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  1. They will also release their Chanty LIVE DVD「4th anniversary oneman 〜Chantyの世界へようこそ〜」of their live on 2017.09.16 for presale at 2017.12.21 https://lineblog.me/chanty/archives/1062426877.html
  2. Chanty has announced that they will be releasing their second full album in spring 2018. https://lineblog.me/chanty/archives/1062425517.html
  3. Their live DVD has been confirmed for 2017.12.06
  4. They released a mini last October and a full album back in April. I think they're still plunging through.
  5. I've used this guy as my profile image for three years now. That's a bummer.
  6. Can anyone translate this update, please? https://ameblo.jp/makura-nemu/entry-12308979634.html Looks like Kaguya is leaving officially on Halloween due to his medical condition. The band will continue activities.
  7. Diary has been shared.
  8. GOTCHAROCKA has announced that they will release their second live DVD on 2017.12 from their live at TSUTAYA o-EAST on 2017.08.18. They have distributed their live limited single, "Diary", on this date as well. Their BEST album will be released in 2018.02.