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  1. When you want your name to be in purple and only need to post 75 times, but you have nothing to say :( 

  2. leighla

    Does anyone else ever see some of the looks these guys have and wonder if they actually go on stage looking lile that? 🤨
  3. Tracklist: 1. ナンセンス (nonsense) 2 フィクション (fiction)
  4. leighla

    GOTCHAROCKA will release a new album this summer. Details TBA. Their schedule is usually pretty predictable. Album will probably be released early June.
  5. happy birthday you adorable lil floof :D

  6. I've been following their vocalist (fka drummer) on Twitter for many years. He's very conscious of his lazy eye. He likes to hide that under his hair or play with the camera angle. 🤔
  7. leighla

    Title has been confirmed as "Chirality" ・限定盤(CD+DVD) [CD] 1. Chirality [DVD] 1. Chirality 2. Chirality (Music Video Making) GOD CHILD RECORDS/GCR-190/¥1,300 (税抜)/1songCD+1songDVD+Off Shot Movie ・通常盤(CD) [CD] 1. Chirality 2. WARUBARAN 3. Chirality (Jui-moyamoya-ver.) GOD CHILD RECORDS/GCR-191/¥1,200 (税抜)/3songsCD
  8. Sorry, meant for the tracklist.
  9. Can anyone provide some translations please?
  10. GOTCHAROCKA new single TBA will be released on 2019.11.27.
  11. Don't usually reply on these things, but last week I had a tweet notification from Mirumo's old Melvel account (one of their original guitarists from this band). I just tried to find the tweet, and it looks like he deleted it, but the translation said that the drummer was the reason one of the former members left. I wouldn't be surprised if it was Lime as both he and Mirumo had followed Nemu into the new band. I find it odd the both Lime and Mirumo would follow Nemu into a new band if he had treated them poorly in the first band. The only constant other than nemu up until this point is the drummer. My guess is that Nemu is fed up with the crap and had to act before losing more members. Between this band and his last, he's had some pretty tragic turnovers.
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