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  1. those breakdowns are killer!!!!!!!!!! Yes yes yes!!!!!!!!
  2. Im in totally following this band <3
  3. What ever this is it sounds promising
  4. MiA looks so handsome <3 Meto looks like a diva and he owns it xD Koichi looks adorable , super messy and playful <3 Tzk looks western *I miss his long hair* but this isnt bad either it suits him
  5. ohhh so kewl xD w can expect 2 MVs for this release *I hope*
  6. do they have a ohp, twitter, youtube ? Just saw this listed on CDJ so im interested plus they look super cool
  7. lol i was expecting a kiryu-ish style song lol but this is waaaaaay better
  8. its so nice the chorus is super catchy
  9. :'( oh well...
  10. Thats what Im thinking, First Girugamesh, then DIV, now this... Is UNiTE. next ?
  11. No its because they are only releasing 'one thing' and then disbanding Jk they sound really nice I need more so hopefully its not just 'one thing'
  12. Images for the figure included in Premium edition Source