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  1. @Laurence02Thanks for the info about VAN VAN V4! About the GRIMM THE CAPSULE track - let me check that as soon as I get home!
  2. nattliga_toner

    @WhirlingBlackNeat-o! Will be keeping an eye out for future events
  3. So, I created this mix in anticipation for the revival of Swedish visual kei club Lunacy 1/9, even though I couldn't make it to the event :cry:
    More or less old school VK jambalaya jamz ...check it out! 


  4. nattliga_toner

    So - I had planned to attend this event, but unfortunately shit (a.k.a. life) came inbetween However! I'd prepared this mix for the occasion, with the intention to present it to the organizers: @WhirlingBlackand @Takadanobabaalien Even though a physical "release" came to naught, I think it turned out quite nice ...so I figured I'd just go ahead and publish it here in case somebody's interested. No real theme or anything, just a couple of (IMO) nice tracks Tracklist: 01. DAZZLE - Sleepless Night ('93) 02. NALSIST - Ice Crim of Love ('95) 03. ROSES OF DEAD ESSENCES - Fall ('96) 04. SHAZNA - Clear ('94) 05. DIANA - Shadow ('95) 06. BE FREE - Moon ('96) 07. CAM-FLAGE - Secret Jealousy ('93) 08. DUXLL - Neo-Spychdelic ('95) 09. BANANA FISH - Winter Tales ('93) 10. GLASSTIQUE "BLUE" - sé・ré・nade... ('92) 11. ZELIACORT - I Can't Stop Loving You ('96) 12. SAKRUN - たとえば××× ('94) 13. ZINX - Too Deserted To Speak ~淋しくて声も出ない~ ('93) 14. EX-ANS - Habit Of Sex ('90) 15. LA~BIAL - Caress ('94)
  5. I'll be adding more stuff for sale over at Discogs, though mostly not VK-related. Still - if you're looking for some odd japanese vinyl ish - please have a look https://www.discogs.com/seller/nattliga_toner/profile
  6. Hi everybody! Doing another set sale, some various stuff - mostly on the rare and/or obscure side. Sorry for the shitty phone pictures! Items ship out from Sweden. Worldwide shipping is $7, regardless of order size (registered shipping is $17). Payment via PayPal. Grading is record first, cover second. G > VG > VG+ > EX > NM As always, please feel free to ask if you need more pictures or additional information V/A - Grass Roots Party (CD, 1993) - $50 $30 Condition: NM/NM. Complete with (slightly oversized) obi. Totally obscure and rare under-the-radar goth/metal/VK-compilation! First (and probably only) release on Da Vinci Records. Features early appearances of TATSUYA (7-seven-, NUDE, DOUGHTY, Whiteblack etc.) and JEANA of VOGUE/nuvɔ:gu. Previously uploaded in full here: https://www.monochrome-heaven.com/topic/47627-va-grass-roots-party-1993/?tab=comments#comment-560085 Tracklist: 01. Uni;Sex - 廃人 02. Uni;Sex- Children 03. Distillery - Plaintive Grace 04. Distillery - Chaos Love 05. Junk Arts- Capsule Darkcity 199X 06. Junk Arts - Monster Mobile 07. Area - Disablement 08. Area - Knotty Maid 09. Du-Mode - 24 Hours Egoiste 10. Du-Mode - Mother 11. Bat Cave - Decide 12. Bat Cave - Love & Destroy --- TELEPHONE:LOVERS - Romanticism (CD, 199?) - $25 $20 Condition: EX/NM. Complete with obi. Ultra-obscure! Never heard of this before, looks privately released by the band. No year of release stated, but I'm guessing this was released during the early to mid-90:s. Thanks list include JUBILEE, ZEDEKIAH & UNI;SEX (see V/A - Grass Roots Party CD above). Samples availiable here: 螺旋ウィルス (RASEN VIRUS) ‎– 真実のオモチャ箱 (CD, 1999) - SOLD Condition: NM/NM. Complete with obi. I don't think this one needs much introduction. Post-DESHABILLZ project in the wake of their bassist passing away. Squaky clean copy complete with the transparent slipcase. --- Ba-lra - 子供達の分裂 (3" CD, 1994) - SOLD Condition: VG+/EX These guys are "known" for their appearance on the Cosmic Fields compilation, but this is their virtually unknown solo single! Three hard & fucked up tracks, 2nd track ("ROBOT") is the breadwinner IMO - slow, pulsating gothic madness. Probably self-released (seeing as it is produced by the band themselves) or possibly via a studio (though neither VAN VAN V4 or Couch Case rings a bell). Samples availiable here: V/A - Ayers - Real Airs of 2000 Years in Ayers (CD, 2000) - SOLD Condition: NM/NM. Complete with obi. Obscure early 00:s compilation! I think this was released to commemorate a livehouse called Ayers in Saitama. Recorded at Studio Kararec and released on the Spirits label (same as the 99°C compilations). Samples availiable here: V/A - Tokyo Acid Punk (VHS, 1990) - $40 $30 Condition: EX/EX Excellent live documentation of the early Japanese goth scene! Sick performances by MOTHER GOOSE, EX-ANS, SCULLA, ROSEN KREUZ etc.! Tracklist: 1. Mother Goose - Too Dance 2. Mother Goose - Xeno 3. Dip The Flag - Waiting For The Man 4. Ex-Ans - Abortion 5. Sculla - Longing 6. Rosen Kreuz - Twin Dead Voice 7. The Nirvana - Devil Dog 8. Neurotic Doll - Reveal -啓示- 9. いんど猫 (Indo Neko) - 水の中 Sample (please note: the sound on the actual VHS is much louder than on this clip) NOISY CROWDS - 水色の太陽 / サ・ン・ダ・ル (cassette, 1993) - $30 $25 Condition: EX/NM Absolutely stunning song by NOISY CROWDS. One of their finest works, for some reason only released on this demo tape AFAIK. Self-released by the band and tricky to track down. Sample: ZELIACORT (cassette, 1996) - SOLD Condition: EX/NM Demo tape by ZELIACORT, released in 1996 to promote their CD. Features a song not released on the CD ("Risky Up Knight"). --- CAM-FLAGE / GRIMM THE CAPSULE - split (cassette, 1992) - $25 $20 Condition: NM/NM. Complete with lyric sheet. Rare cassette split with CAM-FLAGE & GRIMM THE CAPSULE. CAM-FLAGE were featured on the "Cry Max Pleasure ~Break On Through To The Nuclear Bandits~" compilation, but their tracks on this tape are harder & less poppy. --- And as last time, I've got some items which are not strictly visual kei but might be of some interest nevertheless FUNHOUSE - Bloody Butterfly From Overdrive Cloudy Skyes (CD, 1991) - $15 $10 Very obscure early 90:s goth band, released on the ZIKS Records sublabel Bloody Butterfly. Deep, dark, depressing sound! Yeah! Sample: 藤森啓之助 & 筒井方也 - Darkness (CD, 1991) - $30 $25 Total mystery release! Self-released CD by these two unknown dudes. Lenghty instrumental synth songs; amateurish but somehow strangely compelling. Balancing somewhere in the cracks between ambient and minimal synth, there's some game soundtrack vibes going on here as well, with some sort of vaguely creepy atmosphere permeating the whole thing. Guessing this is home-recorded basement noodlings. One track starts with a round of applause, but it sounds so weird, I think they just overdubbed it, haha! One & only copy I've ever come across! I put this up over at Discogs for $50, but offering it here for bro price Complete recording of this abomination availiable here: --- And that's it! Get in touch via PM:s or just write in this thread if you're interesting in anything (or if you have questions etc). Thanks for looking!
  7. Started a new Tumblr! Will be posting only the best, rarest & most obscure Japanese 80:s & late 70:s private press うんこ from hell!  Checkkkk it: https://popcon23rd.tumblr.com/

