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  1. lstknt3b

    To me, it sounds ok but not so amazing... still have difficulties to appreciate SUI's voice even if i have to admit that he did better than i expected.
  2. The band announced that Coco. will leave on 2019.11.25 for familial reason but the band will continue activities with the 4 remaining members. Corrections are welcome >_<
  3. lstknt3b

    I saw this post too but i don't understand what is expected ? Shall we give the email address to tour promoters or something else ? >< Thank you^^
  4. lstknt3b

    I am so disappointed by this spot ;___; it reminds me of bad Gazette songs full of electro effects... i prefer when SARIGIA sounds dark >_<
  5. Why live limited i like it so much ;w;
  6. lstknt3b

    I am a little disappointed since i do not appreciate Sui ‘s voice but admire all others >< I hope it will be a good surprise...
  7. Not really convinced by this song... i like everything but that chorus is a very weak point that breaks the whole... I have the impression that all their songs have great moments but the chorus is often disappointing... >< (just my opinion)
  8. lstknt3b

    I would also be interested in a list of lives if you go to some^^
  9. lstknt3b

    病気 is really addictive ! I like it very much !
  10. lstknt3b

    Omg DADAROMA playing on Japan expo stage on my birthday, best present ever ;w;
  11. lstknt3b

    Great news ! I am curious to hear !
  12. lstknt3b

    Very strong song ! I like this duo in the chorus too but i was first a bit surprised by the chorus itself that sounds to me as a strange emergence while listening to the previous parts of the song... To say it properly, the transition between the verses and the chorus sounds to me a little bit brutal. But as i like both verses and chorus, i guess i could enjoy better after listening again. By the way, Ray has an amazing singing voice !
  13. lstknt3b

    Sounds promising !!
  14. It seems like they announced a new single for summer during yesterday's live ^^
  15. lstknt3b

    I wanted to cry by seeing this sad news ;w; Brand-x was the only shop offering bonus with cd which could send abroad so i am very very disappointed. I purchased so much there... I feel like suffering from a disbandment of a precious band -_-;
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