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  1. Damn Takashi looks stunning.. The song is cool! And I already like the new drummer, great energy. Looking forward for the new mini
  2. Strong song like the first one, really like the cover art as well
  3. Kiryu999

    Good news!
  4. Kiryu999

    It's ok, the clean vocalist have a nice voice. The cover art is very pretty!
  5. Kiryu999

    YAYOI ??
  6. Kiryu999

    Sounds very good!
  7. Kiryu999

    Got this today! - てんさい。ペルソナイフ (Type A+B+C) - SARIGIA - AGARTHA + signed photosets
  8. Kiryu999

    These guys are touring and releasing non stop, idk how they manage to do all of this without dying from exhaustion
  9. Not as strong as their other title songs but still catchy! New look: Individual pictures are here:
  10. Kiryu999

  11. Kiryu999

    Actually the BUKBUK song is called "shake A hand" buut it's probably the same song
  12. Kiryu999

    Bring back the eyepatch Karma pls Flyer with the CD cover and tracklist: The cover is very pretty!
  13. Sad news.. I hope to see the members forming new bands, with Grieva members maybe! I also hope Ains won't die from this and get new bands to their label