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  1. zombieparadise

    Call me a prude, but I don't dig watching garbage bags twitch around and burn. Too extreme for me - I guess this band is doing its job.
  2. zombieparadise

    Another one? What is going on?
  3. zombieparadise

    No way! Ugh, sad indeed.
  4. zombieparadise

    Glad to see a DVD, but c'mon guys give us an album already.
  5. Woah, I never realize how much he sounded like Daisuke (Kagerou) before. It's a really refreshing sound and it's nice to see Karin again, even if I'm butthurt from him leaving NoGoD.
  6. As a jaded conspiracy theorist myself, it only makes me question them harder. Obviously some of the content 'exposed' is striking a cord with someone somewhere, so the natural course of action is to make it harder to find and say 'it's for your own good'. If we really begin to think a multi-billion dollar company has the public's best interest and well being at heart, something's off. It's censorship, disguised.
  7. zombieparadise

    'Ten' x 'Ten' is actually a secret code for the number of disbands this guy needs to make happen before retirement
  8. So stoked to play the Resident Evil 2 remake tonight!

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    2. zombieparadise
    3. zombieparadise


      I wish there was a 'normal' mode that kept the ink ribbons. Hardcore mode is br00tal.

    4. plastic_rainbow


      ^yeah, exactly. i think it was pretty stupid that they left it out for normal mode :(

  9. zombieparadise

    Nice! It's been so long since they've released anything. Hope it's better than everything on 'proof'.
  10. zombieparadise

    Still pissed about the Vancouver/Toronto mix up. Those cities are literally on the opposite end of the country from each other, and Canada's the 2nd biggest country in the world so... smfh
  11. Listening to FACT and it's bringing me back. Dang!

  12. zombieparadise

    Let us not forget THE MICRO HEAD 4N'S (Which supposedly is to be pronounced 'headphones?) I don't know how you go from D'espairRay to that. I always thought D'espa was a sweet name (ignoring the unnecessary punctuation :P)
  13. zombieparadise

    I am feeling so nostalgic right now, haha. It's not surprising that so many of us came into VK between 2006-2009—The music from that period was just so good, so original that it was blowing up everywhere. Coupled with the interest in other hardcore/metalcore bands overseas, it was the perfect setting. I wonder if we will ever make it back here again.
  14. zombieparadise

    Damn! Now we're talking.
  15. zombieparadise

    I was in Japan last time they were in Canada—Sooo looking forward to this!