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  1. -NOVA-

    Until we hear samples i dont think its fair to make any assumptions just on the song titles. If the last release (live limited single) was an indicater of what they are trying to do im all in. Based on this teaser my guess is we are in for some weird shit. Im so here for that, they didn't get popular doing the same things every other metal band did. They tried weird shit from the beginning and have consistently delivered.
  2. -NOVA-

    Digital and Physical tracklist are the same. Physical will be amazon exclusive
  3. -NOVA-

    Im starting to think what ever retsu invisioned for this album probably didn't go so well with ryuya and taishi. This album could be another reason they left.
  4. -NOVA-

    Someone just make a DIMLIM "world tour" thread at this point. I dont understand why they are announcing countries one at a time
  5. They played a MALISEND and Mediena song ❤️
  6. -NOVA-

    Nice of them to include the support members in the description. Was not expecting 39 (TRNTY D:CODE) to be doing anything, good for him going back to his drumming roots.
  7. ACME's van was broken into while touring the U.S. Equipment and Merch was stolen please help !



    1. zombieparadise


      The hell !? Poor guys 😧

    2. nekkichi


      I looked into my crystal ball — a rival 己龍 stan did it to payroll their obsession

  8. Deviloof just hit a million views, so happy for them. 


    1. Wakarimashita


      Deserved tbh. I've seen plenty of reaction videos to 拷訊惨獄 on YT lately and they were all positive

  9. DIAURA Have announced two new singles. Envy will be released on 2020.03.04 and will come in 3 types. Hydra will be released on 2020.04.01 and will come in 3 tytpes. 『ENVY』 Type A : CD 1. ENVY 2. DRAIN DRAIN DVD 1. ENVY MV Type B : 1. ENVY 2. DRAIN DRAIN DVD 1. 6 Songs from their live on 2019.12.24 恵比寿LIQUIDROOM Dictatorial X'mas Setlist for that live: Type C : CD 1. ENVY 2. DRAIN DRAIN 3. inner core 『Hydra』 Type A : CD 1. Hydra 2. ポワゾ DVD 1. Hydra MV Type B : 1. Hydra 2. ポワゾ DVD 1. 6 Songs from their live on 2019.12.24 恵比寿LIQUIDROOM Dictatorial X'mas Setlist for that live: Type C : CD 1. Hydra 2. ポワゾ 3. Promised Land ALSO NEW WEBSITE
  10. Can't get enough of them ! Super excited
  11. lynch. will begin a special project to commemorate their 15th anniversary. There will be 10 acts for this project (11 if you count act zero). As of now only the first four have been revealed. They have also opened a special website for this occasion. http://pc.lynch.jp/lynch._XV/ Here you can find details on the acts and comments made by others bands.
  12. Japanese Metal scene is on FIRE !  

    @VkBrutaliaN Im curious to know what you think 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. VkBrutaliaN


      I'm always up to listen to new music so thanks for the recommendation but honestly i found EVERY single second from this pretty boring and unoriginal... XD


      But in case to recommend something back i'd urge you to give this band a listen:



      They are my latest find amongst the japanese non Vk music market and they are seriously brutal as fuck!

    3. -NOVA-


      @VkBrutaliaN Woah ! that some brutal sh*t :headbang:

      Good stuff definetly giving them a listen ! Ty

    4. The Reverend

      The Reverend

      Everyone should subscribe to Dreambound's YT channel. I've found some cool shit there.

  13. Masato Mah & Kenta Making an appearance on the One Ok Rock Dome Tour was everything ♥️

  14. -NOVA-

    Sounds okay... the breakdown was very diassapointing. The emphasis on the techno really derailed the song imo, in some parts it works but not always.
  15. Yea i was confused by that two. I thought it was just a live dvd but it is indeed a film. Certain footage is from prior lives. I like what they where going for but the editing did make it hard to follow along at times. Non the less it still was a killer live.
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