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  1. How to use Tinder right :

    Get to know a guy which is doing his vacations in Japan for 2 weeks and send him over to Puresound to let him grab some Merch for you. 

    Also tell him to go to Harajuku cause free fliers hahahha. 

    1. yomii


      this is how you do it! werk!

    2. AliceParanoid


      He just offerd me, that's he could go to CC, Jijuban, Little Hearts ect. aswell since he probably will have no plans at atleast 1 day and told me that's he wouldn't midn to go there then. 
      Also my budget is up to 10.000yen since I'll pay him it back next month lol. 
      Only condition is, that's I have to pick it up myself by him, which I surely don't mind 8D 

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