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  1. The collaboration CD will contain 2 songs: BUKBUK「透明」カルトcover. てんさい。「MARIA」沫cover.
  2. Japanese gyas come to vk gigs all dressed up with giant heels but just before the show is about to start they put on crocs or slip on and they come with a lot of bags. Nobody is checking what's inside, I came with water bottle inside a plastic bag and the staff didn't notice (and probably don't care) You'll get a drink ticket when you get to the doors so no need to bring something to drink actually Note that I went only to vk gigs in really small live houses, idk if it's the same in bigger venues
  3. They are the LONDBOY members right ?
  4. Re-listening to some 弥叉-missa- and Dear Bitch, they were such good bands. Wish Ayame would have sticked around, love his voice!

    1. Peace Heavy mk II

      Peace Heavy mk II

      I've been working on collecting all of the CDs he's been featured on. My hope is to arrange them in the form of a pentagram with some candles in an effort to summon him back into the mortal realm 

    2. Mamo


      +1 for Dear Bitch 

    3. Kiryu999


      Lmao hope you can achieve that @Peace Heavy mk II

  5. They're not vk
  6. Just saw Mamireta live and damn they were amazing! And Batsu is fucking crazy lmao 

  7. I went to their event in Tokyo today, they showed the MV for Mosaic at the end and they gave a flyer with the new look. They'll probably upload everything later
  8. They showed the MV spot on the ALTA building in Shinjuku today, they seem promising!
  9. Can't believe I'm in Japan right now! Went to see SARIGIA at Holiday Shinjuku yesterday they were really good! And they were the band with the most fans at the event :)

    1. -NOVA-


      Thats so cool ! have fun <3 

    2. Komorebi


      Nice! Enjoy your stay there!

  10. Heard both full songs at Like and Edison yesterday, they're cool! They don't show it in the spot but ZANGE have a lot of harsh vocals
  11. Sounds awesome! Love the aesthetics too, very well done music video
  12. In the details for the new album, there's 4 different editions, limited editions comes with the footage of the live
  13. Yess! And they're releasing the 15th anniversary live that's so cool!