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  1. Again via webshop, I hate them for that shit since they discovered it back in 2008. Nice for the single, only one type? it's this cheap? I'm surprised, what's happening xD
  2. ^oh really? Damn, his voice is probably what I prefer in Zillapark, I really love his tone. I wish Masqued Liar would release something official soon, I really like both songs (especially the electro intro of I miss you...it's great). Wait and see.
  4. Jin-Machine / TBC - LP

    【アルバム】 2タイプ ―――――――――――――――――――――――――――― □タイトル「未定」 - タイツA - □発売日:2017/03/15(水) □品番:YCCW-10300/B □価格:¥4,167+税 (税込:¥4,500) □仕様: ALBUM+DVD (+タイツ) ※「タイツ」付は、初回生産分のみ。 Disc-1 [CD収録曲] 全14曲予定 収録予定曲:(曲順未定・収録曲は変更の可能性があります) ・「同時発売シングル曲」 ・「ゴリラ」  ・「NEVER SAY NEVER」  ・「†夏☆大好き!ヴィジュアル系†」  ・「タイツA,B」共通曲4曲 他、タイツAのみ収録曲6曲 Disc-2 MusicVideo ( 既発シングル3曲+同時発売のシングル曲 ) ―――――――――――――――――――――――――――― □タイトル「未定」 -タイツB- □アーティスト名  Jin-Machine □発売日:2017/03/15(水) □品番:YCCW-10301/B □価格:¥4,167+税 (税込:¥4,500) □仕様:ALBUM+DVD (+タイツ) ※「タイツ」付は、初回生産分のみ。 Disc-1 [CD収録曲] 全14曲予定 収録予定曲:(曲順未定・収録曲は変更の可能性があります) ・「同時発売シングル曲」 ・「ゴリラ」  ・「NEVER SAY NEVER」  ・「†夏☆大好き!ヴィジュアル系†」  ・「タイツA,B」共通曲4曲 他、タイツBのみ収録曲6曲 Disc-2 「Anime Weekend Atlanta」 ライブ・オフショット
  5. Jin-Machine / TBC - MCD

    【シングル】 ―――――――――――――――――――――――――――― □タイトル「未定」 □アーティスト名  Jin-Machine □品番:YCCW-30060 □価格:¥1,296+税 (税込:¥1,400) □CD収録曲: 全6曲予定
  6. 2017年4月4日(火)発売 4th ALBUM 「惡道に死す」 TKRD-4444 ¥3,000(tax in) 12曲入り
  7. BLESSCODE / BLESSYOU-Complete Best- - LP

    『BLESSYOU-Complete Best-』 2017.03.01 価格 \3,200+税 CD2枚組  DISC1 1.タイトル未定 2.Belfry 3.Galaxia 4.慟哭 5.シアン 6.BRAVER 7.Butterfly Zone 8.Endless Hope 9.想い月 10.白夜に一雫 11.陽炎 12.FAKE STAR 13.Eau de toilette 14.LoneBeauty 15.解放VOLTAGE 16.Bizarre 17.SAVAGE DOLL DISC2 1.再生  2.Beautiful World  3.Judgement  4.インモラル  5.Lucid  6.white 7.Regret Love 8.虜 9.Imperial City 10.wanderer 11.色ノ無イ夢 12.Gone With the Wind 13.CROWS 14.Anti Liar 15.タイトル未定
  9. So, your first and only post here is a goodbye post, it's so ironic that's hilarious x'D And you're leaving us because? You can't find what you were looking for *wink*? Goodbye then, and good luck.
  10. Well, it's a calendar, it's here only as a reminder for releases. I'm not going to write a biography each time I'm creating a post. If someone want to know more about a band, there's still a research function on the news forum.
  11. I update the calendar here with cdjapan list of VK new items added, so I should miss some releases (webshop, jpop, jrock). But if you know more osbcure stuff than me or us (the few people who are updating the calendar), then why not update our calendar instead of doing a blog apart from here?
  12. Flopcreed, the movie's book that I've got the other day. As a huge AC fan I have zero faith in the movie, so maybe the book will be better. xD I still can't deal with the Animus arm shit (all around it is ridiculous) and the nonsense already. The past events are set in 1491, and Aguilar had his finger cut for the hidden blade. Da Vinci modified the blade in 1476 so no more fingers to cut. No one to pass the word in the brotherhood? I mean, not losing your finger anymore sounds like a big victory to me! Or is it because Italy is soooo far away from Spain (lol)? It's a detail but it bugs me.
  13. Hey :) To answer your question about megamasso; no I didn't get any photosets nor bonus of any kind :/ I bought all types on Cdjapan and no bonuses for this release were available :/
    But it's nice to see that someone here have bought their releases!! <3 

    1. Yukimoto


      haha yeah since I'm more able to support these days compared to before I try to do my part hehe.... Awwww you should try going through jishuban.com they usually give at least the pictures and comment DVDs but like all places they don't get everything. Haven't listened to it yet though hehe but soon I will

    2. eiheartx


      Do they ship overseas? Do you need a shopping service? I usually buy my stuff with cdjapan because it's easier, and I prefer to use AirMail (for the customs). I've never bought anything from jishuban, how is it working?

    3. Yukimoto


      it works good actually ant they do ship over seas in like 2-3 days... If I'm correct they only use air mail, or some kind of express mail, so if you are looking for a cheaper method, like some do, they only have the one. I would give it a try. You send them an email to get your account set up, giving them an account name and password so you can log on too the site and then when they are about to ship your first shipment they ask for your address and they send it to you. Then after that they have your info on file and can always ship to that address! you should give it a try!!!

  14. The PV is pretty neat (for a low budget and a first PV I mean). It's cute. But I can't stand the MIDI samples/bontempi synths, it's atrocious (who did this xD)
  15. TBC