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  1. JamesR

    THE MAD SIMPSON takes the cake - edgy, nonsensical and ALL CAPS! (killer band tho)
  2. JamesR

    That's some sick bass, huh? I still find it funny when I see these guys playing beatdown while dressed in full VK attire, tho
  3. JamesR

    PV song's guitar solo sounds like D.I.D.'s atheism, I liked it. I still miss Akane tho... Pls come back
  4. JamesR

    This one has to be a coincidence: Gazette's "Redo" intro(0:20) vs Nocturnal Bloodlust "Last Relapse" chorus(0:59), exact same melody!
  5. JamesR

    Caso alguém aqui curta uns prog chavosos estilo Dream Theater/Angra(Temple Of Shadows), recomendo ouvirem Demetori. Não é vk, mas é sensacional!
  6. JamesR

    {Probably listened to it over 100 times by now} I think it's a pretty good album all around. Am I the only one who tinks this is their heaviest? Not as moody/sludgy as DOGMA but the breakdowns hit HARD... Also, is it just me or is this album almost unbearably loud? Iliterally cannot go past 50% volume on my crappy Razer headphones
  7. JamesR

    Listening to it right now, there are some sickkkkkk breakdowns!
  8. JamesR

    Guitars sound like oldschool vk, really nice track
  9. JamesR

    Maaan, this new song made me realize how much I still miss D.I.D.... pls come back
  10. It's official: Japanese nu metal blows its american counterpart out of the water. These guys are awesome!
  11. JamesR

    'Noise' is something I would expect from some backwater grindcore band lol
  12. JamesR

    I really like the revival scene - same goes for all the 'nu metal revival' bands like Damy, Dezert, Kuroyuri and Piglow In Gloomy. Hell, I even think there's some overlap between the two sounds...
  13. I know the noise gate is necessary for that djenty tone but it really makes their guitars sound like they are midi/programmed
  14. JamesR

    Listening to the new EP, looks like the slamming brutality of Purge is back! They are really killing it right now.