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  1. -NOVA-

    my poor heart can't handle this.
  2. DIAURA Will perform in SHANGHAI on 2019.05.18 more details HERE They will also have an instore event more details HERE
  3. -NOVA-

  4. I really enjoyed TODAY not the album just the song xD I still have high hopes for these guys, but at this points its either hit or miss.
  5. -NOVA-

    Dont want to derail the thread but just to clarify Issei as a musician is wonderful, super talented. But as a person hes extremely rude and super egocentric. He reached out to one of our members on here on twitter and called them out for posting a meme about him. He started swearing and proceeded to insult in DMs. Theres a lot more hes done in the past but lets not get into that. The album is on mercari for 10,000+ yen im thinking about it lol. But now this ughh i dont want to have to spend so much on every release especiallly after hearing what the basist had to say some time ago.
  6. -NOVA-

    Oh yes im into it xD
  7. @ricchubunny @yomii @karai · ebi Barely had the chance to read up on everything on this thread and im blown away. Thanks so much for sharing all that all of you, gives these songs a new breath of light and im even more into them now and i didnt think that was possible. ❤️ A truly amazing concept a powerful message and a ton of emotion from these guys I cant wait to hear more and dive into future songs of theirs.
  8. A bit strange if im honest haha, can't say i like it but i dont dislike it either. They need some work but i do see some potential
  9. -NOVA-

    Super early announcement but makes sense since its 2 months prior to their one man at TSUTAYA O-WEST. 2019.08.17 This will generate some hype so hopefully it sells out. Super Excited for this hope they record it as well. They need a DVD asap. Side note: If anyone has the opportunity to go please see them. Its an amazing experience and this will be the bands biggest show yet so it will mean a lot to them.
  10. -NOVA-

    super different but i like it
  11. -NOVA-

    Lets meet up ^^
  12. -NOVA-

    Cazqui is now part of a new band. More details in this thread
  13. Yes im glad hes back this sound dirty xD !!!! IM ALL FOR THIS
  14. Thanks so much @Duwang very interesting information, i had no idea. I've heard fans buy tickets so they can sell out but jesus i had no idea it was at that level. I figured they would buy 4 or 5 extra. These fan girls are insane. Im really planning to pick this up, but ive had such a weird relationship with xaa xaa. Im kinda on and off with their releases. Will definetly give all those songs a listen thanks a ton ❤️