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  1. GREAT, i was waiting for some new release of them... Shambara was perfect...i love the new direction they took with it...
  2. Sounds like that could be in the end a nice ballad 😉
  3. ???? serious....are they coming back? that would be great
  4. i love these covers. they look great
  5. Everything about this is great: the look, the covers, the me, the song itself...can't wait
  6. Tank you, i will try this 😊
  7. Ok, thank you although i like the look of the poster more than their music
  8. Hello to all of you i am searching for Pierrot’s Dictators Circus Final DVDs. Anybody knows where i can get them or will sell me them? Thx
  9. this sounds really good i love the new sound in it
  10. I found this news per accident and thought to share them here. Although i don’t know this band. someone has more information about them? thanks
  11. has a member left them because on the picutre i can see only 4 of them? problem solved: i saw the fifth one on their homepage
  12. OMG...that’s a beast of a song. I love it. The best they put out so far. If you ask me they are evolving their own special sound I am happy for them. Sure, they still play with the Gazette astethics. But hey, Gazette astethics are fucking cool. I would use them too if i had a band myslef
  13. OMG totally excited for all of this
  14. sounds great can't wait