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  1. MaikoMizu

    Thot twitter
  2. MaikoMizu

    1st song: RESONANCE / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-UXUJN4GeAw 2nd Song: Honnou (本能) / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CI0Ml04diyI
  3. MaikoMizu

    Just received my CD today and it was in excellent condition ^^
  4. MaikoMizu

    KOF XIV Guilty Gear Xrd - Revelator- & Xrd Rev 2 Blazblue Central Fiction Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4
  5. Man... that's dark. He's the drummer just because he lost a game of rock-paper-scissors. He's made it work for so long too... ;-;
  6. Any A7X, FFDP or I See Stars fans?
  7. Hmmmm. I respect your opinion. I agree that Sakito is a great guitarist and he does great compositions and writes good lyrics. As for Ruka, yeah, I can agree and I'll say that he doesn't show much emotion when it comes to DVDs or pictures for some reason :/ Ruka did want to be the bassist for Nightmare when he originally joined I believe? But who knows? Maybe he's gotten tired of drumming for such a long time? As for the other members, Yomi's vocals were good in their prime but I am not too big on the recent change (I heard it was from smoking) and as for the other two members, I can't say much.
  8. MaikoMizu

    I dig the look.
  9. MaikoMizu

    Not a big Mejibray fan but the song does its part, pretty good.
  10. MaikoMizu

    :/ This sucks.
  11. MaikoMizu

  12. MaikoMizu

    girugamesh - 2012 A friend was suggesting music to put in for our crew combo video (Smash Bros) and giving them a listen, it took me a minute but after listening to more songs, they became a timeless favorite.
  13. MaikoMizu

    :/ Darn. This really bites. They were one of my favorite bands. I hope Miyuu, Yusuke and Leo go on to create a new band or join new ones.
  14. MaikoMizu

    Same here! It's sad how the bands that have unique/very talented people don't tend to last long due to member departures. His voice is unique.
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