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  1. I never understand why visual-kei band become very famous, most of the members inside form a solo project... 😕
  2. "Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, we have a large amount of debt and our future activities are in a difficult situation. However, I would like to fulfill the promise to all the people I met on this tour by finishing the "47 prefectures x 2 laps tour" which is a long-cherished desire of all members and fans to FINAL. Therefore, we would like to ask for your urgent support." https://camp-fire.jp/projects/view/298204
  3. Kisaki or not, these are money that will go for a good cause.
  4. Serox

    Kaya release a "special video" for the 2nd track of this single, take a look! ^^ : He is FABULOUS! ❤️
  5. Translate please? Edit : It seems that Fumiya have left the band because of musical differences and want to pursue a new path (?)
  6. Serox

  7. Serox

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50x4aiUbPt0&feature=youtu.be come on guys! In according to their tweet (if I understand correctly) XANVALA will broadcast their performance at Ikebukuro Black Hole on January 30, 2020. Set-List : 「鮮やかな猛毒」 「独善」 「誰が為の幸福論」 「CREEPER」 「Ratchet」 「DROID」 「ヒトリ舞台」 「ジセイ」 「悪辣が君を襲う」 「SCALA」 -ENCORE- 「CREEPER」 PS: currently, the live should begin in just over 1 hour.
  8. Serox

    POIDOL will disband at their oneman-live on 11/29/2020 at Shinjuku Blaze. POIDOL last Oneman Tour Schedule : 8月10日(月祝)SHIBUYA REX 8月22日(土)横浜BAYSIS 8月23日(日)浦和ナルシス 8月29日(土)柏ThumbUp 9月6日(日)浜松FORCE 9月12日(土)OSAKA RUIDO 9月13日(日)OSAKA RUIDO 9月19日(土)仙台space Zero 9月21日(月祝)金沢vanvanV4 9月22日(火祝)新潟CLUB RIVERST 9月26日(土)SHIBUYA REX 絢瀬 蘭BD DAY1 9月27日(日)SHIBUYA REX 絢瀬 蘭BD DAY2 10月3日(土)福岡graf 10月4日(日)福岡graf 10月6日(火)岡山CRAZYMAMA 2ndRoom 10月7日(水)神戸 太陽と虎 10月8日(木)京都 GLOWLY 10月10日(土)HOLIDAY NEXT NAGOYA 10月11日(日)HOLIDAY NEXT NAGOYA 【FINAL】 11月29日(日)新宿BLAZE
  9. Sorry if I correct you but please change the word "disbandment" in "departure" Before I opened the article, I thought they had decided to dissolve (as Dadaroma did, first went on "hiatus" and then decided to disband)
  10. Serox

    The song "誰が為の幸福論" in live is so amazing! ❤️
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