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  1. +1 for Fabolous in Romaji, PLEASEEEE!!
  2. Korey in my opinion is the most unpopular member of the band, he has always been a "rigid" guy, he only did his job and stop, the other members are more open with the fans.. (?) I follow him since Signal and I leave his ex-band for different problems with musical difference, different opinions on how to manage the band etc. probably he had the same problems here too..
  3. https://lineblog.me/fixer_lineblog/archives/1072311.html Korey will leave the band (unknown reasons) after their concert on May 8th 2018 at Ikebukuro RUIDO K3
  4. "Kuloe has been found and should be back in the stage for the next live in Osaka" sorry, I want to express my personal opinion.. (I can still understand with those who do not agree with me..) I'm not a hater even if I do not like their style But only I think it's all staged just to make the band gain more visibility? that is, after a week of silence returns without leaving statements with just written "we found him and he perform with us in the next concert" but come on, usually who disappears so is never found again. PS: Of course I'm glad he's healthy, I like his look. PS.S: Sorry for my bad English.
  5. But seriously.. we wait this f****ng album for how years? 3? ...
  6. the flagship band of Starwave Records FIXER made a mysterious countdown on their official website (https://www.fixer-net.com/) that will end on April 1. The band probably will present their new look + details of their new single "ARGENTUM" The band also have a new logo!
  7. Noooooooooooooooooooo T______T why Unite are famous and they no? ..
  8. OOOOH I'M SO HAPPY TO READ THAT!! I want a photo of them together çwç <3
  9. I would really like to know if he has been on good terms with Jun..
  10. Hi to you! This is his Instagram account : https://www.instagram.com/2_instagraph/ And this is his Twitter account : https://twitter.com/2_itter_ I hope I have been helpful
  11. Visual-Kei band D, Gotcharocka and Diaura will hold a tour together! : - 31/05/2018 at Sendai CLUB JUNK BOX - 2/06/2018 at Koriyama CLUB #9 - 3/06/2018 at Akita Club SWINDLE - 7/06/2018 at Nagoya Electric Lady Land - 8/06/2018 at Umeda Akaso FINAL - 15/06/2018 at Shinjuku BLAZE
  12. Sincerely this isn't so bad song! I like it