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  1. Royz will release 「MASK【GORE ver.】 at their live at Takasaki Club FLEEZ on 2017.07.03 Track-list: 1.MASK【GORE ver.】 More details
  2. Best Album and a Grand Final... I hope they aren't but from the looks of things... i think they are disbanding </3 But I hope Im wrong
  3. Happy Birthday :starry:

    1. Ro plz

      Ro plz

      Thank you!!!

  4. I like it, this has everything Zillaprak was missing... more aggressiveness and overall a varietyof sound <3 They are doing an awesome job
  5. Please dont graduate.... just repeat the year </3
  6. Am I dreaming ? Finally They needed an album for so long yay <3 I wish there was only1 type... but oh well this is so awesome
  7. @Yukimoto Yaaas finally!!! Sounds really catchy i need to hear full ver. but so far sounds good
  8. amber gris <3 LAST ONEMAN TOUR Photobook decadence CD + Photobook 露のロータス CD + Photobook The collapsing gerden. CD + Photobook A couple images from the Last oneman photobook -If anyone can translate any of the member messages I would greatly appreciate it <3
  9. MAKE MY DAY New EP〝Urban Warfare" Out July 5, 2017 1. Taste of Secrets 2. Kill Them All 3. If I Die 4. Urban Warfare 5. Moments
  10. DIAURA we need samples were they at???? 

  11. If Mejibray gives no fucks I dont think I can either If this is an attempt to be edgy this is a really crummy attempt The set list is at most decent. Since this isnt officially the last live dvd yet ima pass, more than likely they'll release one for the last live Hopefully for their last tour they dont pull this crap...
  12. this mini better be Fire otherwise it wont Fly