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  1. BlackSwan_86

    oh yeah, that would be awesome
  2. BlackSwan_86

    I LOVE Kyo’s looks of the last times, reminds me of the older Kisou, Vulgar days.
  3. BlackSwan_86

    WoW 😮 for me that‘s their best song till now
  4. BlackSwan_86

    What happens with the album they announced for this year?
  5. WOW, that actually sounded really good ... reminds me a lot of their first releases
  6. BlackSwan_86

    WOW, what a line-up 😦😳 i'm curious to see what these guys will deliver …
  7. BlackSwan_86

    That’s great News for them, and for us of course...so if i see that right we have alle their songs till now on one CD? great 🙂
  8. BlackSwan_86

    i LOVE this cover, looks gorgeous ... tracklist sounds also interesting. i am curious like this one will turn out.
  9. BlackSwan_86

    My first contact with japanese music was GACKT - Lu:na, around 2000. Short after that album i listened to Dir en grey's six ugly and Kisou and felt totally in love with visual kei.
  10. BlackSwan_86

    Just wanted to ask if someone got the VR edition of this album? If yes, how do i manage it to get the app?
  11. BlackSwan_86

  12. BlackSwan_86

    Oh really?! That would be so cool 😍 thank you so much 😊
  13. BlackSwan_86

    Nobody has them?
  14. BlackSwan_86

    You can send me a mail. Wrote you a pm 😉
  15. Can you tell me the shipping costs to italy and the total price?