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  1. Okay this is totally sick.."fans" should calm the fuck down, like it's not their bloody business seriously. It's totally normal for a 30+ person to be in a relationship. Only stupid kids/teens would get mad about this.. I can't get it at all. Even if they complaining about that "shit hat"... HELLO he is still Takemasa he had this kind of "funny personality" always. So what's the big deal?
  2. Seems to bea strong release. Totally waiting for it.❤️
  3. NekoHime

    Oh gosh, please God save this band, I don't want Karma to disappear fo another 2-3 years. 😓
  4. Thanks God I'm not the only one thinking about this 😂
  5. God, I wish they were more popular. 😢 They're such a hard working good musicians. ❤️
  6. Tbh I was hoping that Izumi gave up that forced singing thing lol.. . Glad for the others but can't stand the vocal so this is a nope for me. 😅
  7. NekoHime

    That's so sad...😖 I guess this and the disband is kinda a bit related.?
  8. I REALLY hope they will come back with a new drummer... ❤️
  9. NekoHime

    I'm reading this like "wtf" since I love both of the bands so much. X'D Also I had so much good memories from gosan concert, Yuu was ESPECIALLY FUCKING KIND he even gave highfives to us. (I think we were the only foreigners then there with my friend) Their songs are really good and fun in live too. Somehow I can image this "fight" is just a fun/game from them because this fits to their images but who knows. I'll love them both, because of their songs are good and idc about the drama. X'D
  10. NekoHime

    This seems extraordinary boring.
  11. NekoHime

    I was originally interested to their work in Mejibray too, so I'm kinda glad they left Mia. Only Meto will be missed. But I like this way, it's more clear, mature but still cool and stylish and it has a feeling. I'm really curious what kind of music they'll make, but they have a good taste, I'm not afraid. Come at me.
  12. NekoHime

    The spot is out. <3 Dear demon lord.
  13. I really love the new look tbh, but the new song sounds like it'd be 3 different song randomly mixed. Sometimes I feel like they should rest more between 2 single. Needless to say, they're gods, just this is a bit weak now. It happens.
  14. NekoHime

    Too much time to wait but finally. <3
  15. NekoHime

    News are out! They're going to have a concert in May. I wish to be there. *sigh*
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