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    Interests? Anything and everything Japanese.
    I enjoy browsing music, fashion and art blogs (usually on tumblr).
    I have a passion for reviewing music and want to do so with films.
    Hobbies contain:
    Playing RPGs/JRPGs and Visual Novels/Otome games.
    Watching Jdramas.
    Reading manga/Japanese literature while listening to Jmusic.
    Looking into other Asian music, from Mandopop (Cpop) to Taiwanese and Indonesian rock bands.
    Watching as much anime and as many Asian movies as possible.
    Looking into lyrics and quotes.

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  1. Anyone fancy a bit of plug?~

  2. Nice. Looking forward to it.
  3. I'm really surprised you liked track 9 as much as you did! KOKIA has such a gorgeous, operatic voice, it's too bad she only ever did such music on her album "The Voice" which I strongly recommended for similar songs of hers. Track 10 was actually the only song I was feeling quite sure you'd like, ahaha. Because of the music. I can understand the lyrics being too cute when thinking about them, I had not thought that they were too much! XD Still, it's great to see someone notice the lyrics as much as I do. So my mix did have a theme for it: distance. Be it physically, or metaphorically. From distant memories, to going on a journey and arriving at another location. I even thought of doing a little something in the form of the first and last track being connected in some way. They’re both based on a ferris wheel, the first being set around one, present day, and the last one looking back at fond memories on a ferris wheel. I thought that that was pretty neat when I noticed the link, and I just had to order them that way so it’s like a full cycle. It’s funny you said that the mix was a journey for you! It was meant to be~ Tracklist is as follows: 1. Hachi – Yuuen Shigai 2. Leo Ieiri – Sabrina 3. SnoW – on & on 4. Halcali – Tip Tap Tips 5. Joe Inoue – The Journey 6. OLIVIA – Nothing’s Gonna Take My Love 7. LAST ALLIANCE – Shisshou 8. Hanako Oku – Chiisana Hoshi 9. KOKIA – Everlasting 10. lasah – i 11. Duca – Kanransha ~Ano hi to, Kinou to Kyou to Ashita to~ Any surprises there? As I had told you in our PMs, I was so worried having known of a few artists we both like that we'd have too similar musical tastes. I'm so glad it was just over-worrying! For once I'm relieved I went for such a cute mix (admittedly I think that's what happens each trade-off lol), but I'm especially overjoyed with just how much you gave the songs a go. For the majority of them being too sweet, you were open to warming up to them, and I really appreciate that. I swear you've been too kind to the 3 and a half star ones still! I hope the tracklist is still a surprise and you have some treats to check out. : D Again, many apologies for being so late with this! I do hope you find the wait worthwhile! Thank you for your patience. Note about mix: ghost said himself that the mix is an all-female vocal one! ghost - blue summer
  4. So many things to be excited for this year, yay~
  5. Terrific news, thank you for this.
  6. Fking 10/10, all you really need for any game ad to be a success.
  7. Welcome, welcome~ Great introduction, it was a lovely read! Always cool to see someone with more of a mixed bag of music taste. I instantly spotted T.M Revolution, Alice Nine, and GUILD, ehe. Great stuff. Now I do hope you're able to look around the forums and enjoy yourself. For any help whatsoever, feel free to send a message to members with a blue/red name!
  8. Hello and welcome to MH! I do hope you enjoy your time here with us. Sounds like you'll fit right at home! For any questions or concerns, feel free to send any messages to the members with a blue/red name for help. Other than that, hope to see you around!
  9. Myself and @ghosthave traded our mixes as of now!
  10. Joining, yes please! Awesome theme!
  11. Usual plug session, anyone? /o/

  12. We're having a small plug session right now, come join us!

  13. week weekling

  14. Anyone else thinking what I'm thinking?

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  15. A plug session to welcome 2017, anyone~?