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    2. Chi


      lately im interested in the ladies from the 70s and 80s so plz share ur favorites and recommendations! :D 



      how about your (honestly the best on the internet) site with old goth guys and related things?..

    4. nattliga_toner


      @DREAMON DREAMERI'll either keep updating it as irregularly as always, or maybe do a revamp of it ...we'll see :)

  8. nattliga_toner

    @InunahX Wow, really!? I would really appreciate if, provided it's not too much trouble for you of course
  9. nattliga_toner

    @InunahXYeah! I acquired the "Metallic Survivor" CD just on a whim, and then I saw @robkun's very informative post on YouTube. Most shocking is not only that he released so much material, but that part of it somehow managed to sell decently well! Will definitely keep an eye out for more of his stuff! @Kuroi_dix Thank you!! I just picked 'em up for cheap ...maybe I got lucky? I am a M. MIYOMI novice still ^_^;
  10. nattliga_toner

    @InunahXThanks! Just stumbled upon upon "Metallic Survivor" and figured I'd give it a shot since it looked "promising" (weird title, dude crediting himself as "voice actor", greek pillars on cover etc.). I really enjoy the homemade quality of his stuff, though it gets kinda rough sitting through after a while (and I LIKE shitty and weird productions). Dude is certainly a fascinating character, would love to get my hands on some more of his stuff (at the right price, I cautiously might have to add).
  11. nattliga_toner

    More MYOMI shenanigans - these are fucking ridiculous (not sure if in i a good way). I can't even fathom when I'm supposed to be in the mood of sitting through the whole of these... Nevertheless, there is more of this dude ...and I kinda want it
  12. nattliga_toner

