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  1. Serox

    Source :
  2. WOW this is the "new" Tsutaya O-West?
  3. Serox

    GENGAH. members Twitter : Vo : Hajime = https://twitter.com/gengah_hajime Gu : KAZ (Ex-VII-SENSE -> Ex-Chariots) = https://twitter.com/7kaz_mg
  5. it is a pity! Akasaka Blitz is a goal for many bands..
  6. Serox

    Under "forum"? DAMN! i wished that they wanna join God Child Records 😕 (Label of Asagi [D]) Yo-Ka is very close friends with Asagi (and JUI [Gotcharocka])
  7. Serox

    Love him! ❤️
  8. Serox

    I agree a bit but not completely.. Misaruka and Synk;yet (especially this one) have had enough popularity after they join the label. After this performance their songs have lost interest, so they lost a lot of popularity and in 2018 they disband. But after their performance at this live the bassist Shiori has been absent for illness and have had difficulty in producing new music and increase their fame.. in 2017 Shiori returns but the guitarist Rino goes away from the band, they lost a lot of popularity until they decided to go on "hiatus". This is to make you understand that Kiwamu spends a lot of money on the right bands to grow, also organizes FREE oneman tours (for example the 47 dates of Mikansei Alice and Scarlet Valse) and (always when he wants) organizes interesting live with other bands, but then it is true that it should be a little less stingy and engage a little more with ALL the bands.
  9. Serox

    ARE THEY SERIOUS!?!? FIXER, DAMY, SAVAGE AND NOW VEXENT!? F***K YOU!!! T__T Who is the next? Jiluka? ..
  10. Serox

    This photo remind me a bit of Synk;yet / Avanchick 😕
  11. Serox

    Why the guy from Poidol..??
  12. I Would like to see TRNTY D:CODE!
  13. WOOOO Daichi and Cazqui! O_O
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