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  1. My thoughts exactly. 1 was so gross, the only listenable song for my was Siren. I LOVED 2 though, lots of memorable tracks there. I'm deciding to be cautiously optimistic about this 8 )
  2. Sweet! Really curious what a full JILUKA album's gonna be like. Is it common for bands to release set lists before a show? Never heard of that before
  3. Looks like everyone agrees about this terrible name choice LOL Other than that – I am super excited to see this band materialize. Bring it on!
  4. Holy shit! This is like, one of the best singles they've done in a while.
  5. Apparently I'm a little late to the party, haha. Dang!
  6. That's disappointing
  7. I'm late to this, but about time we get some good news in this scene, seriously. Hiatus, hiatus, disband, hiatus, disband, musical differences – Good on ya, lynch.!
  8. News like this so soon after their last mini must've meant EMS sold well. I hope they take that as a cue that people prefer that style over their old shit and keep going in this direction.
  9. Sweet! Figured this would be coming in the first quarter of the year. I'm going to have a hard time deciding between versions (Defs can't afford both at that price )
  10. NOOOOOO D: I'm not up to date on anything, so I didn't see this coming. Shit!
  11. Oh, this is sweet! I loved all his old solo works. My bet is on completely original material, with some possible infrequent Angelo covers as B-sides on some singles or something.
  12. This band is like Angelo to me. Well known scene veterans, but with incredibly boring compositions. Everything sounds good by itself and you can't deny these guys are talented, but it's just so unmemorable. Something's missing.
  13. Great news! This is such a fun band.
  14. I love PIERROT, but Deg hasn't aged nearly as much as these guys have based on these samples lol