched their latest DVD and you can cleary see why they're going on hiatus. They just play the songs without any emotions, only the last 3/4 songs they seem to have a little fun and then it just ends, no MCs, no interactions between the members. Only MiA and Meto seems to still like eachothers lol they're often on eachother's instagram
  9. Cool! Visper was, I'm glad they keep going with this new band!
  10. Their album was underwhelming but they're pretty good overall, looking forward to it!
  11. Great! Really liking these guys
  12. アヴァンチック (Avanchick) will release their last live DVD 「盲目少女」("Moumoku Shoujo") 2017.10.6 at SHINJYUKU ReNY on 2017/12/25 (5,500yen). It will be sold only on their webshop http://avanchick.cart.fc2.com/, pre-order start 10/20.
  13. Nothing stands out in this song, it's just bland. I hope the rest of the single will be better
  14. No WOWOW is a pay-per-view tv channel, hope someone will record it and put it online