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  1. zombieparadise

    NOW we're talking. I love this song.
  2. zombieparadise

    Nothing to be ashamed of—PIERROT means a lot to a lot of people and they had a very unique, haunting sound. I loved the hell/heaven juxtaposition between PRIVATE ENEMY and HEAVEN. Both were so absorbing and atmospheric. But yeah, I hope FAUST is more like HETERODOX and less like RESONANCE as well. H was a banger.
  3. zombieparadise

    I think a majority of people would agree that PIERROT had a lot more artistry and creativity when it came to creating their music. (Some) Angelo songs are good, but they don't stay with you the way over the years the way PIERROT songs did. I wouldn't call it 'living in the past'; its an obvious comparison between two related bands.
  4. zombieparadise

    Album art was posted last week. Looks really nice. [TYPE-A] [TYPE-B]
  5. zombieparadise

  6. zombieparadise

    Heard that on the DVD for the first time and it blew me away. Such a sweet song.
  7. zombieparadise

    damn! I think this is the best they've put out yet
  8. zombieparadise

    Exciting news!
  9. zombieparadise

    heidi. will be releasing their new album「標本」on October 23 in a Type A (CD + DVD) and Type B (Bonus track) format. Source: https://twitter.com/heidi_staff/status/1162695623734366210
  10. zombieparadise

    I thought he stopped D'espa because of his throat, so I'm surprised to hear screaming in there. Doesn't sound very good though. Dang.
  11. zombieparadise

    Great news all around. Glad they are putting their all in and continuing on!
  12. zombieparadise

    Yep. Life changing material right there.
  13. zombieparadise

    This type of conversation is usually avoided on these forums for good reason, but I am honestly impressed to see so many of you with very different stems of thought and beliefs engaging in such a respectable way with each other. It's really cool. Part of the reason I like MH so much. Like a few of the others here , I'm a proud born again believer. I have been my whole life. Unlike a lot of Christians however, I went through the public school system and basically never had a Christian friend at all. Everything I learned about Jesus and the bible, I learned from my family, who were very different from the dogmatic Christians you see in the media. We never even went to church, though we read the bible and prayed at home. Life became church. I didn't like Christians at all—Much like a lot of you here. They were foreign to me and I couldn't relate. I still have issues with this, and avoid expanding my circle too much. I'd rather spend my time with those who don't know Jesus. Its taught me to relate to the world as a human being, not a Christian in his own bubble. I've been told before from atheist friends I have, that I think the way I do because I've been 'indoctrinated' since I was young. And I understand why they think that way. Many times, we look at the world around us and can't even begin to comprehend why a loving God would leave us in a mess like this. Science just makes sense. Everything's spinning out of control. But if you correlate the chaos of our time to the abandonment of God in the cultures that once believed, to me at least, it's evident that we are not meant to be left to our own devices—That we need some stability in our lives. And that's what the bible offers us. This is why, after growing up Christian, forgetting about it altogether and pursuing my own desires, I came back to the word after so many years. Since coming full circle, I've come to wholeheartedly appreciate my upbringing. To know that the creator of everything is up there and cares about me is pretty terrifying, but it's also humbling, and gives me the desire to treat others with the same love, care and grace He's given me all these years. There's a lot written in the bible that challenges the norms of our cultures today, but it also offers an excellent guide book to life—Every answer to every question you could ever have is in that book (even if it's an answer you don't like, haha). It is literally so deep that you could spend your entire life in it and never reach the bottom. That is why I believe it is inspired by a literal God and not written by man, it just couldn't be any other way from my perspective. @nekkichi As I grew up, being raised in a secular environment, I obviously adopted a lot of secular interests that weren't exactly 'biblical'. ie. Visual Kei. I'm aware a lot of the concepts that are thrown around in VK are far from Christian, but I rationalize my love for the genre away by my inability to read the lyrics and my nostalgia, haha. I also try to avoid the bands that are outright anti-God / Satanic in nature. I heard somewhere that the music you listen to when your 16-18 basically stays with you your whole life, so VK's just my genre I guess. Maybe I'll give it up someday, but for now, it's sticking around. The way I see it is, musical talent is God-given—So it's easy for me to appreciate all the great music in the genre. @Euronymous There are correlations between this ceremony and the raising of the antichrist and opening the gate of Apollyon, all explained in the book of revelations. It really is totally creepy and speaks to the times we are living in. One thing's for sure: Whether God is real or not, the 'elite' of this world sure believe he is, and they're doing whatever they can to piss Him off. If you ever want links to more 'conspiracy' channels, I can send you like, 100 good ones lol.
  14. every time DIV's VANISH comes on, I can't help but me moved. Chisa's got such an atmospheric voice, it's incredible. 

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    2. ShTon


      Couldn't agree more on that~

    3. monkeybanana4


      Chisa's voice is amazing, and I love it. The feeling and range he has is something I find quite admirable about his vocals.

    4. zombieparadise


      Definitely. It's a breath of fresh air.

  15. zombieparadise

    Kind of sad when I think of the memorability of almost every PIERROT song. I can't remember too many Angelo songs that have actually stuck with me : /
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