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  1. fictioninhope

    Reading Genki's latest tweet, it definitely sounds like they have definitely gotten a new vocalist. He said something along the lines of there being a reason they can't go on together but he can't say any details and that he's sorry but he wants everyone to know he will keep singing meteo songs.
  2. fictioninhope

    I assume so? I'm still somewhat confused on it. I woke up and got on twitter and was like "who the fuck are all these GREEM people I didn't follow these people????" before realizing it was MeteoroiD and Genki was the only one without a GREEM related username.
  3. http://www.greem-official.com/ 月白[vocal] | 帝[guitar] | マチ[guitar] | 螺琉[bass] | 朋夜[drums] 1st Single「GreeM」配布盤 1. GreeM 2. despair's ray 2017.03.01 RELEASE / GMCD-001 They'll have their first oneman at Ikebukuro EDGE June 17th. yes, it's basically MeteoroiD 2.0.
  4. fictioninhope

    my fave pre-vena songs~
  5. fictioninhope

    fuck embarrassment. sing along at the top of your lungs and give no fucks what other people think! life is way to short to stop doing something you're having fun with cause of other people. unless you are physically hurting someone(and there is no pit present) then no one gives a damn cause they rocking out too. maybe i'm just too old to give any fucks what people think when i'm having fun these days lolol. this is making me want to go back and do a full listen of all their releases now. need more time in the day! need a Crossfaith/coldrain/SiM mega US tour 2k17 Y/Y?????
  6. fictioninhope

    i'm one of those "i'd rather have a physical copy" kind of people so once i find a band i really like i want to buy everything lol. i used to do just that and not give any fucks about cost but i got bills to pay and a gut to put food into so no more mindless cd shopping for me. ;n; vena is so great, i swear my fave track from it has changed month to month. i think the only song i'm not like 100% with is whole. it's a beautiful song and i love it but i have to be in a mood for slow jams and i'm usually not in that mood.
  7. fictioninhope

    nice, nice! hopefully it wasn't too hot in your neck of the woods. i went to two of the florida dates. wanted to go to the dallas one too since it's driving distance for me but i ended up with some unexpected medical expenses like 2 weeks before the show so had to cancel the dallas plans. why money gotta be such an issue? XD i'm kinda hoping they'll bring different cds with them next time?? like bring some older stuff. importing ain't cheap and even buying it in japan still isn't cheap. :v that warped price was soooooo nice. what's your fave song on vena??????? mine was originally gone but then fire in the sky and the story took over my life.
  8. fictioninhope

    i freaking love coldrain so much it physically hurts me. my very first vinyl in my soon-to-be collection was vena because why the fuck not? i got to see 'em twice for my birthday on warped last year and was so happy. I was supposed to see them here in my hometown last march but they got in that bad bus wreck between texas and here and had to miss the show. D; @heresytrashwhich warped date(s) did you go to??? man, y'all talking about the cost being so high. the special price they had for vena + the revelation while on warped was a freaking steal. i think it was like 15 for both albums or something close to that?? less than i paid for one mini at tower records. :v -throws confetti- YAY COLDRAIN FANS. \o/
  9. fictioninhope

