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  1. I totally need to get this...sounds great 😱
  2. oh, thank you that was fast too bad they broke up so early...they where such a cool band. i want to see them together again some day. too bad this dream never comes true
  3. Hi guys i hope this is the right tread for this question ... does anybody kow what happened to the KYOKUTOU GIRL FRIEND guys after breaking up? are they still around or retired?
  4. from germany takes also preorders …
  5. OMG, great much new music from them...their last mini album was great 😊 I am hoping for disorder #2 from their first full album
  6. the new mini album is great, i love it especially the basslines are gorgeous...great job nanahoshi
  7. CD arrived always in perfect conditions...highly recommended seller thank you
  8. Great, i love it 😊 and they made a pv for each song...hope we get a pv-DVD too
  9. thank you...i will try my luck
  10. Thank you ...i already saw them, but both of them don’t have the full album wether the singles collection
  11. it sounds really great...A9 are killing it... but the effects on this mv are just hilarious
  12. I’m in the search of some CDs from Kyokutou Girl Friend, especially their full album and their singles collection. Anyone has them and wants to sell or knows where i can get them? thx
  13. sounds nice, but it looks like that this will become the softest out of the three minialbums... but the covers are sick, live them
  14. i think that they will sign to a bigger label... only by judging from the promo-pic it looks like they are having more money, or am i worng?