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  1. it sounds great … i get some 'ambivalent ideal'-vibes this sounds so much like the old lynch ... LOVE IT
  2. Is there any possibility to watch the digest and the mv preview?
  3. somehow i get some ROMANCE vibes hearing that snippet...love it so far
  4. i have high hopes for this, because the last single was great :-) i am sure the looks will be awesome for this instead
  5. why is nobody sharing Merry and Liraizo?! :-( my copies take ages to arrive T_T

    1. sheepprincessgara


      then either you or me could share it first, but my M-ology copy hasn't arrived yet.


      Patience is a virtue.

    2. BlackSwan_86


      yes i know :wink:


      liraizo should arrive in the next few days...but for M-ology i don't have even a notification yet :-(

  6. They look great...their best look so far
  7. Could it be that SAN (ex-Nega, LACK-CO.) is involved in this project? I saw that he tweeted about them, maybe it has something to do with Mr. X?
  8. the new look ist great :-) on their homepage the have also a new teaser movie, where they announce a new single for august the 31. am i right?
  9. is it already sold out?
  10. PM sent
  11. Yes I found it 😊 but thank you anyways 😊
  12. the background of the picture is cool though :-)
  13. me-shop from germany has some of them ... www.me-shop.net hope that helps maybe