    woo welcome week!!! come join us and play with dragons~.
  10. fictioninhope

    @itsukoii was my partner. This was a little difficult for me due to the fact I wasn't really given much direction in terms of a mood, mix title or even a tracklist and I'm so used to structure when it comes to something I'm going to be reviewing. I was told to just shuffle it but that bothered me because nothing was ever in the same order so I ended up just playing it in the order the songs made it into the playlist on itunes. 1. Black:List - MELANCHOLY Black:List is my heart. This was a real surprise to me since I never hear anyone talk about them at all anymore and sometimes it feels like I'm the only one clutching their singles tightly to their chest and crying because Kyotaro was so good. The song is really fitting of it's name and Kyotaro's vocals really do a good job tearing into your soul and giving you the dark side of feels. 5/5 2. DEATHGAZE - proof Another band I absolutely adore. Sadly, this was not one of their best songs. It's nice and chill, which is always a good reminder that some heavier bands CAN do some soft stuff. This song's biggest downfalls are it's length and how repetitive it is. At almost 6 minutes long it got to the point where I kept thinking "Okay, this is the end, next track starts now" and then the song would just start all over. If only they hadn't made it so long.... 2.5/5 3. DIR EN GREY - 艶かしき安息、躊躇いに微笑み If "The Final" didn't exist, this song would 100% be my favorite diru song in existence. I feel like it doesn't get the love it truly deserves. With the direction the band has gone in recent years I haven't really listened to them much but with itsu putting this in her mix.. It really reminded me exactly why I fell so madly in love with this band so many years ago. When Kyo sings he really fucking sings. It's such a beautiful thing, even when it's so full of sadness and melancholy. If the mix had been just this song on repeat for 70 minutes I would have been perfectly content. 5/5 4. the GazettE - UNDYING If I'm entirely honest, I haven't really liked anything gazette has done in a really long time. A painfully long time. And this song.. I have mixed feelings on. Compared to a lot of their recent stuff this is definitely one of the better tracks but it still lacks so much for me. I bleed metal, I love screams and growls and the heaviest of music but this song would have been worlds better without Ruki's attempt to be brutal. When he sings in this song it just clicks for me. Like with Kyo, Ruki's got a way of digging deep inside your soul to wrap his fingers around your heart and squeeze it until all you feel is gloom(in the best way possible). This song is just too all over the place for me to truly enjoy my heart being crushed. 2.5/5 5. lynch. - The Fatal Hour Has Come Not entirely sure how my faves ended up all in the start of the playlist I created but man. These guys are my babies. I love them to the ends of the earth and back, even when they do songs like this that sound so same-y it's almost painful to listen to them. This is one of those times where it almost felt like a burden to push myself through this song and not just trade it out for a different lynch. selection. 1.5/5 6. 黒百合と影 - 捜索願い I really tried to like this band back when they first started, really I did. The vocals just did absolutely nothing for me and it certainly didn't change with this song. I would have been infinitely thrilled if this had just been an instrumental track. it has such a wonderful eerie and melancholic vibe to it and then the vocalist opens his mouth and let's out this weird noise that's high pitched in a way I'm not used to that was really jarring for me when the music started out so fantastic. 1.5/5 7. 12012 - FORTITUDE Another nostalgia-as-fuck band for me that really brings me back to my heavy vk days, before I became an angry "get off my lawn, you damn kids!" old lady and everything was wonderful. Somehow I managed to miss this song in my 12012 fan days and I'm not sure how but I really enjoyed this one. It gives me the feels but I'm not entirely sure how to express just what kind of feels they are? 4/5 8. XodiacK - 君悲ノ鳴声 itsu's on a roll with bands that give me nostalgia from the "good ol' days". Something that always drew me to this band was Eros/Ice's vocals. I love me some deeper vocals and his voice really hits the spot. This song is definitely rough around the edges and could use some polishing(that it'll never get, forever crying) but I think that just makes me love it even more. Like "FORTITUDE" I'm not entirely sure how to describe the feels this song gives me but I definitely jam to this. 3.5/5 9. RevleZ - Isolated Room Finally come across a band that I'm familiar with in name only and have no prior expectations for. Besides the weird noise at the very beginning that leads into the actual instrumentals, I really dig the opening to this song. I dig the song in general, really. It's got the deeper vocals I'm generally drawn to which is nice. I love the gloomy vibe the song has but you get about 2/3 of the way through and the mood changes unexpectedly and it feels really out of place to me in the song as a whole. The very end where he repeats one word over and over again in an almost-croak could have been left out as well. 3.5/5 10. Mejibray - Cristate I really hate Mejibray. I listened to this song once and then every time it came up after I skipped it. If I had had the option, I would have removed it from the list entirely. Tsuzuku's voice sets me off so bad, like nails on a chalkboard, that horrible squeak when there's a belt off in the engine compartment on a car, or breaks that are about to go out. The music itself wasn't terrible and it's not the worst Mejibray track I have forced myself to listen to but it instilled no feels in me except the urge to get away from it as quickly as possible. 0.5/5 11. llll-Ligro- - to Another band I know in name only. I really enjoyed this. Like super enjoyed it. it was so easy to listen to and I found myself skipping halfway through other songs to get to this one faster. it fills me with feelings of sadness and longing and has me yearning for more. There was only one issue I had with this song and it was a little over halfway through it when the vocalist starts screeching. it doesn't fit with the vibe of the song at all and it made me so sad that what could have been a perfect song was muddled down with such an unpleasant section. I'm not sure why I never actually listened to this band but this song might get me to give them a chance. 4/5 12. a crowd of rebellion - M1917 I was a little surprised to have a non-vk band in this mix, if I'm honest. And a really good one at that. I really enjoy listening to acor and this song was a breath of fresh air in an otherwise downer party the mix has been prior to it. As out of place as this song felt to me, I really enjoyed the pick-me-up, especially after sitting through mejibray towards the end. It's a nice heavy track but somehow has this really upbeat vibe to it. Would have been happy with more like this in the mix. 4.5/5 13. Gossip - Zanen ~After Smoke~ Hooooooly shit does this take me back. I really enjoyed this band but don't feel I gave them enough attention back in those days due to having been a complete music hoarder and never having enough time to truly listen to everything I downloaded. The biggest feel this gives me is pure nostalgia. My complaint with this is the majority of the time I can't really hear the vocals over the music. I love that they are deeper( *swoon* ) but it's so terribly hard to hear them that it really detracts from the song and I don't think I was able to really appreciate it because of that. 2.9/5 When I sat down to listen to this mix, I had just lost someone very very important to me very unexpectedly a few days prior to getting it so the songs I had already had a history with prior to this trade-off really hit for me(especially that diru song). After a few days I found myself going back to the mix I had sent to itsu because I needed something more upbeat but this was 100% an enjoyable experience and I'll def keep participating in these trade-offs(and hope my partner does too!!!). I'm super pleasantly surprised at how well itsu liked my Ayumi pick. Please check out more of her stuff if you enjoyed still alone. Queen Ayu is a gift from the gods here to bless this horrible planet. Despite the picks on the mix I sent you, I eat, sleep, breathe and bleed metal/heavy music and we actually have a loooot in common music-wise. I'm happy to have exposed you to some new stuff, no matter how little and even though it's pretty hard to get the same feels from songs as someone else when you have no history with said songs. Hit me up any time you need a little clusterfuck of music in your life~. <3
  11. fictioninhope

