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  1. Kinda question to everyone:
    Would you move to a land u never visited before? 

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    2. Carmelzors


      As @Platymentioned already, you need to get a bit accustomed to the place first before deciding to move in,  be it either for research, previous travel experience and so on. I know a lot of people who just moved to certain countries without any previous experience of research/travel over there (what you @AliceParanoidare implicating), and guess what: almost none of them were happy about the outcome of such decision.

    3. AliceParanoid


      Well I already read things about the life in the country and all and known smne there already. 

      I mean it should be kinda normal to research atleast about the country tho.

    4. xriko


      My principal moving would be for a job, if it's really interesting and the place seems nice, I would.

      Nice is = accessibility, life quality (food, air), spirit openly (safety bkz stranger).

  2. No. Lmao. I wish I would.
  4. QEDDESHET is still togehter and playing live?
    Never guessed it lmao


  5. Pakistani Rap still so lit. I can't. So good.. Need to find more Artist.
  6. Berlin was sooo nice. 
    Need to go back ;; 
    #WeedEveryFcknDay #Hurray

    Also Pakistani Rap Music is lit af. 

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    2. orange~


      yeaaaa MDMA, but some time ago in this one party I also got some pills I had no idea what they were. I don't have any idea what happened after taking them, I have a faint image of throwing up in some bushes and smoking stuff, but after that many hours passed- resulting my cellphone being stolen and ending up in some small city far away from Helsinki lol :'D I also met some people afterwards (who I have no memory of), who said they were talking to me on some random train station.


      I don't know if I bother going to that gathering, sounds like another fucked up night in the making :D

    3. AliceParanoid


      Never take pills if u don't know what it is tho. x:
      It can turn out really really bad .3. 
      Sounds also not good tho x__x [But I guess u leanrd from it? o:] 

      Well tell me, if u did it haha :D

    4. orange~


      Well I got it from a person that's pretty dear to me, so I knew it wasn't anything too bad. But I learned from it yea :P. I think I'll lay off stuff like that from now on. I don't really have any good experiences from those, so better just stick with the normal stuff.

  7. Just booked my 1-Week-Trip to Berlin. #Yay. 
    Now I can easliy collect STDs <3

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    2. AliceParanoid


      Paderborn. Near 'Bielefeld'[This town acutally doesn't exsit] and Dortmund. haha

      I know that's Sweden is like hella expensive. 
      But as much as I saw it the scene[Or people with alternative style and all] are widley accepted there and are out there aswell. 
      Don't know how true this is but it looks always like it. 

    3. Takadanobabaalien


      yeah, we are very accepting towards basically everyone. 

    4. AliceParanoid


      Ahh okay. So it is really like this [Always heard and read it but never got it confirmed from an acctual Sweden Human haha] 

  8. When ya probably fucked a 'friendship/acquaintanceship' [Wat ever the fckn it was now] #Yay. Also tf I just did fckn nothing this day and quite a lot happend for it. Hurray was my fkcn only free day in the week. Love it to spend it with such stuff.
  9. I love it when Bands are so good with Fan Serviece [Not in the gay fuck way lik in Vkei / GayPop] like they just let me pay and buy the tape which get released tomorrow today so I can get it #Yay.
  10. I want to be able to twerk like theres no fucking tomorrow and have a stronger hip game than Jlo & Shakira together so badly. But I just don't have any skills. Also my English sucks atm. soz or this lmao hahaha.
  11. I will never dckn understand this dude. Like wtf. He's so complicated. Still I like him and Imma kinda happy bout what happend
  12. Just saw that's one of the 40 Tracks on the EP is called "RAPE'EM ALL" Kinda excitet to hear it now. Hahahhaa.
  13. Moshpits + High Heels = Nah. Bad idea. 
    Moshpits + High Heels + Adrenalin = Yolo the fuck and go in. ahha. 

    Also when the Guitarist of one of your favourite Band[Which I love even more now] just gave his jacket after the concert to you cause it was cold and told you 'Just give it me back the next time you are at a concert from us' 
    Adam Angst is such a awesome and nice Band <3 
    Can't wait to see them again. 

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    2. reminiscing2004


      as a fellow pit participator, i'd be fucking TERRIFIED if i knew someone had heels on

      You could break some toes good lmao

    3. reminiscing2004


      glad to hear you all had fun tho ^^

    4. AliceParanoid


      I seriously forogt that's at Punkrock concerts ect. Moshpits are done haha.
      Also I though that's I would stay in the back anyway since I was late cause of the train -yay-
      but stand in the 1-3 row the whole time then hahah. 
      But for the next time I know it know hahah. 

      It was so fckn awesome haha ;; 

  14. I love there new look and the PV. I get kinda Kaya/Femme Fatal vibes from it tho. Love it so much.<3
  15. Still can't decide if I will do my summer vacations in Afghanistan or Pakistan.
    Pakistan has the cheaper Visa and Lahore has a really cool and nice indie music scene - but Afghanistan is really interesting too ;____;

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    2. AliceParanoid


      I'm Gay af tbh but I cn tone if down.

      Only thin I that I need to let m side  cut grow out 

    3. Lestat


      I doubt those three countries are the only ones where you'll be denied entry after visiting such places of risk. It is mostly about the possibility that you have visited these countries to be radicalized or that you have otherwise picked up influences of risk. The threat is too large. I really would not take it so lightly as a 'lmao', if I were you. Especially in perilous times such as these. 

    4. AliceParanoid


      Welp guess I will visit in Pakistan now.
      Got confirmation on Couchsurfing from smne and just waiting to get my Visa done and book my flights.
      Just hope everything will work out good with the Visa www.