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  1. Happy Birthday CAT5 !!! wishing you well !!! on your birthday <3  Have fun and drink a lot get fucked up !!!!!!!!! XD

  2. Oh hell yes ishtar is fucking nuts !!!! I cant wait XD
  3. They sound good, and i do like the look. I'll keep an eye on them
  4. anyone care to shed some light ? I have no clue what any of it says just fragments of their 2 oneman lives in June
  5. Need a setlist but definetly picking this up Im excited to see whiteout live xD (I hope they played it)
  6. Heres the set-list for [暴動区 愚鈍の桜] (Boudouku Gudon no Sakura) at 2017.03.10 at Yoyogi National Stadium https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/the-gazette/2017/yoyogi-daiichi-taiikukan-tokyo-japan-1bf93dc0.html
  7. Not likely... I believe I read somewhere this is a continuation of project Dark Age so the aesthetics and style should remain the same. Wich I can tottaly get behind I loved everything about the Dogma era.
  8. Hitomi crying in Morans Last live is the death of me :tw_bawling::tw_heart:

    1. DESTINYGUY0316


      So sad last day you see him ... 

  9. Managed to snipe this for a quarter of the price XD im so ready !!!!!
  10. OMFG SENA takes the cake JK he is the cake <3
  11. They really hyping this up... that was borderline a movie trailer xD Im excited to see where this will go
  12. Ba. Haku (UNiTE) is support in the MV