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  1. -NOVA-

    They have released another version of their single "GRAVITY" on itunes Its a slowed down version
  2. not a fan of them.... sadly but they do look fabulous ^^
  3. -NOVA-

    Yes i love them ive missed them. This sounds super good
  4. -NOVA-

  5. -NOVA-

    Yea back in 2016. Gt. Tsuomasu took over as Vo.
  6. -NOVA-

    DIE/MAY will release their Debut album ODIUM on 2018.11.23. Since the departure of their former vo. Seiki the band feels completely different and this new sound sounds pretty promising. I'd like to know everyones thoughts on this
  7. DEZERT's - TODAY needs an MV that song is really something ❤️ 

    1. Yukimoto


      Did you like the album?

    2. -NOVA-


      It was different but yes i really did :)

    3. Yukimoto


      thats good to hear haha

  8. -NOVA-

    When you add them on Line they send you this video.
  9. -NOVA-

    Are these guys new to the scene ? All i can say is holy hell issei came loaded and ready to fight. This is a Banger and the energy they give off is insane. Jumping to an album as a debut release and some amazing shreding thats not overly done is really imppressive. This band seriously has potential. I will admit it does sound like DIMLIM but it can't be helped since a former dimlim is there. Really solid stuff and im sure this album wont dissapoint. @Yukimoto Dude this is a major surprise, i really dig it
  10. missed them the last mini was solid can't wait ❤️
  11. -NOVA-

    disappointed... song doesnt flow well, its all over the place & theres too many breakdowns
  12. -NOVA-

    The song is being used for the game Mobile Suit Gundam EXVS.2. The song was given out with any purchase of their winter collection merchandise. All items are sold out at the moment. Merch: http://collectivejp.com/
  13. アクメ (ACME) Will peerform on February 15-17 2019 at the Hyatt Regency & Wisconsin Center