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  1. They hold their "demo live" on 25 August 2017 for the 8th anniversary of Ikebukuro Black Hole Band participants : Mikansei Alice / Grieva (Guest) / MORRIGAN / Vaju / DIMLIM / IGGY / MIZTAVLA / LIM (O.A.)
  2. OMG RUI.. D: PS: Iyubi is Rui (Ex-Misaruka) PS.S : I HOPE THEY DON'T JOIN STARWAVE RECORDS.
  3. 16th of July is my Birthday, guys pls buy it for me 😂😂
  4. OOOH nooooh 😢
  5. A people spend so much money for buy Rui costume.. WTF. O_o
  6. I don't know what think.. i'm Italian too and many Times i talk with him on Twitter, he is a nice guy, very pleasant.. damn!! He and Kyoka were a very nice DUO! 😭
  7. This last live was fun.. because 80% of Starwave Records members go to see them LOL 😂 In particular: - Shian (Scarlet Valse) - Raizo (Scarlet Valse) - Jun (Ex-Scarlet Valse -> Roqudama carta) - Daisuke (THE SOUND BEE HD) - You (THE SOUND BEE HD) - Hiro (THE SOUND BEE HD) [?] - Airo (Under Fall Justice) - Akito (Under Fall Justice) - Syoma (Under Fall Justice) - Taketoshi (Nüe) - Yuiha (Ex-Synk;yet) [?] - Liki (Ex-Synk;yet) - Shiori (Ex-Synk;yet) - ALL MEMBERS OF LABAISER (and surely other guys)
  8. wing works

    Sorry guys!! 😫 Is Toshi not Soshi 😞 Guys in the RYO:SUKE's tweet he say "restart activities" and i think that he is serious now.. Probably he after this live don't do one live every 2-3 months but more often!
  9. wing works

    RYO:SUKE has announced on his Twitter account that Wing Works will revival on 30/7/2017 at Takadanobaba AREA. The surprise not end, he do "TWO" live in One-day (in the same place but in different times) : 【前編-ADAM-] OPEN 16:00 / START 16:30 【後編-EVE-】 OPEN 18:30 / START 19:00 Members : Guitar : Kei Hirosue Guitar : Toshi (Ex-Aldebaran) Bass : Yuchi (sukekyo / KANNIVALISM) Drums : Sho (Ex-UnsraW -> I Promised Once)
  10. Rui do his last twitcasting live (as vocalist of Misaruka) on 28/5/2017 probably he sing a lot of Misaruka's song and reply to his fans! PS : In the past I talk with him on Twitcast, he is very gentle and available, but its English level is really poor! 😂
  11. The famous place "Holiday Osaka" will close on 7/7/2017 after 12 Years ;(
  12. ... No comment.
  13. F*** you MISOGI!! 😭😭 you can't leave Bidoh alone! 😢