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    I just received my Deluxe edition today ! As usual, beautiful packaging, nothing outstanding but well, it's clean ! Let me know if you are interested in photos in case you hesitate to buy it (otherwise there is a instagram "teaser" of the edition). If someone also bought it and speak/read japanese (there is subtitles), i'am interested in a summary of what they say in the document ^^; (i feel stupid to bought it for this reason, but well, it was just for the collection) Btw there is the disc 2, where you don't need to be bilingual at all xD, i can upload it for those who are interested in instrumentals, let me know.
  2. Jeen

    As usual the album is now available on Spotify ! (and also Apple Music etc i guess)
  3. Jeen

    Hazuki showed how the Deluxe edition will look like ! Basically it's a vynil format ^^
  4. Nice, first one was great (Fuyuu <3)
  5. Jeen

    Well, i'll go for Deluxe, even if i'll understand nothing ... :/ Too bad they don't put GROTESQUE in europe stores. There is tracks durations : 1.INTRODUCTION  1'23 2.THIRTEEN  4'08 3.GROTESQUE  3'08 4.EXIST  4'05 5.JØKER  3'41 6.RENATUS  4'26 7.AMBLE 5'18 8.SENSE OF EMPTINESS 5'17 9.FIVE  4'03 10.INTERLUDE  1'15 11.FAITH   2'47 12.OBVIOUS  4'35 13.A FOOL 4'51
  6. Jeen

    He could definitely release a full album x')
  7. Jeen

    Yes, Hazuki said there will be something at 18:00, i knew it will be samples 😛so i reloaded every seconds xD (and there was a bug, i posted it before now) Well, yes RENATUS is a good surprise. I retain also : EXIST seems so good, this guitar reminds me NEW PSYCHO PARALYZE. SENSE OF EMPTINESS, nice rock song OBVIOUS, kick ass and shaped for lives A FOOL ❤️ I love how they keep this "mind-blowing" sound they tried with PHANTOM and FAREWELL (A FOOL is this kind of atmospheric ballad to end the album). And that they kept heavy song but tried a more "rock" and alternative things (FIVE, AMBLE...). Very versatile. As expected, it's not because PV song is not so good that the album will be shit (remember BEAST and FAKE, good songs, but far to be the best of albums) I finish with songs descriptions ^^' : OBVIOUS A FOOL
  8. Jeen

  9. Jeen

    " 「EXIST」 僕らのサウンドメイクの基盤である00年代ヘヴィロック、スクリーモ等の洋楽的要素が最も出てる曲。 ヘヴィな単音リフに鬼の4ビート。中盤の転調では芸術点高めのアレンジに成功しました。 EXIST=存在。僕らは架空の存在ではなく現実に生きる人間、だからこそ夢のような現実を作り出せる。" スクリーモ = Screamo (but maybe he say that just cause it have screams and have no idea what screamo is ?)
  10. Jeen

    Even if i know a few people are interested i like doing it and must finish the tracklist ! 😛 Here we go (i did my best, sorry for errors or bad english) : EXIST : RENATUS : AMBLE : SENSE OF EMPTINESS : FIVE : INTERLUDE : FAITH :
  11. Jeen

    Description for THIRTEEN : Maybe someone can translate it cause the automatic translation is meh. For what i understand it's about questionning
  12. Jeen

    I must be the only one interested in that, but Hazuki answered on twitter how they choose if SE should have a name or just "Introduction" : if a track have already the name of the album, (here THIRTEEN) it's INTRODUCTION, otherwise, they name it. We have to understand that they are lazy to find a name other than the album one for intro x) Btw he started the "1 day 1 song" (1 song description per day), and at the end they release video sample of all songs (in 12 days then) ! INTRODUCTION
  13. Jeen

    Oh, and for an album called XIII (for 13th anniversary and 13th album whatever) this song don't reflect them in anything then and now... in "jazz song" they have DEVI (not DEVIL but the unknown GOOD bside from MIRRORS), GHOST and that's it i guess. It's not obvious but you expect something influenced by their whole carrier. Very strange choice. "Come on baby, let's play together" *facepalm* just killed the perfect Vernie ´s intro.
  14. Jeen

    Yes, i was about to buy Deluxe without any preview but now i think i'll wait full previews video before doing anything. Sad, it's my favorite band...
  15. Jeen

    Well, i hope it will grow on me, i don't really like this song 😕 For a title track i hoped something else i don't know... More original than an other metalcore track but i don't listen lynch for jazz tracks. Disappointed.
  16. Nice, one of the only recent bands i follow, i really like Ryoga's improvement from BORN. so i'am waiting for this and hope it'll don't disappoint. Nice visual btw, generic but i like the "dictator" style in contrast with the "mozart" one x)
  17. Jeen

    Best samples for me: NINTH ODD SMELLS, THE MORTAL, BABYLON'S TABOO, ABHOR GOD. We already know the rest or it's less interesting. Seems to be a good album overall, i think i'll like it more than DOGMA.
  18. Jeen

    Can we listen samples somewhere else ? I just have my phone today and amazon samples are not available on phone. Edit : it works on Tower JP ^^
  19. Jeen

    Well, the cover surprised me but i like it now. White is original for them and they keep a dark feeling. I really like black paint effect in general (yes it reminds MERRY's Beautiful Freaks - BURST EP, SCREW self titled and here in France Calogero's new album xD) I just found that the white XIII, in addition of being barely visible, is useless as the guy has already it in his back (btw he is one of them ?) it was enough and the cover would be way cooler. Maybe that the XIII will have some "3D" effect or will be in silver like their previous releases ? I was surprised to don't see the lynch. logo but well, DARK and some singles don't have it too. For the song titles, full caps again... but one song with more than one word SENSE OF EMPTINESS, it feels like a dark ballad i think i'll like it RENATUS (means reborn) and AMBLE are interesting too, the others are pretty generic. BUT, INTRODUCTION again x) come one lazy guys, you just started to find name for SEs (AVANT GARDE, SIN..), you could named it XIII at least, and INTERLUDE feels like "Wait it's XIII album we need 13 songs". Despite all of this, i'll buy Deluxe edition, no way xP
  20. Jeen

    I did'nt like their debut and this topic gave me the idea to retry and it's still not my cup of tea at all ... It made me miss Ruvie once again ^^;
  21. Jeen

    ^ Not so bad imo It's hard to top this :
  22. Jeen

    For DOGMA they posted previews 2 weeks before release. We are a week before NINTH and still nothing :(
  23. Jeen

    Very nice, classic ballad from GazettE, but it's fresh after the urduRRRRRRrrrrr DOGMA. I already liked FALLING, i can feel the hype for NINTH !
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