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  1. Im going to die yes yes yes !!!!
  2. All the previous releases have been live limited... would not be surprised at this point :'( Sad because i want to collect their stuff </3
  3. I missed them so much good to have some new DEZERT music <3 they did an awesome job
  4. well there goes my halloween...
  5. Vexent - VICTIM + DVD + Signed Photoset <3 ( Yuito didn't sign his photo </3 ) Virge - 不透明な雨 + Bonus Track
  6. ONE OK ROCK Tonight im super excited !!!!!! 

    1. qotka


      Have fun! :D

  7. That set is crazy i want this cd <3
  8. We are X is on hulu :o 

  9. Had no idea this was what DEZERT sang about its so freakishly good xD
  10. I was crazy for mediena and i loved malisend so this band is a dream come true and i dont want to derail the thread but ryo was my fav vo . <3 This band is only going to get better and better I just hope this live limited or store limited nonsense ends soon and they make everything a nation wide release. Aside from that... This bands Killing it <3
  11. </3
  12. Why not Tottally forgot about these guys... I hope its not too expensive
  13. More MORRIGAN <3 Signed Poster XISS IN THE DARK 2x Pitty Chekis <3
  14. Not a fan of the artwork but im excited for the album xD
  15. Promo pic is really poor and cheap BUT I must admit the Vo. does look pretty damm good