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  1. Has amne '瞑想 (Meisou)' by ARCHEMI. ?
    I need this song in my lifeso badly but too broke to order there Stuff and wanna listen to this song like 50/7 ;; 

    1. sume7


      I know what you mean.:ill:

  2. Pizza + Cigarette. My fucked up Breakfast. 

  3. When ya need to fucking live out ya alcoholic side and have no Patte and alc for it.
    Saaad story sisters.

  4. Yeah but since it's the Tour Final and also Last Live I would have excepted that's they play there Titel Tracks all there or most of them. Kinda sad, would have 100% bought it if they would have played them all x:
  5. And they don't even play Song like Raven / Divergence / Agitato Grimiore / Avalon ect. tho. Kinda weird imo but then - they don't have fun to be Mejibray anymore like it seems.
  6. 「君の子宮を触る」by DEZERT Live is so good. 
    Would love to see it in reality and not just on YT tho. haha. 

  7. I ahve just one Cigarette over till I can get new tomorrow. Sad life.
    I love smoking like meh. I jsut spend so much money this month already for Cigs. cause I'm way to nice and share too many Cigs. #SadLifeWhenUAreTooKind haha 

    1. orange~


      I'm usually the one borrowing from people - we need kind people like you to keep up the bad habits

    2. AliceParanoid


      Well I already like gave away half of a package haha.
      The thing is: I don't have a problem with giving friends sometimes one but I even gave strangers already aswell ect. 
      But I wanted to change it cause of money lmao haha

    3. orange~


      Ya I get it, I'd probably do that too if I carried any with me. I don't want to make too big of a habit of smoking, so that's why I don't even buy any. 

  8. Mejibray's Sadiesgate Single is still one of the fckn best releases.
    Also it's soo good to listen to it after beeing drunk and high haha. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. AliceParanoid


      When I listend to there b-sides earlier I always didn't liked them as much as there A-Side.
      But since I listen even more to them [I listend always to them but just there Titel Tracks tho] I like threre B-Sides aswell hah.
      May I always picked the wrong B-Side Tracks


    3. 蝉時雨色 -semishigureiro-

      蝉時雨色 -semishigureiro-

      :D VIOLET and 躁と鬱と境界 (sou to utsu to kyoukai) for example are very popular for my Mejibray-friends here!

    4. Ada Suilen

      Ada Suilen

      Black Baccarat is simply gorgeous, the only reason that got me in Sadisgate!

  9. Weird Questions cause i'm stupid:
    Is it illegal to import cigarettes from Japan to Germny?
    Cause I wanna have SevenStar Cigarettes and they aren't avaible in Germany x___x

    1. AimiGen7


      I looked it up and it should be ok as long as you're 18, according to EU law

  10. Driving in 1h to a Gay Party - meeting a seriously hot dude there and sleeping then by him. #WeekendHasAtleastAGoodEnding haha

  11. Well I just overslept 3.3H of work today - called there and my Chef said I should stay home now.
    I don't wanna go to work next week... xCx

    1. efuru


      Blessing in disguise.

    2. freesia


      He probably means you don't have to go to work there from now on.

    3. AliceParanoid


      Nah I jsut overslepped first time. So I may get a warning. Still don't wanna go haha

  12. Thanks to @itsukoiiI got obssesed with ARCHEMI. 
    But wth they sooooo good

    1. itsukoii


      welcome to the club!

    2. Manji 卍

      Manji 卍

      ARCHEMI is simply amazing!

  13. It's so good! O:
  14. DEZERT
  15. Ah okay. Good to know haha. I was kinda confused and didn't read every post about them tho. Thanks or the info.