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  1. Tank you, i will try this 😊
  2. Ok, thank you although i like the look of the poster more than their music
  3. Hello to all of you i am searching for Pierrot’s Dictators Circus Final DVDs. Anybody knows where i can get them or will sell me them? Thx
  4. this sounds really good i love the new sound in it
  5. I found this news per accident and thought to share them here. Although i don’t know this band. someone has more information about them? thanks
  6. has a member left them because on the picutre i can see only 4 of them? problem solved: i saw the fifth one on their homepage
  7. OMG...that’s a beast of a song. I love it. The best they put out so far. If you ask me they are evolving their own special sound I am happy for them. Sure, they still play with the Gazette astethics. But hey, Gazette astethics are fucking cool. I would use them too if i had a band myslef
  8. OMG totally excited for all of this
  9. sounds great can't wait
  10. i think it's not important if their japanese or not ... the most important is, that they are making great music and they look god damn great for a "foreign kei band" so i’m fine with them
  11. oh ok...that’s too bad...i somehow liked him
  12. i’ve noticed that in their biography the guitarist is missing...has he left the band?
  13. Hello how much for Calmando Qual - Black Sheep and Lolita23Q - Seitai Jigen Kuiki Minerva?
  14. It sounds great....that break ...can't wait to hear the full thing