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  1. PantsuWrecker

    Love his voice >_<
  2. Hey guys!...  Please recommend some japanese band with Progressive Rock/Metal genre


    I just know galneryus  :X'D:

    1. Jigsaw9


      Koenji Hyakkei is pretty trippy stuff for example! So is 88kasyo junrei, but they're more on the garage/indie-rock spectrum of things.

    2. robkun


      Ningen Isu are gods of Japanese prog metal, but they also have a strong stoner/doom metal twist. Early Kinniku Shojo Tai and Strawberry Song Orchestra are pretty good in the prog metal department too. As for plain prog rock, Gerard, Casiopea and Midas are pretty solid too.

    3. Atreides


      I recommend Naikaku no Wa.  If you check the download general forum (not the vk one) I uploaded one of their albums in FLAC though you'll need a 4shared account to access it. 4shared is free and reliable though.

  3. Looking for "BLESSCODE - Lucid" lyric.. can't find it on google :\

  4. PantsuWrecker

    ZMI / FED Civil war!!
  5. PantsuWrecker

    |>| ViViD - Thank You For All
  6. any asian here?? lets be friend :)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. DeithX252


      hey, nice to meet you, where are you from?

    3. PantsuWrecker


      @Deith.. yoo, I'm from Indonesia :)

      and whre r u from ?

    4. PantsuWrecker


      @ryuuji-san.. no no, I want to be friend with anybody, in this case I'm a new comers in this forum and my english so bad. I want to lookin fo asian friend to help me :)

      hahaha.. no problem. I like joke :D

  7. PantsuWrecker

    please recommded me some of their single or album.. thanks be4
  8. PantsuWrecker

    in this album, I hope they remake a song
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