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  1. Kiryu999

    It's not bad, I hope they upload the spot to youtube too cause twitter always butcher the quality
  2. Kiryu999

    I kinda like their looks but the naked in the forest photoshoot was cooler lol curious to hear how they'll sound now
  3. Kiryu999

    I was scared at first I thought they were gonna stop the physical press of the magazine, putting their old issues digitally is a nice idea !
  4. Hoping for a new release soon! Seems like they had a bit more budget for their shoot and costumes this time lol
  5. This song is super nice !
  6. Kiryu999

    I might buy this song later, the preview sounds pretty good
  7. I really like this song, I do love early DEZERT but I don't mind at all the sound they're going for now, they're good at it.
  8. Kiryu999

    Mio needs to tone it down, he's clearly not capable to sing this high
  9. Not really feeling the track 2 but Leda Atomica and the last one sounds promising !
  10. Kiryu999

    Watch this live limited release being sold for at least 15,000yen on auctions..
  11. Kiryu999

    Cool ! Their releases have been pretty cool and they were so much fun when I saw them live
  12. Kiryu999

    Not surprising, the shop is located in an area that's pretty hard to find and it was sometimes closed during the day when they were supposed to be open
  13. Kiryu999

    They look phenomenal ! Can't wait to see Sho tomorrow !
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