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  1. JamesR

    Listening to it right now, there are some sickkkkkk breakdowns!
  2. JamesR

    Guitars sound like oldschool vk, really nice track
  3. JamesR

    Maaan, this new song made me realize how much I still miss D.I.D.... pls come back
  4. It's official: Japanese nu metal blows its american counterpart out of the water. These guys are awesome!
  5. JamesR

    'Noise' is something I would expect from some backwater grindcore band lol
  6. JamesR

    I really like the revival scene - same goes for all the 'nu metal revival' bands like Damy, Dezert, Kuroyuri and Piglow In Gloomy. Hell, I even think there's some overlap between the two sounds...
  7. I know the noise gate is necessary for that djenty tone but it really makes their guitars sound like they are midi/programmed
  8. JamesR

    Listening to the new EP, looks like the slamming brutality of Purge is back! They are really killing it right now.
  9. Kinda reminds me of 'Dr. Mikannibal', Sigh's vocalist/saxophonist... Always confused the hell out of me until I realized it was Dr. as in pd,D...
  10. JamesR

    Dogma with a little bit of Toxic, I liked it... Good to see they're not abandoning the 'br00tal brakedowns'
  11. JamesR

    Their chicken sandwiches are the bomb
  12. JamesR

    They might be the best currently active metalcore band - they sound like Architects + Parkway Drive on crack!
  13. JamesR

  14. JamesR

    These guys are good, but to be honest I was a little disappointed when I found out my favorite song by them(jellyfish) is an almost note-for-note ripoff of an Oral Cigarettes song...
  15. JamesR

    It looks like the "Nu-Metal Apocalypse Revival" is in full swing on the VK scene... I mean, how many nu-metal VK bands rose to prominence in the last 5-6 years? DEZERT, Kuroyuri To Kage, DAMY, Piglow in Gloomy, Mamireta, Bless This Mess, Savage, even NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST adopted some pretty strong influences. Funny thing is those bands' material is better than most of the drivel shoveled out by Western bands like Coal Chamber and some other third-string acts... Anyways, enough off-topic! imo D.I.D. are the kings of brutal kei: Agressive but technical riffs, some of the harshest vocals in the scene and killer bass lines and drums