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  1. lstknt3b

    I bought a ticket for this マチルダ online oneman live so i could watch it and the video stays online until may 31st. Does anyone know how to download an online video that is not on youtube platform but directly on the ticket shop personal account, please? I guess screen recording won’t be a good idea due to bad connection here^^; Thank you^^
  2. lstknt3b

    I am also very interested in this band but i created an account some time ago on Mathilda shop to purchase items with Tenso but it seems like french credit card is not supported even if the logo of this kind of card appears on the online shop ? How do you do to purchase from Mathilda webshop ? Thank you^^
  3. The mini album will be available on various platforms such as iTunes store, Apple Music, Google Play...
  4. lstknt3b

    Here is the full version of the MV :
  5. lstknt3b

    It seems like Mizuki has been fired from the band... If i am not wrong, he wanted to leave the band and did not respect the agreements that was settled by informing some fans before the band itself that he intended to leave. It seems like he was also revealing some music and band's related stuff to some fans. I don't really understand the official announcement and i am so affected by this... so if someone can explain feel free to correct.
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