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  1. I've been following their vocalist (fka drummer) on Twitter for many years. He's very conscious of his lazy eye. He likes to hide that under his hair or play with the camera angle. 🤔
  2. leighla

    Title has been confirmed as "Chirality" ・限定盤(CD+DVD) [CD] 1. Chirality [DVD] 1. Chirality 2. Chirality (Music Video Making) GOD CHILD RECORDS/GCR-190/¥1,300 (税抜)/1songCD+1songDVD+Off Shot Movie ・通常盤(CD) [CD] 1. Chirality 2. WARUBARAN 3. Chirality (Jui-moyamoya-ver.) GOD CHILD RECORDS/GCR-191/¥1,200 (税抜)/3songsCD
  3. Sorry, meant for the tracklist.
  4. Can anyone provide some translations please?
  5. GOTCHAROCKA new single TBA will be released on 2019.11.27.
  6. Don't usually reply on these things, but last week I had a tweet notification from Mirumo's old Melvel account (one of their original guitarists from this band). I just tried to find the tweet, and it looks like he deleted it, but the translation said that the drummer was the reason one of the former members left. I wouldn't be surprised if it was Lime as both he and Mirumo had followed Nemu into the new band. I find it odd the both Lime and Mirumo would follow Nemu into a new band if he had treated them poorly in the first band. The only constant other than nemu up until this point is the drummer. My guess is that Nemu is fed up with the crap and had to act before losing more members. Between this band and his last, he's had some pretty tragic turnovers.
  7. Before I walk the distance, can someone tell me if this means they'll check me for a GR ticket at the pre-sale if I want to buy any goods, please? 


  8. leighla

    The man gave me the best hug I've ever received last August. If I wasn't infatuated before, I certainly am now.
  9. Okay, this might sound like an odd question, but I have to ask it. On 6/15 GR has a live at 1800 at 名古屋ell.SIZE. On 6/15, Royz has a live at 1800 at 名古屋E.L.L. Last time I was at this live house, I don't recall seeing a second venue anywhere, but maybe it's because I hadn't been looking for it. But does this location have two venues side by side? Google maps defaults to labelling them the same. 

    1. IGM_Oficial


      It's a small chain of live houses. Yes, they're one at the side of the other.



  10. leighla

    I'll be in Nagoya on the date of the Nagoya live, but I wasn't able to get a ticket. I'll be at the Royz one instead, but if there's any pre-sale merch at GR before the live, I might try to get the CD. If they don't let me, I'll just have to accept it.
  11. leighla

    Think it's temporary for this look. But he did it for some other singles a couple years ago. (Like rainfall). Definition looks better with darker colors though.
  12. leighla

    I'm greatly upset that these tickets sold out as quickly as they did. The live I had hoped to see was sold out just hours after going public. 😖
  13. Does anyone know what Keiya (ex-Purple Stone) is doing? Looks like he has a side project as there are some video clips he's uploaded onto YouTube via his alternate account (swap the names in his Twitter name to find it). Not finding a thread on it via search. 

    1. hiroki


      he became an utaite doing covers and all, so not really vk anymore



    2. leighla
  14. Happy birthday you adorable lil fluffy dork :D

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