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  1. Very nice look ! I really like Kaie’s aura ^^
  2. Hello, I am looking for a shopping service which can provide help for ヴィルシーナ(Verxina). I would be grateful if someone could help me to get live limited stuffs (like signed cheki) of this band, please. Thank you (。>ㅅ<。)
  3. lstknt3b

    Ooh, i deeply hope you are right !!
  4. lstknt3b

  5. lstknt3b

    The singer voice is really beautiful *w*
  6. lstknt3b

    Wow, i really like that song !!
  7. lstknt3b

    Oh no ;w; I wonder what the reason is >_<
  8. lstknt3b

    I am so excited about this !! But i have the feeling that Paris live house seems quite small for this band...
  9. lstknt3b

    Hello, if someone finds a record of today’s live broadcast, i would be happy if they could show it here, please *w* Many thanks ^^ Details : 12/21 Bands:SAVAGE、TRNTY D:CODE、MEIDARA、モンストロ、REIGN
  10. Great news ! Excited about this ^^
  11. lstknt3b

    MIDGARD songs キミト and 彼岸花 are available on iTunes and LINE MUSIC. A preview of the song キミト has also been posted :
  12. lstknt3b

    I like all the aggressive verses but refrains are less convincing...
  13. lstknt3b

    I am a huge fan of AvelCain so i was very excited about that band but what is that, seriously ?? I am so disappointed... Karma what are you doing, this is so boring... i was expecting much better ;_;
  14. lstknt3b

    Let’s hope this is a mistake because if that’s really acoustic... just no xD
  15. lstknt3b

    This is written « Acoustic Tour » on the ticket page ?_?