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  1. FEST VANQUEUR have been announced their "support drummer" for the next lives : ■4/29 at Shinkiba STUDIO COAST (Cure World Visual Festival 2017) Support drummer : Ame (Rides In ReVellion) [] ■5/3 At Osaka BIGCAT (ZEAL LINK TOUR 2017) Support drummer : HIKO [] ■5/5 at Okayama CRAZYMAMA (ZEAL LINK TOUR 2017) Support drummer : Shion (Ex-BIOSPHIA) [] ■5/6 at Shibuya VUENOS (FEST VAINQUEUR 2017 TOUR) Support drummer : Rai (Gigamous) []
  2. The bands participating in the starwave fest vol. 17 have been revealed! - FIXER - Scarlet Valse - SchwarzKain - Labaiser - LIKI PROJECT - THE SOUND BEE HD - UNDER FALL JUSTICE - Magistina Saga - rui & Tadayoha SESSION BAND - La'veil MizeriA - Re:move - GAMEOVER - DiSPiИA - REVINE - Tsuki yoi no 戯 Re gen (ツキ酔ノ戯レ言) - FULL EFFECT' The concerts will be held in two different locations at the same time!
  3. Ah forgot to give you another important advice, sing with your voice do not try to imitate the original singer, any song you are singing! Always you have to put some of "your" PS: My only advantage is that I am male ahahahah!!
  4. You will not be good at singing but the important thing is to have fun and put effort in what you do! ;D I like to sing even visual-kei songs! (Even if I'm not a singer, I do not take singing lessons x'D) You are very courageous to show yourself in webcam while singing, the only advice I can give you is to be more loose and safer than you while singing, try to impart you more in what you say, even gesture helps! I promise you that as soon as I have some time and I'm just aloneat home, I also make a cover of Shuuen No Campanella and I show it to you :'D
  5. Ehy but this post was abandoned? Here are the timetables and the places where all the bands perform!
  6. SchwarzKain on 1/5/2017 will release a PV DVD "Scream For Envy" which will contain 7 PVs and inside it will be possible to see their first concert (opening act) held at Shinjuku Reny on 8/8/2016 [Misaruka X Synk;yet] Tracklist : 01. In Myself 02. GrimReaper 03. Distress 04. Limit 05. Moment glow 06. 君が描く瑠璃色の世界 07. Envy - 08. Moment glow (Live at Shinjuku Reny on 8/8/2016) - 09. Envy (Live at Shinjuku Reny on 8/8/2016) You can buy it all for just... 4000 yen. ( They will also hold their FREE Oneman-Live "Mad World Vision -final- "at Tsutaya O-West (600 seats) on 13/7/2017 with opening act: FIXER & Labaiser ( Also, if you have the opportunity to go to this event, you can have a FREE ticket to attend at the event "Mad world vision -Midnight-" that will be held the same day at midnight at Ikebukuro Cyber (Otherwise you have to pay 5500 yen to see this event if you do not go to see them show at Tsutaya O-West) This time, however, FIXER & Labaiser will not act as Opening-Act but as mainstream artists, so there will be a "THREE-Man live" (
  7. Next 2 concerts of SUI will be held in August with nice bands like Gossip and Miztavla ;D
  8. I hope that Ex-Biosphia members join this band!
  9. Strange, much time ago I ask to him in Twitcast what is his favorite VK band.. and he say "Versailles" LOL.
  10. On 5/11 Crim's Session Band will perform at Shinjuku Club Science.. unfortunately I do not know Japanese so I do not know the names of the members and the songs they will play.. but it seems he will sing two songs from the famous Jrock Visual-kei band "R-Shitei" and one of the band "Dolly".
  11. 20TH anniversary in a small place? oh.. I hoped he would keep the event at least at Shinjuku RENY (800 seats)
  12. I hope that David will participate in this event!
  13. labaiser

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