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  1. WOW... all three pladges of 150.000 Yen (one for only 5 people, another for 3 people and the last for 2 people) go SOLD OUT..
  2. Chaos is amazing with this spectacular outfit.. OUR ITALIAN PRIDE! ❤️
  3. K ❤️
  4. As every year, Starwave Records has decided to organize a final year event. This year will be held at Ikebukuro RUIDO K3 on 31/12/2018 and (of course) all Starwave Records bands will join in addition to someone from outside. (that does not have a contract with it) The bands that will participate are : - 未完成アリス (Mikansei Alice) - Scarlet Valse - ラヴェーゼ (Labaiser) - FIXER - La'veil MizeriA - L.A bate - ALEVAS - Magistina Saga - nüe - Vagu*Project - EYEZBERG The event will also be repeated on January 1 with all (and only) Starwave Records bands (so, without nüe , Vagu*Project and EYEZBERG) https://lineblog.me/labaiser/archives/1326759.html PS: WHERE ARE THE SOUND BEE HD AND DAV!?!?!
  5. Where is Hinataaaaaaa T___T
  6. i think that the drummer is Len (Ex-The Black Swan) both have the write "SABIAN, pearl" on their Twitter description. https://mobile.twitter.com/TBS_LenOfficial https://mobile.twitter.com/DDRM_ryohei (Another proof that it is Len because he will follow the other EX-The Black Swan members LOL)
  7. Serox

    I want to cry.
  8. Serox

    I Hope that David become a "duo" like LM.C and other band with Sui and Mizaly ❤️
  9. Wooo they are awesome!
  10. Serox

    No, the bassist isn't Futaba because he is left-handed!
  11. Serox

  12. Raizo perform with his session-band "Raizoセッション-薔薇の結末-" (Raizo session -the ending of the rose-) at Ikebukuro Ruido K3 on 26/09/2018 Vo : Chaos(glamscure) Gt : Ren (GE+IM [Support]) Gt : Raizo (Ex-Scarlet Valse) Ba : Hinaki (Ex-Labaiser) Dr : Hakuya (NightingeiL) The other artists that will participate are : らせん (Rasen) [Kikyo (La'Veil MizeriA) & Futarishizuka (Crucifixion)] glamscure Mareni†Mirell Jaki (La'Veil MizeriA) ×××セッション (SESSION BAND)