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  1. Every buck fuck album has exactly three amazing songs and eight fillers prove me wrong 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Takadanobabaalien


      Sexual xxxxx -> Empty girl, Future for future, Dream of truth, Do the I love you, Sexual XXXXX, My eyes and your eyes <- all great songs, checkmate. 

    3. Peace Heavy mk II

      Peace Heavy mk II

      they have like 203121 albums, so it's basically a numbers game

    4. chemicalpictures


      Please make a list of all those 3 songs across their albums, so I can avoid the filler ones

  2. herpes

    Did you see her show? 2 hours of unashamed pride. A full size brass marching band, skits during song breaks and an all black female orchestra. Beyoncé is pushing the boundary of musicality politically, sociologically, in every fucking aspect. Show some damn respect.
  3. herpes

    Sad news, Taiji’s hologram was arrested for assaulting a female hologram, he will not be joining the band for the show.
  4. new urbangarde, cali=gari, cardi b and azealia banks on the same day? god is a gay man

  5. asagi altering costumes every 3 months until one person buys that limited edition or buys the regular tbh
  6. herpes

    this bitch isn't even the first result on spotify for "satsuki" how does he expect to sell an album
  7. herpes

    filling the hole moran left god bless these faggots [2]
  8. herpes

    omggggggg god bless these faggots
  9. herpes

    Beyoncé takes pity on local talent but would never.
  10. X Japan playing coachella and getting fifth line billing, whilst cardi b gets second line billing 

    talent wins

    1. saishuu


      yoshiki's bloody shoes are rusty

    2. nekkichi


      does coachella even care for yaoi dadrock

  11. Virgo sun, leo moon, libra rising. mess tbh. (although as a virgo dating a cancer having the leo moon has helped....)
  12. herpes

    we did it kids
  13. Jasmine Masters and Velvet Eden together at last! 


    1. suji


      blessed image

    2. nekkichi


      I didn't expect them to look just as good off the stage, great shot!