    More various cheapos! DAZZLE & ReBIRTH are definitely the highlights here! 冥実誠 is absolutely ridiculous! Started to hunt down the rest of his discography, even though I should know better... Got some vinyl I'm quite stoked about as well!
  13. I dug up some more stuff to sell which might be of interest (Amphibian CD, Jeanne D'arc CD, Rosen Kreuz promo). Too lazy to make a post for it, but it's all up for grabs over at my Discogs page: https://www.discogs.com/seller/nattliga_toner/profile
  14. Hello folks! Selling off some stuff again Feel free to ask if there is any questions or if additional pictures are needed. Worldwide shipping is $7, regardless of order size (registered shipping is $17). Payment via PayPal. V/A - Ayers - Real Airs of 2000 Years in Ayers (CD, 2000) - $20 Condition: NM/NM. Complete with obi. Obscure early 00:s compilation! I think this was released to commemorate a livehouse called Ayers in Saitama. Recorded at Studio Kararec and released on the Spirits label (same as the 99°C compilations). Samples availiable here: V/A - Nuclear Fusion Tour - SOLD Condition: NM/VG+ SUPER rare promo-only 3" CD on Extasy Records (catalogue #: EXS-02) featuring GILLES DE RAIS, SIGHS OF LOVE POTION & LUNA SEA! This was distributed freely during a 1991 concert and not availiable for sale in shops. --- KUROYUME 黒夢 - 生きていた中絶児… (complete w/ obi) EX/EX - SOLD 黒夢 - 亡骸を・・・ (w/ slipcase & booklet) VG+/VG - SOLD Slipcase of 亡骸を・・・ is a bit dinged, and the booklet is in loose leaf system. Not sure if came like that or if it was the work of the previous owner. Both albums play great! --- ROMANCE FOR~ - 楽園への回帰 The quest for the Grail cassette - SOLD NM/NM. Complete with booklet. Tracklist: 01 砂時計 02 ~pale~ 光を見る前に… 03 ボーナストラック --- NEO SONIC ARTS - Anemone/How to kill?~How to Love? cassette NM/NM - SOLD PICTURE LOOP MACHINE - Nervous Prostation cassette NM/EX - SOLD --- LUNA SEA - Image or Real VHS - SOLD Played a few times by me. Complete with fold-out lyric sheet/poster. Classic live performance during Luna Sea's arguably best era! Tracklist: 01. Fate 02. Mechanical Dance 03. Suspicious 04. Search for Reason 05. Sandy Time 06. Time Is Dead 07. Blue Transparency 08. Chess 09. Déjàvu 10. Moon Color / Stereo / 60 min / NTSC --- X - Blue Blood Tour: Bakuhatsu Sunzen Gig. '89-3-16, Shibuya Kohkaido VHS - $30 Like the LUNA SEA VHS above, played once or twice by me. Complete with booklet. Tracklist: 01. Prologue ~ World Anthem 02. Blue Blood 03. Sadistic Desire 04. Easy Fight Rambling 05. Week End 06. Stab Me In The Back 07. Piano Solo 08. Drum Solo 09. Guitar Solo 10. 紅 11. オルガズム 12. I'll Kill You 13. 20th Century Boy 14. X 15. Unfinished Color / Stereo / 59 min / NTSC --- X - X Clips VHS - $10 Compilation of all the classic X music videos! Bought during a visit to Japan years and years agao. A bit wear around the edges of the packaging, in nice condition otherwise. WYSIWYG; not sure if this came with a booklet or not. Tracklist: 01. X 02. 紅 03. Endless Rain 04. Week End 05. Celebration 06. Silent Jealousy 07. Joker 08. Say Anything Color / Stereo / ~57 min / NTSC Sample: --- DIE-QUÄR - 無口に腐乱… VHS - SOLD AWESOME video release by early & obscure VK group DIE-QUÄR (they also released a CD on Moon Dops, same as GILLES DE RAIS before they got picked up by Extasy). Live footage combined with hometaped shenanigans, not unlike the early DESHABILLZ videos! Recommended for fans of oooold school VK! Complete with insert. Tracklist: 01. xxx Sexed 02. ジレンマ 03. 狂い掛けた百夜 04. 逢魔が刻 05. Fin ~幻想の森~ 06. Malice ~序曲の舞~ Stereo / Color / ?? min / NTSC --- GILLE' LOVES - 真紅のデカダンス ~Décadence of Rose~ VHS - SOLD You know the deal here. Lucifer Luscious Violenue hometapes with GILLE' LOVES music laid over, self released on the Gothic Romance Invitation label. As I recall, the picture quality is a little bad on this one, but it may very well be because this was filmed in Lucifer's basement sorta. With booklet + FICTION (band after GILLE' LOVES) sticker. Tracklist: 01. 薔薇の王国 02. 血と薔薇 03. BURNING WORLD-破壊の序曲- 04. 夢、夢のあと-Reve apres reve- 05. 真紅のデカダンス-DECADENCE OF ROSE- Sample: --- And finally... this isn't strictly visual kei-related, but may be of interest nevertheless: Dokkiri! Japanese Indies Music 1976-1989 book - SOLD Author: Kato David Hopkins Public Bath Press, 2015. ISBN: 978-4-9908636-0-9 Thorough guide and history about the Japanese independent scene from the late 70:s to the end of the 80:s. Lots of info about japanese experimental, post-punk, hardcore, punk, new wave band & records etc. Sort of like Julian Copes "Japrocksampler", but with more focus on the 80:s rather than the 60:s/70:s. --- Thanks for looking! Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or so Got more stuff for sale over at Discogs as well: https://www.discogs.com/seller/nattliga_toner/profile