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  1. blacktooth

    Are you sure it's an album and not a music collection?
  2. blacktooth

    My trombone has more octaves than Kyo.
  3. blacktooth

    I'm calling it: we're in for a one-track mini album full of acoustic sounds and soul searching. I'm also likely to be 99% wrong on this.
  4. blacktooth

    Analog synths are the council of futuristic grandpas.
  5. blacktooth

    I agree fully. I like the song, but it's clear that it didn't become a long song organically. I wouldn't be surprised if Vinushka was even longer while being composed and cut down to the final length, because it feels very natural and isn't a chore to listen to. It does not feel like a ten minute song, but rather a natural composition that takes you on a journey. Zetsuentai, on the other hand, just drags on. Which is a shame because it has some very strong points, like the motif and the chorus. Since they wrote it according to the long song blueprint, several of the heavy passages feel shoehorned in without a proper transition. "Oh, here's a heavy part again". Though with the disjointed nature, it probably wouldn't be too hard to excise the filler parts. I would be happy if a demo version surfaced, a la the superior Diabolos.
  6. blacktooth

    If Dynamite Tommy were paying for my breakfast, I'd go with wine too.
  7. blacktooth

    I kind of dig the Yoshiki thing. Dude's having steak and fries with his 朝食 too, no fucks to give. Check out that huge thing of ketchup. Unless it's fruit punch or something.
  8. blacktooth

    Things like this are why I go to DEG lives.
  9. blacktooth

    After all of the throwback tours the thrill of a "surprise" track in the encore has worn off. That said, I have no big complaints about the setlists when I've seen them in the US. HADES was a big surprise when I saw them in 2013. They did a better performance of Karasu during the sound check than the actual set though...
  10. blacktooth

    Oh yes, from the wonderful Age Quod Agis DVDs that also brought us breakfast seagull.
  11. blacktooth

    Assuming there is a US tour.
  12. blacktooth

    I’ve got first press Six Ugly and it’s pretty neat. Came with a sticker. Also, talking about ultra high quality lossless audio is like Ultra 4K or whatever resolution is at the top these days. After 320kbps/1080p there are diminished returns, due in part to human perception. They’re advertised as being more hi-fi than the standard earbuds but I don’t trust Bluetooth audio at all. Which Sennheisers did you get?
  13. blacktooth

    His favorite albums are David Sylvian’s Secrets of the Beehive and Bauhaus’s Press the Eject and Give Me the Tape. There was also a (Vulgar era?) photoshopt that was reminiscent of the cover of Japan’s Tin Drum.
  14. blacktooth

    I wish they didn’t take themselves so seriously and would make a WORST OF album to follow up Vestige of Scratches.
  15. blacktooth

    I have a hunch they were recorded around the same time as the remakes for Vestige of Scratches.
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