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  1. Serox

    XANVALA's first single "「鮮やかな猛毒」" go SOLD OUT! Here is a small excerpt from their performance at Shinjuku Blaze (Starwave Records 10th Anniversary)
  2. Serox

    They are so good! ❤️
  3. Serox

    I understand your hatred for him, he is a shit in person but it is impossible not to admit that he is a very good musician and bass player.
  4. Serox

    Kisaki still talk nowadays with Matoi, JUN and Riku on Twitter, obviously we don't know if him and Iori have a friendly relationship. It would still be a good opportunity to make easy money considering that they could very well fill the Zepp Tokyo (2000 people)
  5. Serox

    Where you find the source? o.o
  6. Serox

    you mean Liki "Ex"-Synk;yet? https://twitter.com/Synkyet_Liki
  7. Serox

    We want Phantasmagoria revival too! T__T
  8. Probably he leave forever the world of music and disappeared in the darkness...
  9. Serox

    THIS SONG IS SO AMAZING, i love so much the SLAP BASS! ❤️ Ikebukuro Black Hole is 150 seats if i'm not wrong and is a pretty GOOD START (SOLD OUT) for a first performance! I hope they can receive the fame that the guys haven't (unfortunately) with FIXER!
  10. Serox

    Astaroth participated as Opening Act at David 3rd Anniversary oneman live on January 24 at Takadanobaba Area. however, they (together with The Reveude) will perform again as Opening Act at David's oneman live (60 minutes) at Urawa Narciss on 04/24/2019
  11. Serox

    There are some good big place before the budokan like Toyosu PIT, Zepp Tokyo and my favorite... MAIHAMA AMPHITHEATER ❤️
  12. Serox

    Riku deserve the best! ❤️
  13. Mikansei Alice announced through their Twitter a countdown where they will probably reveal a new look on 2020/01/18 Time 00:00 Also, the band will hold their tour "47都道府県2周ツアーファイナル「未完の玉座」" FINAL at AKASAKA BLITZ on 2020/06/04 - Additional performances : 1) Mikansei Alice will host an event called "そノ弐〜泡沫五重奏〜" and is a three-man live : Bands : Mikansei Alice / Hueye / MEME 2) Mikansei Alice will hold a live "千羽生誕単独公演-バル・マスケ-" (Chihane Birthday Event) at Akihabara ZEST on 2020/03/24 Useful links : Mikansei Alice Official Twitter : https://twitter.com/mikansei_alice Mikansei Alice Official Site : https://mikansei-alice-official.amebaownd.com/ Members : Vocal : Rui (https://twitter.com/mikansei_rui) Guitar : Yuiha (https://twitter.com/mikansei_yuiha) Guitar : An (https://twitter.com/mikansei_an) Bass : Chihane (https://twitter.com/mikan_chihane) Drums : Kazuki [Rig] (https://twitter.com/disrig_avenge)
  14. Serox

    I don't like the song very much either, but let me give you some more information about the vocalist Mizaki and Astaroth Maybe you don't know but he was the Roadie of the bands Megaromania and Lin -The End Of Corruption World- And now he is the roadie of David! (This is confirmed by SUI himself in his Tweet) In addition, Astaroth will perform as Opening Act on 24/01 at Takadanobaba Area for SUI's birthday (where he will also celebrate David's 3 years activity)
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