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  1. i love it but i didnt see it listed anywhere until just recently. But i finalized all my orders already so it maybe a while until I order this
  2. so KISS is calling it quits... damm 

    1. ahnchc


      This is information I'm uncomfortable with knowing.


      The simulator isn't glitching anymore, it's shutting down at this point like what is going on with these bands and musicians' careers goddamn

  3. Oh man dropping the MV so early and the release isnt for months. The song is good but I'll probably forget about this release xD
  4. Architects just made my year!!!


    1. 123Sandman321


      Yep, that song is absolutely spot on. I can't let myself miss them for the 3rd fucking time, when they are in Prague, next year in january.

    2. -NOVA-


      Good Luck Ive had the opportunity to see them once and they where insane. A very memorable experience Hopefully You can make it ^^

  5. Any Architects Fans here? After the tragic passing of guitarist Tom due to cancer, the band has had the attention of many to see what they'll do next. They've released one single since then. DOOMSDAY and today the follow up track Hereafter. The band has now annouced the release of a full length album out in November. If you guys dont know them please check them out:
  6. -NOVA-

    Yea it feels like they never get a break. Same goes for Kiryu, & Codomo Dragon. But that BP Records for ya, I guess they are under a strict contract that keeps them busy.
  7. -NOVA-

    Thank god their dropping the Multi Angle MVs At least I hope they are and its not just a temporary thing Bring me some Symphonic Rock !!!!!!!
  8. -NOVA-

    Such a strange name. Haha Hopefully they can tell good stories xD
  9. -NOVA-

    Why not just have a band with 2 Vo.? One for clean vocals and one for growls. They're making this complicated
  10. AIOLIN × Rides In ReVellion collaboration CD will be released at their 2 Man live on 2018/09/08
  11. never gave them a chance but yes i like it