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  1. What do you want to pose with? A panda and her babies. It screams bad boy XD
  2. [CD] 1.夕轟 2.鳴くよ鶯、マンホール 3.アルクコロブシヌ 4.変人奇行 5.夏雪 6.黒山羊の追憶 [DVD] 1.夕轟[music clip]
  3. Never did I think I'd live to see the day. Please don't be a best album... Edit: so it looks like someone got a tracklist up on JPA. I'm feeling so much disappointment right now. 1. panic panic (パニックパニック) 2. BLAME (Re-recording ver.) 3. Aoiyami (アオイヤミ) 4. mirror ball (ミラーボール) 5. Imperial Dragon (Instrumental) 6. Kaitenmokuba (回転木馬) 7. sakura. 8. Scar (Re-recording ver.) 9. desaba (デサバ) 10. catwalk (キャットウォーク) 11. subarashiki kono sekai e (素晴らしきこの世界へ) 12. poison chocolate (ポイズンチョコレート) 13. kabukichou butterfly (歌舞伎町バタフライ) 14. usotsuki pierot (嘘つきピエロ) 15. amazuppai mango (甘酸っぱいマンゴー) 16. adrenalin BANG! (アドレナリンBANG!)
  4. Their new album "SEASONS" will be released tomorrow 2017.06.17 Tracklist 1.☆DANCING IN THE NIGHT☆ 2.Journey 3.五月雨 4.ザコレンジャー 5.スローモーション 6.静かな月夜 7.シークレットナイトパーティー 8.DOLL 9.君がいるから 10.GO MY WAY 11.男前(2017)
  5. Pisarro (ピサロ) new single "ゲシュタルトの彩生" (Gestalt no Saisei) will be released 2017.06.28. Tracklist: 1.ゲシュタルト 2.salon 3.Blossom
  6. I got GOTCHAROCKA's autographs at their in-store event last week. Otherwise, just signed stuff that came with releases.
  7. Feel free to elaborate on this. But Shia has been fired for what appears to be fraud. There are no further details behind this. The members plan to continue activities in the future. http://lineblog.me/chanty/archives/1062419028.html
  8. YAY! This is GREAT news. So glad they're coming out with new material.