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  1. So.. they decided to take another direction? their style initially was focused on "cindarella theme", now? oriental style? however, I am shocked to see that a bassist who was a member of Labaiser ended up becoming a bass player for an oshare-kei band, yesterday they had a live oneman at Shibuya WWW (500 seats), who knows if they managed to fill it since their previous oneman-live at the Takadanobaba Area (400 people) despite being a FREE EVENT, failed to fill it.. PS: Drummer now have a twitter account too! : https://twitter.com/disrig_avenge
  2. WHAAAT!? Jaki / Nazuki leave the band? O_O
  3. Serox

    This is a 90% FIXER songs feat. SUI's style 10% BUT I LOVE IT! ❤️
  4. I very like them but.. all most of their songs have the same rhythm.. o.o
  5. Serox

  6. Megaromania will come together for another concert in the form of a "session band" (Mの導創会) and they will perform at rivabook presents "FINAL CUP 2019" at Takadanobaba Area on 29/12/2019 along with other sessions bands
  7. Serox

    I very like the sound! this is absolutely my genre ❤️ (Versailles, Megaromania, Misaruka, Elysion, KAMIJO, Juka [in Saint Croix] etc.) I hope to hear more from them. PS: Chisei in some periods was KAMIJO'S guitarist! https://twitter.com/chiseimetal/status/628185931036516356/photo/1
  8. They probably not filmed anything because they have already a DVD filmed in more big place (Zepp Tokyo have a capacity of 2000 people VS Tsutaya O-EAST that contain a maximum of 1300 people), so they probably wait for filmed a DVD when they perform in a place more big than Zepp Tokyo [this is my opinion]
  9. Serox

    Ryu is so beautiful! ❤️
  10. Serox

    (I added other information about the band members, sorry it's not for being "fussy" but I just wanted to give a hand to make the post more complete.) However, I’m a fan of FIXER and every SUI’s band, I love his voice and CULA is a very unexpected project because SUI’s musical taste are so different compared to the rest of members so i’m very curious to hear more of them!
  11. Serox

    SUI (Megaromania) ❤️
  12. Serox

    I love him!
  13. Serox

    Misaruka WDP will also perform at 25/07/2019 (Opening Act) at Fukuoka GRAF (Rin's Birthday Event) Live Members : Vocal : Rui (Ex-Misaruka -> Mikansei Alice) Guitar : Rin (Ex-Misaruka -> Scarlet Valse)
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