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  1. Kiryu999

    Didn't expect the guys from Hakubishin to be there, does that mean they disbanded ?
  2. Kiryu999

    Great song! I love the atmsopshere
  3. Kiryu999

    1st single ADDICTION will be released on 10/2
  4. Kiryu999

    Could be interesting
  5. Kiryu999

    Again? Just let this band rest in peace
  6. Kiryu999

    Very good song! Love the aesthetic of the MV and it's pretty interesting that they chose two males (are they members from the band ? They look like to me)
  7. Agree! Saw them at a taibain in Tokyo and I loved it, especially when Batsu started to breakdance in the middle of the crowd haha
  8. VK marketing at its finest, if you buy all of them you'll spend around 8,000yen An album is usually around 3,000yen, they'll get way more money doing this
  9. Hope they'll change their formula a little for these Oneman at blitz already ? That's pretty cool for them
  10. Kiryu999

    Thank you for the setlist!
  11. Kiryu999

    I saw him at a taiban back in march in Tokyo, but I couldn't figure out if he played songs from his previous bands or original material. Really enjoyed his set tho
  12. Kiryu999

    I really like this one!
  13. The Raid. will release a new single called "アノマリー" (Anomaly) on 2018/11/27. It will comes in 5 types: (A-type) 【CD+DVD】¥1,800円 CD: 1.アノマリー (Anomaly) 2.タイトル未定A (new song A) DVD: 1.アノマリー(Anomaly) MV 2.MV MAKING (B-type) 【CD+Mカード】¥1,800円 CD: 1.アノマリー(Anomaly) 2.タイトル未定A (new song A) Mカード: 2018.10.27吉祥寺club SEATA(bo_ya生誕)LIVE映像 (C-type) 【CD】¥1,500円 CD: 1.アノマリー (Anomaly) 2.タイトル未定A (new song A) 3.タイトル未定B (new song B ) (D-type) 【CD】¥1,500円 CD: 1.アノマリー (Anomaly) 2.タイトル未定A (new song A) 3.タイトル未定C (new song C) (E-type) 【CD】¥500円(税別) CD1.アノマリー (Anomaly) 2.タイトル未定A (new song A)
  14. Kiryu999

    The construction of the song is so uncommon and interesting, I love it ! Definitely gonna grab their album