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  1. Rocket Shinobi

    Upon first listen when the drums and off kilter guitar riffs came in I thought oh my god, this must be AxSxE's work!! It sounded so much like his signature sound. I was so excited about that prospect I decided to look it up on their website and low and behold found out their producer was...... KenKen, the guitarist from RIZE. XD
  2. Rocket Shinobi

    Female emcee 072 has been repping Hokkaido's scene hard the last few years: Both her albums have been consistently solid.
  3. Rocket Shinobi

    チャラン・ポ・ランタン (Charan-Po-Rantan) mix up chanson and circus type music. They've been signed to Avex so maybe they'll spark some interest for more music in those scenes. For chanson-acordion style there is 中山うり (Nakayama Uri): For cabaret style there is 秋吉文絵 (Akiyoshi Fumie):
  4. Rocket Shinobi

    Yes. The two artists that rolls off the tip of my tongue would be Kyoto Jazz Massive and their sideprojects and Monday Michiru. Even then, if memory serves right KJM collaborated with mainly Western vocalists since music in that vein (Future/Nu-Jazz, Broken Beat, Neo-Soul) had orginated mainly out of the UK. So because of that I think music from those genres tended to stay in the UK and spread out to the rest of Europe and not really venture much outside beyond niche circles. I do remember around 2007-2008 that for whatever reason P-Vine seemed to be the only label in Japan putting out releases in those genres and they were all from Western artists. Random thought but I've been thinking it'd be really cool if Broken Beat stuff started to get mixed in with Post/Mathy Rock music. I mean those genres already have disjointed rhythms and beats so wouldn't that be like a match made in heaven?
  5. Rocket Shinobi

    Hello everyone, I'm Rocket. I'm kind of new to these forums. I used to be a lurker under the name shimokita-dreamer back around 2010 but only made a single post and it wasn't an introduction. My friend CAT5 persuaded me to re-join. So without further ado let me introduce myself a little below. I'm a 25 year old male who has recently graduated university and is stuck in a transition period. More importantly, I've been into Japanese music since 2001 via games and anime. However, I hadn't really become acquainted to specific scenes until late 2003 when I discovered the Japanese music communities on Soulseek and the Japanese Music Room forums which have since been shut down. Some of my favourite genres include: Hip Hop, Electronic, Jazz, Post/Mathy-Rock and anything in between. Although I'm open to listening/trying out music in all genres and languages. I'm well aware that this is mainly a VK forum and while VK is not usually in my wheel house I am still open for listening to VK recommendations anyone happens to throw their way. Do know however that it will be very hard to sway me over to the VK side. It is possible though (I'm looking at you Southern Hip Hop). I also have a weakness for sultry female vocals and female drummers. Anyways, enough about me. It's been a while since I posted on a forum so I may not be too active trying to find my footing and all, but I hope over the coming days, weeks, years, and millenniums! I will be a familiar name. I aspire to be the Rocket in everyones pocket. EDIT: Thanks everyone for the warm wishes. I'm already starting to feel like I belong here. To see what I've been listening to lately, click here: http://last.fm/user/tombikordek Sometimes I DJ on plug.dj as Under_A_Rocket I used to be a gorilla on TT.FM as Saint Gori-san
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