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  1. Serox

    They are ALL man! x''D ahahahahah!!
  2. His first concert with the band will be held at Shibuya Vuenos on 12/07/2018 (Kakeru Birthday Event) [SOLD OUT!!!] Follow him on Twitter : https://twitter.com/SV_RinJapan
  3. Serox

    Kisaki in this photo is from his Solo Project "Kisaki Project"
  4. Serox

  5. Serox

    Oh damn! I hope Rin (Ex-Misaruka) will take his place!
  6. Vocalist Izumi open a new Twitter account! : https://twitter.com/Izumizum_
  7. Serox

    WOOOO, they putting their Image from Phantasmagoria age NOT Lin! OwO
  8. Serox

    Bassist Yamal and Guitarist Saw are Magistina Saga members
  9. Serox

    +1 for Fabolous in Romaji, PLEASEEEE!!
  10. Serox

    Korey in my opinion is the most unpopular member of the band, he has always been a "rigid" guy, he only did his job and stop, the other members are more open with the fans.. (?) I follow him since Signal and I leave his ex-band for different problems with musical difference, different opinions on how to manage the band etc. probably he had the same problems here too..
  11. Serox

    https://lineblog.me/fixer_lineblog/archives/1072311.html Korey will leave the band (unknown reasons) after their concert on May 8th 2018 at Ikebukuro RUIDO K3