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  1. blackdream

    No, no, no, no, no, just nooooooooo!! First GIGAMOUS and now (and unexpectedly ) TBS. My heart, my poor, poor heart. <///3 I don't think I can do this vkei thing for much longer. I wonder how recent this decision is?
  2. From the band's official Facebook page:
  3. defspiral and 摩天楼オペラ (Matenrou Opera) will hold a two-man coupling tour in August entitled "Beauty Bliss Hysteria" 2017/8/19 (Sat) at Nagoya SPADE BOX 2017/8/20 (Sun) at Osaka MUSE 2017/8/25 (Fri) TSUTAYA O-WEST
  4. S!N will perform in Paris, France, in September 2017, on the main stage of the festival Paris Manga. A full European tour will be announced by HIGHFeel soon.
  5. Good news! I was hoping they'd hold this event again. Small correction, they're doing a casting call, so to speak, for the opening acts. The other bands are guests. If I was in a band I'd audition in a heartbeat.
  6. blackdream

  7. blackdream

    The shriek at the start got my hopes up, but they soon dispersed as the song went on. The growls and most of the clean vocals leave much to be desired. Same for the MV. The instrumental breaks towards the middle and end, however, sound pretty good. Too bad they didn't last longer. It has a few shining moments, but the composition seems disorganized to me. Maybe their other songs will suit my taste.
  8. blackdream

    @Seimeisenis indeed correct. It is an April Fools' prank. You guys were great. Sorry for getting hopes up; even if for a split second ^^; (by the way, the comment by @emmny was brilliantly funny x'D).
  9. blackdream

    -OZ- will "revive for one-day" with original members at Shibuya O-WEST on 2017/07/07 at which an important announcement will be made.
  10. blackdream

    黒夢 (Kuroyume) covered Steppenwolf's "Born To Be Wild" Orginal: 黒夢 (Kuroyume) version: