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    I love it - the looks is great af & he PV is nice aswell. 
    Can't wait to get my Copie of it <3 

  2. I want to try LSD so badly lol.
    It sounds like a nice experience imo - but idk. anyone who would try it once with me haha x:

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    2. Elazmus


      @AimiGen7acid is always measured in microdoses anyway, but in general the only way to know the potency for real is by how others say it is loll, so listen to someone who's done it AND knows it's your first time if you can loll. 


      I would recommend it in general , just make sure your situation is good.. don't really even make any additional plans honestly it's not gonna matter if you have nothing to do!


      I'd just be aware though there will LIKELY be times during when you don't feel all good. tweaking out a little is fine, just shit like going in a different room or changing the channel may be all it takes to straighten out. You can go back and forth between being scared for hours and still not consider the trip bad at the end of the day.. 


      It's really not for everyone but lmk if you want some more personal, poorly described anecdotes or whatever I have maany from the spring of my youth D:

    3. AliceParanoid


      @AimiGen7well ofc. I wouldn't take too much for the first time, since I had already a really bad trip on Extasy once and don't want to have such again haha. 



    4. AliceParanoid


      @ElazmusOfc the Set and Setting has to be good - and there should be a safe person who isn't on drugs. 
      I just don't have one, so atm. I sadly can't try it. 
      So yeah I will see when I will finally try it out lol. 

  3. It looks kinda funny how in the first video the girl is doing solo action hahah
  4. This is straitgh off so damn awesome. Only thing which I find kinda 'meh' is the censor lol
  5. I know what you mean, but in this case it was directly about LGBT people, like Komorebi wrote. I know that's Heterosexuals ect. can be like this aswell.
  6. I know - but it's still ironic af when ecspecailly gays/lesbians ect. who are thereselve a minitory are against people who are different then them. Like they know the struggles and all and still zone them out just for beeing Trans or making fun of them for beeing asexual or other stuff. I can't understand such people lol.
  7. Cause LGBT People can be shitfucks with air in there head when it comes to such topics - Fags are so often against Trans/Bi People aswell or fem guys lmao. Kinda ironic lol. I feel kinda embrassed to be a fag aswell when I read things like this lol
  8. Just bought me a pair of New Rock Boots <3 

  9. Hope this cunts are releasing a Couple Single. WOuld be so fckn nice.
  10. 2k18 seems to be my year of hoeness lmao. Seems legit. 

  11. It's Xmas. I'm a emotional wreck and my thoughs are bout if I should go back to my good old teeanger times and start self harming and pro-ana again lolol. 

    1. suji


      You should never resort to self-harm at any point in your life. Keep your head up, life is tough. It's not worth hurting yourself over.

    2. jaymee


      Please don't! I don't know you and I've never been in this situation so I don't know what the write thing to say is, but I know a lot of people that have eventually moved on better (emotionally) and they always regret cutting or their relapse. Recently this showed up on my YouTube recs and maybe it will help give you some support for what you're feeling. <3




  12. Thinking about to do about an week vacation in Russia just to see one of my favorutie bands aive [Ofc to explore Citys ect. aswell] 
    Probably going to Tour after them then lol. 


  14. It's weird af to talk with a heterosexual guy over my fckn fag sex & love life lmfao. 
    I'm so unused to this haha

    1. Wakarimashita


      From my personal experience, they are fascinated by it. They ask and want to know a lot. And don't get me started with their reactions when I explain them what "douching" is! LOLOL

  15. Finally meeting him again in about 1h. 
    We just saw us Tuesday but I like it to be with him, so I can't wait to meet him again haha