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  1. This reminds me of Garnet Crow's Look for Terminus which was their last album.
  2. LuL I thought that Bleach was just a Joke. The problem of JP ANIME live action are costume and design. They looks like cosplay. Someone fix those to make them real. Superhero movie also based on comic but they tweak the costume to make it realistic when wearing. Not flashy colorful pajamas. And story line are really bad. They are making a short film from long running series. I had seen Blade of Immortal and the story is going nowhere. It crams all into one movie. p.s. Byakuya looks really weird in poster
  3. I knew them from Zin and They still going as Yusai after the vocal left. Now again. Hope they still going on I want to see them even if they leave vk
  4. Eikazuya

    Azero Vocal... He reminds of the Raid. vocal. Similar Azero vocal feels like stinging Seeing some live video of vk bands makes me wonder " Are they really be okay ? "
  5. Eikazuya

    other will be tapastic -------------------------------- Some says webtoon community is not good maybe personal opinion ---------------------------- post in both places to get more readers ^v^b
  6. Eikazuya

    Aww.........I am speechless The colour is cute ^'_______________'^ ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------
  7. Eikazuya

    From a website's chatbox People talking about something and this MH link came up and BOOM! I am here ------------------------------------------- 84% ------------------------------------------
  8. Eikazuya

    Yeti - picasso
  9. Eikazuya

    Nice to meet you ' Corina ' Welcome to Community To " J-Music Heaven " ------------------------------- 78% -------------------------------
  10. Eikazuya

    Aura Emitting Tutorial : Shake Like this 20 times a day You can sense aura leaking from back
  11. Eikazuya

    yay Webcomic ! I like that But why Webtoon ?
  12. Eikazuya

    I watch variety show they are funny and entertaining Running Man
  13. Eikazuya

    Hello kawa35 Nice to meet you Hope you can find what you needs here ------------------------------------------------------------- 74% ------------------------------------------------------------
  14. Eikazuya

    am i seeing Alucard ?
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