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  1. around for 12 years... and I never saw their name.
  2. The song really sounds so damn familiar to me. But can't come up with the original. It really sounds like a cover of a song... not even sure if the original is Japanese tho.
  3. Dee Lee, 2 bullet / Vanished Empire guitarist, trackmaker releases his first solo albums. Both albums will be released at 2017/01/31 for 2000yen+tax, you can get them at amazon. Also both albums will be available as digital download on Bandcamp. 4 tracks are already available on bandcamp as pre-order. All tracks are only instrumental. So no vocal. With 2 bullet and Vanished Empire Dee Lee shows us always a rich heavy sound and a beat like a massive airstrike. However with his solo project he wills how us his dark ambient side, which dominates the chill bottom of madness and despair. Demiurge: Visions of Pseudo-Universe: Inspired by cosmic-horror novels and gnosis, the album lead you to the beginning of the time, post-apocalyptic time, and the eternal return. No matter how many times Demiurge re-create the universe, this universe only can be imperfect, just like imperfect test-program. You will realize this fact through this noisy drone doom ambient. Deep Inside the Buried Hearts: Dark and atmospheric drone ambient in all of this album. Inspired Depth-psychology ,hypnotism , and especially his own deep hidden old memories. You can touch in his deep inside the abandoned mind through this album. 『Demiurge : Visions of Pseudo-Universe』 http://amzn.asia/9fwvsyo https://deelee-projekt.bandcamp.com/album/demiurge-visions-of-pseudo-universe TRACKLIST: 1. Birth of Imperfect Aeon 2. History of Disillusion 3. Cell as Catacomb 4. The Alter on Polluted Sands 5. Unlock the Gate of Doom 6. After the End of Time 7. Demiurge Redesigns the Universe 8. Visions of Pseudo-Universe 9. Rebirth of Imperfect Aeon 『Deep Inside the Buried Hearts』 http://amzn.asia/hGC9aqA https://deelee-projekt.bandcamp.com/album/deep-inside-the-buried-hearts TRACKLIST 1. Hypnos 2. Beneath the Depth 3. Other Creatures 4. Marigold (Gazing the Surface) 5. Fall Toward Disruption 6. Sweer Whispers of Thanatos 7. My Dear, Leave Me Forever. 8. Where the Dead Memories Asleep 9. As the End Repeats Dee Lee BANDCAMP http://deelee-projekt.bandcamp.com More previews at his youtube https://www.youtube.com/user/deelee2bullet/videos https://www.facebook.com/deeleeprojekt http://deelee-projekt.xyz/ https://twitter.com/deelee_2bullet
  4. BabyKingdom will release a new single named ミステリアスパレード (Mysterious parade) at 2017/03/08 however details aren't announced yet Price will be: 2,160 yen source: http://zeallink.jp/products/detail.php?product_id=10508 band official twitter https://twitter.com/babykingdom_mtp
  5. portablerain will release a new single at 2017/01/26 named 「遠く」 this single will cost 1620yen. Tracklist: 1.遠く 2.扇 3.Sea at zeallink: http://zeallink.jp/products/detail.php?product_id=10413 band twitter: https://twitter.com/portablerain003
  6. リベリオ (Ribelio) / ディレンマ

    リベリオ (Ribelio) new one coin single “ディレンマ” (Dilemma) will be released at their free mini oneman at 2017/02/03 at Ikebukuro Cyber. This CD will be available at these stores: Like an Edison東京店 (Tokyo) ZEAL LINK渋谷店 (Shibuya) little HERATS新宿店 (Shinjuku)
  7. Yes, that's disband. I never saw their name... Oh well... hope they don't give up music.
  8. If a guy calls you 君 and お前 how should you feel?


    in these content





    "stupid is royalって曲があるくらいだからバカは偉大だぞ!"


    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. DarkWater


      I'm not a guy. He knows that.


      don't know, to me it feels simple rude.

    3. Shmilly


      I think for the most part it's fairly standard slang. If you'd done something deserving of being called interesting or funny then the first one is probably a compliment; the second one is along the lines of 'it would be difficult to forget you', so depending on the situation that sounds kinda nice too. Giving someone a strong impression could be good or bad depending on what impression that was. XD

    4. DarkWater


      true, but usually, people call me by name.  and since お前 can be pretty rude.


      and I don't know if the strong impression is good or bad. can be both actually.


      that dude also don't wanna give his LINE or other personal contact details.  so thats why お前 sounds pretty rude towards me.



  9. stupid is royalって曲があるくらいだからバカは偉大だぞ!

  10. nya he never does. He leaves that up to the band.
  11. RAREZHUT last stream order arrived. Always thanks to Waru for forwarding it~ Also the cat tape is amazing~ @Biopanda@Valicious@Waru Chibi
  12. Guitarist ジュリ of XIX-nineteen will leave the band tomorrow. However XIX-nineteen will continue as a band and their next live they will attend as a 4-member band.
  13. So which bands are left now? FIXER La Baiser Schwarz Kain Nüe Syokudaikakkokai- Magistina Saga THE SOUND BEE HD Scarlet Valse Synk;yet Rose Noire Under Fall Justice However not all of them release a lot. So which band will leave the label next and which band will join the label ?
  14. They really sound great. Upcoming Live schedule 2017年1月28日 新大久保クォーターノート 2017年2月11日 池袋サイバー 2017年2月26日 浦和ナルシス 2017年3月5日 浦和ナルシス 2017年3月28日 池袋RUIDOK3 Anyway the CD was recorded a a studio of a former bandman http://cpr-inc.jp/ https://twitter.com/COMPILE_RECORD https://twitter.com/yu0216 <- I forgot which band(s) he played in. But many artist are recording their shizzel at his studio. But on vkdb you sadly can't search on their bandname (>_<) And their first single name is to common so no way you gonna find it too over there. Oh well... maybe someday we will encounter more!~
  15. they seem to be around since, early 2016. so it isn't a new band at all. I check up later if I can find more info!~