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    Interests? Anything and everything Japanese.
    I enjoy browsing music, fashion and art blogs (usually on tumblr).
    I have a passion for reviewing music and want to do so with films.
    Hobbies contain:
    Playing RPGs/JRPGs and Visual Novels/Otome games.
    Watching Jdramas.
    Reading manga/Japanese literature while listening to Jmusic.
    Looking into other Asian music, from Mandopop (Cpop) to Taiwanese and Indonesian rock bands.
    Watching as much anime and as many Asian movies as possible.
    Looking into lyrics and quotes.

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  1. week weekling

  2. Anyone else thinking what I'm thinking?

    1. The Reverend

      The Reverend

      All the cool kids are doing it!

  3. A plug session to welcome 2017, anyone~?

  4. Daww, I'm so pleased for them! ;w;
  5. Nothing to be nervous about! In fact, if you're worried about how to write your review, feel free to check out other people's pieces. Otherwise, there's never any need to panic, make it as casual as you'd like! Just keep having fun with the mix and your response(s). : 3
  6. Since I now have a PS Vita, I've spent what money I got from Christmas on a few games on sales for the system, since otherwise they're around £35 each outside of this bargain. I got two of them specifially because of seeing them getting awards on game sites I reguarly visit, so first up is Root Letter, which I'm expecting great things from. It being a mystery visual novel, and already knowing how well done and effective they can be, I'm sure the praise this game has is well deserved. That's on the sideline for now, to make way for the other games I got at the same time, one being... Gal*Gun: Double Peace. The other Vita game that got an award for best game this year, I'm completely embarrassed I purchased this in person at my local game store. X'D My remaining hope is in Senran Kagura: Estival Versus, which I'm actually really enjoying. I'm so surprised with myself. It really reminds me of Musou games. The combat is that repetitive, hack and slash a hoard of enemies in a group, ranging from easy to hard styles. There's 28 ladies to fight with, and there's even a multiplayer mode I'm excited in trying. I haven't even played it that long but I have many more baes now I'm already loving it. What a guilty pleasure. And the last game I got is Valkyria Drive. 0:53: But.. aren't they sisters? Yet another possible regrettable buy. Not like I should've known with the anime...
  7. Nice, demo discussion~ I have been waiting so long for Nier Automata. It has literally everything I want in a game. The looks of the character designs are what I've always wanted to see and imagined in my own head, and the music is absolutely stunning as expected. The gameplay is even more enjoyable than I was expecting (give me that robot companion in every game please!). I'm really looking forward to seeing its release. I have yet to check out anything Gravity Rush related, since I want to get the first game whenever that's cheap enough. Right now I'm spending what I can on sales for Vita games, and GR is on my to get list as soon as possible.
  8. This is beyond crazy at this point. :/ R.I.P.
  9. The second end of year, plug themed session of "Favourites from 2016" is underway right now! Come join us to celebrate and share our loved tracks from across the whole year right here!

    1. CAT5


      YASSSS,  come join us!

    2. Komorebi
  10. I'm out during the day on Friday, but would prefer that instead of Saturday or Sunday due to it being Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Would we be making this a whole day session, or would we rather have it at a slotted time? The usual time, maybe?
  11. Thanks for responding guys! <3 I'm fine with any day this coming week, feel free to post here what day is best for you and we can make it official once more. : D
  12. I'm so sad I couldn't attend that latest themed session! Is anyone else up for doing that same theme (favourite songs from 2016) next week? ;;
  13. Nice, I had no idea you did. I didn't suspect PS4 at least. Everyone I know seems to play it on either the PC or Xbox. So the offer still stands if anyone wants to play together. I'm on it throughout most of the day, so just send me an invite or message (gotta friend me first though). Find me as "dokurohana".
  14. ^ Is there anything else needed to be said?
  15. Still addicted to Overwatch, although I admit I'm a bit upset with myself on missing out on the immediate, intense Final Fantasy XV loving. Still, I'm enjoying a heck of a lot of hours on Overwatch, and going through having fun and making the most of each and every hero I randomly manage to become good at. First it was D.Va, then Reaper, and now Sombra and Symmetra. I have high hopes in what else Blizzard will implement for the game, praying and hoping for a campaign mode some day maybe, or at least a movie. Super excited for more maps and heroes at least!