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  1. Somehow missed this news. Exciting! (and great look too) How long have they been around, 2011? Geeeeez.
  2. A... legitimate release? Seems rather oxy-moron-ical, hm.
  3. I'm sold. Better sounding and more memorable than Utafumi already. Still not digging naked cannibalism practices, but that's just me ~~~
  4. How'd I miss this? Ah! Suddenly I don't feel so ripped off over the new 'compilation' album either.
  5. Oh man, this sounds so good. Their last mini was a blip on the radar, but I like the way these are shaping up.
  6. Lame! I wanted BLOOD to be on a new album, really liked it's direction. SINNERS was pretty 'meh' to me. Disappointing!
  7. Hm, it's no BITES THE BLACK, but it's not bad. Nevermind DEG, it kind of sounds like D tbh
  8. Oh dexcore, I'm staggered to shit of a golden fish that begs on you.
  9. I used to say 'one two oh one two' – But they were my (semi) first VK band so I think I get a pass. It's better than 'twelve thousand twelve' at least lol. Also, totally know what ya'll mean re: the D'espairsRay misnaming. Holy crap that made my OCD sensors sting.
  10. I think it's a fair blanket statement to suggest that this scene attracts many 'damaged' individuals. I'll probably take heat for that, but it's so obvious. I like it for the music and 'originality' of it all personally. Looks are fun, but after listening to this shit for a decade I'm past the stage of imagining bandomen are my friends lol.
  11. Couldn't agree more. It's almost comical when comparing D's looks to their talent. I think it's time for them to shed the VK and do something like, Buck-Tick or something. I'm inclined to looks like R-Shitei and DEZERT, but TZK's just... Uhhh...
  12. If there was one reason to hate this scene, that would be it for me. That attitude reeks of desperation to me and it's so gross. Re OP: I think people like this band because other people like this band – that and 'edgy'-kei vibes. They're fun for a bit but get stale quick.
  13. Man, if that isn't sad I don't know what is. Lukewarm comeback. Guess it's just proof that this current generation has no room for the sempai's of yesteryear.
  14. I hope you're right. God, I hate jazzy VK so much O: Can't think of a jazzy cali≠gari tune off the top of my head, really.
  15. DRESS(ED) please