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  1. oh thats good i thought they parted in bad terms ^^
  2. Yay 4 new songs xD and 2 man with Deviloof omg I wonder if itll be kinda awkward for Ryuya since he ditched Deviloof for DIMLIM
  3. AllS will go live @9:00 JST on Youtube (AllS Official Channel) and Line Live if anyone is interested #Record it plz <3


  4. I've always thought of vk as something not exclusive to Japan. The reasons i believe western vk gets so much dissaproval is because for the most part people that attempt vk that are non Japanese come off as cringy or just not as good when compared to vk bands from Japan. Elitists will argue vk is exclusive to Japan but i dont think so. When it comes to vk Japan does it best but that does not mean no one else should attempt it. Western vk bands arent as common... but if we truely want to see vk grow we should encourage those that do attempt vk. Visual-kei has several influences from other subgenres and it ended up adding its own unique aesthetic and became something new. If people had shun vk for taking influences several years ago it wouldnt have become what it is today. Im happy to hear Yoshiki's stance on this. Thanks for sharing this
  5. so the original got taken down but they re-uploaded it
  6. A last live dvd would be godly <3
  7. This reminds me of the old supernova version - Originally when supernova was 1st announced this is the preview they gave and the growls were horrid, ofcourse on the final version it was changed maybe they'll change something on the final version but its not likely
  8. yea b sides are good but the tittle track is a mess...
  9. noooooo </3
  10. Dang these guys are good <3 @Yukimoto
  11. So this his how CDJ rolls posters :o


    1. Kyo_Toriko


      Unimaginable ! lol

  12. Need a setlist ^^