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  1. @Yukimoto Oh yes this sounds very good
  2. This is good, give those powerful vocal chords a rest Hopefully this wont be a long break Excited for an album XD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Good to see Ex- Avelcain Seiko in a new band
  4. Happy Birthday, :glitter: have an incredible day :starry:

  5. Kamijo jr. looks good Also MV is not bad i like it
  6. Had no idea kaya had been around this long tbh good for him Yaaas Queen
  7. Awww yes!!!!!!! this is awesome
  8. Vampires have Birthday party's ???
  9. This some 4/20 material judging by the names (Universe, Starry Sky, Distant Land, Unexplored Frontier)
  10. I like it and they look amazing <3 but ... i will admit i like their slower stuff or ballad-like songs better (Daydream, humaNOISE, Missing memory)
  11. Same i have mixed feelings about it but its not terrible so im interested xD
  12. Huge props to vistlip for making all the songs off the new album over 4 minutes... This album is phenomenal <3 

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    2. Yukimoto


      Haha they don't generally make short songs though... do they?

    3. -NOVA-


      @YukimotoGood point XD but for a band thats been around this long they are doing awesome and not being lazy xD 

    4. Yukimoto


      LOL never my boys!!!! They stay in tip-top shape haha<3

  13. I had no idea they released anything previously omg... you wouldnt by any chance still have a copies of their 1st single ? if not its okay but im so ordering one asap they sound so goooooooooood <3
  14. @YukimotoThis might as well be a Zillapark revival, sounds exactly like them I was a huge Zilla fan so im liking this the 2nd song sounds pretty good. Hopefully this band last longer or at least has a decent run