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  1. zombieparadise

    Nice! Gotta love that yearly album release schedule.
  2. zombieparadise

    I like them! The size is neat, though I'd agree they're a little difficult to position on a shelf. I wish bands did them more often.
  3. Who's GazettE's female back up singer?

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    2. Lereku


      It's Miyake Hiromi aka Hiromi Rainbow she is a R&B singer and do vocal back up  for many artists

    3. platy


      What a gem!




    4. zombieparadise


      Nice! She's cute too. Bonus.

  4. zombieparadise

    Such welcome news from such an underrated band! 12012 and ClearVeil coming back—I'm living in 2007 all over again : >
  5. AWESOME! Something's better than nothing!
  6. zombieparadise

    I was thinking about it while listening to the 'cover' album this weekend: I wonder what the other DARRELL dudes think about basically becoming DEATHGAZE by default?
  7. These new DEATHGAZE covers are amazing.

    1. evenor


      really nostalgic!

    2. Naaaaani


      Absolutely gorgeous

    3. zombieparadise


      They couldn't have picked a better selection of songs too!

  8. Can't believe I've been avoiding Kuroyume for 15 years. Fans: What's their best stuff?

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    2. Jigsaw9


      The consensus is that anything between 1992-1994 is top tier.

      1995-1996 is similarly good but more of an acquired taste (I like these albums very much tho).

      The rest is kind of a mixed bag.

    3. zombieparadise


      Thanks folks! My friend just lent me the 1994-1998 BEST OR WORST album and I've been enjoying it as a launch point for the rest of their stuff.

    4. seys


      Can't say I've listened to them much but I like this song because Dir's Cage is just a copy of it


  9. zombieparadise

    Hahaha. Crazy. Sakai seems so out of place now.
  10. Extremely ready for the 12012 revival. They redeemed themselves in the end, it'll be amazing to see what they're capable of now.

  11. zombieparadise

    THANK GOD. 12012's in to save 2020 guys. I missed you Wataru T^T
  12. zombieparadise

    These sound awesome! Great selection too. Definitely buying!
  13. zombieparadise

    On point merch and album cover.
  14. zombieparadise

    I remember finally getting into D'espairsRay... I was fresh out of my weaboo faze and downloaded the 'Squall' single because it sounded pleasant—Then DESERT came on—I was shook. I never heard something that heavy. Being a huge, sheltered nerd, I know I had crossed into uncharted territory. Needless to say, I never went back. I downloaded the whole discography and D'espa became my favorite band for years. Coll:set is amazing (though MIRROR takes its place as my #1 D'espa album, fight me). I especially love the transition from 'Infection' to 'Dears'... Everything shuts down... and it gets fast. And then super chunky AND fast. Fuck I love that song. Just when you think it can't get any better, there's In Vain and Grudge to really showcase Hizumi's fantastic screams. And though アベルとカイン is on the longer side, it never gets boring . 浮遊した理想 is so creepy and enchanting too. 'forbidden' has a great melody, and I love Tainted World too. For some reason, was never big on the two ballads, and always skipped the remixes. Overall, an amazing piece of VK history right here, right down to the album cover lol.
  15. $87.00 CAD for 1 ¥3000 CD after shipping. I am so done with Canada and our crap dollar/shipping rates FML

  16. zombieparadise

    Does this mean it's finally over?!
  17. zombieparadise

    Damn! Can't believe I missed that live stream.
  18. zombieparadise

    Positively awesome! I love all of those DEATHGAZE tracks. Glad to see Ai passing the torch on.
  19. gulu gulu - One of a few new bands where I'm actually EXCITED to hear each new song. New mini does not disappoint!

  20. Finally realizing that I really like Angelo; can't believe it's taken me 13 years.

  21. zombieparadise

    I'm glad Wataru is alive, but I hate this.
  22. zombieparadise

    Remember REDMAN? Not exactly a solo project, but a great showcase of his vocal talent
  23. https://twitter.com/satoshi_grgm/status/1249268531918602241 Satoshi (girugamesh) has released a clip of himself singing a new song today, Apr 12, 2020 on his personal Twitter account
  24. zombieparadise

    Love the PV. Looking forward to this!
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