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  1. zombieparadise

    I am LOVING Ryutarou's return to blond hair. Very Chandelier-era looking. EDIT: I guess it's more of a Traumerei look which is equally as dope
  2. zombieparadise

    I lost interest in these guys a long time ago (even though I love Aiji), but I gotta give it to them for doing this as long as they have


    ... I wish I could form an actual thought from time to time, but alas, this is all I have to work with.

  4. zombieparadise

    LOL @ Danchou cameo
  5. zombieparadise

    the shame of ripping off lynch. was too much to bear
  6. Everything about cali≠gari is just the best. Such an original sound.

  8. zombieparadise

    About halfway through these samples start to kick ass. Yay! Gun b' gud.
  9. I actually like the album title. I never care for their singles and end up loving the albums, so I'm sure this will be no different.
  10. zombieparadise

    Wow, never thought I'd see the day.
  11. zombieparadise

    I like it. I remember feeling the same about Doukou and Mirai Iro when they came out—Nothing special, generic, etc., but they ended up becoming some of my favorite songs. This one feels more like Namida Drop though.
  12. zombieparadise

    Hm, strange release but my interest is piqued
  13. zombieparadise

    This album is really good and fun to listen to. I've been 'spinning' it for two weeks and keep coming back, finding new things to appreciate with each new listen. I feel like this one's less about the atmosphere that was DOGMA, focusing instead on some really fun music. Hands down the best GazettE album since DIM for me (Haven't really enjoyed this much since that era, though I like some of what they've done in the time in between) Favorite tracks: The Mortal (Love the chorus/synth), その声は脆く(A sleeper hit with a powerful melody), Babylon's Taboo (Pretty original for them; heavy, 'groovy' and interesting, without much screaming which is a nice touch) and Unfinished (Super fun; I don't recall a GazettE album ending on an upbeat track like this)
  14. I don't know how I've managed to avoid emmuree for all these years—They're right up my alley. Love the MUNIMUNI/deadman-esque sound. Very moody.

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    2. merchenticneurosis


      They are so good!

    3. Jeen


      I don't take time to listen their recent work, but i highly recommend the " haiiro " mini album, one of the best mini i ever heard. Every song is perfect.

    4. zombieparadise


      Thanks folks! I love coming across an great new (old) band with a huge discography that I can just binge on. It's always exciting lol