    sdjkghkaejg someone in this thread that isn't me, kelly or hiroki~! *u* -scurries off to check out @Chikage's lair- Also @doomboxlondon so gorg omg. ;w; <3 gonna die, that apparel looks so great on him
  12. fictioninhope

    super ready~. gimme all the feels~ *u*
  13. fictioninhope

    I've been so bad about updating this thread ugh!! D; This week is welcome week where registration is open all week! Come join @doomboxand I in the dragon fun~. Even better that this month is the Riot of Rot festival.
  14. Chanty was so good. SO GOOD.  I'm gonna die.

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    2. fictioninhope


      Fiction's Chanty-Weekend Report: Akuta is a hugger. Taku, Chitose and Akuta like women with large boobs that squish nicely in the hand. Shia is a total sweetheart and was really shy but gives good hugs. Naruto is the most beautiful broom in a closet full of brooms. Naruto makes me question my sexuality and my love of bassists.  They are so pop-y musically but they go harder than MeteoroiD will ever hope to go. Chitose and Naruto looked at me like I was batshit insane when I recommended they go eat fried catfish while in Oklahoma. I'm sorry but fried catfish is amazing. Take your shrimp and suck it.

      Serious note: They are so fantastic live. Like the studio recordings are great but live? Wow wow wow. And then acoustic!!! Oh my god just kill me now because I can't handle anything anymore. This band has literally made me so happy, I haven't been this crazy over a band since DELUHI. I think about these adorable idiots and it just puts a huge smile on my face, I'm already having withdrawals from Chitose being all cute and saying hi to us all the time.

      Bonus: RaL of MeteoroiD is a beautiful cinnamon roll and the only reason Kelly and I powered through that live without punching someone in the face. If it wasn't for him staring us down when we weren't giving him attention we would have gotten kicked out of the con. Bless him.


    3. fitear1590


      That's awesome! I love Chanty's music, so I'm glad to hear you enjoyed them so much live!

    4. fictioninhope


      Honestly I was expecting to like.. enjoy them but not love them since I tend to go for the heavier stuff. I was thinking MeteoroiD were gonna be my new faves but Chanty really stole the entire weekend.