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  1. That's ex.GANGLION's vivi on drums in the PV. She'll also do the drums for some of the next lives it seems. 😊
  2. WTF that band name 😲
  3. Kuro

    But ain't that to be expected with MISC only being sold via Amazon.jp and only being pressed when ordered? I know that from self-published books and the writer would need to buy these books from Amazon themselves, take the books with them to the event and hope to sell them. There's no place these copies of MISC get stored somewhere and that's the difference for CHEDOARA and Rijin.
  4. This exactly. But I love that song anyway. I've not seen them since 2011 so I can't compare the live to the past years. I barely didn't see anything but when I entered the hall I expected this to happen, I'm too short. And all that light during shows doesn't help me either. Nevertheless all that banging and parts of the vocal sounds were maybe even more intense, don't know, if I had them perceived differently, if I had seen them. Starting an hour late was really strange and I wonder why this happened. I'm used to admission an hour before start and that would have met the stated time of 7.00 pm. Therefore they started at 8.00 pm on spot. xDD
  5. Kuro

    Even though Retsu is very convinced they are going to deliver their masterpiece ever. At least that's how his replies sounded to me. I'm still in that "I so hope for an album I'll love but I expect the worst to not be disappointed". In the end I don't mind. If I won't like the album but they really want to change into whatever direction it may be they shall do. I just hope for them that there are enough people to like it. Even if it may be all new fans. I'd stick to what I love up to now and that's it.
  6. Kuro

    Block/blacklist every possible way she could get to me like phone number, email address and all that. I'd do the same, if Mother ever tried to contact me but she didn't try yet. And then keep going that way, never giving in on anything to make sure no boundaries get violated.
  7. Which DaizyStripper release is 6 on? And it's 3 and 4 that are definitely DaizyStripper songs.
  8. Kuro

    Hello and welcome. Totally am with you on the Gazette. Have been into the early Mejibray stuff but somehow lost it a bit to the end. Didn't even try 8P-SB. From the looks and from what I read it sounds like I just didn't even wanna try. Sad but true. Hope you have a good time over here. ^^
  9. Kuro

    They've been going with support members for a while but I guess they go for permanent ones and take that time off for this. At least that's what I imagine from the tweet. They sound like they'll be back.
  10. Kuro

    That message states that they pause activities for a while. As we know that can be true or turn out into forever but for now that one just doesn't say it's a complete activity stop.
  11. I've seen them live with their first vocal and that was real fun. I barely listen to them at home though. That might be a reason, that they still exist due to lives.
  12. Kuro

    They are touring a lot. They released that best of album with the songs voted by fans by the beginning of this year but yeah that just halfway counts as a new release since they barely recorded anything for it (which didn't surprise me since they've been touring for promoting their mini album from last summer all the time). They are pretty active they just didn't release something new in a while and I was wondering when they will do. I hope it won't take too long.
  13. Kuro

    I'm still not fully sure but I guess I'm both ace and aro. I'm at the end of my thirties now not being in a relationship for over ten years, not having had sex for as long, too. And I can't see myself being involved in any of both. There are thoughts of this on my mind but by now I think it's more some kinda wishful thinking of what's set so deeply in me by what society teaches by how one should be what is normal. Which's pure crap. There's no normal. So while I've been in a relationship for almost nine years since I was 17 and I've had have sex less than ten times with him which's basically nothing I never was really fond of it. Back then I was curious like everyone at my age was. It wasn't really good but I never could have said that I even couldn't admit this to myself but just do now bit by bit (or start relating how I felt back then to what I think might be the reason). I've been in another relation afterwards and there's been even attraction to physical closeness yet I still don't know if again this was the part I learnt by society or just basic attraction to the person (female this time) but less about sex itself. It got less and less and she even once asked me if I were disgusted by touching her. Now I'd say yeah, I was, I am by just thinking about it. But back then I was completely caught off guard and couldn't say anything on it. To me attraction is also more of the aesthetical type even though I referred to people as hot in the past, too. However I recognized I connect hotness with aesthetics and beauty.
  14. Kuro

    I came to the conclusion to leave behind what's bad for me. It's a hard decision and I've been through all my close to 40 year old life to get to that point. However while a part of me just feels like advising to do the same I don't wanna do because I don't your whole situation, you are not me and all that. What I think everyone in such situations should do is think through how things feel for them. Can you go on that way? Can you find ways to talk to her to give her a feeling of how you feel? It might be she never will even imagine this, I'm not even talking about understanding. Also I think it's always good to not just think but listen to your gut feeling. It's so much more trustworthy than any logical thought or any feeling coming from a heart. For your own sake distance yourself what feel unbearable to you. To keep yourself as healthy and strong as possible.
  15. Kuro

    Fully agree to this. Why forgiving them? So they go on like they did before? To make them feel better while they made others feel whatever they feel like now (since there's a wide range I don't put certain ways of feeling like there)?
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