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  1. -NOVA-

    Well not for me but i do wish them luck in this new musical direction.
  2. I regret passing on umbrella for so long omg i love them ❤️ 

  3. -NOVA-

    The re recording on their best album where really good and ive been dying for new material from them. Awesome news !!!
  4. -NOVA-

    I thought this was a band aside from a few little riffs and the basic drum tempo this is far from a band. I hope this is a one time thing...
  5. Ok i completely missed this but omg is this good. I dont usually like レイヴ but this is so good !!!!



    1. DESTINYGUY0316


      what !!!!!

      damn so good !

  6. Set- list at their one man 【アポカリプス】(Apocalypse) at Ikebukuro EDGE 06.04.18: 1.妄執 2.懺悔 3.弱小の美学 4.救ワレタ唄 5.人間不信 6.投与 7.飴と鞭 8.ガタガタ EN 1. 矛盾ピエロ
  7. Completely forgot about them ,I like the look Im hoping they come back with a bang XD
  8. -NOVA-

  9. -NOVA-

    New music and the look ❤️ hell yes !!!!
  10. So is DIAWOLF dead? 

    1. Yukimoto


      LOL I haven't heard anything from them in some time haha. Maybe they are focusing on A9 right now!

  11. -NOVA-

    Ugh half a live again. If their charching this price they might as well throw a full live.
  12. -NOVA-

    I knowwww.... shame but oh well i would have picked them if pitty was still in the band. I mean you saw my cheki folderl lol i loved that guy ❤️ but still NBL Live was amazing xD
  13. -NOVA-

    "MOTHERFUCKING BREAK IT DOWN !" Fuck yes this is so fucking good!!!