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  1. It's weird af to talk with a heterosexual guy over my fckn fag sex & love life lmfao. 
    I'm so unused to this haha

    1. Wakarimashita


      From my personal experience, they are fascinated by it. They ask and want to know a lot. And don't get me started with their reactions when I explain them what "douching" is! LOLOL

  2. Finally meeting him again in about 1h. 
    We just saw us Tuesday but I like it to be with him, so I can't wait to meet him again haha 

  3. I knew I shouldn't meet anyone after what happend 5 months ago, but I did it cause he is super nice&sweet and all. but as always it seems to end like shit again.
    Sometimes I whish I wouldn't have any feelings tho. 

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    2. AliceParanoid


      Yeah I'm ready now but I still have some emotional damage left by this topic probably, since I was just 'forced' to stop cause of some fcked up shit which happend to me. 
      He is since this time the only guy which I trust and who makes me feel good when I'm by him -Really good friends aswell for sure, but they do it in a diffrent way then him.- 

    3. YuyoDrift


      Well take your time (and I really mean that), and enjoy your fresh start.

    4. AliceParanoid


      I will & I hope so much that's it will work out with him since he is just so 'perfect'[Nobody is but he is for me :D] but this will then come with time. 

  4. Maybe seeing an old 'friend'[Tbh. Idk if we were at any time friends since we know each other or not] tomrrow. My mood just turned into shit cause I'm not sure how it will go out when we really meet up[There kind off happend a lot and everyone would tell to to fuck off with him and forget him/kick him out of my life] I just dk what to do now like I really want to meet up with him again but on the other side he kind off treats me like shit[That's one reason why I'm scared for tomorrow.] I feel so helpless-stupid and sad now.
  5. Fckn shit Shitzuya. I hope they reform or anything cause there music was so fckn good.
  6. This is fckn amazing. The dark concept, the violin play and the instrumental aswell as Louie's amazing Vocals <3
  7. When ya have to pay for ur own christmas present around 485$ by yourself #notcute #itsreallynotcute 

  8. FecalMatter is my faveroutie Fashion Brand aswell as Humans I adore so much.
    Also there Music is sick af. 

  9. Always wonderd, if there is like smth special about 666 ? Cause I often see them lkmited 666 instead of like 650 or 700. Is this like jsut for Satan reference / Band Image thing or some culture things ???
  10. Yaaas for Kikyo. Can't wait for it. Also Missa is probably the best fckn Side Project ever in VK.
  11. Made some 'Pancakes' in the oven, recipte is from Finland.
    So...Finland I hope u will gimme some good stuff lmao

  12. Just spend 450$ for a Sweat and a pair of Shoes lmao. 
    #ImSoRich #Not 

    1. orange~


      sounds good! i feel like I should up my game too, maybe I'll follow your example

    2. AliceParanoid


      Well the sweater is fckn aweomse and features Silten Hill on the Front & the shoes are just so awesome. Yuuki from Lycaon would defintly wore them haha 

  13. Is it possible to chnage the order on Discogs? Cause I accidantly added 2 Cds to the order which I didn't needed lel. 
    Or do I have to write the seller a PM?

  14. Nancy Ajram & Слот/SLOT are my fckn pleasure atm. 
    Love them so fckn much <3 

  15. Diet + beeing High isn't a good idea HAHAHA #IAteSoFcknMuch.
    Also there was a huge ass fckn spider in my house this night, we all tohugh we will die cause dem shit was so agressiv lmao.