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  1. I think the 5th guy is just a support drummer, or mayb I misunderstood the tweet Sounds Amazing xD @Yukimoto
  2. I hadnt noticed it before but there text in the logo that reads "The world moves with killing and being killed"
  3. plz buy somethn so i can feed my family LoL
  4. We need some music i almost forgot about these guys <3
  5. Yes, just like their last release Same here XD
  6. Sioux will release a new Mini-Album beginning December 30th until February 3rd. They will release one track every saturday making this a 6 track Mini-Album. The songs will be availbale for download via their website. In addition a physical release is planned but details will be revealed at a later time. http://sioux-2016.com/archives/news/20171210s
  7. MV needs more wayu i mean come on hes fucking gorgeous <3
  8. Im excited to see the new artist photo and if they will change their look XD
  9. I guess they waited till the end of last month to see if he would reappear but as of yet hes still missing so they fired him and now they will disband. Shame because the members are doing their best to try and make things work they still make their instore appearances and havent canceled lives
  10. Me and @Yukimotowhere thinking about going but sadly its going to be weird with no Vo. I wonder if theyll play his Voice from a track or one of the members will sing instead
  11. Yea for a bit