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  1. blacktooth

    Dozing Green acoustic? I'm interested.
  2. blacktooth

    I... I think that's a metaphor for the band as a whole.
  3. blacktooth

    The artwork and graphic design on these FROM DEPRESSION TO releases have all been top notch.
  4. blacktooth

    Nice pants.
  5. Whatever happened to Klaha being a used car salesman? I remember jokes about it from years ago but now it seems all records have been scrubbed from the internet. That said, Juka is fine too, I guess.
  6. I'd like to meet Klaha so I can get great value on a used car.
  7. blacktooth

    Electronic instrumentation is all fine and well, but my issue with this album is the songwriting itself. The ballads are the only tracks to really stand out to me so far because they have the most interesting writing. Most of these tracks come off to me as studio experimentation. This is after just one listen, mind you.
  8. blacktooth

    The electronic wall of sound stuff was cool in Adoration when it was used for breakdowns and climaxes, but with it essentially being flipped for Infinitum many of these tracks feel directionless. There are some bits that are almost industrial and I wish they would’ve gone all in on that.
  9. blacktooth

    At least they're transparent about it being a B-sides collection.
  10. blacktooth

    It was a matter of time I suppose. Are there any single tracks that redeem the thing?
  11. blacktooth

    Loving the split opinions.
  12. blacktooth

    Heisei is a good song but what the hell is going on with this production? Feels like I'm listening to four different lossy tracks downloaded from Limewire and panned in all sorts of different directions. If this 4D experience is the future of music, then I quit.
  13. blacktooth

    Are you sure it's an album and not a music collection?
  14. blacktooth

    My trombone has more octaves than Kyo.
  15. blacktooth

    I'm calling it: we're in for a one-track mini album full of acoustic sounds and soul searching. I'm also likely to be 99% wrong on this.
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