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  1. herpes

    You shouldn’t be taking life lessons from a man in a coma in Russia for the last six months because he ate 40lbs of ham
  2. herpes

    now sis....
  3. herpes

    absolutely breathless! this news has really knocked the air out of me
  4. herpes

    don't blame u tbh (3) good luck on the onlyfans (7)
  5. herpes

    who's the original artist though
  6. herpes

    why 🥴
  7. herpes

    he's gotta have a photo with epstein surely
  8. herpes

  9. herpes

    kanon's mother? .......klaha
  10. herpes

    dramatical murder is a gay porn gay? lol i've seen their tracks for it on apple music and had no idea
  11. herpes

    what's the gossip?
  12. herpes

    fetch a coathanger so they can destroy this abomination of an album
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