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  1. Even with a new sound team they're using the same old loudness wars production. https://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20180422-00000210-sph-ent
  2. That Utafumi live is ROUGH.
  3. I'm starting to fear they may have cut (or severely truncated) the intro to Ash. Then again I'm only basing this off of the preview and the shorter runtime.
  4. Maybe Shinya somehow can't tell the difference between the two songs.
  5. I'm sure it will be up for download on a Russian site soon.
  6. That sounds like Ash alright.
  7. Dir en grey doesn't care about distribution to the Americas anymore. Too many scarring experiences from stalker fans and Kyo's feelings have been irreparably damaged by the leaks.
  8. Prequel to Clever Sleazoid confirmed.
  9. This is the most buttrock I've heard these guys in a long time.
  10. This is all I needed to know.
  11. I wouldn't say he was ever great but at his best he was creative. Nowadays he just seems lazy.
  12. That goober does the same thing in every song and hopes nobody will notice.
  13. I was hoping for a rhythm gimmick that wasn't triplets. That's why this sounds like Un Deux deux. Why don't they play with time signatures anymore or even funky syncopation like in Lotus?
  14. This could also be a relatively old song compared to the rest they're working on the album, but I wouldn't hold my breath for a big change in sound.
  15. It’s got the Un Deux triplets.