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  1. The song is good but i just wish the chorus wan't as "poppy" the whole song has a dark tone except for the chorus, it needed to be heavier imo but i still like it
  2. I recommend getting this game if possible youd also need a cable called realtone cable that plugs into your pc games in ps3, xbox, pc but theres more songs on pc than any other version you can find bundles for game and cable on amazon I use it and i can honestly say ive learned a lot from it you can learn a ton of songs (usually you have to pay for them but theres method to install any song without paying) Heres one song im in the works of learning vid is actual "gameplay" (not me lol) The game also works for bass Its like guitar hero but with actual notes
  3. Generic but i like it Also really digging the name <3 Im interested
  4. LMAO wow.... im barely seeing this and they already dissolved R.I.P.
  5. looking good gackt
  6. Sounds good and they look good btw also love how Vo. raises leg to show that ink xD
  7. Not sure if anyones mentioned it but theres a countdown on their ohp http://meidara.jp/ less tha 2 days now
  8. general

    Thats amazing congrats to him and his wife <3
  9. This song is track 3 in the single
  10. ↑ start at 0:20 seconds ↑ LMAO the guitar rhythm is identical to Mejibray - Sabato ↓ Start at 1:10 ↓
  11. Visual-Kei

    sounds amazing <3
  12. Im in love and and pitty looks amazing <3
  13. those breakdowns are killer!!!!!!!!!! Yes yes yes!!!!!!!!