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  1. BlackSwan_86

    I am interested in Luna Sea LUV Album and LUNACY DVD 🙂
  2. BlackSwan_86

    It’s also my favourite album by them 🙂 i think they never did better like on the self-titled.
  3. BlackSwan_86

    OMG 😱 they’re always killing it with their suite-looks … LOVE IT
  4. YAY 🙂 new Codomo Dragon is always good...loved their last album
  5. BlackSwan_86

    would you eventually share it? my copy did not arrive till now
  6. BlackSwan_86

    The beginning is giving me some AND vibes, love it
  7. BlackSwan_86

    wow, you’ve already have razor and shiva…would you mind sharing them? 😇
  8. so did disreign disband or what?
  9. This is great as always, and catchy as hell 😍🤩 this band is too underrated, they deserve much more attention
  10. this album will be great 🙂 sounds like it will be a strong release
  11. BlackSwan_86

    Hi i am interested in: R-Shitei - Ningen Shikkaku [w/ DVD, Limited Edition] 20 Sel'm - Brilliant Force [signed by band] 35 Eat You Alive - The world is mine [w/ DVD, Limited Edition] 25,- Eight - Illational 25,-
  12. BlackSwan_86

    oh yeah, that would be awesome
  13. BlackSwan_86

    I LOVE Kyo’s looks of the last times, reminds me of the older Kisou, Vulgar days.
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