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    Just gonna leave these here. Haven't been able to translate them yet: 死刑台に掛(か)けられた私は 醜(ひど)い情景(じょうけい) 塞(ふさ)ぎ込む民(たみ)より ずっとずっと冷酷(れいこく)で 視点は宙に舞い描いた生前(せいぜん)を写す それは 互いを潰し会うような感情 重なり合えぬ光と闇はあくまでも 同一の対象で それを罪とした 開かれた明日の扉の向こうは 危なくに満ちた世界だとゆう 死神との交渉にはひとつ 理性(りせい)を要(よう)する 【デスボイス~わからない(笑)】 地下道ではうまくいかない日々で 無意味な 死を遂げた 【英語ジザスコウシミサイシア ロスコウシミサイシア】 覚醒を祈る歌声が響く 清雅(せいが)かな開眼(かいがん)をいまこそ目覚める 【英語ジザスコウシミサイシア ロスコウシミサイシア】 羽ばたいた翼、舞い 赤く染まれと 奪われたその命と刻みこめるように 【デスボイス】 鉄格子(てつごうし)挟(はさ)む、ここに立ち尽くす 二つを結ばぬようにと 【英語ジザスコウシミサイシア ロスコウシミサイシア】 ぞんざいをくだす意思なき者さ 崩れ去る白煙(はくえん)な命を宿(やど)すの 【英語ジザスコウシミサイシア ロスコウシミサイシア】 覚醒を祈る歌声が響く 今、幕は切り落とされ、 そして、神となる 【英語】 Credits to my Japanese VK boyfriend lol. Lyrics still include his comments etc. Dunno when I'll translate it but if ppl here appreciate it I'll put the translated version on here as well after I'm done. さらばだー
  3. Tada aishite aisareta ano hi ni kogare < 33333

  4. Let's hold these hearts for one another. It's worth all wounds, it must be. If I'm drawn and quartered, it's only for you

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    Ohh I loooved Grave Encounters!! Much mindfuck D: <33 I was actually looking for some worthy horrors to watch this weekend so thanks everyone ^ - ^
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  7. You better not turn back. It’s my confession...

