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  1. I'm still firmly in the "the mouse clicks are part of the song" camp. The Insulated World is the Internet and the concept of the album is that we're surfing through a web of pain and suffering with Deg.
  2. blacktooth

    People loved it when it first came out, then hated it for some years after that, and now people are back to loving it and even saying it's their favorite Deg album.
  3. blacktooth

    I don't have high hopes on the album mix, but as long as it doesn't sound like it was recorded in the sewer from the Kasumi video like Arche did I'll be fine. Ranunculus's mix is... decent. I'll give it that.
  4. blacktooth

    That's so subtle I had completely forgotten about it. To keep in topic here, let's hope the new album is not drenched in reverb.
  5. blacktooth

    Where's that again?
  6. blacktooth

    Cue speculation that all of the lyrics on that album are directed toward Kisaki.
  7. blacktooth

    I agree with you there. I think the model better predicts future releases, but it depends on whether or not you include the unravering
  8. blacktooth

    I saw a graph some years ago that showed that each new Deg album alternates between being good and bad. Can’t argue with science.
  9. blacktooth

    I actually have a lot of nostalgia for the TMOAB era but it doesn’t hold up when I listen these days. I agree about the harsh vocals for the most part, but Grief has to be one of Kyo’s best.
  10. blacktooth

    He doesn't show off his tattoos so much anymore, which is a big shift. Uroboros era was a great look all around with the mandatory wallet chains and Toshiya in general.
  11. blacktooth

    That was the best Kyo though. When was the last time he even got a new tattoo?
  12. blacktooth

    He needs to bring back the chin beard thing.
  13. They’re just going old school.
  14. blacktooth

    Weird monk/Star Wars prequels alien
  15. blacktooth

    I don't know for sure yet, but I'm going to say Die is the one doing the flanger pedal arpeggios. During the chorus I have no idea at all because they're just playing counterpoint to each other. And yeah, that bridge riff at 1:26 is a real non-sequitur. I can't agree with you more on how their lives sound much better than the album recordings these days. Whoever the band's sound engineer is has some serious talent. @Rosner, would you say live sound engineer technique carries over into the studio for recording?