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  1. lstknt3b

    European tour with a stop to France, pleaaaase !!! ;w; i don’t think this could be Japan expo because it is on July in general.
  2. lstknt3b

    I did not appreciate this album except the songs "Before it's too late" and "out of the darkness" >_< As they seem to plan to come to many countries this year, i hope they intend to play old songs too...
  3. Same, i really love that song which is one of my favorite i think!
  4. lstknt3b

    I think that the voice fits the atmosphere, i like it, personally ^^
  5. lstknt3b

    Omg, i wish you are right !!
  6. lstknt3b

    Oh really ? I would be so happy ;w; Should i send you a private message ?
  7. lstknt3b

    I hope they will also announce some venues in Europe🙏
  8. lstknt3b

    Does anyone know if there is an online shop shipping abroad which sells this single, please ? ><
  9. lstknt3b

    If someone is interested, the song is available on iTunes.
  10. lstknt3b

    Ok thank you for telling ^^ This just could not be him xD But i thought maybe he changed his name like they often do. I will think about your hints but i am pretty sure i don’t know them xD
  11. lstknt3b

    Yuki of Lustknot but this just can't be him xD
  12. lstknt3b

    Well... i have the bad habit to always find resemblance to people i know/like... So this picture made me so happy but i am sure this can't be the one i am thinking about so i could only be disappointed i guess xD
  13. lstknt3b

    I am so curious to discover their identity >w<
  14. lstknt3b

    A live limited single entitled "Obscurial" will be released on 2020.4.18 Here is the MV spot :
  15. At the beginning of the song i was very convinced but then comes the disappointing chorus...
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