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  1. UPDATE : Their support guitarist for their concert to be held March 10, 2017 at Takadanobaba AREA is Martha (Sirene / Vampire Rose [Support])
  2. Rin (Misaruka) finished its period of support, at the moment, however, it is unknown what the guitarist will take the place of "support" in their live to be held March 10, 2017 at Takadanobaba AREA -> (Synk;yet / SAVAGE / chariots / DIEALO / MORRIGAN / REIGN / SCAPEGOAT / THE DC)
  3. Rino has gone away and with it hope to hear new songs .. maybe Rin (Misaruka) decide to join the band in the future, because at the moment is their support guitarist.
  4. Kisaki finally decided to update its Youtube channel.. I hope he loads more videos.. PS: I think Kisaki feel the lack of SUI.. LOL.
  5. Haru has confirmed that in all the concerts of February, he will be replaced by Ryu (Ex-MoNoLith) Meanwhile, Ryu attended in other 3 concert held at : Nagoya ell.FITS ALL on 18/02/2017 At Osaka Ruido on 19/02/2017 And at Shibuya Shibuya REX on 21/02/2017 NEXT LIVE WITH RYU → 25/02/2017 at Takadanobaba AREA!
  6. F**K, I was hoping that Jui was involved in this project! T______T
  7. I do not know about you but I think that this band could be anything except a return of Karma in the scene.. and I don't say it maliciously, Karma is quite a character (even though I do not like his music and his voice out of tune) I hope that if one day he wants to return, it takes a good singing lesson.
  8. It will definitely be an important band to attend such an event..
  9. I only regret that with this look they are "detached" from their "Megaromanioso" style TwT
  10. I'M SO ANGRY, I LOVE THEM BUT I EXPECTED THAT MIZALY JOIN THIS BAND T.T (Obviously it's my fantasy) The look does not please me at all.. too simple.. I also can put a sheet on me and put a little makeup in my face, and turn me into a visual-kei artist x''D But I also love them <3
  11. Here's some news about Alkemy! : NEW LOOK! : NEW ALBUM!!! (you can pre-order it here : In addition, Alkemy release a 2nd MV! here's a preview :
  12. Boring preview..