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  1. Jeen

    If yoshiki finish the almost there finishing touches, will he almost touches the touches almost finished there, or there will be others not finished touches to finish almost there touches ?
  2. Jeen

    Hum I admit it's funnier, edited
  3. Jeen

    It's gonna be legen... wait for it...
  4. Jeen

    Don't know why but i like this aesthetic cover, titles are cool too (finally a non full caps tracklist)
  5. I always liked SUI's voice, Mage was a great track (these chorus !) this one seems to be a solid release (very curious about Metempsychosis)
  6. Hell yeah, finally news from them ! Please formal band guys !
  7. " 会場限定ラストソング " Means live limited last song
  8. Jeen

    Well i don't really like this photo Particularly this blur effect, they look like a shoegaze indie band like THE NOVEMBERS x) it's not a bad thing but well, i expect them in a more lynch. style , previous ones with this blue and red effect were perfect. (And Yusuke, wtf xD)
  9. From what i understand it's just that they will promote a new Leatherface movie with this modified cover as flyer. http://leatherface.jp/news/?p=164
  10. The album is available on Spotify (and other things like Apple music i guess). Remix was a bait, 0 differences for 'normal' people x) they just replaced bass lines by Akinori's ones :/ still a good physical release if you did'nt bought previous CDs
  11. Everytime i see Sugar in MH, i remember how i miss them .. :/
  12. Jeen

    :'( i wanted a rerecord CD as CD2 but well, what means " Instant version from the first CD " ? Just a documentary for bluray, and the live is in an other release ? RIP my wallet...
  13. Jeen

    Not so original, they already used XIII for a tour and we see it very often in VK :/ It's a bit generic but i still like it as it means so much for them (13th anniversary, reunion with AK..). But I'am a bit afraid tho, i can't stop thinking that XII was a name of a 12012's album and it was... their last. I'am supersticious but they annouced it a 13th Friday ^^; and the GazettE's NINTH (also a number as title) album will be released the 13th of June, my birthday ! oh wait ... Anyway, even if it's near 63€ i will buy super limited edition and hope that the bluray is a full live and the second CD is a rerecord of some old songs or of greedy dead souls, something like that can be cool for this 13th birthday !
  14. Jeen

    Thanks it's better ^^ And for those who are interested i found an other version of SORROW and other songs lyrics from SINNERS at ltanji.tumblr.com (i don't post them cause she wants people to ask permission but as i don't know if she will answer me, i prefer just credit). She also post some tweets/instagram translations !