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  1. Happy birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day! :glitter:

  2. The struggle when u will attend already 2 concerts of your favourite Band and they will give another gig a few days later in another country near the one you'll be. 
    Idk if I should do a 1-Day-Trip to Minsk then or explore Riga one day more. lol. 

  3. AliceParanoid

    Liphlich / AvelCain & Feme Fatale !!! Such great Bands. Björn Peng - Murmeln Zatox Ft. Nikkita - Poltergeist Слот/Slot - Если Preslava - Nyama Da Ti Pisha Ay Слот/Slot - Кукла вуду Порнофильмы/Pornofilm - Разбуди Меня Слот/Slot - Просточеловек Develop One's Faculties - Hope [Alb. Ver] Слот/Slot - Kill Me Baby One More Time [Eng. ver.] Dr. Cozmo - Terror Tourette I seriously can't decide...lmao but Слот always wins in the end !
  4. AliceParanoid

    Love there Sound & Vocals. Guess the Single is Live Limited ,------, ?
  5. AliceParanoid

    Oh, I read there name a few times but never really listend to them [Maybe there first songs and wasn't really pleased tho] but the song u just posted sounds really ood and his Vocals fit good in it. Guess I should check more of them out !
  6. AliceParanoid

    What's the name of the Band? The Cover Art looks quite nice !
  7. AliceParanoid

    When everythign works out I'll visit Tallinn & Riga in 2 months and will see Slot 2 times live again finally. ❤️
  8. I need のろいうた by ザアザア coverd by AvelCain ;___; It would fit Karma so fckn much imo. 

  9. Guess Lativa will be the land, where I will do my next Vacations.
    Seeing Slot again Live and a new land. Can't wait for 2019 haha ❤️ 

  10. AliceParanoid

    Whats the song about / what's so gross about it? O:
  11. AliceParanoid

    MEGAROMANIA ❤️ Such an awesome Track ! ❤️ Mejibray - Raven Sefa - The Judgement [Original Mix] GJan Ft. Gizzle - Mountains Sefa Ft- Dr. Peacock - This Life Is Lost [Original Mix] Sefa - Path To Madness [Original Mix] Missa - Mammon GJan - Do It D.Holic - Color Me Rad The Slot/ Слот - 4 Шага Envious - Mrs.『』 Well... too much Songs I love lol Can't decide between those 4. Love me some Frenchcore aswell as Slot/Envious haha
  12. Vacation time in a few weeks again. 
    Amsterdam & Barcelona I'm coming :'D

  13. AliceParanoid

    NOOOOOOOOO.... I'm not super fkcn deep into them but thre MV Songs are mostly awesome af and there aesthtic. Just no. <_>
  14. AliceParanoid

    Love this look. Fancy af tbh.
  15. If you suddenly can choose between some dudes cause u get so much messages[Compared to before] cause of ya new haircut + profil pic lmaoooo haha

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