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  1. The drumming sound is awful
  2. Aaah intersting! They are very good, would love to hear more from them
  3. I was expecting this for a while, they were nice
  4. Cool! I really like this band
  5. Wtf, he's fucked up
  6. Finally found アンドゥー first release, can't wait to receive it! 

  7. The singer sucks
  8. Live-limited again I guess ?
  9. When you throw all of your ¥¥¥ into your looks so you have to record your music and film your mv with an iphone
  10. They'll probably annonce a live DVD of the tour final to grab some cash before they're gone. Actually did they said the date of the hiatus ? I think their last show is Koichi's birthday live on 12/22 so they'll be officialy on hiatus after it ?
  11. Yeah they have been together for like 2 years I believe ? They are also calling this single their 1st but it's not actually, seems they want a fresh start or something
  12. Yeah I don't understand why they posted this MV to promote the new single
  13. WHITE SIDE GROUP ? They have been distributing MEJIBRAY releases for a long time (since they formed I guess so 2011) so it's not a new label
  14. Not bad at all! Not loving their band name but the vocals and instrumentals are very good! Will definitely keep an eye on them
  15. Fuck yes! Was waiting for this for so looong! The song is all over the place but very good