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  1. Oh yes, they deserve it ;3 2700 people!? I knew that Zepp Tokyo had a capacity of 2000 :O
  2. I love this place!! It is outdoors and has a capacity of just over 3000 seats .. they will be able to fill it? owo
  3. Strangely Starwave Records has not tweeted the news that Misaruka disband!! o.O it may be that they had a conflict? ..
  4. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MY HEART IS CRYING. T___T ... I really hope that they form another band!! PS : Can someone translate please? ..
  5. Sorry but I do not agree with you.. they in my opinion until the beginning of 2015 were a good band, until their album "The Butterfly Effect" after which they made a mini-album titled VERY LONG (MAWARU KISETSU NI TSUDURU KIMI TO BOKU NO UTA) with listenable track but quite boring and with a detached enough sound than their songs they have done in the past with the rock-aristocratic style.. >_> PS : The Sound Bee HD will never grow as the number of fans T__T although I must admit that musically improved! ^^
  6. i'm a little agree but Azami hair are beautiful though! U_u
  8. OH!! Nice to see him here! PS: Here are the dates of its future concerts!
  9. Their oneman-live at Takadanobaba Area (Capacity: 400-450 seats) to be held January 12 is officially gone SOLD OUT!!! (ie two days before the concert lol) -> <-
  10. Aaahahhahaha!! xD he is my favorite member of Phantasmagoria and one of my favorite guitarist in visual-kei scene çwç <3
  11. The ex-guitarist of Cell join Under Fall Justice today as support guitarist.
  12. Yes!! he is a very good drummer! ;D