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  1. AZURA2401

    I remember someone who made a similiar comment on the band's name when I was posting here about XMAS' tour 2016. Something like "What kind of weird stuff is Yoshiki doing now?!" Apparently confusing band names are the best!
  2. The guys announced a new maxi single named "HELIX" to be released on June 8th 2018, both physically and digitally. It'll contain 4 songs and you can listen to teasers of all tracks here:
  3. AZURA2401

    The schedule is completed now!!
  4. AZURA2401

    One date was added, one is still pending to be confirmed!
  5. AZURA2401

    You can order the Japanese version of "Salvation" with 2 additional songs on CDJapan now! http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/GOME-80
  6. AZURA2401

    I Promised Once re-released their MV for "Break" again!
  7. AZURA2401

    Meanwhile they released another new song from the album, "Picture Perfect"!
  8. AZURA2401

    The album release will be postponed until February 23rd!
  9. X Made Alcoholic Santaclaus want to come back to Europe in June 2018 and we all can help them to make things easier. Maybe you can imagine how much being on tour costs and especially for smaller bands it might be hard to do it but XMAS want to come no matter what and so they're asking for our help! Please check the link to the crowdfounding campaign for all information. There you can also find all rewards you can get for giving a certain amount of money (there are goodies you can get during the tour but also some where you don't have to present on tour) but you can also choose to donate money without any reward. It's totally up to you, every Euro counts! As you can see they're already close to the goal but if they have some additional money it'll help them to release new songs! You can read about everything here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/highfeel/x-made-alcoholic-santaclaus-eu-tour-2018
  10. AZURA2401

    As mentioned before, REAlive and also HIGHFeeL (it's basically the same people behind both). They are well connected with local promoters in Central Europe (Belgium, France, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic and Netherlands mainly). https://www.facebook.com/realiveofficial/ https://www.facebook.com/highfeelofficial/
  11. The German-Japanese band I Promised Once will finally release their first full length album called „Salvation“ on January 17th 2018 in Japan and worldwide on January 19th 2018. Together with the release announcement they also published a lyric video for the new song „Forever Lost“ which also includes footage from their first European tour in Summer 2016! Forever Lost (Lyric video): https://youtu.be/UXxM9gSGkhw Album pre-order: http://www.merchbucket.com/category/IPO.html More information about the band: www.ipromisedonce.com facebook.com/promisedonce twitter.com/ipromisedonce instagram.com/ipo.official
  12. AZURA2401

    If you want to know how the guys are on stage you should check out this 360° video of one of their song (...but it's way better to see their concerts in person)!
  13. "Melting" will feature the last works of Shota Yokoyama, guitarist and producer of the Neosexual duo ADAMS, who passed away on November 30th 2015. The CD is already available for pre-ordering and will be released on November 30th 2017. Read more about each song here: https://highfeel.jp/shotayokoyama/
  14. AZURA2401

    IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The venue for Paris changed! The show will take place at "Le petit balcon"!