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  1. The other guitarist in stage is You (Scarlet Valse) ❤️
  2. Mizaly has been announced that tomorrow he made an important announcement on his twitter account, maybe he form a new band!? Stay tuned, follow him and retweet please!
  3. She!? Isn't a male o__O
  4. Tour final at Shinjuku Reny? Damn, they lost a bit fame..
  5. Two more news : 1) Their cheki go SOLD OUT!!! (Limited : 40) 2) They participate in Morrigan Tour (Two dates) - Live at Fukuoka DRUMSON : Band participate : Mikansei Alice, MORRIGAN, DIMLIM, THE BLACK SWAN, FIXER, Leetspeak Monsters - Live at Niigata GOLDENPIGS BLACK STAGE Band participate : Mikansei Alice, MORRIGAN, SAVAGE, IGGY
  6. Their first one man live at Ikebukuro Black Hole on 24/9 go SOLD OUT!!!
  7. Their first live on 24/9 go SOLD OUT!!!
  8. They made a "Surprise performance" at Starwave Fest vol 17 at Holiday Shinjuku and they playing 5 songs! Furthermore, The guitarist An hold his birthday live on 26/10/2017 at Ikebukuro Ruido K3 and many bands participate! And finally their PV "2D Lovers" will be shown on MUSIC ON! On 08/10/2017
  9. Oh no! 😥
  10. Two other members have been announced!! Bass : Shiori (Synk;yet) Drums : Kazuki (VETCHIE Ex-Misaruka) They release a new PV SPOT and a new look with more live!
  11. Ahahaha thank you! I forgot this! 😂
  12. They announce two important news!! 1) They hold their first OFFICIAL LIVE on 27 September 2017 at Takadanobaba Area. The event name is "Alice'z Party" Bands participating : Mikansei Alice / Lack.Co (GUEST) / SAVAGE / MORRIGAN / 怪人二十面奏 / Merry Badend / Sioux 2) The guitarist "An" (Ex-Synk;yet [SUPPORT]) join the band!
  13. They hold their "demo live" on 25 August 2017 for the 8th anniversary of Ikebukuro Black Hole Band participants : Mikansei Alice / Grieva (Guest) / MORRIGAN / Vaju / DIMLIM / IGGY / MIZTAVLA / LIM (O.A.)
  14. OMG RUI.. D: PS: Iyubi is Rui (Ex-Misaruka) PS.S : I HOPE THEY DON'T JOIN STARWAVE RECORDS.
  15. 16th of July is my Birthday, guys pls buy it for me 😂😂