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  1. definitely the most polarizing winner
  2. yasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
  3. anyone know which la'mule song this is 


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    2. Carmelzors


      Piissu still hasn't got into her catalogue?!!! T A C K Y D E C I S I O N.

    3. Peace Heavy mk II

      Peace Heavy mk II

      I've only heard the song Sibilebashir covered and two seconds of a Tokyo Jihad promo video

    4. herpes
  4. oh my god i'm so sorry
  5. who's the one with the goatee and is his face always like that
  6. voted nina for miss congeniality
  7. have they not seen their pvs or
  8. Is this mejibray 


    1. Peace Heavy mk II

      Peace Heavy mk II

      Venus Xtravaganza did not die for this bullshit 

  9. lmao those uk dates. they'll be bottled.
  10. ~Plastic Tree~ ~Moi Dix Mois~ ~Jiluka~ which makes u most monophillic??? (There is also a correct answer). Fight below!
  11. love the new single!!!!