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  1. fourr retweets on the announcement
  2. ty for this #justicefortherealanemone
  3. Don't do mimi dirty like this, he's the azealia banks

    better than the original t b q h

  5. because rapists have never lied about their crimes before i'd rather be that than a rape apologist so go for it hun!
  6. is there a contest for the most fucked up comment award i'm not seeing or
  7. i'm stanning
  8. he should've committed seppuku, shame on him
  9. fucking gorgeous
  10. the best news. 2017 saved.
  11. http://www.despairsray.co.jp http://www.twitter.com/despa10 1. "Damned" 2. "Trickstər" 3. "MIЯROR" 4. "Sixty∞Nine" 5. "Kogoeru Yoru ni Saita Hana" (凍える夜に咲いた花) 6. "Screen" 7. "Lost Scene" 8. "Hollow" 9. "Closer to Ideal" 10. "Angeldust" 11. "Squall" 12. "Kaleidoscope" 13. "Desert" it's finally happening! to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their 3rd best album, the band are reuniting for a limited time this year and rerecording! Hizumi is still unable to sing so they've revealed the guest vocalist in the exciting new promo pic. LIVES: 4月1日 高田馬場AREA (無料ライブ) 4月8日 Ukraine 4月9日 Poland 4月10日 Poland 4月11日 Belarus 4月12日 Ukraine 4月14日 London (cancelled) 4月15日 Chechnya 4月16日 Ukraine
  12. a man
  13. Now is an amazing track, mods pls delete this troll!!!!