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  1. Nisimaldar

    I've been wondering if this means that they, together as a band, won't be performing on stage anymore - or - they, each as an individual, thus no new bands, won't be performing on stage anymore?
  2. Nisimaldar

    Am I the only one who is personality-wise not really impressed with this season? I like all the Queens, especially Bob and ChiChi (and damn Naomi is pretty). Of course, all of them are talented and no one majorly fucked up yet, but idk, I love the really cool and funny Queens that (not so) secretly are mother hens (Bianca or Katya - Bob is hilarious but imo missing that mean edge that comes more natural to other funny queens) and of course I'd lie if I didn't think Laganga-drama is funny and I'd like to see more of that - I can't specifically point out what you said, but I know whatever you said really hurt me! Anyways, I think Acid went home too soon, but I couldn't wait for Thorgy to go.. (I'm also not quite over last season which was one of my favourites.) (But high five for Derrick being in a polyamorous relationship - still annoying though) Whatever. Flaseda.
  3. I'm still annoyed at myself because I bought Girugamesh tickets for TWO lives and then found out that on one of the dates Coldrain is playing too, but in different city. And since I'm only available on the weekends and thus can't make a different Coldrain live, I've magnificently fucked myself 

    1. Duwang


      You can't sell one of your Girugamesh tickets?

    2. Nisimaldar


      I've already made plans with friends (we've already booked our train tickets) so I don't want to leave them hanging... I'll just hope that coldrain will be back someday soon. ;<

    3. Duwang


      Oh damn. Yeah if I was in your position I'd do the same. I'm sure coldrain will go back to your country one day.

  4. Nisimaldar

    Oh, I remember this. Back in the day I thought those were space capsules and Kyo was leaving us for a more trve planet. One of my biggest wtf moments was MUCC getting two new band members for what felt like 3 minutes before they were like "lol jk".
  5. I don't have a preference.. Whenever I think I might have a preference, or even just a type, someone not fitting that type comes along with all his/ her hotness and any preference I had is gone. Currently I'm feeling black guys a bit more but generally race just doesn't matter to me. Like, I thought I'm not that into gingers but now I have a red headed coworker whom I find totally attractive (shagging your coworker/ boss - y/y?). Generally, how attractive I find a person can change drastically after they open their mouth. Nothing turns me on more than intellect and nothing turns me off quicker than ignorance, sex- and racism. So, I guess my preference is 'massive brain and knows how to use it'
  6. Nisimaldar

    Shadow - even though I'm very familiar with the pose shown in the gif depicting the casual. I'm able to apply this pose frequently while browsing mh.
  7. Shinya is so beautiful, I don't know if I want be him or be with him... The struggle is real. I'll buy the dvd, cut together the clips of Shinya and play it 24/7 in one continuous, creepy Edward-Cullen-I'll-watch-you-when-you're-sleeping loop.
  8. Nisimaldar

    ^ Oh, it appears to be the same for me. The first JRock CD I ever bought and listened to was Coll:set which came out roughly 10 years ago. My random thought though is that Gackt's instagram is a an unhealthy mixture between hilarious and ridiculous. Bros n sisters.
  9. Nisimaldar

    How is anyone surprised by this, really.... I was going to see them but haven't bought my ticket yet because I knew that B7Klan are a bunch of incompetent fuckwits
  10. Nisimaldar

    One of my life goals is meeting a ripped American guy in a muscle car so that I can tell him cheekily that I like American muscle.
  11. Nisimaldar

    I only care for double bass(ing) when it come to drums - whoever does that in a satisfying manner is my thus favourite. It should fit into the overall composition of course... Edit: Ugh. Yes, that's a good list.
  12. It feels like Dir en Grey always has a shit time at festivals in Europe... Perhaps the negative aspects stand out more but that is how it seems to me...

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    2. Nisimaldar


      "Rock im revier". I just never hear neutral or just good things (also from themselves) about their festival lives haha - except Wacken, I think. But as I said, perhaps I just notice the negative stuff more...

    3. Shir0


      Ah yes I remember that's the festival they attended on Friday. I see yeah I wonder how it's going to be in munich tomorrow although I won't be able to be there myself urgh... I hope to get a full report of a friend who will attend it

    4. CaRaN


      I don't care much about DEG, but I have a friend that has seen them a lot of times, and he says that their festival performances are way worse than the regular live performances.

  13. Nisimaldar

    D'espairs Ray is my favourite band ever... I fell off listening to JRock after they disbanded because I'm emotional like that and I still have a hard time listening to them just because it gives me so much feels... (and I don't like feelings. urgh.) And perhaps Due'le quartz.
  14. Nisimaldar

    yeah but that is the front row for you - especially front row of Dir en Grey. As I said, I can understand that people want to do the front row experience, I've tried that too. But at the end of the day I wanna have a sick time and enjoy myself and that is much better, for me, at the back, even if that means that I can only see them from crotch (or in Kyo's case: chest) upwards because there will always be that pushing in the front, doesn't matter if it's guys of girls who do the pushing. As I said, I think the problem is the fan-attitude that the scene has. Usually the huge guys know that they are huge and let me e.g. who is more on the tiny side, in front of them (or they stand further in the back to begin with because huge metal guys are usually super chill) and there is less pushing from girls as well, but with DeG everyone turns into a fucking arsehole who just wants to be in the front row, I guess... But then again, yesterday the guy next to me offered to switch places with me because there were two tall guys in front of me: the cool people are in the back, come join us again the next time ;P
  15. Nisimaldar

    ^ no I have never been to a concert in Japan. But acting out a choreography with a bunch of other people does not appeal to me at all. I like "losing control" at metal/ rock concerts which means doing whatever the hell I want. If what you want to do is acting in sync with other people than that's fine with me but I'm tired of people complaining about "western-ways" at western concerts... There is enough room at the venue for everyone to do their own thing. I like headbanging as well. You can have headbanging an moshing in one concert. I was in the back yesterday and we all pretty much headbanged the whole time (my neck hurts like bitch now) and had enough space around us. Is it really a surprise to you that there is a lot of pushing going on in the front rows with everyone trying to be the closest to the band? - I did not really see a proper moshpit anyway.... People were jumping into each other a bit, I guess, and because it was so tight in the front rows and no circle formed people got pushed around a lot. If you want to fault anything you should fault the fangirling/boying (not trying to insult anyone, but what was up with all the 16y/o boys who were there - I though the scene is getting older with the artists, but apparently we are getting "fresh meat" as well :> ) which means that people do not move an inch and only try to push forward which creates pushing and tightness. It was perfect in the back and the view was good as well.... Edit: I also do not want to argue about this again, as I said I accept all the views of all the people but I'm just tired of being called out for liking moshpits at metal concerts.
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