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  1. They sold out their tour final gig at Takadanobaba AREA New look:
  2. ザアザア (Xaa-Xaa) will release a new single called "イライラする雨" (Iraira Suru Ame) on 2020/2/5. (2 types) Type A 【CD】 1.イライラする雨 (Iraira Suru Ame) 2.整形 (Seikei) 【DVD】 1.イライラする雨 MV ¥1,800+tax Type B 【CD】 1.イライラする雨 (Iraira Suru Ame) 2.整形 (Seikei) 3.待ちぼうけ (Machibouke) ¥1,500+tax
  3. Kiryu999

    8P-SB will release their 3rd album "richardland" on 2019/12/15. Tracklist: 01_entry 02_richard 03_welcome 04_balloon 05_down 06_tic toc 07_silkworm 08_eyes on me 09_drone 10_tyrannosaurus 11_smile 12_space 13_waiting 14_parade
  4. Kiryu999

    MUCC will have an Europe Tour titled "MUCC 2020 Lock on snipe Tour #11 ~Style of EUROPE Broken Piano And Imprisonment of livingdead 8days~" in 2020 ! 04.05 - Moscow - Pravda club 04.06 - Warsaw - Club proxima 04.08 - Berlin - Lido 04.09 - Berlin - Colombia theater 04.11 - Bochum - Zeche 04.12 - Koln - Luxor 04.15 - Paris - La Maroquinerie 04.16 - London - Acad. Islington VIP ticket info: - 69€ + pre sale fee - early entry to the venue - early access to the merchandise booth - MUCC Lanyard - laminate signed by the band - Group photo with the band More info on tickets and pre sale start on December 2 on this website: https://nine-lives-entertainment.com/news/219/en
  5. Kiryu999

    It's available on Spotify:
  6. Kiryu999

    Those high notes damn tone it down girl
  7. Kiryu999

    I was wondering when they'll announce a new release just about 2 days ago, 12 concept singles seems pretty insane tho!
  8. Kiryu999

    They look like a kpop group, lovely picture nonetheless
  9. 白昼夢 is beautiful !! The guitar solo ❤️
  10. VAMPIRE ROSE will release a new single called "Vampire Sacrifice" on 2020/05/20.
  11. Kiryu999

    Damn, vk releases were already expensive but that increase is wild Anyway new r-shitei is always good news to me
  12. Someone on the forum was kind enough to give me the song that's missing from the new Kizu, if you're interested to listen to it, check the Kuroi Ame DL thread, I updated it with the link ! :) 

  13. Kiryu999

    The digital release date for the album is 2020.01.28 btw http://dimlim.jp/discography/219.html
  14. Kiryu999

    Love it !
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