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  1. Track list: 1.-yureru- 2.謳う心臓 3.ミツケタ 4.比較対象 5.天翔る (Chantyの世界へようこそ2 ver.) 6.揺らめくあの日は万華鏡 7.魔がさした 8.m.o.b. (Chantyの世界へようこそ2 ver.) 9.貴方だけを壊して飾ってみたい (Chantyの世界へようこそ2 ver.) 10.君とこの部屋 11.最低
  2. Not sure if it's cuz I'm sick or because it's 2am, but that drummer really seemed to like that cymbal.
  3. Would anyone happen to know why Ba. RIKITO is not in the photo? He's still listed on their profile page, so I assume he's still with them....
  4. I guess I missed this announcement back on Monday. GOTCHAROCKA will be releasing a new mini album in June 2018. Darn it. Was hoping they'd do something in the spring.
  5. Jun-chan!!!! the adorable dork :D

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      You can be an adorable dork if you want to be, too. 

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      double the Juns  :D

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      HAHAHA yay <3

  6. Royz have announced that they will release their 5th full album, "WORLD IS MINE", on 2018.3.21 (2 TYPES). (3000/3500 yen)
  7. This song was originally released back in March 2016. Appears it will be on the album.
  8. I can second that. Those definitely are their better songs. Not sure if I'll buy this though considering I already have most of those songs in one form or another....
  9. GOTCHABEST will be released 2018.02.07. It includes 33 tracks on 2 CDs for 3700 yen. -CDJAPAN- DISC 1 Hydrag Virginity Poisonous berry C U Gotcha6ka Shortcake 撃愛 (Gekiai) Alarm Emotion Director's cut 恐想ロワイヤル (Kyosou Royale) Marry me ,'cause I hate U レインフォール (Rainfall) Samurai dreeeeeam breaker Ash 懺劇 (Zangeki) Brilliant days DISC 2 ...ムリでした (Murideshita) 赤い駅 (Akai Eki) 手錠をはずさないで (Tejou wo hazusanaide) A stardust The Lyrical Jet Sky SHE LUVS ”POP STAR” 曖昧愛中毒 (Aimai ai chuudoku) 鉛 (Lead) 秒速愛 (byousokuai) S or M JapanesQ V_V GIRL Lilly 187 kiravistars Qtie 4 minutes for you
  10. Album date has been confirmed for 2018/2/28.
  11. DVD Tracklist: 01.4 minutes for you  02.The Screamers  03.asymMETRY  04.赤いマフラーを巻いた女の子 05.Good morning Tokyo!  06.V_V GIRL  07.JapanesQ  08.懺劇  09.Marry me,’cause I hate U 10.恐想ロワイヤル  11.アカネとアイ  12.レインフォール  13.DramaQueeN  14.SHE LUVS “POP STAR”  15.Director's cut  16.撃愛  17.Brilliant days  18.Samurai dreeeeeam breaker  19.JUSTICE  20.遺書  21.Qtie  22.Gotcha6ka  23.The Lyrical Jet Sky  24.Diary  25.Ash  26.Hydrag
  12. Those photos he posted made me so happy. But alas, he has left T.T