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  1. zombieparadise

    After a few listens, it grew on me, though I was disappointed at first. I'm a really big fan of their heavy songs, and there weren't too many on here with a decent amount of screaming. Songs like the opener, INNOVATOR and uprising have a great melody though.
  2. zombieparadise

    NOOO — Don't do this to us!
  3. zombieparadise

    I hope there's some fresh ideas on this one. I'm a big Pura fan but doorAdore did not stick with me.
  4. Pretty disappointed by the new RAZOR album. No real bangers bleh.

  5. zombieparadise

  6. zombieparadise

    Somehow this is still less embarrassing than not bringing out that album.
  7. Tell me about it! I want to puke thinking about how old I'm getting. 10 was such a good album. Got me into cali≠gari, definitely will be picking this up.
  8. zombieparadise

    Damn, so jealous!
  9. zombieparadise

    Album artwork released
  10. zombieparadise

    illuminati confirmed
  11. zombieparadise

    Not amazing, but still worth the purchase. Looking forward to my copy!
  12. zombieparadise

    It was announced on their 13th anniversary live (June 3, 2019) that they will be releasing a new album this fall. Album details TBD. Tour is as follows. [ALBUM Release TOUR] 10/26(土)西川口Hearts 10/27(日)柏Thumb Up 11/01(金)福岡DROM SON 11/02(土)長崎 DRUM Be-7 11/04(月祝)岡山IMAGE 11/09(土)長野LIVE HOUSE J 11/10(日)甲府KAZOO HALL 11/16(土)前橋DYVER 11/17(日)柳都SHOW!CASE!! 11/24(日)札幌COLONY 11/30(土)HEAVEN'S ROCK Utsunomiya 2/3 12/01(日)郡山#9 12/14(土)アメリカ村BEYOND 12/15(日)名古屋ell. FITSALL 12/21(土)横浜BAYSIS 12/29(日)赤羽ReNY alpha Source:
  13. zombieparadise

    Well, that was a fucking treat.
  14. Is there a good site to order Japanese tickets from overseas? Booking a trip in November.

  15. zombieparadise

    It's all over the place. The Birthday Massacre The Cure System of a Down my bloody valentine Fleeting Joys Swervedriver Foo Fighters blink-182 Alxiesonfire HIM FM-84 The Midnight Ringo Deathstarr The Smiths The Jesus and Mary Chain etc.
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