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  1. -NOVA-

    i havent really checked him out this is good
  2. -NOVA-

    SOME HEAVY SHIT HERE, if you have a moment please watch and read the lyrics. Lyrics:
  3. -NOVA-

    Captives - Ghost Like You E.P. Definetly give these guys a listen
  4. Detective Pikachu was pretty good :) Pika Pika ! 8/10

  5. I purchased the album art shirt... i can confirm that the colors are darker than they appear on the images
  6. -NOVA-

    This sucks i was wondering why they were so quiet as of late
  7. They did play cockroach I wrote Headache man by mistake. Should be good now
  8. Gazette LA Merch & Setlist:


  9. Merch in LA edit: some designs and bears sold out so this isn't everything. Setlist 99.999 FALLING NINTH ODD SMELL VORTEX GUSH BIZARRE THE MORTAL その声は脆く UNDYING ABHOR GOD UGLY TWO OF A KIND FILTH IN THE BEAUTY UNFINISHED en: INSIDE BEAST COCKROACH edit: Thanks @Aeolus TOMMOROW NEVER DIES
  10. Gazette in LA today im so hyped !!!! Lets fucking GO !!!!!!!!

    1. saiko


      Write down the setlist here, please!

    2. monkeybanana4


      Awesome! Have fun! 

    3. Aeolus


      See you there!

  11. -NOVA-

    Another overseas performance good for them
  12. -NOVA-

    i love them to death but the look has already been unvailed. Plus you cant see anything with all those effects in the way so i dont see the point. Just drop a sample already idc about your editing skills. REEEEEEE
  13. Happy Birthday dear ❤️ Have a blast :headbang:

  14. These guys are talented... not my cup of tea but i did find myself dancing along a bit.
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