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  1. -NOVA-

    Bummer... they have so much potential, hopefully they can move forward
  2. -NOVA-

    DIR EN GREY - UROBOROS [Remastered & Expanded] Found this gem for cheap at an FYE here in Los Angeles. $3.99 = 3.50€
  3. DIAURA will release a new single titled 「FINALE-Last Rebellion-」on 2019.10.02 and it will come in 3 types. TYPE A: CD 01.FINALE 02.SIGNAL DVD 01.FINALE(MV) TYPE B: CD 01.FINALE 02.SIGNAL DVD 01. 2019.07.13 Footage from the live TYPE C CD 01.FINALE 02.SIGNAL 03.Mind Mirror Additionally the band will release a live limited single titled 「GARDEN」on 2019.09.03. It will contain one track. CD 01.GARDEN 😄
  4. -NOVA-

    Individual Shots ❤️
  5. DIMLIM's Gt. Ryuya & Ba. Taishi willl depart after their oneman live on August 17, 2019 at TSUTAYA O-WEST. The band will continue activities with the remaining 3 members.
  6. Not sure if this needs a thread but it looks like NAZARE's Mio is on SoundCloud and he's going to be covering songs. He just released his 1st cover. Vistlip - Sindra



    1. nekkichi


      lmao trying to upgrade her act already by covering relevant bands


      this is precisely what issei deserves tbh

    2. Wakarimashita
    3. yomii


      i dont care for vistlip at all but it seems he sings kizu in karaoke occasionally and i'm curious to hear what does it sounds like so i see nothing bad in this.

  7. -NOVA-

    THE SIDE EFFECTS will be released on August 28 Tracklist: 01. MAYDAY feat.Ryo from Crystal Lake 02. COEXIST 03. SEE YOU 04. SPEAK 05. THE SIDE EFFECT 06. JANUARY 1ST 07. INSOMNIA 08. ANSWER 09. BREATHE 10. STAY THE COURSE 11. REVOLUTION 12. LI(E)FE DVD: ~Content To Be Determined~
  8. -NOVA-

    A new single titled COEXIST will be released later today
  9. -NOVA-

    sounds okay, i do like the effects the use for the chorus so maybe this will grow on me
  10. no i havent ill go check it out
  11. HYDE is opening for Bring Me The Horizon 🤔

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    2. 123Sandman321


      What surprises me more is that the dude just played 5 sold out shows in Tokyo at the same club in a span of a week.

    3. YuyoDrift


      Funny stuff.


      You think someone from the band is gonna be featured in his next album?



    4. platy


      How did these two things connect? 

  12. Lin deserves huge credit hes taking up a huge role, not only is he joining a huge band but he has to make up for 2 guitarists. From the samples hes doing amazing i loved him in abstracts and im happy hes here. He gets to shine with a solo on the last track very nice !
  13. this is super nice ❤️ @Yukimoto
  14. They played XIII in it's entirety (excluding intro & interlude) Super excited to see those songs live this is awesome ! Oh hell yes! EVIDENCE is hands down one of their best songs gets me hyped everytime !
  15. -NOVA-

    no one: @suji :
  16. My body is ready for Oni bring that shit Deviloof !!!!! :headbang:

  17. -NOVA-

    I feel you that was me throughout highschool thats when i first got into vk. That was around 2011, i would get weird looks and instant rejections, no one was willing to hear me out. The one person that did was impressed by MiA (Mejibray) and his shreding skills but aside from that he couldnt wrap his head wround the makeup and the looks. Since then because of this forum ive made some amazing friends. I made one of my closest friends because of this forum, and ive met a few others at Gazette shows. So dont be sad if you really want vk buddies you already made a good 1st step by joining. Just talk around threads of some of your fav bands, share your opinions and have fun ❤️ My inbox is always open if you want to chat
  18. Is this supposed to be like a distrack ? Dont get me wrong hiro and the song fucking slap but it feels odd having a track called thank you and being as aggresive as it is. Solid track tho
  19. http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/DAKDCCA-74 Just added
  20. This is awesome They've played the sun plaza multiple times arleady i feel like they can move up to arenas and bigger venues by now no?
  21. Also the band will be performing in Long Beach, CA on July 2nd: Thread
  22. -NOVA-

    Get over here we miss you <3
  23. Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1622610224549999/
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