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  9. MY LIFE'S STORY (JAPAN RELATED ONLY) XD prepare yourself for a wall of text (even tho it's the SHORT VERSION HEHE), and MOTIVATION OVERLOOOAAD ;D I've been dreaming of Japan ever since I was young, too many reasons AND FEELINGS to sum up why, and I FINALLY made it there this year ^ - ^ I always really wanted to study Japanese on an university here. I've been trying to work my way towards that goal since I was about 12. Unfortunately my "highschool" (we have a totally different ed. system in the Netherlands but I'll call it highschool for now), didn't agree with it, I missed 0.1 points to stay on the ed. level I was following and with which I could get into the university I wanted. They shattered my dream and plans and made me graduate a level lower. I was fucking devastated (thinking back it still hurts) I decided to go study Communication and Multimedia Design (fit to the level I fell in), my current major. I planned to finish my first year with good grades, get the certificate for passing the first year, and, with that, go to the university I wanted to go to and try to end up studying Japanese anyway. Thankfully, at the beginning of my first year, I got a super awesome job concerning the major (front-end development and web design) and discovered I'm actually PRETTY GOOD with this shit XD then I found out that doing minors was a part of the major, and that there was also a possibility to do these ABROAD. BOOOOM!!! I was like, "OMG FUUUUCK!! THIS IS MY CHANCE!! THIS IS MY CHANCE TO GO TO JAPAN!!". So I went to the International Office of the ICT & Media academy, who arranges all this stuff, and asked them if they have agreements with schools in Japan. OF COURSE THEY DIDN'T XD So I talked to to a coordinator there and told her "WELL I wanna do this shit, I want to go to Japan so I'm gonna fucking get us an agreement :') ". Took me 2.5 years (I'd have to do my minors in my 3rd year, so that's this year) and didn't manage to find an university in Japan that wanted to set up an agreement for exchange with us. I was just about to give up when this professor from ANOTHER academy contacted us and told us his major has an agreement for exchange with an university in Osaka. He recommended me to the university, helped me apply for everything and with a lot of energy and anxiety of not getting in the program (Asian Studies Program at Kansai Gaidai University in Osaka), I got accepted :DDDDDDD I studied and lived in Hirakatashi, Osaka this year from Jan till June and have never EVER been as happy as I was living in Japan. I've always had the feeling it'd be the place I belong, it's the reason I kept on going and the reason of my longing, but it exceeded ALL of my expectations and feelings. Thinking back to how I felt there, typing all this I can't help but tear up haha XD ANYWAAAAAY before I went to Osaka for minors I'd already decided to do my graduation internship in Japan as well XD come what may ;D So while I was there studying I worked my ass off trying to find an internship at music & entertainment related companies (wrote PSC, Speed Disk, Tower Rec, Zeal Link, SHOXX) etc. I got reply from Shoxx and Zeal Link that they'd want to offer me a JOB, but that wasn't exactly what I was looking for. The months passed and I was back again in my fucking cage called the Netherlands. I hadn't found an internship yet BUT still had time and was still looking :3333 I ended up using my network HERE to try and see if someone had contacts at Sony Music&Entertainment in Tokyo. NOT GIVING UP, I WAS ABSOLUTELY DETERMINED to do this shit in Japan. I made to many promises I'd be back. Via via via I got contacted by a guy who had worked at the hardware dep at Sony in Tokyo and told me he'd try and get me into the company, but couldn't promise me he'd be able to get me in the Music & Entertainment part of it. But at that point I didn't care, I mean, IT'S FUCKING SONY IN TOKYO LOL XD I'll just network my ass off at raibu and parties and get into music & entertainment later ;DD with Sony on my resume, I mean, geez XD soooooo I got contacted by SONY :DDDD and Skyped with them. And they were super excited and offered me an internship ^ - ^ SO, here I am, leaving AGAIN for Japan in 15 days, EXACTLY how I planned and hoped, THIS TIME living in TOKYO for 4 months !! While keeping my promise to come back and celebrate Xmas and New Year's with all my friends who are still there :DDDD stressing and arranging everything on a super short notice. BUT I FUCKING DID IT. There's only one obstacle left really, and that's my current course, if I fail this course I'm not allowed to graduate :'D BUT everything has worked out this far, and I just handed in my project, so I'm positive I'll be able to pass and go to Japan leaving all those troubles behind ^ - ^ moral of the story: IF YOU WANT SOMETHING, FUCKING GO AND GET IT!!! or like Walt Disney says "All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them." Anyway, concerning Japanese language skills; I've learned kana and some kanji on my own, I have always been in love with the Japanese language but couldn't follow lessons or anything (no money, no time, no nothing XD). So basically, being crazy about anime and about Visual Kei, I learned basic Japanese the way I learned English really (I am pretty good with languages, especially when I like them). That, and having learned to read kana and some basic kanji, actually got me into level 2 Japanese Spoken and Reading/Writing at Kansai Gaidai, instead of level 1. Studying Japanese language was part of the program so I had Japanese classes for the first time ever, for 4 months straight. And my Japanese's gotten pretty good tbh ^ - ^ I'm still self studying and practicing with friends, and I will try and do the JLPT level N3 in December this year. If all goes well I'll finish my graduation internship at Sony in March 2015, then go back to the Netherlands and hand in my report, and then hopefully graduate :DD I am planning to move to Japan some time after I graduate, preferably next year but it depends on how things will go. SO YEAH ^ - ^ I'm pretty fucking serious about all of this really XD Sorry for the wall of text, but I hope this will be motivating for people who want to make a change and follow their dreams, but are afraid of doing so. I mean, there is always failure lurking in the shadows to smack you down and get you scared, but you can get really far with networking, determination and JUST GOING FOR IT, JUST DO IT! If you never try you'll never know anyway. Might as well go for it and regret doing it than regret NOT doing it. And if you're miserable now, what do you have to lose anyway? <3
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    Ohhh you guys <333 haha I didn't knew you'd replied but thanks a lot!!
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  12. Don't go and leave me, and please don't drive me blind.. You don't believe me, but you do this every time. Please don't drive me blind.

