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  1. My guilty not-so-guilty pleasures: The Veronicas and Foxes. I'm also a big fan of Xtina's Bionic and Katy Perry's Witness albums.
  2. We know for ages that they would go the pop route; they want to fulfill arenas now, and spread their message to a massive audience, so it's not really a surprise (what's surprise me the most are the comments about it, it's like people never heard warm smiles or others softer songs they made in the past, and that they were "that" heavy all the time from start to finish. bruh). I received my copy one day early and it's on repeat ever since, it's a banger. When Live Outside came out I hated it but damn, i wanna live outsiiideeee wouldn't leave me alone and I ended up singing all day the song. Now I love it xD Rou's been through hell and you can hear that. On serious thought, why is everyong hating on Revolt of The Atoms? Damn, am I the only one to love this song? Just, the lyrics, at first listen I thought he said "my long cock" (for the record, it's alarm clock), and I was like, why is he talking about his long cock wtf bro xDDD No need to talk about Rabble Rouser music video, it's shit and they should be ashamed to have released it to the public in the first place.
  3. This is fire, the reason why I love AA is Danny's raw vocals (so FDTD is my favourite album). Can't wait for the new album in december.
  4. I'm excited for the new album. Better late than never (fucking music label).
  5. ....... I have no words. 😭
  6. Finally they're going to release it, damn you megamasso xD It's so nice to see old songs coming back to the setlist like dream to secret room, throne angel and ame gakkitai!
  7. Sounds wonderful, can't wait to receive my copy. INZ could sing the phone book I would still enjoy it xD the album art seems hideous tho, you can't have everything I guess xD
  8. I'M IN LOVE They're so beautiful, omg can't wait to have my copies!!
  9. bruuu no obi tho, kinda rare i'd say?!?
  10. Horizon Zero Dawn: holy cow. I'm so hooked by the story I just want to know what happened (I'm near the end tho :/). I do admit, I cried a lot xDD #myemotions Ghost Recon: so much fun, I love the game, except the "stop the car mission", so annoying when you start running to the mission point when actually the car is taking the opposite way xD I do have so minor bugs tho, for example I can't open the drone or the glasses (or I can't remove it, so I'm stuck with it until it runs out of battery -_-). BoTW: would love to start at last, but I'm waiting for a wii u pro controller (I can't play with the gamepad; usually I'm not that difficult but I can't reach the inventory and the Sheikah tablet so easily with my hand xDD I have to watch while doing it and it could be critical depends the moment). Still pissed they didn't use the gamepad for inventory tho (+ the game doesn't accept no name controller and I'm pissed (I've bought one in my local store who looks exactly like the Dualshock, and it's not working with the game and the local store refuse to refund me because it's an internet order but retrieve in store. And in my account it is said "no past orders". lol). :/ So, I'm still in the prelude stage. xD And soon...PERSONAAAAA. It will be my first Persona (unless you count Persona Q, great 3DS game).
  11. Not bad, I really like chorus #2. Can't wait to receive my single and listen to it in full.
  12. Wow so good, once again so addictive!!
  13. lmao I didn't recognize Tzk at first, I thought he was the one with the hat and the red hair (and then I read your comments guys xDD).
  14. From my bro @Danaothat was fast! Merci! Ryohei related <3 Random