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  1. -NOVA-

    omg i cant get over how good IRU looks ❤️ Also samples for the 3rd track can be heard on their website https://khryst.jp/musics/7186
  2. omg finally, im glad we finally got news from them. This is awesome ! @Yukimoto
  3. -NOVA-

    i dont know what they where taking when they made this but god I hope they take more. These visuals are gorgeous !
  4. -NOVA-

    wow I was not expecting that track list. Such a unique release I hope more bands try something similar
  5. aside from the chorus this sounds nothing like a Royz song... but this kicks ass. Loving this Djenty sound !
  6. Nocturnal Bloodlust come back please :( 

    1. Wakarimashita


      I doubt it :///

    2. Axius


      Sadly that wont happen anytime soon. I want them to come back too.

  7. Dear New Users:

    In this forum. We stan all Yoshik.. umm i mean X Japan Activities. Slandering our gods in X Japan. will result in a Ban. Enjoy your stay and dont froget to pray to hyde 3x a day. 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Zeus


      you also have to face tokyo zepp while you pray

    3. suji



    4. Arkady


      Aqua were a better 90's Visual Key band.



  8. coldrain have announced the release a new full length album "THE SIDE EFFECTS". The album is set to be released during summer.
  9. The amount of attention DEVILOOF is getting because of Jared Dines is insane. Well dezerved im so happy for them. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Enki


      This also brings the toxic people who scream "posers" so I feel conflicted about that

    3. crucifiction


      There you go.


      Not the first time some popular YouTuber stumbles upon vk :P 

    4. ChimeraKei


      It is great when people from metal community acknowledge Visual Kei. I saw some comments where people are confused on who is a guy or girl. Some people seem so convinced they have girls in this band xD

  10. -NOVA-

    yea ! they sound good
  11. The focus is on the new album, but i didnt listen to it much ill see them first in LA so ill report back. Assuming they will make a poll on FB again like last time, what songs would you guys want to see? I would die for: Guren Dogma Rage undying Rage is fucking mental live so its a must!!!
  12. -NOVA-

    Im all in just for Seiya everyone else is just a bonus 🤘This is fucking sick.
  13. -NOVA-

    finally its been so long ❤️
  14. -NOVA-

    this needs to be its own thread ❤️ omg yes SETSUNA ❤️
  15. -NOVA-

    Sioux will distrubute their final single "filled" at their last one man【the beginning of the end.】on 2019.3.29
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