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  1. -NOVA-

    wow that was actually really nice
  2. -NOVA-

    I just hope they film the last live, I would love to see the ending to this tale. Hard to believe its been 5 years. I remember everyone scrambling to get the first release since it was going to be live limited. What a ride this band has been.
  3. It amazes me how consistently these guys put out amazing tracks.
  4. -NOVA-

    Update: Overseas performance has been postponed until November.
  5. -NOVA-

    The official statement from the promoter says less than 30 tickets where sold. Because of this it's impossible to move forward with the show.
  6. -NOVA-

    They have so much going for them but i can not get behind the excessive amount of chops. Kind of ruins the intensity for me atleast. Still looking forward to the album
  7. -NOVA-

    You all need to chill. Take this type of conversation elsewhere you keep rebumping the thread for nonsense. If you want to discuss piracy and other things take it to a different thread. Not here leave this for the news. Please and thank you
  8. JILUKA made several announcements after finishing up their 5th anniversary one man at TSUTAYA O West. We don't have a lot of details but the DVD is set to be released in May and the Mini album is set for October. Additionally JILUKA has annouced they will perform Overseas for the 1st time ever in May November. No other details have been announced. Setlist for the 5th anniversary one man and possible DVD setlist.
  9. Hope by DoF will forever be one of my favs 

  10. -NOVA-

    The unpredictability of this band is what i fucking adore. This new direction wont be for everyone of course and honestly im amazed this band is still going. They've lost 4 different members by now and dropping the vk aesthetic is a huge move. The band doesn't care about following formulas and this song really showcases that. They aren't afraid to try weird shit and even without screams you can really hear sho's voice give it all hes got. I wont lie i was hoping for a lil roar. And ofcourse Retsu's playing is nothing to scoff at hes really bringing out bunch of different techniques. Remember hes compensating for another guitarist. Hiroshi does a solid job; in final chorus he pops off with those crashes and i love that he didnt overly use them throughout the track. The build up really makes the final chorus worth while. It's not for everyone i think everyone has the right to like it or hate it.
  11. -NOVA-

    The entire "marketing" of this new album is atrocious. It really feels like they want to fail. I love these guys to death but seriously... they need to know what they want. They post a one second preview, then they decide it will be a digital only release. They want to charge full price for a digital release, but later on make the physical cd an amazon exclusive but post no details. The release is in a week and this is a trainwreck. All we can do is speculate but I honestly don't see this benefiting them in anyway. Even if this becomes a banger of an album no ones going to hear it... the promotion is non existent and i dont see them making any money on this. People will pirate this album.
  12. -NOVA-

    Until we hear samples i dont think its fair to make any assumptions just on the song titles. If the last release (live limited single) was an indicater of what they are trying to do im all in. Based on this teaser my guess is we are in for some weird shit. Im so here for that, they didn't get popular doing the same things every other metal band did. They tried weird shit from the beginning and have consistently delivered.
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