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  1. blacktooth

    Thanks Retsu.
  2. blacktooth

    I'm ready to hear a few more seconds.
  3. blacktooth

    Kyo lyrics are terrible for practicing Japanese in my experience. Though I’m sure he’d love if we sang along in our native languages instead. And I was thinking about all of the people that really do believe he hates everything and hates going abroad. How can you take a guy so seriously when he often yells things like “GIRLS, MAKE SOME NOISE” or “I CAN’T HEAR YOU IN THE BACK”. MC Kyo.
  4. blacktooth

    I don’t think they want to either. Kyo has dropped too many hamburgers to make any trip overseas worthwhile.
  5. blacktooth

    Sacramento was an odd crowd anyway. One guy kept trying to start the clapping thing several times, but it only caught on at the beginning of World of Mercy. Silly, silly.
  6. blacktooth

    Gotta be extra careful not to tangle up your feet when you pantomime disembowelment, but it happens to the best of us I suppose.
  7. blacktooth

    They sold out of merch in LA so Sacramento didn’t get any. But we got Hydra instead of Sustain the Untruth, so I suppose we’re even. Also World of Mercy is pretty cool live.
  8. blacktooth

    Cool, thanks. While I was searching, I skipped over that performance because I thought it would be too obvious, funnily enough.
  9. blacktooth

    @Seelentau you'll probably know what I'm talking about. Wasn't there a performance from ~97 where they did a fakeout with the intro to I'll but transitioned immediately into ZAN and played for about ten minutes?
  10. blacktooth

    These are absolutely live songs. I'm more than okay with that.
  11. blacktooth

    Yep, Uroboros. Now that's an album.
  12. What gets me is this: take a look at his kit. How much of it does he actually use when it matters most? He's very creative when songs are slow to mid-tempo, but as soon as things speed up he gets tunnel vision.
  13. I remember people complaining about Shinya doing his Shinya thing on last.fm when Dozing Green first came out. This has been going on for a long, long time.
  14. I laughed so hard when the Vinushka part came in around 5:30. Similar tempo and riff and everything. They did it again! I do have to say the last minute and a half of the track is fantastic though. Also acoustic Dozing Green is tons of fun. That gets a few thumbs up from me. But why is it so short? It's over before you know it.
  15. Just think of all the things that can happen in 22 seconds.
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