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  1. Congrats for pawning the Alice in wonderland halloween outfits and getting these velvet eden numbers out of the dumpster behind dada's rental
  2. They still tryin it huh
  3. http://http//ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com/77903146.html#ixzz2TqP3b3z3 The victim didn't proceed with charges after he publicly shamed her
  4. karma* will get gackt for what he did to that woman *the philosophical/metaphysical system of retribution, not the shitty vocalist
  5. god they all look like death
  6. everything's still available on spotify so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. 壁を作る!壁を作る!壁を作る!
  8. if the buyer for those vintage bar VAs falls through let me know! very interested
  9. While this is true for German - that language is phonetically repulsive - I think it's a little unfair to use that as the example. French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Icelandic are all Languages spoken within the eu and while none of them have a similar structure to a Japanese syllable (I'm wording this terribly but I hope it comes across), they all are soft like Japanese and flow well. The Icelandic Novembers are probably just as easy to listen to.
  10. hope you're prepared for the usual stale arguments of i don't understand the language which means its better because western lyrics are usually bad!! glorious nihonjin make ongaku better than white devils something about not being mainstream also cheers
  11. he looks like visual kei legend yohio!
  12. wish he had a budget for production. could've been great.