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  13. Don't go and leave me..

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    Okkk no one answered and I felt like translating it anyway so here you go (I made a few notes in it as well). I corrected the kanji where needed, but I used hiphopvomit's (and probably the first person's kanji lyrics) as starting point. I made notes at some parts, if you have questions about something or why I translated it like that, just ask me (NICELY PLX). Or if you have corrective suggestions DO let me know (: <3 I am not native and I'm not fucking JLPT N1/B1 (prob N2/N3 but we'll see it when I take N3 in Dec.), so even tho I'm PRETTY confident about my translation, I can't assure you it's 1000000% perfectly translated. And yeah, I structured the kanji/romaji/English like this because you can actually connect the kanji/romaji/English with each other (and learn!) rather than when you're reading it apart from each other. If you want it all separated let me know ^ - ^ Lycaon – Shadow (translation) Shadow… ねぇ…聞こえていますか? Nee... kikoeteimasu ka? Hey… can* you hear me? ほら…あたしの声が Hora**... atashi no koe ga Look… it’s my voice この闇の中で君に触れていたいよ Kono yami no naka de kimi ni fureteitai yo I want to touch you inside of this darkness 会いたい***と想うより君の側で眠りたい Aitai to omou yori kimi no soba de nemuritai I want to sleep by your side rather than I think I want to see you このまますべて消えてしまえばいいのに Kono mama subete kiete shimaeba ii noni If it’s like this, I wish everything would disappear ねえ...聞こえているよ? Nee... kikoeteiru yo? Hey…can you hear me? ほら...あなたの声が Hora... anata no koe ga Look…it’s your voice 絡み付く闇も君が光に変える Karamitsuku yami mo kimi ga hikari ni kaeru You will change into light, as well as the entangled darkness**** 今僕が願うなら君は僕を消せるかい? Ima boku ga negau nara kimi wa boku o keseru kai? If I desire it now, would you erase me? このまますべて消えてしまえばいいのに Kono mama subete kiete shimaeba ii noni If it’s like this, I wish everything would disappear 暗闇を纏って探してる Kurayami o matotte sagashiteru Clad in darkness, I am searching 鮮やか咲き誇るその黒い影 Azayaka sakihokoru sono kuroi kage Vivid full glory, that black shadow 会いたいと... Aitai to... I want to see you... 会いたいと想うより君の側で眠りたい Aitai to omou yori kimi no soba de nemuritai I want to sleep by your side rather than I think I want to see you このまますべて消えてしまえばいいのに Kono mama subete kiete shimaeba ii noni Like this, I wish everything would disappear 美しい闇の中で君を見つけたから Utsukushii yami no naka de kimi o mitsuketa kara Because I found you inside of this beautiful darkness, このまま影になって君も消えてしまえばいいのに Kono mama kage ni natte kimi mo kiete shimaeba ii noni Like this I become a shadow, and I wish you’d disappear too *If you translate it literally, it’d be “Do you hear me?”, but it’s more natural to translate it to “Can you hear me?” in this context. Like, when speaking on the phone you can say “Kikoeteimasu ka?” or “Kikoeteiru?” and that’s asking if the other person is able to hear you or not. The masu form is more formal, so second time he sings it, it’s informal. **Hora is Japanese slang, it’s kinda hard to translate to English, it’s usually translated as look(?)/see(?)/hey(?!), but in this case I choose to translate it is look *** I dunno if the kanji lyrics are right because a lot of it stayed hiragana (like kimi and soba… I changed those to their kanji). Also it kinda sounds like Yuuki sings “Naitai” which would be translated totally different. But let’s stick with this for now lol **** Yeah see this is what I mean XD I don’t know if it’s the right kanji for kaeru, else it would translate as “you return to the light, as well as the entangled darkness” SIGH v.v
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