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  1. To all you fuckers



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    2. KuroDen


      I also don't see a big deal that I shared 4 interviews.  Yes I said I stopped contributing. But I still had those 4 ready to share here.  Just forgot to share them earlier and I also promised some people to share them. Also Peffy did do a shitload of work to type them down.  But well, I erased them all and also all my previous promises to anyone, stuff won't be shared, not in public but also NOT in private.

    3. sheepprincessgara


      Gurl, here's the thing: you could've just said "Yeah I wanted to post those interviews", and just left it at that. But no; you just had to blow all this up into bigger proportions and this is why you're in the situation you're in right now. I doubt you'll even read all this - or if you're even able to -, but I'm just gonna spill the beans.


      I am so fed up with people like you who do shit, then bitch and moan about it, and then leave for a week. I am thankful for the few contributions you did, and I tried to help you, but you took it very personal and decided to throw a tantrum about it instead of fixing the problem. It's obvious that you have many more issues that are beyond my knowledge and because you're quick to overreact to small things like this and cause such a commotion on here for no good reason, everyone here is sick of you. All we wanna do is just contribute to the forum without any drama, that's it. You've proved over and over again how you don't want to abide by that and that you just wanna spoil this forum even more with your bitching and whining. And when you come back, it feels so fake, because you, for one, don't follow up on your departure, and two, you end up doing the same shit yet again. At this point, it's getting old, like your middle-finger picture (edgy af btw), and I honestly don't think anyone feels sorry for you, unless they're still kissing your ass (you know who you are). In the end, you are the cause of your own downfall, and I really hope you think real hard about yourself and what you can do to change, if that's even a possibility anymore.


      Just do us all a favor and just leave, move on, save us the trouble of you returning yet again after a one-week hiatus.

    4. Seimeisen



  2. YES! Hopefully I'm asked to design the flyer again
  3. People always joke about, YOUR ENGLISH SUCK ASS YOUR DUTCH SUCK ASS However, I will struggle my whole life with the disability to never be able to learn a language perfect. People would always keep on saying that my language skills sucks ass and that I'm just stupid. It's called DYSLEXIA. However I've no struggles with "real reading". But my part is inside the "spelling and grammar" part. People also often say "well then you need to practice more". It's true from one side, but the dark part of it is, that if you stop the practice you will forget 50~99% of what you have learned. And how hard you try, there are things which you never ever will remember, which you always need to repeat endlessly. So I hope that people stop to tell anyone, LEARN ENGLISH, YOUR ENGLISH SUCKS. You never know what's really behind it.
  4. he is one of the legends! I love whatever he does.
  5. lol so his age is no longer secret XD
  6. I never noticed him in a wheelchair.. did ever something happened? or was it just his image that it would look cool?
  7. @itsukoii Weight will be around 200gram So shipping is: €6,65 from 250 gram until 2kg it's €14,63 <- as so long it fits the envelope size.
  8. The album will be available as legal digital download, so also on spotify for free to listen! and don't forget get flac quality at cdbaby! (///ω///)♪
  9. E.T vocalist wrote: Buy for a while. 

    He misspelled 「bye」 as 「buy」.


    made my night~ while unable to sleep because of the flu...

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    2. sume7


      Btw sad news about E.T

    3. KuroDen


      well they aren't going on hiatus. Just a live break. I guess because they gonna focus on recording of the album.

      All 4 members are working man, so I guess live schedule and recording schedule wouldn't be possible.

      Well I hope they hurry up so that they can give some lives again. 

    4. sume7


      Do you know if it's going to be a full album yet?

  10. the guys will go on a live break, but they will return on stage this year again. so, I guess they gonna finally finish their long awaited CD! !!(゜ロ゜ノ)ノ they are busy with recording since September...
  11. @Suuu yaii, finally it's official! btw, please check your LINE!
  12. well they did do it because of the much censorship around the kidnap and beheafing thing in the Japanese media. But yes, still not a smart move... However I wished we had a new cool vkei band who stand up like KLACK did. --------- and btw, that bandman leave a band because of a woman happens a few times a year. since its not common in the vkei world to have a woman +kid and being that ikemenplayboy XD -------- the most wtf moment for me was, the death of Shota from ADAMS
  13. Yes, the guitarist will take a break. so his last live is at 2/22.
  14. at 2/22 inori (guitarist) decided to take a break. because of private reasons. The band will continue without inori and the scheduled lives which are planned will be performed with the other 4 members. If inori will return to the band is unknown. So I doubt they will be on a break? anyway they continue until 3/27 <- but I believe they also have an announcement at that day?
  15. a come on. That's even a more dickway. There are always fan of band, so there will be people who truly miss this band.