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  1. Both. Cutting his wrists during lives, stuff like that. Was he ? I watched that live but he didn't seem to be drunk to me, but yeah as soon as the final song ended he was like "ok bye" and left the stage lmao
  2. Nah, it's Akane from D.I.D. who is. Karma is the suicidal one
  3. ラッコ (LACK-CO.) will release their 1st album "楽園病" (Rakuenbyo) on 11/01. Regular edition will include CD with 11 songs (3240yen) and limited edition will inculde CD+DVD with 10 songs (3456yen).
  4. Yass! The queen is back <3
  5. Lots of new songs that's cool, too bad the CD only edition is live and mail order because it's cheap. I might get the deluxe one
  6. Cool!
  7. Proxyon latest album ▲:Saisei is just perfect! Love everything from start to finish!

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    2. Kiryu999


      I find out about them when they annonced this album, they're very cool! :)

    3. Tokage


      never doubt them, they always deliver

    4. Tokage


      [ps if u like proxyon, look into rimcat as well]

  8. Eh.. I want to like it because of MAST as well but it's just meh, will still keep an eye on them. Not gonna judge them too quickly
  9. Lmao what?
  10. Cool! Love both of their looks, the best album is pretty cheap it's nice
  11. The production on VEXENT's new album is so bad... like one song sounds cool and then the other one sounds super badly mixed, kinda tragic

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    2. sheepprincessgara


      makes me think of ELYSION's album, APOTHEOSIS...such a waste :(

    3. AimiGen7


      I wonder if they recorded it at two different studios, one with good equipment, the other with cheaper equipment. Does the cd case say anything about the studio it was recorded in?

    4. Disposable


      if this rp is not 32kbs full hd 3d curved tv transcode, then it is the worst produced vk album ever

  12. This is how he sounds, not that good huh ?