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  1. They rejoin Starwave Records?
  2. Serox

    With all due respect but Misery would not have been a good member in this band, his melodic style is not suitable here.
  3. So.. they decided to take another direction? their style initially was focused on "cindarella theme", now? oriental style? however, I am shocked to see that a bassist who was a member of Labaiser ended up becoming a bass player for an oshare-kei band, yesterday they had a live oneman at Shibuya WWW (500 seats), who knows if they managed to fill it since their previous oneman-live at the Takadanobaba Area (400 people) despite being a FREE EVENT, failed to fill it.. PS: Drummer now have a twitter account too! : https://twitter.com/disrig_avenge
  4. WHAAAT!? Jaki / Nazuki leave the band? O_O
  5. Serox

    This is a 90% FIXER songs feat. SUI's style 10% BUT I LOVE IT! ❤️
  6. I very like them but.. all most of their songs have the same rhythm.. o.o
  7. Serox

  8. Megaromania will come together for another concert in the form of a "session band" (Mの導創会) and they will perform at rivabook presents "FINAL CUP 2019" at Takadanobaba Area on 29/12/2019 along with other sessions bands
  9. Serox

    I very like the sound! this is absolutely my genre ❤️ (Versailles, Megaromania, Misaruka, Elysion, KAMIJO, Juka [in Saint Croix] etc.) I hope to hear more from them. PS: Chisei in some periods was KAMIJO'S guitarist! https://twitter.com/chiseimetal/status/628185931036516356/photo/1
  10. They probably not filmed anything because they have already a DVD filmed in more big place (Zepp Tokyo have a capacity of 2000 people VS Tsutaya O-EAST that contain a maximum of 1300 people), so they probably wait for filmed a DVD when they perform in a place more big than Zepp Tokyo [this is my opinion]
  11. Serox

    Ryu is so beautiful! ❤️
  12. Serox

    (I added other information about the band members, sorry it's not for being "fussy" but I just wanted to give a hand to make the post more complete.) However, I’m a fan of FIXER and every SUI’s band, I love his voice and CULA is a very unexpected project because SUI’s musical taste are so different compared to the rest of members so i’m very curious to hear more of them!
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