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  1. has 残り香 had a cd release yet? its fucking gorgeous
  2. pls stay, the MH Beyhive needs to expand
  3. please, if goatbed released that y'all would be stanning rn
  4. 2nd + 3rd. the cusp between those, the 96-98 period is so iconic.
  5. i did it mama
  6. pierrot will come back
  7. it's gonna be klaha's new band bookmark this post
  8. yas @ pierrot revival! un-yas @ pierrot working with that trash (yas @ lmc presumably being finally dead)
  9. Rentrer definitely. Does anyone else see them as the continuation of Baiser? No shared members, except for production, but they're what I imagine Baiser would've evolved into if they carried on another decade.
  10. featured list

    l'arc's b-sides from the mid-90s are legendary. punk is and always was trash, l'acoustic same so.