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  1. -NOVA-

    @monkeybanana4 Agree ❤️ Moran's final releases were absolutely gorgeous and having them all connect was brilliant



  3. Artwork is sick ! Im really looking forward to hearing that english version SENKOU
  4. Praise CAT5 GOD !! wishing you the best on your special day ❤️ 



    1. CAT5


      Thank you so much, @Nova!!!

  5. I almost didnt recognize cazqui had it not been for those twirls xD glad to see him back also thats some serious artwork holy...
  6. -NOVA-

    we need a release asap
  7. -NOVA-

    They sound the same on all their songs. Theres nothing special going on they sound bland no projection no emotion. All they do is slap an effect on their voice here and there . Theres more passion and vocal technique in 30 seconds of this song than 8PSBs entire discography. Tzuzuku has a powerful voice with great control and its a shame that its going to waste...
  8. Sena from JILUKA giving guitar courses is everything ❤️ 



    1. Paraph


      a queen for the people 😭

  9. SENA will begin having guitar courses on his personal youtube channel. There is english subtitles just click on the cc button.
  10. im kind of hoping they re record the previously released songs, even if they dont im still excited for this.
  11. DISREIGN put out some banggers so I was still hopeful but the last single was awful and now YOHIO is changing focus to this junk.... rip
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