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  1. leighla

    You asked for it and here it is. GOTCHAROCKA will release their full album, "POLYCHROME" on 2020.10.14. [CD] 1. HYPER NEXT WORLD 2. ASIAN NIGHT 3. HUMAN BOARD GAME 4. CREATORS 5. Baccarat 6.白いDIA 7. MONOCHROME 8. PRAYER 9.グエリラ 10.天秤 11.OUT OF SERVICE 12. Chirality 13. Suddenly 14.1?JJTGR(BONUS TRACK)
  2. leighla

    It's still summer. In the past, usually the album comes out in June, but I wouldn't be surprised if they're now aiming for sometime in August around their anniversary. I know the band has worked on recording songs based from their tweets and videos on Instagram, though. The band has started an online site for streaming their concerts for a set price. At this time, only their 6.30 concert for Jui's birthday is available for ¥2500. Otherwise, there's been no updates directly related to the release date of the album.
  3. When you want your name to be in purple and only need to post 75 times, but you have nothing to say :( 

  4. Does anyone else ever see some of the looks these guys have and wonder if they actually go on stage looking lile that? 🤨
  5. Tracklist: 1. ナンセンス (nonsense) 2 フィクション (fiction)
  6. GOTCHAROCKA will release a new album this summer. Details TBA. Their schedule is usually pretty predictable. Album will probably be released early June.
  7. happy birthday you adorable lil floof :D

  8. I've been following their vocalist (fka drummer) on Twitter for many years. He's very conscious of his lazy eye. He likes to hide that under his hair or play with the camera angle. 🤔
  9. leighla

    Title has been confirmed as "Chirality" ・限定盤(CD+DVD) [CD] 1. Chirality [DVD] 1. Chirality 2. Chirality (Music Video Making) GOD CHILD RECORDS/GCR-190/¥1,300 (税抜)/1songCD+1songDVD+Off Shot Movie ・通常盤(CD) [CD] 1. Chirality 2. WARUBARAN 3. Chirality (Jui-moyamoya-ver.) GOD CHILD RECORDS/GCR-191/¥1,200 (税抜)/3songsCD
  10. Sorry, meant for the tracklist.
  11. Can anyone provide some translations please?
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