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  1. Pisarro (ピサロ) new single "ゲシュタルトの彩生" (Gestalt no Saisei) will be released 2017.06.28. Tracklist: 1.ゲシュタルト 2.salon 3.Blossom
  2. I got GOTCHAROCKA's autographs at their in-store event last week. Otherwise, just signed stuff that came with releases.
  3. Feel free to elaborate on this. But Shia has been fired for what appears to be fraud. There are no further details behind this. The members plan to continue activities in the future. http://lineblog.me/chanty/archives/1062419028.html
  4. YAY! This is GREAT news. So glad they're coming out with new material.
  5. Sum 41 just came out with a new music video called "Goddamn I'm Dead Again". Seriously don't understand why people think breaking guitars is so cool. That's just a waste....

    1. nekkichi


      seeing how their vocalist is a waste of perfectly good meth (lots of), that guitar barely counts in comparison

    2. leighla


      Doesn't really account for the fact that several other bands do that too...

  6. i.Rias new single "SWIMMY" will be released 2017.09.06 (2 TYPES). TYPE A will include 2 tracks and PV. TYPE B will include 3 tracks.
  7. REIGN will release their new single "COBALT" on 2017.06.07. Track List: 1.VENOM 2.Death marY 3.MOON CHILD 《DVD》 「VENOM」MUSIC CLIP+OFF SHOT