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  1. DVD Tracklist: 01.4 minutes for you  02.The Screamers  03.asymMETRY  04.赤いマフラーを巻いた女の子 05.Good morning Tokyo!  06.V_V GIRL  07.JapanesQ  08.懺劇  09.Marry me,’cause I hate U 10.恐想ロワイヤル  11.アカネとアイ  12.レインフォール  13.DramaQueeN  14.SHE LUVS “POP STAR”  15.Director's cut  16.撃愛  17.Brilliant days  18.Samurai dreeeeeam breaker  19.JUSTICE  20.遺書  21.Qtie  22.Gotcha6ka  23.The Lyrical Jet Sky  24.Diary  25.Ash  26.Hydrag
  2. Those photos he posted made me so happy. But alas, he has left T.T
  3. I sorta like it. I just feel so much confusion. They have three songs in the one song and none of them feel like they properly suit a "requiem".
  4. They will also release their Chanty LIVE DVD「4th anniversary oneman 〜Chantyの世界へようこそ〜」of their live on 2017.09.16 for presale at 2017.12.21 https://lineblog.me/chanty/archives/1062426877.html
  5. Chanty has announced that they will be releasing their second full album in spring 2018. https://lineblog.me/chanty/archives/1062425517.html